Stylish Comfort Sandals for this Spring & Summer

UPDATED: March 2018

I get a lot of requests for stylish comfort sandals, and I get it. For a few years, I was relegated to comfort shoes while I healed from multiple foot and ankle injuries. It’s hard enough in the wintertime when shoes are generally supportive already, but spring and summer was especially challenging when I wanted to live in flip flops and strappy sandals.

It was especially frustrating for a shoe girl like me, but through a lot of trial and error, I found some brands that do a great job at marrying style and comfort. Most still aren’t going to be quite as stylish as what I like to wear when I’m not babying my finicky feet, but you don’t have to look frumpy either.

1. Vionic Naples // 2. dexFlex Comfort Tegan Caged Heel // 3. Clarks Annadel Bari Wedge // 4.  Taos Lucy // 5. Born Orbit Platform Wedge // 6. Sofft Magnolia // 7. Ugg Zoe Wedge // 8. Dansko Deandra

For the most part, you will pay more for a good quality comfort shoe, but Payless has two comfort lines that are great if you’re on a budget — dexFlex Comfort Shoes and Comfort Plus by Predictions.

The Walking Company is a great resource. I particularly like their Dansko and Taos brands. Sofft makes some cute styles as well. You can find most of these brands elsewhere, but The Walking Company is where I discovered them.

Nordstrom has a whole section of comfort sandals, as does Zappo’s. I’m a big fan of the Born brand, which is carried by both retailers. You can also find comfort shoes by b.o.c. at Famous Footwear and DSW and sometimes at Marshall’s and TJMaxx.

Another brand I wore a lot when I was in recovery was Vionic. My physical therapist actually recommended them, and they worked very well for me. My teenage daughter even has a couple of pairs.

The key when trying to find stylish comfort shoes is to look for shoes that are as delicate as possible. The more foot is covered, the frumpier they are going to look. Also try to find shoes that incorporate the current trends — like perforated leather, block heels (fortunately a sturdy foundation!) and flatform wedges (as practical as they are chic!)

If you have any comfort shoe brands you love, feel free to share in the comments!

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57 thoughts on “Stylish Comfort Sandals for this Spring & Summer

  1. Hi Jo Lynne! I have an old pair of Sonoma brand sandals/heels from Kohls. They look like they’re taller than they are b/c it has about an inch of platform under the foot. Plus, just the angle of your foot in them (not too drastic) makes them so comfortable. Even though they were probably $30 shoes, I keep taking them back to the cobbler to fix the leather b/c they are so comfortable.


  2. I love Vionic — as a runner my feet can are what I rely on so I do pamper them and a heel isn’t always a runner’s friend (as you know)………….Vionic has some really cute stylish shoe options now and I will be adding some more sandals to my rotation for summer.

    1. Yes, I am hoping that I can increase my mileage without getting injured again. I think I need to be more careful and alternate days of wearing flimsy shoes with days of wearing some good support. I’ve gotten lax about that, but I can feel the nagging of PF again already. My foot doc told me to change shoes 3x a day – that changing it up is key.

  3. This is so where I struggle when older women ask me about comfortable shoes. Because as a shoe girl, I think stylish is so important (and I”m sure I’m overly sensitive). And, I know I’m very lucky with my feet, so I can pretty much wear anything.
    It seems like it’s usually the heel where they “comfy” shoes can look old ladyish.
    But, I know that Nancy (the 60’s model on my blog) found that having an ankle strap on her shoes, makes them so much easier to walk in (granted—not walking for miles, but getting around).

    1. I agree, Jodie. It really is impossible to achieve the same level of chic with a comfort shoe. We do what we gotta do! I HATED when I had to wear them. I was afraid I’d never be able to wear “normal” shoes again and I am loving that I can. I am terrified of getting injured again, now that I’m upping my running. I don’t know what caused my injuries before.

      The ankle strap DEFINITELY helps and I try to go for that in my dressier shoes b/c it provides SO much more stability.

  4. I love my Vionic sandals, Skechers , but I’m looking for a perfect summer sandal for walking all over the cruise ship and Bermuda. I know it’s a tall order! Haha

  5. Thank you for this post! I had a tendon replacement in June and still am not ready for real shoes. I’ve been searching for summer shoes that are not booties!

  6. Great post. I love the uggs!

    Dr scholls (surprisingly!) has really cute shoes. I have some booties that I wear all the time and I LOVE them.

    I don’t have sandals but have looked online and there are some that are super cute.

    They were recently on zullily… not sure if they still are

  7. Do you (or any one out there) have any experience with Charleston Shoe Company? They look cute and are marketed as comfortable. Thanks!

  8. Thank you for this post! I have most of these brands and they are comfortable. I also have a couple of Earthies brand shoes and boots. They are also very comfortable with good arch support and cushioning. I agree with you that you need to be discerning in your choices as some of the shoes in all of these brands can look frumpy…

  9. Because I cannot be without good arch support I do like the Vionic brand for nice sandals. I also have very weak ankles and am doing everything I can to avoid having my left ankle replaced, so I cannot wear a heel over 1″, even with an ankle strap. I definitely don’t want to look frumpy, but it’s real tough unless I spend big bucks. The quantity of shoes in my closet has greatly reduced due to the cost. It is what it is, so I just accept it and go with it.

  10. Ecco and Nurture are both really comfortable and stylish. And on another note I have two pair of Ecco boots, both tall and short, that are very comfortable and I’ve had for years and still look like new.

  11. I have the Vionic Karina that I bought last summer in black. My only complaint about them is that I have a normal foot width and they are quite loose. They do have a buckle that adjusts to tighten/loosen them but even on the tightest setting they’re still roomy.

    My favorite flip flops for super casual outfits are the ones from Chaco. They are sooo comfy and are actually stylish since all the teens and college girls I know are obsessed with Chacos. 🙂

    1. Oops – forgot to add that I have a pair of Ugg wedge sandals from last summer that are terrific! They are very high but truly so comfortable and easy to walk in. They are a great solution to the fashion-and-comfort issue.

    2. Yeah for Chacos!!! My favorite part of summer!!! Best sandals out there, by far and so many cute colors to choose from!!!

  12. Thanks so much for this post. I’m looking for dressy, strappy shoes to wear with my mother of the groom dress but the comfort sandals I’ve seen are too casual for my dress. Do any of these comfort brands make a dressier line?

    1. Hey Mary, so yeah, it is really hard to find dressy shoes that are sensible. My advice (if it won’t cause injury, lol) is to find a strappy sandal in a lower heel and grin and bear it. For an occasion like that, I will suffer. I’ve noticed some lower heels out there

      These are $$$ but would be comfortable and sensible and also very stylish: http://rstyle.me/n/cfzj3igthw

      I love how you can filter down with Nordstrom. Here is there party and evening sandals in 1-2 inch heels. 🙂 http://rstyle.me/n/cfzj45gthw

  13. Good job Jo-Lynne! You actually found some that look pretty good. I’ve had struggles with plantar fasciitis in the past and it’s a challenge. I looked into the Vionic, but never purchased any. Thankfully I finally got over that so I can be less choosey. Have a great day!

  14. http://www.birkenstock.com/us/mayari/

    My mom LOVES these from Birkenstock. I have not tried them yet, but if things continue like normal, I will be wearing these in the future (meaning I am turning into my mother … every issue, prob, medical – you name it… has been exactly what she’s been through:)

    Maybe these will help someone out there! Have a good day ladies 🙂

  15. Thank you for devoting a post to the kinds of shoes I need to wear! I have to wear custom orthotics in my shoes, and I really struggle to find stylish options. I can’t wear most flats or booties because they are just not deep enough to fit the orthotic and my foot inside. I have had good success with shoes that have a sizable removable insole, like many Naot and Aravon styles (Naot even had some booties that worked, and I was so excited I bought them in 2 colors!). I find it helpful to search on Zappos, which allows me to filter by “removable insole.” Your posts on stylish athletic sneakers have inspired me as well, and I am currently looking for a pair that might work for me.

  16. Great choices, JoLynne. I love comfy shoes and don’t very often wear really tall heels. Most of my day is spent working and hanging out with my grandson after school, so I love comfy. I love your picks, especially the Dansko, the Sofft Cidra and the Born Havanna. They all look cute and comfy without looking aged. Thanks for sharing. – Amy

  17. Jo-Lynne you saved me from the darkness of frumpy feet three years ago when you introduced me (via a blog post) to Vionic. I was suffering from severe foot pain and had accepted the fact that I would spend the rest of my life wearing grandma shoes. As a person who likes to own far more shoes than a normal person should own (like close to triple digits), it was devastating. I bought four pairs of Vionics and never looked back. I now own their low profile inserts and place them in most of my flat shoes. My feet have healed and I can wear flats again, but I rotate a day of flat shoes with a day of support…any while I still morn a little of not being able to wear high heels or anything over 2 inches, when I think about it, those darn things were never comfortable anyway.

    Your happy footed friend in Northern California

    1. I’m so glad I could help! Now that I’m running again, I really need to be careful – I think I should follow your lead and alternate flimsy flats with more supportive shoes. I actually picked up a pair of Danskos at the mall yesterday. 🙂

  18. Thank you so much for posting all these options!! I’ve been struggling with Planar Fasciitis and living in AZ it is really hard for me to wear shoes. These are all very cute and stylish. 🙂

  19. I have tried most of these brands at different times and found good shoes in most of them. I love the look of the Vionic Karina but the reviews mention them breaking quickly. I have stuck the Vionic’s Tide flip flop.

    A new-to-me brand that works well is Korks or Kork-Ease, they market under both names and I have found them at Nordstrom/Nordstrom Rack, Zappos and DSW among others. They are comfortable and have more arch support than most brands. The styles with a slight heel work better for me than the totally flat styles.

  20. Jolynne….would you please recommend some bloggers that specialize in petite fashion. I am 5′ and I am having a really hard time finding things that look cordinated. Seems like I do not look good in anything I have. I have a lot of separates but nothing seems to go together. I need some ideas please. Thank you
    Linda Williams

  21. For travel, I highly recommend Skechers Go Walks. I have walked hours and hours in them and I have had no problems. They are great to slip off at the airport or on a plane. I sized up a half size from my usual size.
    The best flip-flop/bootie/slipper for me is Vionic. In flip-flops, I went down a whole size. I usually take an 8 but for flip-flops I took a 7 so that the sole would fit me properly and I could reap the benefits from it. Karina: too loose, even on the lowest notch. Floriana: great fit! However, my feet sweat and the foot bed is a suede material which became “soiled” looking very quickly. My favorite is the Eve. I haven’t seen it yet in the latest spring line and I’m hoping they haven’t discontinued it as it is perfection for me and I want to buy Eve in every color there is. I bought the Sterling Bootie last fall and it is very comfortable and true to size. (I got an 8.) I even bought the Gemma slipper and I have worn it all winter and again, I love it. I had to go with a size smaller with it.
    I also have found Hush Puppies that are cute and comfortable. Go figure!

  22. Thanks for another great post! My ankle is (still) recovering from 3 fractures last fall. I just purchased some Teva sandals for my vacation to the Caribbean. I’ve been wearing them around the house and they are going to be great on the trip. I love the Clarks pictured in #1……..very cute shoe and Clarks are comfy shoes! Thanks again for all the recommended shoes. Some are new to me.

  23. Hey…Jolynne….could you recommend some bloggers the specialize in petite fashion. I am 5′ and I am having a real problem getting clothes coordinated to look good on me. Love you blog. Ready it everyday!!!!❤
    Thank you,
    Linda Williams

  24. Any recommendations for brands that make sandals in narrow width? My foot is long (size 9.5-10) but narrow. Typically I find shoe manufacturer sums a long foot means a fat foot. I can make it work in the winter bc I can wear thicker socks to make a medium width fit me, but when it comes to a sandal I’m stuck. The shoe inserts don’t help any either.

    1. It is really hard to find narrow widths these days. When I was growing up, my mom always bought narrow widths for me. The only brands I know of that sell them now are $$$ – like Stuart Weitzman makes them. Someone suggested Marmi Shoes in the comments here, and they carry a ton of narrow widths, but the brands they carry are high end. I’m not sure what your budget is, so I Just want to give you a heads-up. It’s still worth poking around. 🙂 https://marmishoes.com/sandals/

      1. Nordstrom stocks some brands of shoes that come in narrow width, but not nearly as many as Marmi. Most brands are pricey.

        Ecco sneakers and sandals, though also pricey, generally work for my long, narrow feet. However, they are not available in narrow sizes. I recently learned that the insole in Ecco sneakers are designed to be removed to created a wider width for those who need additional space.

        Coach has some boots in narrow sizes, and so does Cobb Hill.

        I’d love to find a source for less costly narrow shoes, but I’ve not yet been successful.

        Hope this helps.

  25. Thanks! I’ve had plantar fasciitis for years and MUST have arch support! I have a high arch and narrow feet, so my foot slides out of some slip ones! I LOVE the b.o.c. Wedge you show. Is it on the wider or narrower side of a medium? I can usually wear medium if it doesn’t run wide. Also, which of the ones you show would be best for narrow feet? I like a lot of them, but especially that b.o.c. From DSW.

  26. Someone asked about Charleston shoe company shoes. I bought some when I was there once and I love them! I have heel pain and with a little wedge the pain is reduced. I’ve been very pleased with my Charleston wedges.

  27. Good suggestions on your blog. I can’t think of any you forgot. I think this year everyone may feel a little better about the comfort sandals, as the chunkier shoe and heel is more in this Spring/ Summer. It was really hard when the narrow, strappy, smaller heel sandals were in. I think Clark is getting better about slimming their sandals down. Plus, I really do think it depends on what you style in clothes with your comfort sandals/shoes. If you update your clothes, the shoes won’t look as old 🙂

  28. For Lisa and others with long, narrow feet, I’d recommend Marmi for sandals. I discovered Marmi in 2013 and am so happy to finally have shoes that I enjoy wearing.

  29. Thank you for this post! I just got out of my “boot” after undergoing extensive ankle surgery around Memorial Day. I’m looking for some nice looking comfort shoes to wear to work and casual to get me through the fall! Have you published a similar post on fall shoes (I know you were forced into this area for some surgery of your own, I believe!) I would appreciate any advice–most shoes in this category are not very attractive, and I cannot wear heels yet. Thank you!

    1. Yes, finding cute comfort shoes can definitely be a challenge! I’m actually working with two of my favorite retailers for comfort shoes this fall – Ecco and The Walking Co – so hopefully I’ll have some suggestions soon! Meanwhile, I always had a lot of luck at The Walking Co when I had to baby my feet. You may want to look there.

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