Spring Dreaming with kate spade new york

Good morning, friends! It’s hard to believe it’s Wednesday already. It feels good to get back to a normal routine after our nice, long weekend.

Today I’m excited to partner with kate spade new york to bring you the CUTEST little bag for spring. Meet the brand new cameron street little babe.

I love the clean lines and ladylike silhouette of this purse. While I prefer to carry it as a satchel, it also comes with a removable shoulder strap for cross-body use. Like all of the cameron street styles, the babe comes in crosshatched leather so it’s lightweight and scratch-proof, and wipes clean. Gotta love that! There’s nothing worse than getting a permanent mark on a light colored bag.

This bag holds more than it looks like it would, so it’s a great bag to transition from day to night. I love that it’s dressy enough for dinner out but still holds enough to carry all day long.

It also comes in classic black and a vibrant pink punch, but I chose the more subdued pink sunset. I’m all about shades of pink this spring, so when this bag arrived in the mail, I couldn’t wait to style it.

FYI, the scarf is not included with the bag. I discovered it when I was shopping at the mall a few days after my new bag arrived, and I thought it would be the perfect compliment. I actually intended to wear it around my neck, but it interfered with the pretty scalloped neckline on this sweater, so I decided to tie it on my bag instead.

This scallop sweater is from the kate spade spring collection as well. I love the quality of the fabric and the feminine scalloped trim on the neckline and arms. It’s made of cashmere, silk, and cotton, and it feels divine. Unfortunately, I misjudged the sizing and requested a small. It works, but it would fit more comfortably in the medium. I’d recommend sizing up if you’re in between sizes.

While it’s a tad short with these jeans, I can totally see it with a skirt this spring. I’m always lamenting how hard it is to find shirts the right length for wearing with skirts, and this one is perfect.

No outfit is complete without a few well-placed accessories, and I’m a longtime fan of kate spade jewelry and watches. To complete the outfit and dress it up a bit, I added these lantern gems chandelier earrings and the lantern gems ring.

They also sent me this adorable smart watch. I didn’t even realize it was a smart watch when I added it to my wish list; I was drawn to the pretty vachetta leather strap, gold-tone case, and classic white dial decorated with champagne glasses and crystal bubbles. Come to find out, it does so much more than tell time and look cute on my wrist. It can track my activities and sleep, take selfies, receive call and text notifications, and much more. I’m still learning how to use it.

Finally, these black suede stacked heels bookend the outfit, and they make the perfect transition shoe for spring. Suede is no longer just for fall and winter. This spring and summer, suede sandals are everywhere. I love the combination of the suede upper with the patent leather heel.

In this outfit, I feel totally ready for whatever event spring throws at me. I can swap out the white jeans for a skirt if I need a dressier look, and then it would be perfect for spring graduation parties or bridal showers.

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cameron street little babe c/o kate spade new york // christopher heels c/o // scallop sweater c/o // similar skinny scarf // paige verdugo ankle skinnies // vachetta and gold smart watch c/o // lantern gems chandelier earrings c/o // lantern gems ring c/o

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52 Responses

  1. Ok. Who can afford those prices? Honestly, this does not appeal to us “regular” moms who have to be more budget-conscious. I even have a full-time JOB and would not pay these prices! I suspect that you would not, either, if it were not gifted to you by Kate Spade. Sorry, this blog has become way too “pricey” for me. Although you may not miss one reader, I suspect that I am not the only one who feels this way and perhaps you are isolating a lot of your readers by featuring ridiculously overpriced name brands.

    1. I would never buy these products at these prices either…. but I love this blog because it gives me ideas for outfits that I can put together for less….. I love thrift stores and consigment stores, and sometimes I find these clothes 🙂

    2. I love this look. I can’t afford these items either, but I do love how you put it all together. Occasionally Kate Spade has those 75% off sales and I might be able to grab a purse or piece of jewelry.

    3. This is JoLynn’s JOB! I love looking at her style this outfit. Though I may not be able to buy everything she’s styling, it does give me ideas on what to style at a lower price point.

      JoLynn, you look so lovely from head to toe! I love your idea of tying the scarf on the bag! You’re absolutely glowing in these pictures!

  2. I don’t get super worked up about clothes or even shoes, but a pretty little Kate Spade bag like this? Bestill my heart! I love the way you tied a scarf on the bag. I never really would have thought to do that but what a great way to mix it up a bit.

  3. Love that top & the purse (but I am not a pink person, I love the punch color!) I went to the Nordy’s Rack 25% off sale this week-end & every piece of jewelry I pulled out to look at more closely was a Kate Spade item. That was kind of an “aha” moment for me. I obviously like her style. I own a couple of her purses, some pieces of jewelry, no clothing. But that top is tempting. I like that it can be worn with skirts. I really struggle with top length on skirts too. Thanks for sharing!

  4. I adore everything about this outfit! So classy yet with updated touches. And yes the prices are a bit higher than I generally pay but I can splurge on a piece here and there. And I’m also able to take this as inspiration and find similar pieces that are more in my price range. Plus that watch is SO COOL! It’s such a nice improvement over the clunky look of other smart watches. I love the pink one but I’m also drooling over the version that has interchangeable black and metal bands.

  5. This is such a pretty outfit! One of the reasons why I love your blog is because you give me great ideas for outfits that I never would have put together myself. While I can’t always purchase the same brand, I am able to find similar looking pieces that are within my budget and they still look great. In fact, I saw a similar colored pink purse at Target just the other day! Thanks for all the work you do, Jo-Lynne!

  6. What a pretty outfit! I love the scallops on the top. Even though the outfit is too expensive for me to purchase, I can shop my closet for a similar look, or shop elsewhere for lower cost pieces. It doesn’t hurt to see some high end outfits for inspiration! Thanks for all the great outfits you share with us. I’m looking forward to seeing your Nashville photos and your spring series.

  7. Jo-Lynne, I love it. What a cute bag, and I love the scallop edges of the top. Two big trends this summer, I think.
    I love the way the scarf ties in the black of the shoes and top. In that respect, I wanted to ask you for advice – I have a pair of black leather trainers (that’s UK speak for sneakers) which I am intending to wear in the spring, they are comfy and I’m a mum of two toddlers, but they are stylish too, and I need to get more wear out of them.
    Now, I am looking for a spring bag. Initially I thought a black bag, and I could tie a little scarf around it, matching with whatever colour in the outfit so it’s not too dark for spring. But lately I am thinking, maybe I should go the other way? Like a blush bag (love blush!) and then tie a black scarf or a scarf with some black on it, when I wear those black trainers? I guess I could also make sure my watch or bracelet are black? Do you think black sneakers in summer can ever work?

    1. I think you can definitely get away with black trainers for summer these days. As far as the purse, I’d say go with the color that will go with the most of your wardrobe. Blush or a taupe with strong pink undertones is really trending and may be more versatile. I tend to carry my black purse rarely during the summer, but I carry my grey and taupe bags all year round. I hope that helps!

  8. PS – Re prices of outfits shown, discussed in the comment above. I understand the reader above. I also cannot afford the prices of pieces shown on the blog. However, I just take it as inspiration. I love to look at beautiful things, be they expensive or not. I don’t mind seeing these expensive items and then looking for a cheaper version. And occasionally I think about maybe getting one ‘investment’ piece, which elevates lots of outfits, like a handbag, so I appreciate seeing higher end items. I also appreciate seeing less expensive versions, so please keep those coming too, Jo-Lynne. Your blog has helped my style immensely, despite the fact that I need to look for less expensive items, and also I’m based in the UK so most of the time I cannot get the brands you snow. But your writing has helped me hugely to hone my style and I love your blog, so keep up the good work! I now love and wear 90% of my wardrobe, thereby also getting more bang for my buck! Which means sometimes I can splurge on something special…

    1. Well put, Emma. Couldn’t agree more. Learned so much from this post: proportion, suede for spring, color, accessories. This will help in putting together outfits at my own price point, whatever that might be.

      1. Ditto Emma’s comment. My parents owned a fine furniture store. They always told me to check out the good furniture & figure out what I liked about it & what made it work. They said often there is a copy in a lower price range. Shopping like this, you figure out what is a must, what is negotiable or what you might do without. Or if you are going to save that money until you have enough to buy what you love. I have followed that advice on certainly all my major purchases, but in clothing too.
        If you don’t know/understand good style, how are you going to spot it when it’s a great price??????
        Your blog helps with this immensely!!

        I applaud you Jo-Lynne. Keep up the good work.

  9. I’m with Emma. I can’t find a lot of what you style in Canada, but I love to look at your style. It totally gives me inspiration. I always try to find a similar item at a lower price. I LOVE the scarf on the bag. It looks awesome! Keep on doing what you do and have a great time with Cyndi in Nashville.

  10. Jo-Lynne,

    As always, thank you for the beautiful inspirational outfits! I’ve rarely been one to purchase something exactly like I’ve seen in a magazine or online (Hello, Pinterest anyone?!) but I do use what I have seen to inspire me to create new color combos and mix things up a bit. I haven’t completely copied any of your posts but I do love the ideas! I enjoy your blog because you show us how to embrace the new styles and usually offer alternative items to achieve the same basic look.

    Thank you again for your time and efforts (and just consider the source in the case of rude comments)!! XOXO

  11. the little black top if my favorite!!! so cute on you… love the scalloped neck and sleeves —- and yes,,, it would be PERFECT with a little skirt, too 🙂 I don’t think about wearing a higher heel with my white ankle pants …. but it looks so cute on you…. I’ll be going to my closet …. thanks for always giving us such great inspiration… while I may not buy the same items as you….I certainly try to duplicate ALOT of your looks…. ps… today I am wearing a black and white t shirt with ” OK, but coffee first” on the front and a gray sweater over with my ankle jeans and tennis shoes” … that’s a look you’ve shown and I thought I would try it… guess what? I LOVE IT!!!!! even my 14 year old said I looked really good this morning … 🙂

  12. I appreciate your blog and all of your posts…..such great ideas for outfits (from my closet or wherever I choose to buy!) You mentioned a shade of blue you like for spring on your toes, but I forgot the name & can’t seem to find the post. If you don’t mind sharing that again I’d appreciate it! (funny note: my two grands call their toes….”.little pigs” b/c I’ve done “this little pig went to market…this little pig stayed home….etc” and they call their socks “pig covers” – grandchildren are SO fun!) I’m going to get “my little pigs” done soon! Have a blessed day!

  13. I wondered if suede was going to be in for Spring/Summer sandals…..UMMM, I have a hard time wearing suede in those seasons. 🙂 Funny what we get in our minds. 🙂 But, your sandals look cute and your outfit is so put together and I love the scarf on the purse.

  14. I always try to guess the price of the items before I click on them. I was way off on the price of the purse and had a little gagging moment. Ha! Although I would never be able to afford most of the items in this post, I still enjoy seeing them for the way you style them. It always gives me ideas and I can always dream.

  15. Kate Spade is not in my budget, unless I find something at clearance prices. I agree with a lot of your followers that some of your outfits are becoming quite pricey. I love looking at your postings, and when I see something I really like, I head to TJ Maxx, Ross, or Nordstrom Rack to duplicate the look. I can usually pull an outfit together for a fraction of the cost and obtain the same results.

  16. I wish I looked that good in black…the sweater is SO cute! I love the whole look and especially the watch, which was actually a lot less $$ than I expected being a smart watch.
    Keep doing what you do!

  17. Thanks Jo-Lynne for the ideas! It is impossible to please everyone and you are right we followers can take inspiration from the look and apply our own pieces at price points that fit our individual budgets! I am super happy with your blog and look forward to your fashion advice and research. Keep up the good work. Super cute outfit and purse!! Julie L, GA

  18. I enjoy your blog but maybe from time to time you could throw in some affordable items like from Target, Jc Penny’s, ect.. Thanks for all of your fashion ideas

  19. Love that purse! So cute! This is an outfit I could easily duplicate with items already in my closet. Thank you for the inspiration!

  20. Love the look from the jewelry to the top so pretty, love the white pants which I just started wearing seeing you style them the purse oh my gosh love the pink. Chunck heels like better then wedge. The outfit is so complete.

  21. Hey Jo-Lynne-
    Can you style all the cute summer dresses Athleta has in their current magazine? I’m dying to see how they look in real life and what you think about them?
    Thanks! You da best!

  22. I think you can really see the quality of the items in the picture! The cut and colors are so fabulous. But I concur with many, that the price is too high for me. Jo-Lynne, I think you look so great! Can you recommend a similar pair of shoes at a lower price point? Thanks for all your posts- I am pretty new to the blog but you give so many great ideas and always respond to everyone’s questions!. No wonder you have so many followers! 🙂

  23. I love the pink accent with the black and white, and you always look beautiful! I’m seeing this outfit from the perspective of an almost (gulp!) 65 year old, and it’s bringing back memories of me wearing a scalloped edge, fitted short sweater, wearing block-heeled shoes, and carrying a structured purse with a scarf tied on it back in the day! I’m noticing more attention to bringing out colors in an outfit in our shoes or purse and wonder if matching them might be on the horizon! We used to take such care to match shoes and purse and coordinate with our outfits – until that became deemed an “old lady” thing to do! Ha. Trends do come and go. But, as my grandma always advised, “Pretty is as pretty does”, and I’ve always remembered that. A sweet attitude goes a long way in making a lady attractive.

  24. I love this entire ensemble! You always look great and even if something is out of my price range I like to get ideas from what you have shown. I love each piece here!! Have a great time with Cyndi on your trip …and how about planning a get together with the many who follow both of you? Do you need a planner to help? 🙂 I’d volunteer to help organize! Have a great night!

  25. I look forward to your daily posts and have gained so much knowledge from you. Thank you for continuing your teaching career through your blog.

  26. Hi Jo-Lynne! I love today’s post and outfit! And I love that purse!!! I have always always wanted a Kate Spade purse…well, Kate Spade anything, really! Last fall, I purchased a beautiful bag (in that popular mulled wine color) during her Surprise Sale that I learned of from your blog!!! I love it! Now I have my Kate Spade bag (for $139! Score!) and I will wear it for a long time during the winter months! I get so many ideas from seeing how you put outfits together! It’s the inspiration that I enjoy more than anything! And I have my fingers crossed that that pink purse is part of her Surprise Sale soon! ????

  27. Love the outfit, and it looks great on you!!! It looks like the shorter tops are coming back in. i’ve gotten so use to the longer tops, it’s a little hard for me to go back!!! LOL I’m sure, like the rest of us, you don’t have “just” Kate Spade in your closet,(LOL) but i like seeing a high end look sometimes, and this one would be so easy to replicate on a more modest budget. I love your style, and look forward to your blog every day!!!!

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