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Hello, friends. Happy Thursday! Since y’all seemed to like it so much the last time I did this, I thought I’d take you virtually shopping with me again. I went to the mall earlier this week to shop for our spring style series, and I’m telling you what. Online shopping has ruined me! I used to have the stamina to shop all day long, stop for dinner, and shop some more. I only made it through two stores on Tuesday, and I was stick-a-fork-in-me-done.

The two stores I visited were Nordstrom and LOFT. You’re shocked, right? Haha!

I always tend to start with those two and then branch out to a few other favorites when I need more ideas. As a fashion blog, I should probably feature a wider variety of stores, but it’s easy to get comfortable with the few that I know well. I have always been one to shop at a couple favorite stores. I get to know the fit and how the return system works and how they run their promotions, but I am definitely going to try to incorporate some other brands during our spring style series. So far I’ve placed orders with Ann Taylor, Old Navy, Banana, Lucky Brand, and White House Black Market.

Someone mentioned Athleta for dresses in yesterday’s post, and that’s a great idea. I’ve found some cute ones there in the past. Someone else mentioned Talbots. I haven’t found much there that resonates in recent years, but I’ll take a look. One person asked me to throw in something from Target or JCP every once in a while. I do throw in Target here and there – especially shoes and handbags, and I styled 2 dresses from them last summer. I will take a look at them again this year. I never think about JCP, but I do occasionally shop at Kohl’s. I definitely have my favorites, but I do try to bring in other stores from time to time. I know I tend to get stuck in a rut (or my comfort zone, rather) so I appreciate the suggestions and the nudge to expand my horizons.

That said, for today, we’re at Nordstrom and LOFT.

I didn’t really shop with a purpose. I wandered into the t.b.d. department at Nordstrom because that section always pulls me in with magnetic force. Haha! That’s their premium denim area, but they also have tops from brands like Trouve, Hinge, Chelsea28, Madewell, and others. I just started grabbing tops without really looking at prices because I recognized the names, but overall they were higher than I like to feature, especially when not on sale.

I didn’t mean to look for jeans, but when I saw this pair of Current Elliott that I’ve had my eye on online, I grabbed them because I was curious to see how they fit. In a word? Fantastic. It took a lot of will power to leave these in the store. I don’t love the whiskering on the hip, but otherwise, they’re perfection. For size reference, these are a 28 — the same size I wear in AG.

Current/Elliott ‘The Stiletto’ Destroyed Skinny Jeans $228 (I know… I definitely recommend waiting for a sale.)

FYI, the green sweater and leopard flats are mine.

I tried on two pairs of jean shorts, but I didn’t care for either. Maybe because I didn’t have on the right top, but they seemed kind of wide and awkward.

can’t find these; thought they were Madewell?

Joe’s Markie Cuffed Denim Shorts $118

I thought this tee was super cute with the cut-outs on the shoulder, but it was doing something strange over the chest – maybe it was the shape of the neckline or maybe it was my bra, I’m not sure because I usually like drapey t-shirts like this.

Treasure & Bond Oil Wash Cut-Out Tee $49

I thought this tee would be cute for the weekends with jeans and Converse, but I don’t like how tight it is in the back, and the crew neckline really doesn’t flatter me anyway. Plus, it is pricey for a weekend tee. It is SUPER soft, though. Love the material. For size reference, this is a medium. The small was too tight.

Treasure & Bond Old School Thermal Tee $59

I can’t find this top online and I am SO annoyed b/c I purchased it and packed it to photograph in Nashville. Now I’m wondering if I should return it. I like it fine, but I don’t need it for personal use. I thought it was fun and different for the blog, though. If you find it, let me know. It’s by Hinge. The first picture is a medium, the second is a small. I bought the medium because it’s rayon, and I was afraid it would shrink.

So this next top is so obviously NOT me, but I tried it on anyway. I am always drawn to these hippy dippy trippy tops. I’m convinced I was born in the wrong era with the wrong body. I should have been a flower child, haha! I love boho chic, but I can’t pull it off to save my life. This is a small.

Free People Isobel Tunic $88

This black top doesn’t do much for me. I think it is intended to wear without an under layer, as pictured on the website, but I’m not comfortable exposing my middle age midsection. I think I also needed a size larger. I was striking out with sizing. I took smalls back to the dressing room and had to swap out almost every one for a medium.

I’m also wearing these Madewell olive skinny pants, and I can’t find them online either. They had an odd fit. I sized up to a 30, and they were tight in the calves and almost too big in the hips. I was afraid they’d bag out in the rear so I left them there. They look better in this picture than they did in person. The sales associate even told me not to buy them, lol!!!

Chelsea28 Lace Inset Top $79

I love, love, love this grey tee. It’s so soft and comfy. I’m wearing a small. I’m also back in my own jeans, the AG raw hem legging ankle skinnies I’ve been wearing to death ever since I got them last summer on a Shopbop sale. I definitely recommend waiting for a sale to purchase premium denim. They always go on sale eventually, you just have to be patient.

Treasure&Bond Sporty Tee $55

I also love this green pullover. it comes in 4 luscious beachy hues. It’s thin enough to wear all summer — think cool evenings at the beach — but it’s fine to start wearing now. It’s a total slouchy weekend look, and I know it’s not particularly flattering, but I could not resist. It came home with me. I tried both the small and medium, and I bought the medium (shown here) because i wanted to allow room to shrink, and I like the oversized look in this type of top.

Treasure&Bond Side Slit Pullover $59

I feel like all of these Treasure&Bond tops are pricey for what they are, but the material is really amazing. Also, this is a brand that gives back. They claim that 2.5% from every sale goes to organizations that empower youth. I realize that is very general, and I can’t vouch for where the $$ goes, but that’s the deal on this brand, for what it’s worth.

I wanted to love this lace top, but I just didn’t. It doesn’t flatter my shape at all, and it looks kind of funky over the chest. It might look better on someone with a pear shape. For size reference, this is a medium.

Hinge Lace Top $69

I realize these are all tops. I did peruse dresses in the Point Of View department, but I didn’t find much. I don’t need jeans right now so I didn’t try on many. I did want to find some pants, but those olive ones didn’t work, and I didn’t see any others. I asked the sales associate who was helping me about colored jeans, and she said they’ll be getting more in March, after the winter sale is over.

Okay, on to LOFT!

Sale Alert >> 30% off select full price Blouses, Tops, Pants & Skirts at LOFT PLUS 40% off all Sale Styles!

The same thing happened here. I grabbed all smalls, and then when I tried them on, I felt like I needed mediums, which is odd, because I’m usually a small in LOFT tops. The sales associates at LOFT pretty much left me alone, and I didn’t want to go back out and get other sizes, so all the ones I’m showing here are size small.

Speaking of which, it is amazing, the difference in customer service between Nordstrom and LOFT. The attentiveness is almost overwhelming at Nordstrom, but it sure is nice to have someone at your beck and call to bring you sizes and give you feedback about fit. At LOFT, I was totally on my own.

This pocket sweater has potential, but it is soooo super cropped that it didn’t work for me. Maybe in a medium… This is on sale for $29.50.

This white sweater is odd. I’ve been wanting a white sweater to wear with jeans this spring. I love white and denim in spring and summer, and this is a way to feel springy and still be warm enough. But I didn’t like the way the hemline was cut at all, and again, it looks small through the chest. I’d try a medium, but I don’t think I’ll like it because the hemline is weird. It is on sale for $35, if anyone thinks they’d like it.

Another white lace blouse fail here. It’s super cute, but it would definitely be more flattering on someone with a smaller chest. It’s 30% off for anyone who is interested. This is a size small. This is part of the 30% off sale.

I know people want me to show some work wear looks so I tried on these printed ankle pants, but I hate them. I absolutely hate how I look in this style pant. How’s that for honesty? They are cute, and they look cute on some people, but whenever I try them, I feel like I’ve aged 20 years. Maybe with heels and the right top… BTW, these are a 6, and they are 30% off.

Again, trying to change up my typical jeans and top look, and wanting to find some work wear, I tried two skirts.

I don’t mind the first one. This stained glass pencil skirt is cute, and it fits well, but I have no idea what to pair it with. It sits very high on the waist, and I’m short-waisted already, plus you know, I have the chest issue, so I can’t tuck anything in. But it would be a shame to hide this waistline. I did try to find tops to go with it, but I came up empty. It is 30% off.

This wrap pencil skirt is a tad too long, I think. I didn’t like the fit as much as the one above, but it might be okay with the right top and heels.This is also 30% off. I’m not sure if these skirts are a 6 or an 8. Sorry. Some fashion blogger I am.

I did try the skirt on with a top tucked in. You can see why I never wear this look. This is their filigree mixed media shell, and it is not on sale.

For kicks and giggles, I pulled on my jeans with this same top, to show you how much better it looks with jeans, but it actually doesn’t. I don’t think it flatters me at all. The blousy material doesn’t have a nice drape to it so it just sticks out. I found the shoes in the dressing room, by the way. I know, it’s gross to use those samples, but it really does show the look better. I wish I’d put them on with the skirts above.

Okay, finally, a dress. I ALMOST bought this, thinking it would be good for a work wear post, but I ended up leaving it in the store. I feel like it makes me look a little frumpy. If it had a deeper scoop or a v-neckline, it might work. I generally look best in a structured sheath.I think this would be better on someone with a smaller waist and smaller chest — so maybe a pear? It is on sale for $49, by the way.

My gosh, I look so miserable and dejected in those last few pictures. LOL!!! I was tired, and I realized I had totally struck out at LOFT. I didn’t buy a thing there. I wish I’d spent that time at White House Black Market. I always have good luck there, but I also know they are pricier, and you guys seem to like LOFT better.

I did come home to find a box from Banana Republic that had some cute things in it, and I also got a box from Lucky Brand with a fun top I can style. It going to be a lot of jeans, though, at the beginning of our spring style series, I’m just warning ya. Hopefully as the stores begin to stock more spring merchandise, I’ll find more goodies to share with you.

Some of the stuff I tried in this post would be cute on the right person. It’s all about knowing your body type and what works for you.

And that provides a great segue!

My friend Kelly who runs the Adore Your Wardrobe course is launching her first From Frustrating to Functional 14-Day Closet Challenge, and registration opens tomorrow.

This is a FREE class that unpacks the reasons why women are so frustrated with their wardrobes. Kelly will give you an understanding of the things you do that sabotage your own wardrobe and help you create a custom plan for a functional wardrobe that fits your current lifestyle.

This four-lesson challenge consists of lessons, videos, and worksheets in the exact same layout as the Adore Your Wardrobe course, so you can really get a feel for the course and how Kelly works. It’s completely free, but it is designed to prepare you for her Adore Your Wardrobe course, which starts on 3/22. If you like what you learn from her and her teaching style, you will probably want to sign up for that. I highly recommend it. I learned so much.

Registration for the next Adore Your Wardrobe course starts on 3/12 and ends on 3/21. 

Okay, I’m off to the races! Haha, not really, but that’s how I feel. I am leaving for Nashville tomorrow, but I have so much to do first, I’m not sure how I’m going to get it all done.

Have a great Thursday!

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  1. I think we tend to shop at the same stores because we get comfortable there and usually the fit is good!
    But man, you tried on a ton of things—no wonder you were tired.
    I have to admit that I’m not always the best eyes when it comes to trying new things on at the store. For some reason, I feel like it’s good to have an honest friend around, because I’m used to what I wear, and anything new looks strange! And I do want to try new things—i get a little bored in the same ole items all the time!
    And for all it’s worth, I don’t think that dress makes you look frumpy—at all! It’s just more workish than what I think you’re used to? I looked at you in that dress (especially with those heels) and thought you looked like a #girlboss!

  2. I love love love these kinds of posts. I KNOW it’s a ton of work for you, and it’s hard to look excited about clothes that aren’t working BUT it saves ME a ton of time when I actually do go into the stores 😉 It either gives me items to focus on so I don’t get overwhelmed with selections or rules out things for me so I don’t waste time trying on things that aren’t great. I KNOW, TOTALLY SELF SERVING but I appreciate you doing all the hard work and especially when you suggest that an item doesn’t work for your shape but perhaps it would be better on a pear, or someone shortwaisted, etc. You seem to shop like I shop, trying on a mish-mash of different things and hoping something sticks. I’ve been striking out at Loft lately too and haven’t been in Banana Republic at all this season so I’ll be interested to see what you got from there. Incidently, I’ve been trying to make printed cropped pants work for me FOR EVER. They just don’t. You hit the nail on the head….I think the look is dated. Eager to see what you and Cyndi come up with for spring, and hopeful that we are done with winter weather for this season so we can actually wear it 🙂

    1. LOL, you are funny. it’s not self serving, and I actually enjoy doing them. It’s different from the outfit posts, and I feel like it can be more helpful to all of us. I enjoy hearing the feedback. Interesting about your experience with the cropped pants. I just ordered some longer straighter full length trousers from White House Black Market. I’m eager to see how they work.

      1. I got rid of all of my cropped pants. After some of your posts, I realized that I just don’t Ike them on me. I’d much rather wear a skirt or dress in the summer, and cropped pants really aren’t much cooler than long pants.

  3. I agree with all you said except I love the lace top. Hate those pants also. Ha. Have fun in Nashville with Cyndi. Can’t wait for the Spring blog.

  4. Kohls is investing huge in their .com business right now. They will be opening a really large distribution center here in Indy late summer/ early fall so you may be seeing more pop ups with promos for them and online options than in store. I’ll be curious to see if it changes any of the brands/styles they carry.

    1. Interesting! And good to know. Honestly, I’m not a big fan of their clothes and shoes, but I have a friend who buys a lot from there and always looks cute and put together, so maybe I should try them again.

  5. Your comment about the pants you didn’t care for made me laugh right out loud! So appreciate your candor! Great post!

  6. You actually may want to check out JC Penney. They have really changed. I found lots of cute tops there last spring.

        1. I used to love Kohl’s but their quality is pretty poor. Of course, the price point generally matches, but I feel the sizing,

          1. Sorry, this went wonky, anyway, I feel their sizing is very poor, except for name brands like Levi’s or the like.

  7. These types of posts are always interesting. I love that gray tee you got at Nordstorm — very cute. You asked for feedback on the floral blouse you bought, I didn’t like. That pattern is not one which would attract me — it has a little house on the prairie / holly hobby vibe to it. I probably just showed my age. And then I really liked the pants you hated! The ones from Loft with the pattern — I thought they looked cute on you.

    1. I know what you mean about the top, and the colors don’t really flatter me either. I thought it was fun b/c it was different, but now I’m wondering if I want to return it. If I can’t link to it, I probably will. I found it on Nordstrom Rack, ironically, and it is sold out. So I’m not sure WHAT is up with that.

  8. I often gravitate to Loft too. However, I usually get good service…maybe it depends on the store. I must say I’m a bit irritated at Nordstrom right now since they decided to stop carrying Ivanka Trump’s line. I have some things of hers that I really like. I haven’t shopped there since they made that announcement.

    1. I don’t mean to bash LOFT. Three associates greeted me at different times and asked how I was doing, and they were very friendly, but no one ever checked on me in the fitting room. I think it’s just not how they’re trained. Now White House Black Market trains their staff. They are almost TOO helpful. They always load me up with stuff to try on and I can’t get out of there in under 2 hours, LOL.

      1. There definitely is a line when they become TOO “helpful”!! That’s when it becomes less about service and more about sales. ????

  9. I think Loft has changed their sizing…I too am a loyal Loft shopper and most Mediums fit well and a few smalls depending on the cut, however the other day trying on tops I found some Mediums were too small? I’m in the process of dropping my winter lbs I realize but still I am seeing a difference.

  10. I really enjoy your blog and read it almost daily. I have a very similar body type so I find a lot of ideas on how to style my wardrobe and what looks are more flattering. However, I rarely purchase any of the items you style because of the price points. I would really like it if you would style some more looks from more budget friendly stores like JCP, Kohl’s, GAP, Old Navy, etc.

  11. My favorite kind of post! I love those CE jeans too! They’ve been on my wishlist, but I’ll likely never own them, lol. I adore those T&B! I think I may even have that grey tee in my wishlist also (so I can keep an eye out for sales 😉 ).
    And I totally agree with all your opinions on all the others. I so wish I had your eye and honesty when I’m trying things out. Sometimes I love a piece so much on the hanger (and other people) so much, I think I can wish it to work for me, haha!
    Thanks for putting this together!

    1. The earrings are from Stella & Dot, and I have the MM. I love it because it’s not too big to be a purse if I want, but it also works well as a tote to carry extra things, and it’s nice for travel.

  12. I love you in the skirts and the Filigree Mixed Media Shell…..I’m not sure what you are seeing but I think they look super cute on you. I always love the colors you choose. Thanks for taking us along on the hunt!

  13. Thank you so much for doing this. I am a pear and short waisted so a lot of these may work for me. I can’t wait for March 1st ! I think you look beautiful in anything and everything ????

  14. I really feel for you Jo-Lynne. Sometimes shopping is such a pain. I actually liked the Hinge lace top on you, so I went to the website to look at it more closely and realized I think maybe it is just cut and designed with a very young woman in mind. The model looks like she’s maybe 14 or 15 years old, and it looks kind of skimpy on her. Then the print pants….well they are also darling, but they look just like something my mother in law (who passed away in her sixties several years ago) would have worn. Very stylish, very attractive, but a little older. I think only super tall, super slim people can wear those with a super-close/tight fit, or else they look older. But this is Loft, and I think of them as a store that borderlines on looking too young for me at 53. Mid-forties to mid-fifties…sometimes it’s an awkward age! It does a number on my self-confidence sometimes, but that is why I so enjoy your blog. It really helps me dress and feel confident that I’m not going too far young or old, and know that I look good. I really appreciate you!

  15. I love your posts, you do a very nice blog. However, I like the idea of adding more stores. I won’t be shopping at any store that pulls product lines because of politics! So sick of it

  16. I love the boho look also, but doesn’t work well for me either, except for one top I found by sheer luck at Eddie Bauer last summer. It’s more fitted across bustline, hits at sweet spot & is not so willowy or flowy as most boho. .I love it. Satisfies my inner boho. I have a couple popover type tops that fit like this also & I really like them on really hot days when I don’t want anything touching my skin. Food for thought anyway.

    Thanks for sharing your shopping! Great to see what works & what doesn’t.

  17. I always enjoy these shop-with-me posts! To me this proves once again that one should never settle! I’ve seen my face and body language reflect what you’ve got going on in the pictures with the items of clothing that are “fails.” I’ve taken stuff home at that point in the shopping trip that I wasn’t happy with–just needing to have SOMETHING to show for all of the effort of trying on. Those items are always big mistakes and a waste of money.

  18. Out of everything I love, love, love the Hinge blouse. I think it looks great on you. I had had a giggle at your facial expressions too. I’m tired just thinking of trying all these things on.

  19. I love your shop with me posts, too! Would love to see more but I know they are probably a bit of a pain for you! I love the LOFT white blouse on you! I felt the same about the white LOFT sweater when I tried it on… so weirdly proportioned and I passed on it.
    I love your green cashmere sweater from Nordstrom.. and it is on sale! Whoop!

  20. Loved this post! I went directly to the nordie site to find a couple of the T&B tops. Also LOVE that Hinge top but didn’t want to do a bunch of searching. Anyway mainly I wanted to say that you look so TINY in these pix. Have you been working on it? Great job of maintaining weight over the winter! 🙂

  21. Home from school sick today, so it was nice to see this longer post with all the pictures to help distract me! Ha. I agree with all your summations for each piece you tried on EXCEPT I really do like the “hippy, dippy, trippy” top on you! Perhaps it just feels or looks strange to you because it’s so different from what you usually wear. Or it could be because I grew up in the 60s! ????. Enjoy your Nashville trip this weekend!

  22. I’m sure we have the same style, and I certainly appreciate YOU going to the stores instead of me. 🙂 Love your blog and your honesty with the outfits, as well as suggestions.

    Talbots…I just read in the business section that the bought what is left of The Limited. That is heartening that they may be bringing in a more appealing look.

  23. I have been having the same problem at Loft also. This was my go to store for everything but jeans (I’m in love with my A.N.A. skinny jeans from J.C.Penny’s) and lately I haven’t found much I even like enough to try on! Most of it looks too young and too out there for me. Also the fit has changed. Used to be super comfortable in a large (I am a 42D) but now—nope, no way jose—those babies stick out way too much for me to wear L. XL just looks frumpy so I’ve pretty much give up on Loft. I get super cute T’s every now and then from Jane.com and that would be about it these days. I will definitely continue following you to see the new Spring/Summer stuff coming out.

  24. Thank you for doing all the reconaissance for us! I love treasure & bond for weekend tees- the ones I have are so soft! I love the necklace you are wearing! Could you share a link for it?

  25. Thanks for keeping it real! I am all signed up for the Adore Your Wardrobe class, thank you for the information!

  26. Honestly, I don’t understand that orange top at all! It would be so cute if it were hip length! I am long waisted, so I hate short tops, ha!

  27. I love your blog and read it daily. I have a similar body type and appreciate your honesty and suggestions. The post today is so helpful, although I know it can be time consuming for you. I have bought several things after seeing them on you. Enjoy your trip to Nashville.

  28. Thanks for taking me along on your shopping trip. Loved, loved, loved today’s post. By following along I learned that all body types have challenges and shopping is work even for a fashion blogger. Showing and pointing out what didn’t work for your body type or what you didn’t like about an item was so very helpful.
    Thanks for sharing your day with us.

  29. I love these dressing-room posts – I get to live vicariously through you and get my shopping urges out without actually buying anything! Please do more of them. They also give me good ideas on things to check out later.

  30. Ok, first of all I rarely comment on blog posts but after seeing this I have to tell you that two of the tops looked
    amazing on you ( at least in the pics) the top from Nordstrom that you are thinking of returning because you can’t find it online…don’t! It looks great even if you don’t include in your series, imo it’s a keeper. Also, the LOFT mixed media shell looks great with your jeans and the black heels…
    Thanks as always for your wonderful posts..even if I don’t often tell you, I really enjoy. Looking forward to the spring series.

  31. I loved both of the white tops. I don’t think you chest size was an issue at all. I do believe you can wear dress slacks and look good. Those were crop pants. In my opinion few women can wear crop and look really good. I also think you need a pant that fits just a little tighter through the leg. But, first don’t go for crop…then decided. lol I really enjoy this kind of a post.

    1. Yes, I definitely prefer pants that are tighter. And not cropped. I just ordered a pair from White House Black Market that are straighter and longer. I think that is a better silhouette for me (and probably most women.) I think the ankle length can work in jeans b/c they are tight and follow the line of the leg, but with pants like this, they cut it off and look awkward. Plus the added bulk at the top adds visual weight. Interesting!! 🙂

  32. I truly enjoyed your post !Love the look on your face when you didn’t love something ????thanks for your hard work !Trying on clothes whew !!You totally deserve some wine ????

  33. I absolutely love your honesty. I also appreciate how well you know yourself and what looks best on you. Most of this stuff I would have said looked good on you but when you point out the neckline or length being less than flattering I have to agree with you. You are good at what you do! Go girl!!

  34. Love this post! Great to see a ‘professional’ struggle with the rest of us. I like the hinge shirt with no link and the filagree from loft. Sorry but that green shirt you picked up from treasure and bond does nothing for you. But again so refreshing to see it happens to all of us. I’m taking the class from adore your wardrobe and having so much fun learning my body type. You look like a ‘cool’ but I notice your not fixed on certain colors. How do you set your color rules?

    1. Hey Kim, you’re right, that green shirt is not particularly flattering. But I just love how slouchy and soft and comfy it is. LOL! I am a cool, and I’ve always known that – since I “had my colors done” in the 80s, lol. I think I’ve always gravitated towards cooler colors, so I don’t think about it too much, but I know that hinge shirt, for example, isn’t the best color on me. I look better in more vibrant colors, but it’s fun for a change. With the blog, I take more liberty with the style rules and color rules for the sake of variety.

    2. Also, I’ve mentioned it, but if you missed it, I’m #shortwaistedcurvy. That might help make sense of why I pick what I do. Also, it’s the most forgiving body type, so I think I can bend the rules more easily than some (and yay for skinny jeans!)

  35. Thanks for the shop-with-me posts. They’re among my favorites! My body type is similar to yours, so I feel like you are pre-shopping for me, which helps me know in advance which styles might work best for me. Your comments help tremendously.

  36. Ok, I always like reading other people’s comments too so we’ll see if I remember everything I wanted to say any more lol. I love the color of the orange top on you but agree it’s too short. I like the blouse you can’t find online, but I agree it isn’t worth keeping if you don’t use it for the blog, I can’t see you wearing it otherwise. (Ha, as if I actually know you. It feels like it sometimes!) I liked the white LOFT sweater. And I did think the shell looked better with the jeans than the skirt, though agree it still wasn’t great. I wouldn’t worry about trying on the shoes, as long as it’s a nice looking shoe I didn’t find the ones near fitting rooms got tried on any more than others when I worked retail.

  37. I love the shop with me and the unboxing posts! Loft is weird, I go for long periods where I don’t like anything, then suddenly I find a bunch of stuff I like. Their sizing has definitely changed, I used to have to go at least one, if not two sizes down with them, now I’m finding they are more true to size. And their pants never fit me – I’m short-waisted too and the crotch ends up half way down to my knees, not my best look! Thanks for all the great ideas, I enjoy your blog every day 🙂

  38. I have the same body shape and issues as you, most tops do not suit us bigger busted women. Look for v necks or lower cut… Round necks make us look very wide across the chest….also anything that hangs from the bust, makes us look bigger than we are… (or pregnant)!) Go for more fitted tops that are cinched at the waist, they are the ones that suit our body shape best ????

    1. Yes, you are exactly right. I know this, but I keep trying on round necklines and looser tops b/c it’s hard to find more structured pieces. That, and I do try on things for the blog that I know I won’t love b/c I want to show them to you guys, knowing not everyone shares my issues. I kept asking the sales associate for v-necks and structured tops – that is why I was so excited to find that Hinge printed blouse with the tie sleeves. 🙂

      1. The hinge blouse looked fab on you.!
        I live in Australia so sadly I can’t offer any store/item suggestions for you, but thanks for replying ????

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