Grey & Pink // My Last Winter Outfit #FashionFriday

Hello, and happy FRI-YAY! I am super YAY about today because I’m leaving in a bit to meet Cyndi in Nashville for a girls’ weekend. We have some photo shoots planned and a project we’re working on, and we will probably find a way to fit in some shopping too.

Some of you have asked how we know each other. We actually met through blogging. We were at the same blogging conference many moons ago, and Cyndi introduced herself to me. We kept in touch, but when I switched to full-time fashion blogging in 2015 (I’ve been blogging since 2006, but I used to cover a wider variety of topics) is when we started collaborating and working together. Everything is more fun with a friend, am I right!?!

Today’s post officially marks the end of my winter fashion! I’m going to be in full-on spring mode from here on out, come what may. I actually feel a little bit silly posting this outfit today becasue it’s going to be almost 70 degrees here in Philly. Crazytown!

Grey & Pink: Chunky Turtleneck with grey Paige Verdugo skinny jeans

Even though this sweater is a turtleneck, it’s a loose knit, and it’s cropped and wide, so there’s a lot of natural ventilation. In other words, I’ve been comfortable wearing it even though our temperatures have been more like spring than winter this week. I wore it all day Wednesday to work from home.

Grey & Pink: Chunky Turtleneck with grey Paige Verdugo skinny jeans

This is definitely a trendy sweater, and it’s not exactly the ideal silhouette for my body type, but it’s supposed to fit loosely, and for some reason I like it. The pink is low inventory (every pink sweater I buy sells out lickety-split) but it also comes in black and a really pretty mustard yellow. If you can wear that color near your face, it looks great with black jeans and also with grey and blue. For that matter, it would be cute with white jeans. Oh, and for size reference, I’m wearing a small.

Grey & Pink: Chunky Turtleneck with grey Paige Verdugo skinny jeans

Grey & Pink: Chunky Turtleneck with grey Paige Verdugo skinny jeans

I’m loving the shorter lengths that are coming out, but this is also cut very wide and boxy. It’s supposed to be that way, and because it is a loose knit, it drapes in a way that I feel like is still somewhat flattering. If nothing else, it’s fun for a change. (The Adore Your Wardrobe peeps may want to look away, haha!)

Grey & Pink: Chunky Turtleneck with grey Paige Verdugo skinny jeans

Speaking of which, the registration for Kelly’s FREE 14-day closet challenge opens today. If you’ve been wanting to purge your closet, but you’re overwhelmed and want help, this class is for you! It’s totally free, but it is designed to prepare you for her Adore Your Wardrobe course. (The next one starts on 3/22; registration opens on 3/12.) If you like what you learn from Kelly and her teaching style, you will probably want to sign up for that. I highly recommend it. I learned so much, and I’m much more confident dressing to flatter my body since I took her course. It’s well worth the price. (Don’t ask me the price, because I don’t know for sure, but it’s probably somewhere in the $150 range.)

So yeah, this sweater isn’t my typical fitted style, but I think it’s fun for a change. Oh, and the best part is, it is on sale and less than $50.

Grey & Pink: Chunky Turtleneck with grey Paige Verdugo skinny jeans

I paired the pink sweater with grey jeans. I’ve always loved the combination of pink and grey, and I think these two pieces compliment each other beautifully. These jeans are the Paige Verdugo style, which I also have in the ankle-length version in white and mint and burgundy. (Yes, I love these jeans! LOL!) They have a great fit and don’t stretch out. Paige jeans run a bit smaller than some, so I wear a size 29 in these as opposed to 28 in Frame and AG. I’m also a 6 in places like LOFT, and 6 = 28.

These have a 31″ inseam, and I’m considering having them hemmed to 29″ or 30″. I feel like 29″ is my “sweet spot” for skinny jeans. I’m not used to my jeans being that loose in the calf area, and I think if they were a bit shorter, they would hang straighter and be more slimming. What do you think?

Grey & Pink: Chunky Turtleneck with grey Paige Verdugo skinny jeans

I spent a long time trying to find the perfect grey jeans, and I highly recommend these, but there are lots of other options that are less expensive. (Shopbop does run site-wide sales periodically; I will let you know when the next one happens.) Meanwhile, Joe’s has a pair on sale for $119 and an ankle length pair for $113. Hudson has a pair on sale for $139, but that’s still steep, I know. They’re pretty, tho! Bloomingdales is awarding a $20 bMONEY gift card for every $100 spent, which is sort of like a sale. (See how I can justify almost anything? Stick with me! Haha!) It might be worth it to peruse their site.

I recommend buying premium denim if you can swing it because the fit is so much better, and you can usually find them on sale if you’re patient, but NYDJ has a pair for $114, if you’re a fan of that brand. And I can’t vouch for this brand, but they look nice and they’re $42. Also, Old Navy has a pair of grey Rockstar skinnies that are marked $17!

I carried my new pink satchel and wore pewter flats. These Tory Burch flats are long gone, and frankly, they aren’t that comfortable considering the price point. I love my Minnie travel flats, but I didn’t like that shade of grey with these jeans as much as the pewter. I think pewter or silver look better.

These flats by Born come in several shades of grey and silver. Lucky Brand has a pair too. Vionic even has a pair. Those of you with finicky feet might like those. And for a less expensive non-leather version, Payless has a silver pair.

I felt like I wanted to keep the accessories minimal since the sweater is casual and slouchy, so I wore my oversized pearl earrings and skipped a necklace.

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pink turtleneck (40% off!) // grey jeans (other options here, here and here) // similar flats here, here, here and here // cameron street little babe c/o kate spade new york // faux pearl earrings

And it’s Friday, so that means linkup day! If you have a fashion blog, I’d love for you to join us. If you’re here for your weekly dose of style inspiration, you’ll find plenty of that here. Have a beautiful weekend!

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29 Responses

  1. Cute, cute, cute!!! Love the sweater!!! Turtlenecks usually feel itchy to me but open stitch may beca good fix! I was surprised to see slouchy on your jeans and then I read your comment sooo agree would probably hem them a touch….speaking of which do you use Nordstrom for tailoring? I noticed some credit I have but have never had anything tailored….maybe you could do a post about this someday? When it is warranted and how it makes a big difference? I tend to just leave the article of clothing if it doesnt fit….am I missing out, lol?!!soo looking forward to next week and the spring series :)!!

    1. I have used Nordstrom for tailoring the past few years and have been very pleased with the tailors’ work, particularly with dresses. For a perfect fit, I generally select a dress that fits my upper body, then the tailors at Nordstrom do their magic to make the rest of the dress work for me. I also appreciate their honesty—sometimes I adore a dress, but it simply won’t work well for my body type, and the tailors will tell me.

  2. I love the fit of NYDJ but not the price! I have found if you’re patient and open to options, you can pick up most styles at Nordstrom Rack– and sometimes under $50!! Enjoy Nashville and your girl time with Cyndy!

  3. Omg, I just remembered I have a pink/blush oversized sweater (wider, but not long)! I’m so going to replicate this outfit today 🙂
    Have a wonderful time in Nashville! My husband is in the military (26 years) and we moved to Kentucky last summer. We haven’t been to Nashville, yet, but it’s on our list to visit since it’s not that far.

  4. Pink and grey is such a pretty combo. I’m not a pink person (at all), but I’m definitely gravitating toward it more and more lately. It everywhere right now!
    I was surprised when I first saw this outfit because it didn’t seem like your typical fit style though. I do love it, but I agree about hemming the jeans to smooth out that extra fabric. I actually thought they were too big before you mentioned the longer inseam. I’m sure a hem would make them perfect. 😉

  5. I think the jeans appear too long and maybe a bit loose/baggy —- hopefully having them tailored will help make them look like the jeans you normally wear…………..it’s a cute look and I adore that pink bag 🙂 Have a great time in Nashville !!

  6. I do realize that it’s good to dress so we always look nice, but the flattering aspect is still interesting to me at times!! I like having variety in my clothing (like this boxy sweater) and I still think we can look good in other styles that aren’t necessarily “flattering”.
    I think this is a perfect outfit, Jo-Lynne

  7. I hope you have an uneventful flight to Nashville! I know that you and Cyndi will have a lot of fun. Can’t wait to see the pictures y’all post in the weeks to come. I love this outfit! If I needed a sweater, I would buy this one. I’m glad I have some grey jeans, so I will be putting them to good use.

    Have a blessed weekend!

  8. Today may be beautiful but you aren’t missing anything weather wise this weekend! I agree, hem the jeans. Have fun!

  9. We are getting 6 to 10 inches of snow in northern Wisconsin today. I think it is heading your way. haha

    Did you ever try BKE jeans that are sold at The Buckle? I am the same size as you and I love their jeans. Culture fit and Payton fit are two of my favorites. The prices are a little high, but not too outrageous.

    Now I am on the quest to find some grey jeans . . . . .

  10. I love this outfit! I actually ordered the sweater in the pink as well. It was delivered yesterday and I just happened to be wearing my Old Navy grey skinny jeans! Lol. You mentioned in your post that it was a trendy sweater. I’m hoping to wear it a few times before it gets too warm here in New York but I am wondering if you feel it will still be “on trend” enough to wear next winter as well.
    * I also agree and think your jeans will fall nicer if hemmed a bit.

  11. Ha ha! I love that you are definitely announcing that it is your last winter outfit! I hope so too! Michigan is too unpredictable for me to make that declaration. However, I love this outfit on you!

  12. You’re in my color palette today, and I’m loving this outfit! It looks great on you.
    I’ve also noticed that when pink is an option, that color sells out first. I love pink, so I have to move fast.
    I’m a big fan of grey jeans. It took me awhile to try them – now they’re my most-worn pants all winter long. It seems that almost any color goes with grey.

  13. WOW you look so pretty in Pink!!!! Love that sweater!!! Hope you have an awesome weekend. Looking forward to your and Cyndi’s spring looks!!!!

  14. Pink is my favorite color! The pink and gray combination is pretty, and I particularly like the shade of your handbag. I would shorten the jeans a bit.

    Enjoy your weekend!

  15. Love this outfit on you, even if the sweater is boxy. It still looks really nice. Um…could you just send me that purse!! It’s adorable!!!

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