Coffee Talk + Kitchen Makeover Update

Well, it’s been quite a week here in the Shane household! I’ve been eagerly anticipating getting my kitchen remodel underway, and this week we finally got to see some progress.

On Tuesday, the desk area in our kitchen was replaced with a regular kitchen cabinet, including the new pull-out microwave and drink fridge. Here’s the “before” picture…

And here’s how it looked after the carpenter left. The plan is to make it into a drinks station.

For some reason, he didn’t put the proper supports in around the new drink fridge, and when the counter guy came back to take his final measurements, he noticed it immediately.

So that sent me scrambling to get my carpenter back over to put some support pieces back there.

Even then, he didn’t make them high enough, so when the counter guys arrived to do the install, they had to jerry-rig some extra pieces of trim around the top of that cabinet to level it all out so they could install the counters.

Anyway! It all worked out.

By noon on Thursday, my beautiful quartzite countertops and new induction cooktop were installed, and I finally got to see my counters in their full glory.

I wasn’t able to go to the template meeting, so I had only seen one of the three slabs before — standing on its side in the dark warehouse. It was super exciting to see them all placed properly in my kitchen!

It took five men to hoist this counter up onto the island. I had to turn away; I couldn’t watch. When they were done, I heard one exclaim, “I quit!”

I think it was jest…

Unfortunately, we were unable to hook up the cooktop that day because we didn’t have enough power to our electrical connection, so we ordered takeout for dinner and called a few electricians.

Through this whole process, with so many little glitches, I kept thinking about Frank on Trading Spaces. Remember him? He always said he didn’t like to make his designs too perfect, because nothing in life ever is.

Well, he got that right!

On Friday, we finally got the broken fan in my wall oven replaced, and we found an electrician to come out to hook up our new induction cooktop. It’s basically been Grand Central Station around here.

Yesterday, Paul and I removed the over-the-stove microwave, as it’s getting replaced with a vent hood, and the cabinet painters start on Tuesday.

The plan is to paint the cabinets a soft white and the island a charcoal grey, and the backsplash will be white subway tile in a herringbone pattern. I’ve also ordered new counter stools.

If all goes as planned, my kitchen remodel should be complete by Wednesday, March 4th! Of course, there are a lot of moving parts, and these things rarely go as planned, so we shall see.

Here’s what it looks like at the moment…

It’s clearly a work in progress, but I’m starting to get a vision for what it will look like when it’s all done, and I’m super excited!

How many times can I say “super excited” in one post???

In other news, this weekend has been pretty unusual for us, as all of our kids are away. D’s at college, C’s at a youth retreat, and R went on an overnight trip with a friend.

You’d think Paul and I would have made the most of it and done something fun yesterday, but by the time we got the microwave removed and took some pictures for an upcoming sponsored post, our day was mostly shot.

Oh, well. At least we got to cross a few things off our to-do list!

We decided to go out for drinks before meeting friends for dinner, and that was our day.

This morning, we’re picking up friends at the airport, and otherwise I’ll just be hanging out, waiting for my girls to come home. I can’t wait to hear all about their weekends.

I hope you all have a relaxing and blessed Sunday!

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  1. It looks great so far!  The under counter bar stools  are a good choice. That way you can tuck them under and use the island as a buffet when you have parties.  
    I feel like your new drink area is screaming for a built in wine holder in that open area under the taller cabinet.  

    1. Haha, it sure is! That is in the plans too. 🙂 I have it, just waiting to get it painted along with the cabinets and then the guy installing the backsplash is going to install that too.

  2. Your kitchen reno is coming along beautifully! I do remember Frank from Trading Spaces – he was right! Nothing ever really goes according to plan when renovating. Things can domino……. I love your new countertops! The induction counter top stove looks great with the knobs. Ours is the push buttons. Everything will look so fresh, updated and modern when done. The herringbone pattern is classic. Looking forward to seeing the finished product!!

  3. This looks so pretty! And as projects go, I think yours is coming along pretty smoothly! I’ve always heard horror stories of things getting extended for months! That’s partly why I haven’t redone my kitchen. Where did you get the cute Bon Apetit sign? I really love that space with the coffee maker, etc. It adds so much to your kitchen. I am sure you are already enjoying that corner!

  4. The kitchen is amazing!!!!!!! Love the drinks station. So handy with a big family and entertaining. The island is wonderful. Can’t wait to see next steps and final reveal. “Move that bus!” Remember that show?

  5. Your kitchen is looking so nice and bright!  I know that y’all will be glad to have it completed.  I hope Savannah has adjusted to the nw location of her water and food bowls!  It was 25 here again this morning; sunny yesterday, but cloudy today due to the rain moving in tonight.  Have a fabulous day!

  6. What a difference the light countertop makes to your kitchen already! I can’t wait to see how the cabinets look once they are painted. Enjoy your Sunday, Jo-Lynne!

  7. Everything is so pretty and coming along nicely!  I had dark counter tops in my previous house and they always looked dusty.  Now, I have white marble counter tops that don’t show dust…and I have to remind myself to wipe them down daily!  I’m looking forward to seeing more pictures of the reno.  Thank you for sharing.

  8. Love love love the Countertop you choose. It really brightens the kitchen and I would love to do the same in my kitchen. I have a very similar color granite to what you had before and I’m tried of the dark brown tones. Unfortunately we plan to replace all our windows this spring so I’ll have to wait.  Thanks for sharing and enjoy your new kitchen remodel. 

  9. I love what you’re doing with your kitchen!!!
    I know it’s frustrating at times but you have a lifetime to enjoy it. 
    I always enjoy your fashion but it’s always fun to watch new decorating evolve. 
    Enjoy your day and your new creations…

  10. Oh, Jo-Lynne, your kitchen is coming along nicely. No wonder you are so excited. I’m excited for you. Based on your description I can envision it. Gorgeous. I love subway tile and the herringbone design will be perfect. Looking forward to more pics. Frank must know our landscape designer. We did extensive work in our backyard last year. The landscaper praised our ability to stay in a flex mode as things don’t always look the same on paper. Or something gets in the way of the plan. We did a good deal of tweaking to make us all happy. When you’re in a newer home on a lot that once held an older home there are surprises under the earth … like chunks of broken asphalt from the prior home’s driveway. We just never know. 

  11. Thank you for sharing your kitchen renovation I also have dark cabinets and dark granite.. you are giving me so many ideas I can’t to read from the painting part.. and seeing the pictures. Love to read your posts we got so many things in common I love fashion and I love decorating..thanks 

  12. The kitchen renovations are really coming along. How exciting!! I love before and after pics! Your countertop looks great and will really pop once the painting is done… enjoying 42 degrees Celsius today with sun, a nice change from -20 lol.. Time to head out for a walk.

  13. Your countertop choice is awesome!! It’s nice that you have lower drawers In the drink station. What a good idea! Can’t wait to see everything finished. Thanks for sharing. I share your enthusiasm with kitchen upgrades. I’m sure you will really enjoy it. 

  14. I love the “Bon Appetit” sign – can you share where you got that? I have a space just like yours in my kitchen where it would look great.

  15. Love the kitchen updates and that subway tile sounds fabulous!!   The drinks fridge – what a great idea!  I’m adding that to my wish list when I do get a place I’ll own!  Congrats!  Can’t wait to see the finished product – I really enjoy seeing the reveals for projects like this! 

  16. Everything looks beautiful. Life is full of mountains, some higher then others! I am envious! Would love to have a kitchen redo, but probably never will as we are getting up in years!

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