3 Ways to Wear a Tweed Jacket

Happy Monday, friends! Today I’m starting a new 3 Ways series with 3 Ways to Wear a Tweed Jacket. (I’ll be wrapping up my 5 Ways to Wear Black Cigarette Pants on Thursday.)

For this series, I’m going to space each post a few days apart. I have a lot of regular features on my editorial calendar already, so I’ll just fit these in where I have open days.

Sharing 3 Ways to Wear a Tweed Jacket, featuring this Ann Taylor tweed sweater jacket and a cap sleeve bi-stretch sheath.

I’m going to be styling a work wear look, a date night look, and a casual everyday look — all with this same jacket. This is obviously the work wear look.

This tweed sweater jacket is from Ann Taylor, and it’s currently 40% off! 

It’s a little outside of my typical style, but I loved the fit, and when I tried it a few different ways, I discovered that it’s far more versatile than you might think.

Sharing 3 Ways to Wear a Tweed Jacket, featuring this Ann Taylor tweed sweater jacket and a cap sleeve bi-stretch sheath.

I really like this jacket. It has the structure of a blazer with the comfort of a cardigan.

Okay, so it’s not quite as cozy as a cardigan, but it is stretchy and flexible. (I always feel so restricted in jackets.)

The fabric is 8% cotton, 19% polyester, and 3% “other fibers” (whatever that means.) But the nice thing is, it’s machine washable!

I appreciate the generous sleeve length, and the black trim is really sharp looking. With the black and white tweed, you can wear this jacket with neutrals or pretty much any color.

For size reference, this is the small, and it fits me perfectly.

For this work wear look, I paired this tweed jacket with a classic black scoop neck sheath, also from Ann Taylor.

This dress is really good quality, fully lined, and the fit is on point. It has nice attention to detail. The scoop neckline is flattering, and I like the cap sleeves as well.

I know some ladies don’t care for cap sleeves, but if you’re okay with baring your upper arms, they’re more flattering on those of us who are larger chested than a traditional short sleeve that cuts off right at the boob-line.

I also feel like a cap sleeve gives a little more coverage than a sleeveless style, so it’s the best of both worlds. This dress is a size 6, for reference.

Jo-Lynne Shane wearing Ann Taylor The Scoop Neck Dress In Bi-Stretch and Marc Fisher LTD. Zala Suede Pointed Toe Pumps

These pumps are flattering but still wearable for all day, and while I went with bare legs, you can always wear nude hose if you prefer.

I recommend very sheer, natural looking nude hose such as these Donna Karan control top pantyhose. If you want more coverage, these semi-sheer tights are a great choice.

For accessories, I added some classic hoops and a layered necklace.

Sharing 3 Ways to Wear a Tweed Jacket, featuring this Ann Taylor tweed sweater jacket and a cap sleeve bi-stretch sheath.

The layered look is trending, and I feel like this necklace is conservative enough to work with the outfit, but also helps keep the look current.

Unfortunately mine sold out, but you can find lots of options for layered necklaces at Nordstrom.

Sharing 3 Ways to Wear a Tweed Jacket, featuring this Ann Taylor tweed sweater jacket and a cap sleeve bi-stretch sheath.

I carried a simple black tote — something that can hold an iPad or small laptop, but works as a purse as well.

This outfit is definitely on the more conservative side of the work wear spectrum, geared to those who work in an industry with a professional dress code, but you could also wear it to church or to other events that call for conservative business attire.

While this isn’t the type of outfit I wear very often, it’s nice to know I can put it together from items in my closet if I need to.

Outfit Details:

tweed jacket // scoop neck sheath // suede pumps (budget option) // similar tote // similar necklace // similar earrings

Be sure to tune in on Wednesday for the second of my 3 Ways to Wear a Tweed Jacket, when I’ll be styling this tweed sweater jacket with blue jeans for a smart-casual daytime look!

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photos: Alison Cornell

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19 Responses

  1. It’s a great professional look. Ann Taylor has quality made clothing. I’d wear the sheath dress with heels & a clutch for evening, too. 
    Would a good solution for 3/5 way to wear, be to put all together on the last post so it can be pinned without going through all posts? 

  2. I bought this dress after I saw it on you in your try on session. I was able to get it at 50% off. We have the same body type, only  I am shorter, so I got the petite, and I did really like the fit and quality. I already have a very similar blazer. I have unfortunately been to a number of funerals lately, and this would also work for that. I am looking forward to the other ways to wear the blazer. 

    1. I also love this “sweater jacket”, and especially like the option of the one button closure. Sometimes I just want to hide my tummy area just a little, depending on the top I have on underneath! Could you please show the jacket buttoned for one of the options?? And I love cap sleeves on a dress!

      1. Oh, and I wanted to mention funerals as well. Perfect classic, tailored look for a funeral (and unfortunately I have been to several lately, too).

  3. If I needed professional attire, this is definitely the look I would want!  The details of the dress are very nice.  I have a couple of questions for you:  Does the jacket button or is that not something to consider?  Do the various chains of the necklace get all twisted the longer you have the necklace on?  I have that issue with my layered necklaces, and if I wear more than one necklace, they really get tangled.  Well, it’s raining again in GA!  I bet we end up in a drought this spring and summer.  Have a great day!

    1. It does button, but I don’t think I would ever wear it that way.

      I don’t have too much trouble with the layered necklaces when I’m wearing them – it’s storing them without getting them tangled that is the challenge.

  4. I like this jacket too! I would love to see what you put with it and black slacks. Maybe that is coming up. My biggest struggle with open jackets and blazers are the best shirt to wear underneath especially since I don’t like button downs that pop open. I have sleeveless scoop neck shirts that I’ve used but would love to see what you pick for a professional look.

  5. Wonderful post. Thanks so much for covering panty hose. I sometimes think I am the only woman who wears them any more. I appreciate that you included something about them,
    Great outfit.

  6. I love a classic tweed jacket. Timeless and classy. Think Chanel. I often wear them with jeans – even ripped jeans!

  7. This is another excellent post – I love the jacket and dress – both look fabulous on you and they are classic, versatile wardrobe pieces that would be good for travel, also. I appreciate the info on hose since there are occasions when I have to wear them; so thank you for your hose recommendations, too!

  8. Hey Jo-Lynne. Can you recommend a very nude color in the panty hose? They come in many colors on your link.  Do you have them? I haven’t wore them for years but the older I get I think for dress I may need too start again. I didn’t realize they had the thicker tights in nude too. 

    1. It all depends on your skin tone. I’d order a couple and see how they look in person. (I don’t mean put them on your legs and return them, but you can carefully slip a hand in there and see how it looks against the back of your hand to compare. You want them to match your skin tone as much as possible.

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