Coffee Talk 03.11.18

Greetings, friends! Did everyone remember to turn their clocks ahead? I got up this morning to discover that my boy scout had already adjusted all the clocks in the house, so that’s nice.

I always try not to over-think the time change. It’s like switching time zones when you fly across the country; you just have to set the clocks and then start living in the new time zone. If I don’t allow myself to calculate what time my body clock thinks it is, I find I adjust a lot easier. That strategy usually works pretty well, but sometimes that hour can really mess with you.

I hear the state of Florida is voting on staying in daylight savings time year ’round, and I’m all for that. I wish it was a national bill. Daylight savings time has totally outlived its usefulness, in my opinion, and it just messes things up. Although, I don’t understand why they would stay in daylight savings and not just stop practicing it altogether, like Arizona and Hawaii… and isn’t there a pocket of Mississippi or Missouri that doesn’t observe it either? It seems like we should all be consistent, but what do I know?

Anyway. Enough on that.

Yesterday’s white t-shirt review was well received! I’m so glad; I worked hard on that. When I do posts like this, there are always more I wish I’d tried… Target, Gap, Old Navy seem like obvious ones. Ann Taylor and Banana Republic are probably worth another look; I’ve liked theirs in the past, and some of you said you like tees from JCP and Walmart. Hopefully you can at least see what I’m looking for in a t-shirt and how to differentiate between tees that are on trend and more classic. Also I think we can all agree that the boob pocket is of the devil. The sooner designers get on that bandwagon, the better!

Like anything else, you have to go with what works for your personal style. While I can see that the Talbots ones are the most flattering of all the tees I tried, they don’t quite suit my personal style aesthetic — at least not at this present time. I think that’s why there is no perfect white t-shirt; everyone’s idea of the perfect tee is a little bit different.

In other news, I spent most of yesterday listing things on eBay. I saved a lot of spring and summer clothes from last year, not sure if I wanted to keep them or not, and knowing they would sell better now than when I put them away last fall. I brought those down from the attic, went through them all, and listed a bunch of bags, dresses, and tops. I’m also selling my Fitbit Flex along with the Tory Burch Fitbit bracelet I used to wear it in most often. They’re gently worn but still look great.

You can see a lot of what I listed on my shopjolynnescloset IG page, or go directly to my eBay page.

Also, I’ve decided to give the proceeds of my closet sale to a ministry that is close to my heart. I have several that I like to support, and I haven’t decided if I’ll choose one or spread it around, but I believe that God has laid it on my heart to put this revenue towards a good cause rather than to pad my bank account or put more stuff back into my closet.

Of course, I’m always buying more stuff because that is part of my job, but I want to keep this separate. I feel a lot better about putting prices on my things and accepting payment for them if I know it’s going to a person or a cause that needs it more than I do, and I hope those shopping my closet will enjoy knowing the proceeds are benefitting others as well. I’ll share where I decide to donate those funds when the time comes.

As for today, we have our usual church service this morning and then I’m planning on an afternoon nap. I was up at 5:20 this morning (and that’s daylight savings time) so I know I’m going to be dragging by mid-afternoon.

I hope you all have a wonderfully relaxing and blessed Sunday!