Coffee Talk 05.06.18

Well, good morning! What a week it’s been.

Since I wrote my Coffee Talk post last Sunday morning, I’ve negotiated an agreement and signed a contract on a new house, prepared this house to sell while my husband was in the hospital for three days, put our house on the market, shown it three times, and received two offers. Whew!

We decided to accept one of the offers late last night, so the Open House that was scheduled for this afternoon has been canceled. It’s been quite a stressful week, so I’m really happy to get back to regular life for a while before we have to start packing.

From here on out, I’m doing my best to keep the end of my son’s senior year as normal as possible. It’s bad enough that we’re selling his childhood home out from under him, I don’t want it to be in total upheaval during the last few weeks of his high school career.

Meanwhile, I’m sick. I’ve been fighting some throat thing for a few days. At first I thought it was allergies, but now I think it’s a cold. It’s weird, though, it’s just my throat that feels thick and scratchy; I don’t have any other major symptoms. I’m sure my immune system is challenged from the stress and lack of sleep, so I’m hoping now that things are settling down, I’ll get better quickly.

Tomorrow we have the inspections on our new house, and I can’t wait to get in there and take measurements and start making plans for how I want to decorate it. Suddenly everything seems very real!!!

The girls are pretty excited. Only my youngest has seen the house, so tomorrow I’m taking my older daughter over during the inspection to see it and pick out her room and all that.

My son declined the opportunity. “I’ll see it when I see it,” he says, and I get it. I think he just wants things to stay normal for as long as possible.

He’d really prefer we don’t move at all, but I’m hoping he has enough going on this summer to keep him distracted, and once we’re moved in, he’ll see that home is more about where his family is than the house where he grew up.

I was afraid to get too emotionally invested in the new house before everything got squared away, but now that it seems like it’s going to work out, I’ve started combing home and lifestyle blogs as well as my favorite retailers for decorating ideas.

I’m not even sure what’s trending right now because that’s not something I normally pay a lot of attention to, but I know I want things to be light and airy and soothing and fairly neutral.

Home decor is to me what I imagine fashion is to some of you — kind of overwhelming and befuddling. I know what I like, but I can’t always achieve it on my own.

I learned a long time ago that I actually save money if I hire someone to help, because otherwise I end up wasting money buying things that don’t work together or painting a room three times to get the color I want. I’ve already reached out to a decorator I’ve used before to see if she can help me come up with a plan, and then I’ll implement it over time as our budget allows.

If you have any home or lifestyle blogs you enjoy, let me know about them. I’m saving all the ideas I like to a Pinterest board so I can share them with the decorator when we meet.

So yeah, this house situation is pretty much all consuming at the moment. Fortunately I shot a few looks with Alison before things got really crazy, and I still have a few from Martina in Florida, so I’ve got some content for the blog this week.

I also want to share my May Favorites, and my denim shorts review is almost ready to go live. As always, I’m open to other ideas!

I guess it’s time to get ready for church. I hope you all have a lovely Sunday and a great week ahead!