How to Wear a Ruana for Spring and Summer

Whew, I don’t think I’ve ever been more happy to see a Friday roll around! It’s been quite a week at our house, but I’m hoping Paul can come home from the hospital today and happy that our house is ready for showing this weekend… at least it will be by the end of the day if all goes according to plan!

Today I’ve got a fun summery outfit featuring this cheerful print tassel ruana.

How to Wear a Ruana for Spring and Summer

I actually ordered this before my Florida vacation, thinking it would be the perfect piece to wear on the beach over a my bathing suit or out to dinner with white jeans and a tee. It didn’t arrive until I got back, so I wore it to a nearby park last week to shoot this look. I’m not sure I’d actually wear this anywhere other than vacation, but I thought it was fun to style.

Today I’m styling this piece two ways. The first is a casual look with jean shorts and a white muscle tee.

How to Wear a Ruana for Spring and Summer

Isn’t this pattern fun? The tassels are the perfect playful touch.

It also comes in blue and grey, but I think the coral is so pretty. I’m actually not sure why they call it coral; it’s more of a combination of pink and red. The photographs are pretty accurate. Best of all, it’s only $29!

How to Wear a Ruana for Spring and Summer

The tee and shorts are both by Madewell. The raw hem cuffed denim shorts have a comfortable high rise and great worn-in vibe to them.

How to Wear a Ruana for Spring and Summer

I’ve shared this muscle tee before. I wear it a lot — it’s a great layering piece and also looks cute worn alone with shorts or jeans, although I actually think this outfit would be more flattering over a more fitted top. I’m thinking more of a tank top with thinner straps and a deeper neckline.

How to Wear a Ruana for Spring and Summer

Anyway, to keep it light and fun, I added a layer necklace and my gold thong sandals.

How to Wear a Ruana for Spring and Summer

I also wanted to show a more dressed-up outfit with the ruana — something I might wear to a casual dinner in the summertime.

For this next look, I just swapped out the shorts for white jeans, and voila! It’s like an entirely different outfit.

How to Wear a Ruana for Spring and Summer

I could have worn the thong sandals with this as well, but I switched into my Miller Sandals for a slightly more upscale look.

How to Wear a Ruana for Spring and Summer

The key to wearing a printed ruana like this is to keep the rest of the outfit simple and let the ruana be the hero piece. Then just have fun with it!

How to Wear a Ruana for Spring and Summer

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ruana // muscle tank // denim shorts // thong sandals // layer necklace // white jeans // Miller sandals // sunnies // tote

photo credit: Alison Cornell

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  1. Cute! There’s another name for these, it’s called a Kimono. They are breezy, and light weight. Also, comes in different lengths & patterns. Perfect for Summer. I’ve actually found some cute ones, at Walmart of all places. 14.00! 

  2. This is super cute and fun! Never heard it called a ruana though, thought it was a kimono? Regardless, it’s not something I would normally think was “for me” but seeing your photos, especially with the white jeans, has me rethinking that 😉 I could see getting an inexpensive one to try out the trend and definitely using is as a beach coverup as well. Much luck with your open house this weekend…..years ago, when our house was on the market, I remember thinking that I had never vacuumed so much in my entire life and we just ate out nearly every meal so we wouldn’t mess up our finally-pristine kitchen!

    1. I think the terms are basically interchangeable, but a kimono is a Japanese garment and ruana is a poncho that is open down the front – it’s from the Andes region of Venezuela and Colombia. I only know this because I googled it. Haha!!!

      We are definitely going to be eating takeout all weekend. My cleaning person comes today and after that, the kitchen is off limits.

  3. Ruanas I have been seeing these pop up around here in the stores and was wondering how to wear them. Love the look and for a swimsuit beach cover here in Fl would be terrific. Continued prayers for Paul and your family

  4. I’d never heard of a ruana before- I really like the dressed up version! Best of luck with the open house this weekend and I pray for your husbands continued improvement!

  5. I like the ruana and I ordered one recently but returned it bc it made me look too big. How’s your husband?

  6. This is so cute and i actually wore one yesterday with jeans but I felt I needed a different tshirt under so I went shopping while I wore so I could see what worked. Lol since I’m petite I was lucky to find one that wasn’t as long and I got lots of compliments. I love all the options you showed us. 
    Also I was about to order the Lucky Brand necklace but several reviews said that it tangled. Did you find that to be an issue?  I really like the mix of gold and silver it in. 

  7. Both cute outfits but with the white jeans – wow!  I think the all white under it helps bring out the ruana  more and makes it the focal piece.  

    And all the ruanas you linked to – so many choices.   😊

    Still praying for you and Paul (well your entire family) for health and peace during this transition time.  

    1. Thanks! I like the white best too. It was more of an afterthought, but once I saw the pictures, I knew the one I’d be more likely to actually wear. The one with shorts is fun, but I’m not sure where I’d wear it other than the beach.

  8. Great summer looks and good luck with the showings ( and yes hopefully he is released very soon). PS who knew a Kimono could be known by another name. I discovered a new fact today

  9. I love this on you .. I always feel like a frump in them .. but I’m always drawn to them. I found a shorter one I like but its pricey so not sure I’m going to take the plunge 🙂

    Have a beautiful weekend!

  10. Such a fun piece to throw on. It’s just the kind of thing that makes a girl want to twirl. Ha!

  11. You look awesome in both outfits and the scenery is so pretty!  I think I will do some online shopping at Nordstrom for a few gifts so I can earn triple points.  Thanks for letting us know about that.  I totally get this blog and your computer time being a good outlet for you and a relaxing time, in a different way.  Praying that Paul does get released today!  God bless!

  12. So cute on you but I could not pull it off. Keep us posted on what’s going on but keep it simple til you sell your house. That’s a full time job with family. Prayers for Paul and YOU.

  13. I just love this! I’m a kimono, ruana, topper, whatever you want to call it kind of gal! And I love and would wear both outfits you’ve styled with it. I think they just really soften up an outfit. And they create a lean, long line when worn over monochromatic pieces like you’ve done with the all white.

    I hope your hubby gets out of the hospital today and has a speedy recovery. Blessings to you, sweet friend!

  14. The ruana is fun, not sure I would buy one but I like the look with your shorts and white jeans. Speaking of white jeans, I just purchased a pair of the Silver Brand Avery white jeans. They are just what I was looking for. The weight of the fabric is perfect and they are a great quality at $69. The label reads AVERY Skinny Crop they fit true to size at least for me. If anyone is still shopping for white jeans I would highly recommend these. Have a good weekend everyone 🙂

  15. Thanks for this! I hadn’t thought of the ruana with cut-off shorts. I just got some, so I’ll have to pull out the ruanas. They don’t add to the warmth of the outfit, so they can work for Texas in the summer….well, maybe not for a day outside, but for a regular-sit-in-the-air-conditioning-day.

  16. I’m not sure what the difference is between a ruana and kimono? I love them on others, but just don’t feel like I can pull off the look. This looks cute both ways, but I like the dressed up version best. Now I’m off to read yesterdays post so I can figure out what I missed in the email. Have a great weekend!!! O

  17. I never thought this trend was for me, but you have convinced me it can look pretty. However, I like it over a bottom that is longer than the Ruana. I love it with the white jeans. I know bloggers are showing it with shorts, but I like the jeans better. I also noticed the models above all have longer jeans on.

    I hope and pray Paul is better!

  18. So sorry to hear that Paul has been in the hospital!  When it rains it pours doesn’t it? Hope that he gets discharged soon and will be feeling better quickly!  Hope y’all have a restful weekend!  Sounds like y’all need it with everything y’all have had going on!  

  19. I just love the ruana with the all white combo.  So cute on you.  I always thought they were called a kimono?  Whats the difference?  I have looked for one but I’m short, so they are always too long and just don’t look right.  I’m still kicking myself for not buying the one I saw last season from Glamour Farms.  Cyndi use to style from them.  It was sooo cute. The perfect colors and it was short.  I think you should wear it more than on vacation but know what you mean.  Some things just seem to be something you want to wear on vacation.  I sure hope all goes well with your husband and showing your house this weekend.  Give it all to God.  Enjoy.  

  20. This is really cute! Do you think it would add too much bulk to someone that is larger than you? I usually wear a size 12-14.

    1. I think it’s so thin, you really see the silhouette underneath more than any bulk from the flowy fabric. I would stick with thin, almost see-through fabrics, and make sure what I was wearing under is flattering and creates curves — nothing too relaxed or voluminous. Does that make sense? I think I would look better with a more fitted top in both of these outfits.

  21. Love the ruana!  I really like it with the white jeans best.  I’d like to try this trend and would wear it with the white jeans.  I know that you’re about 5’6″…I’m afraid it would be too long on me.  How long is too long…? lol 

  22. Just catching up on your blog and wanted to send along healing wishes to your husband. It’s great that he home and hopefully feeling much better. Congratulations to you on your house news – how exciting! Thank you for your writing and blog. I love reading it but please take a break if it’s too much. We’ll be here when you’re back. 

  23. Like how you styled it both ways… would be nice at the beach too… my daughter likes these in the heavy versions in fall and winter over t shirts with jeans for work.. glad your hubby is home have been praying for you both and the sale of your home.

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