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Greetings, friends! We’ve almost made it through another week!

With this house buying/selling process, I’m barely coherent — I usually don’t even know what day it is. Our For Sale sign went in the yard yesterday, and suddenly this all feels very real. I think everyone in our household has gone through a bit of a grieving process this week as we realize the magnitude of what is happening. It hits each of us at different times, and when I see it on my kids’ faces, it makes me sad, but I’m confident that in the end we’ll all be very happy with the outcome.

Anyway, back to fashion topics!

Before we get started, Nordstrom is running another Triple Points Event!

Now through May 6, earn 3X the points in stores or online at Nordstrom, Nordstrom Rack and HauteLook. Just add your Rewards number at checkout—or simply pay with a Nordstrom credit or debit card—and enjoy points in the fast lane. 

I’ve updated my Nordstrom Favorites page in my SHOP in case you’re looking for recommendations.

So today I have my top 10 blog posts and top 10 products from April.

Top 10 Posts in April 2018

My Top 10 most popular posts from April 2018 and the most popular products purchased from my blog

These are in typical Top Ten order, with the month’s most popular post listed last.

Spring Finds Under $100 and other popular posts from April 2018

#10. Spring Finds Under $100 // I always enjoy putting these roundups together. Did you end up purchasing any of these?

#9. What I Wore + Try On Sesh // This post was a mix of what I wore and some try-ons, with are both always popular features. I know y’all love the try-on sessions so I’m going to try to do more of them.

TOP 10 IN MARCH: My 10 most popular blog posts from the month of March, and the 10 most popular products among JLS readers.

#8. Top 10 in March // Ironically, my Top 10 in March was one of my top 10 in April. Ha!

Styling Agave Skinny Jeans and other popular posts from April 2018 | Spring Outfits | Fashion for Women Over 40

#7. Styling Agave Skinny Jeans // This outfit was popular, but the Alison + Aubrey jewelry giveaway in this post was a also a big hit. I love this outfit, but I do wish I’d sized up one in those jeans.

What I Wore and other popular posts from April 2018 | Fashion for Women Over 40

#6. What I Wore This Week 04.07.18 // These weekly recaps of my daily outfits are always well received, but this one in particular got a lot of traffic from Pinterest.

What I Packed for my Florida Vacation and other popular posts from April 2018 | Fashion for Women Over 40

#5. What I Packed for Florida + My Travel Outfit // Over-packers unite! In this post, I share what I brought for a 4-day trip to Florida, what I needed (and didn’t), and my tips for making it all fit.

Women's Pant Styles and Hem Lengths Demystified and other popular posts from April 2018 | Fashion for Women Over 40

#4. Women’s Pant Styles and Hem Lengths Demystified // I get a ton of questions about ankle vs cropped vs capri, so in this post we get down to the nitty-gritty with the different styles of pants and hem lengths and how to wear them.

White Jeans Review and Comparison and other popular posts from April 2018 | Fashion for Women Over 40

#3. White Jeans Review // I do this post every year, and it’s always popular. I did find a really great pair of under $50 white jeans this year, which makes me happy!

22 Spring Outfits and other popular posts from April 2018 | Fashion for Women Over 40

#2. 22 Days of Spring Fashion Recap // Now that we can actually WEAR our spring clothes, be sure to reference this post for a bunch of spring style inspiration!

How to Wear White Converse and other popular posts from April 2018 | Fashion for Women Over 40

#1. 15 Ways to Wear Converse //  I’m not surprised this was the most popular post last month! I got a ton of great feedback on it, and everyone always seems to like the posts where I roundup a bunch of different ways to wear one wardrobe piece. I’m going to try to do at least one a month, and I’m open to your topic suggestions!


Do you ever wonder what JLS readers are buying??? Based on clicks, these were the 10 most popular products across my blog and social channels during the month of April.

Loft Slit Cuff Sweater

#10. Loft Slit Cuff Sweater // This sweater is on sale for just $20 today!!! It also comes in black, red, and grey. If it’s already getting hot where you are, think about putting it away for next fall. It’s a nice quality, soft and stretchy. It’s true to size for Loft, I wear the small.


#9. Roll Tab-Sleeve Soft Jacket // I was so sad this jacket sold out before I was able to post it. As of the time of this posting, it is available in a size 12 online. If you want one, keep an eye on it because they restock random sizes as they get returns. You can also call your local store to see if they have any.

T3 compact folding hairdryer

#8. T3 Micro Featherweight Compact Hair Dryer // A lot of you snapped this up when it went on sale last month. This is my travel dryer, and I love it because it folds up so neatly, but there’s no reason why you can’t buy one to use at home on the daily. It’s less expensive than its full-size counterpart and almost as powerful.

Express Slim Fit Portofino Shirt

#7. Portofino Shirt // These shirts are great with a skirt or pants for the office, or wear them with jeans for a classy date night look. I recommend sizing up; I wear a medium.

Tory Burch Minnie Flats

#6. Tory Burch Minnie Flats // These popular travel flats went on sale, and a lot of you took the opportunity to snap them up. They are by far my favorite ballet flats… pricey but so worth it, especially when you can get them on sale.

J.Crew Supersoft Supima Tee in Stripes

#5. Supersoft Supima Stripe Tee // This tee is amazingly soft and flattering, and it’s on sale today! I love the raw edge neck, the 23″ length, and the style of the sleeves. Wear it alone or layer it under a jacket or cardigan on cool summer nights. For size reference, I have the medium. I recommend sizing up if in between.

#4. Packable Raffia Tote // This tote folds, roles, or lays out flat making it perfect for packing! I purchased it for my Florida trip, but I’ll be using it all summer at the pool and the beach. It has a bit of metallic thread running through it that makes it just a little fancy. 

#3. Hanky Pankies // When I mentioned that these are pretty much the only underwear I wear, I got a lot of questions about them. They do go on sale, and that’s when I usually stock up, but right now Nordstrom is having Triple Points, and that’s the next best thing to a sale!

#2. Khloe Espadrille Flats // I’ve been enjoying my leather espadrilles so much this spring, and these are excellent dupes. You can’t go wrong with Sam Edelman.

#1. Clean White Sweatshirt // I’m actually a little surprised this sweatshirt was the most popular item this month because it’s pretty spendy for a sweatshirt, but I don’t mind investing in a couple of nice casual pieces when they’re this comfortable and this versatile. I hope some of you snagged it when it was on sale!


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46 Responses

  1. I bought a new pair of Sam Edelman slides (Gaile) and they squeak. Does anyone know how to get rid of the squeak? Thanks,

    1. WD-40? Just kidding. I have had shoes do that too and have no idea what the remedy is. Hope someone knows.

  2. First, I will certainly be praying for Paul that the doctors will find a decisive diagnosis and treatment plan and for a quick recovery.  

    Second, will also pray all goes smoothly in your house buying and selling process and that your family is able to settle in quickly.   

    Last, whew! you’ve been a busy blogger!  I think when we read daily it doesn’t seem like much but when you put a lot of your posts together wow!  I’d just like to thank you for all you do for your readers.  It really is appreciated.  

    May God bless and keep you and your family.  

  3. Girlfriend – take a day off! Sounds like you could use it and the rest of the working world gets PTO days, so you should too! LOL! 🙂 Glad that they were able to diagnose Paul fairly quickly and it’s nothing life threatening although extremely painful. My father-in-law also has this and is able to manage it with diet as you mentioned and doesn’t need to be on meds. Prayers for the Shane family as you go through this season of change(s).

  4. Sending thoughts, prayers and hugs your way! Moving can be pretty stressful, but you guys will get each other through it! Thanks for all you do for us, keeping us fashionable and all! 🙂

  5. EEK! Prayers for hubs 🙂 And it is amazing how our superpowers come out sometimes 🙂
    Good luck at open house!

  6. Wow, a lot on your plate!  Said a prayer for Paul that he gets the correct diagnosis & for you, as you hold the fort down!  I think with us women, the more you have going on, the more you can step into high gear. Invigorating!  Praying everything works out!  

  7. It would be helpful if you also linked the post where you featured the item…I’d like to easily see how you wore it since you are more reliable than a random model.

  8. Even though it’s overwhelming right now, I hope you can enjoy the process a bit. 

    It’s definitely time to revisit those spring outfits! I am finally wear the Michael Kors leopard mules today for the first time that you shared during that series.

    And yay for triple points! I am heading there this weekend to return a few things and try on some white shorts (so I won’t have to continue to return things lol!) 

  9. I have been wanting the TB Miller Sandals for forever and decided this year for my birthday (not until August) that I would get them…but when I saw they triple points I said I’m getting them now and hopefully enjoy them all summer not just the last month of summer!
    Hope your life settles soon and you can enjoy the summer as well!

  10. I’m sorry to hear Paul is not well. Diverticulosis can usually be controlled with diet. I was diagnosed with it six years ago, changed my diet and I’m fine. There are some trigger foods that I avoid or limit. I wonder if stress might be a culprit, too. Good wishes coming Paul’s way. 🙏
    You really stepped up, girl! I wish for a quick sale. 

  11. I just read the email about Paul. Oh goodness I hope he is better soon. Not good timing for sure. I do believe it can be managed with diet. I hope he can come home soon. Way to go on getting the house finished and on the market yourself! 

  12. Hi Jo-Lynne – what happened with your husband is exactly what happened to mine – he also was diagnosed with diverticulitis – BUT – turned out he had a kidney stone! FYI!!!

  13. Amazing what we women can do in times of need or stress – especially women of 3!  Congratulations on all the changes and prayers for the family – I’m sure Paul will be fine with the love and care he will have! 
    You do an amazing job sharing your life and have given so many a new sense of confidence. Just remember to take care of yourself through all of this! 

  14. Prayers for Paul and for you!  I feel like you’re a close friend and that I should be on my way over with a meal for tonight!  Roar away, JoLynne!!

  15. Wow! you are busy. Where are you moving and why? I must have missed that post. I hope your husband recovers soon. That is hard. Prayers coming.

  16. Sending up prayers for Paul.  So glad they were able to figure it out quickly and he can be home soon.  Good job on holding down the fort and taking care of getting the house ready to be on the market!  Whew!

    Thanks for this great post.  Lots of good reminders of  your Spring posts from the past month or so.  The weather has finally gotten better here and I’m so ready to wear some of the fun new things you’ve introduced me to.  😊

  17. Hate to hear of Paul’s ailment, but high fives to you for taking the baton, teamwork makes everything better. So excited for all the new happenings in your family…new house, graduation, college, etc. You mentioned the kids having their moments of sadness regarding the future move, have they seen and walked through the new house, picked their rooms?

  18. I am so happy spring is finally here, and we can wear all these wonderful outfits! It’s funny, I was diagnosed with diverticulitis in May of 16, and for me it has been a constant struggle. My gastroenterologist has suggested surgery, but I am not ready for that route yet, even though it would be nice to eat salads and all the wonderful offending veggies again! I wish your hubby a speedy recovery from this flare up and I hope you enjoy your new home! 

  19. Healing prayers for your husband.  Seems like one stressful situation is never enough, life throws us a couple at a time to keep us on our toes.  Anyway, hope everything falls into place smoothly for you and your family.  

  20. Prayers for and get well soon to Paul. My husband had one episode 10 years ago. He has not had another attack of diverticulitis since and we are thankful. You must feel close to crazy with graduation, buying and selling homes and sick husband. You will look back and think “we did it”. I am proud and happy for You all. My favorite top is blue with white pants and converse shoes. Take care and stay well. Kathy😫

  21. Wow like they say when it rains it pours… yes take a day at least off to yourself. It sounds like there are more important things than fashion( if I dare say that) to deal with at the moment. These are the days for family and some down time. 
    Sending prayers for you for needed strength and patience during this time. Prayers for Paul for quick healing and an accurate diagnosis from the doctors and prayers for your children to adapt to upcoming changes.
    Hope you have a better day today😀

  22. Okay….First….prayers to your husbands full recovery and management for his pain etc.  I have family members with that and its managed by diet fairly easily.  Hoping for that for him.  2nd….I think your blog community is more than fine with you taking some days off…..however you need to do what you need to do. You don’t need the stress of getting post ready and sent out.  I’m sure you know we aren’t leaving you.  🙂  So,  put your husband and housing selling/moving first.  I totally understand the feelings of emotions coming to you all.  You have grown your kids there and many family memories.  I can see extra emotion for your son, as he’s got the move out to college and then back home to a new home which can be different.  But, could be good timing for him also.  Once you get settled and make the new home, HOME, it will all be so nice to have more property to spread out.  Your neighborhood friends are still so close and you can still go hang there on your 4th of July neighborhood events etc.  Well, thats enough counseling. Ha Ha.  Blessings for a good rest of the week for you all.  

  23. JoLynne, I have no idea how you put together a post like this while your husband is in the hospital, you’re putting your house on the market and planning for a move! You truly amaze me! Hoping for the best for Paul and that you’re able to survive everything on your plate as well! And this was a fun recap, too. I won’t be surprise if it ends up in the top ten May posts!
    Gina -www.onthedailyexpress.com

  24. Oh, Jo-Lynne, so much going on for you and your family! Please know you are in my prayers, for full recovery for Paul and for the upcoming changes for you and your family! God is watching over you and will give you His strength! Thank you for all you do- thought, effort and time with great fashion sense and ideas! I and others so much appreciate you! Be blessed!

  25. Prayers sent your way for a speedy recovery for Paul and a very smooth transition to a new home. If a day or two off blog posts is needed, go ahead. Your readers will understand and support you.

  26. Well, as we say in the south – bless your heart. I am amazed that you put this blog together today. So sorry about your hubby. Prayers for him and all of you. Hope he will be fine once he gets home. And you are certainly allowed to roar. I pray your house sells quickly and you’ll be back to normal soon. God bless.

  27. Bless your heart!  I will say special prayers for y’all, but especially Paul.  I sure hope that a change in diet will help with the pain.  Way to go on what you have accomplished regarding getting the house ready for the open house!  Hang in there!

  28. My prayers go out to you and your husband.
    I hope Paul is on the road to recovery. Take care of yourself. Feel free to take a day or few days off to recharge and take care of what’s important. We will be here and totally understand. Thinking of you and sending you strength and blessings. 🙏

  29. Wow, your plate is full and overflowing right now! Sorry about your husband’s health challenge; it’s temporary and with diet he’ll be able to correct it. (I had a bout with diverticulitis a few years ago.) I took dairy out of my diet and added more high fiber foods; great results! My favorite breakfast is whole grain toast with dairy-free cream cheese and strawberries, or whole grain toast with smashed avocado, lemon pepper and a fried egg- yum! 
    Congrats on your new house! We did that same type of move 6 years ago; we weren’t looking to move but as fate would have it, a larger house with a better view and larger yard and extra bedroom went up for sale in our neighborhood and my husband and I took a look and fell in love because it had everything we wanted as well (all our “boxes checked” 😉) We literally moved a street over from our old house!! Crazy huh?! So happy we did it & I’m sure you will be too. 
    On a fashion note, I bought a top today at Anthropologie that you would LOVE! It’s a sleeveless navy blue cotton tank with thin white STRIPES (I know your obsession with the stripe! 😁) and it has a small tie in the front which makes it trendy and figure flattering ….it’s really cute! (The shoulders have navy crocheting which is so pretty)  I should’ve taken a selfie to send to you- shoot! I’ll try to remember to take a pic soon and send it to you thru Instagram. I know you’ve said in the past you don’t really like Anthropologie but they have some super cute things for spring and summer. 
    Good luck with the Open House! 🏡

    1. I’m so glad to hear you did the same type of move. It feels rather silly to move 2 miles away, but it’s definitely going to give us more space for entertaining, a better space for my work, and the pool for the girls is a huge draw.

    2. Oooops, hit reply too soon. I don’t not like Anthro, I just haven’t seen much there that resonates. I’d love to see a picture of the top you found!

  30. I’m sorry to hear about Paul.  I am just recovering from my first(and hopefully only) bout of diverticulitis.  I thought I had a stomach bug but it was a massive infection!  I think mine was caused by stress.  Hopefully he’s up and running again soon.  Take some time off you deserve it.

  31. I’ll keep you guys in my prayers. It’s crazy how it tends to just all come at you at once sometimes, isn’t it? I hope Paul is feeling better and recovers quickly!

  32. Prayers for you and your husband. Mine had diverticulitis too. Diet usually works, but my husbands was more severe and he needed a resection. Hopefully your husbands doesn’t come to that, but just know you’ll get through all of this and things will settle down again. 

    Also, we put our house up for sale when I was 8 months pregnant and moved when my son was 6 weeks old. You can do this, us women are strong! Plus, you are way more organized than I ever was 🙂

    1. Ha! I did that when we moved here. We closed when I was in the hospital. I had signed over power of attorney in case. It’s amazing what we can do when we need to!

  33. OH NO. I certainly hope that Paul gets better very quickly. I’m glad the colitis was ruled out. My cousin has had that since we were young teens and it is not fun! Diverticulitis isn’t either, but hopefully being aware of his diet will take care of that. I was like “what?”. Selling the house. I thought y’all decided not to do that…lol (like it’s my business. hahaha) Good luck. I hope it sells quickly, over asking price and you find the perfect home to move to!👊🏻 Hang in there!!! XOXO

    1. Haha, we had. Then we changed our minds. A few times actually, before actually sealing the deal. we couldn’t stop thinking about it, and it didn’t sell right away, so we decided perhaps it was meant to be ours… 🙂

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