Styling Agave Skinny Jeans

I’ve been asked a few times if mint colored jeans are looking dated. I don’t think they’re necessarily out of style because pretty much any pastel-colored pant goes right now, but I retired mine last year because I was getting tired of them. (I wore them for 4 years — see different ways I’ve styled them HERE.)

Then last week I saw this agave color in the same pair of pants I have in the primrose pink, and I snatched them right up.

Pastel Spring Outfit | 7 for All Mankind The Ankle Skinny Jeans in Agave | White House Black Market Ruffle Sleeve Sweater | Stuart Weitzman Elixir Espadrille Wedge Sandals | Alison + Aubrey | Jo-Lynne Shane | Fashion for Women Over 40

I still think you’re fine to wear mint colored jeans if you have them, but this agave color is a nice modern take on the mint green trend that was so hot a few years ago. They have a nice lived-in look, and the color is more of a dusty sage that is really pretty with light neutrals.

These jeans are a really stretchy twill, and they don’t bag out, so I would recommend sizing up if in between. I went with the smaller of my two sizes because 7 For All Mankind jeans often stretch out, but I wish I had gone a size up. I’d recommend that if you’re ordering.

I paired them with this ivory ruffle sleeve sweater from White House Black Market. I picked it up when they were running a 25% off sale a few weeks back.

Pastel Spring Outfit | 7 for All Mankind The Ankle Skinny Jeans in Agave | White House Black Market Ruffle Sleeve Sweater | Alison + Aubrey | Jo-Lynne Shane | Fashion for Women Over 40

In addition to the ruffle sleeve detail, I think the pin-tucked texture throughout is so pretty, and the boatneck is flattering on almost anyone. Again, as with the jeans, this top is a little snug. I went with a small, and I probably could have gone with a medium to be a little more comfortable, but this one works okay.

It’s a really versatile top. I’ve also worn it with black jeans and black espadrilles, and you could easily pair it with dress pants and ankle boots or pumps for work wear.

If you look back through my mint jeans outfits, you’ll see a trend. I always pair them with white or ivory. It certainly works, but I’d like to venture out of my comfort zone a little bit and try them with some different colors. I think this agave color would be nice with black or a black and white print, but there are probably some other more creative color combinations I could try. Tell me what you’d wear them with!

For shoes, I went with my old friends, these Stuart Weitzman wedge sandals.

Stuart Weitzman Elixir Espadrille Sandals

These shoes are a few years old, and they were a huge splurge when I bought them, but I’ve worn them a ton. I love everything about them, and I’m so glad espadrille wedges are still trending.

They’re not available anymore, but I found a few sizes on a site called Yoox, and this year they have this pair that is similar and there is also this pair. I know they’re spendy, but really, any espadrille wedge in a neutral color would be pretty with this. These are really comfortable for under $100.

I just added my go-to taupe shoulder bag and a few pieces of statement jewelry to complete the look.

These earrings and necklace are by Alison + Aubrey, a new collaboration between my friend Alison Lumbatis of Get Your Pretty On and her daughter Aubrey. Alison gifted them to me to try out, and I absolutely love them.

The Vivie Fringe Tassel Earrings are delicate, but they definitely make a statement. I love the combination of the blush fringe with the agave pants. The Alexis Oval Layered Tassel Necklace is a great stand alone piece, but it also compliments the tassel earrings. Both are incredibly lightweight and so pretty in person.

Jo-Lynne Shane wearing Alison + Aubrey Vivie Fringe Fan Tassel Earrings and Alexis Layered Oval Tassel Necklace

Outfit Details:

sweater // agave 7FAM skinnies // similar SW shoes here and here // Alison + Aubrey fringe earrings & tassel necklace // assorted Alex & Ani bangles // RM Love crossbody

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photos: Alison Cornell

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  1. I absolutely love this, Jo-Lynne. The jeans are such a gorgeous color. If I hadn’t just picked up a sage-y colored pair recently, I’d 100% percent be spending the rest of my bday gift card on these! The top pairs beautifully with them (did you happen to see WHBM is now with shoprunner??).
    Unrelated, but my Millers came in yesterday. They. Are. Perfect. I’m wondering if light makeup is the same as makeup now? They’re exactly *exactly* the color I was picturing for makeup. Either way, they are gorgeous! Thanks for the reassurance!

  2. I definitely would wear this with stripes but also with bright patterned colors that have some similar green in them. I have a flowy pink top that would look great with those pants

  3. I know your looking forward to your trip here to Fl, just a weather update from Central FL, its in the 50-60″s in the mornings, the thunderstorms are holding off until this weekend and the highs are in the 80’s.
    You never did say where in Fl you are coming to.

  4. Really cute outfit! I know you have mentioned in the past your hesitation with prints, but a muted floral would be so cute with these pants. Maybe in an peachy or coral color? Have fun at the beach, and don’t forget your sunscreen;)

  5. Love this! I have wondered about my mint green jeans. Maybe I’ll hang onto them another year, but live this new shade better!

  6. Love the jewelry and I just “liked” them on Facebook. And….I think navy would be beautiful with these pants!

  7. Love those mint pants!  The jewelry is very nice.  Perhaps an idea for a post would be to discuss these “large” earrings that are trending, and how they might work with short hair.

  8. Great spring outfit! Love Love your necklace! Have fun in Vero, I’m in Melbourne, the weather is great right now!

  9. I love the white shirt, a new take on a plain color. Not to sure about the color of the pants. That might be something I have to see in person before I can make a final decision.

  10. I think the agave jeans would look great paired with navy and coral! A great new twist on the minty trend.

  11. Such a nice color on the jeans! Besides cream, I think navy, taupe, coral or pink would be pretty. And printed or stripes. Have a great time in FL with your girlfriends! 

  12. I love the color of the jeans. I’m like you and tend to pair neutrals with colored pants. I need to branch out!! Cute jewelry!! 

  13. Cute jeans. I do love that jeans now come in so many pretty hues, especially pastels. I hope you have a wonderful time on your girlfriend getaway! How fun!! ⛱

  14. LOVE the blush tassel earrings. A bit understated, but still make a statement. Thanks for the opportunity!

  15. Love this color comb and those pants are perfect for spring. But I where petite pants and not sure the ankle length would be short enough ? Also agree that the next size up in both would work best but like me I am stuck on ordering a medium when I should get a small, but I need a bit more room for the girls but then my daughter always makes a comment about my tops looking too big 😟 I may have to start ordering both and then returning one to be sure. Thanks for the give away. The jewelry is beautiful. Safe travels! 

  16. Such a pretty soft feminine look… I would try a navy and white striped top/ blouse with a bell or ruffled sleeve or just a navy and white t shirt with your Tory Burch Miller Sandals that I love😉. Or as others suggested a pretty floral blouse of pinks, peaches and perhaps the color of the pants in there too. Have a great trip. I’m sure you’ll have great weather and it’s time away if nothing else🏝

  17.  because I feel like I’m bigger on top and in the middle than on bottom, I like to wear darker colors on top and lighter colors on the bottom. I love the agave jeans, and for me I was thinking navy would be beautiful with them—or even periwinkle, rose, or charcoal gray.   I wear navy all of the time with my mint green jeans. I also wear navy with blush.

  18. I can see the jeans with a floral top also. I have the perfect one. Ha. Have a great time with the girls. Nothing like a girl weekend with friends. You sure deserve one. Enjoy.

  19. I really like the colored jeans and would wear as work wear! I like the ivory top, however I think that blush, navy or black shirt would also compliment the agave color, then use jewelry to complete the look. Of course, a patterned shirt/sweater would work too as long as it’s a “warm” color. I think stark white would be dreadful. Great transition outfit for spring and early fall. The new jewelry is very pretty, and you stepped out of your comfort zone with the earrings 😉

  20. I really like that agave color of jeans! The mint color doesn’t appeal to me as I don’t think I look great in pastels, but that dusty color is just gorgeous.

  21. I didn’t ever get mint jeans, but I do have mint ankle pants. I love to wear them with white and ivory. But also with navy and black.

  22. Great outfit Jo-Lynne! I can relate to the house hunting. A few years ago we spent a year and a half looking and when our realtor suggested looking outside our area, we thought – ok why not. Well, I found my dream house on the opposite end of the city! It was a big move for my boys, as one was starting Jr High and one in High School. But we all survived and are loving the new place.
    I think you should try a pink or dusty rose colored top with the agave pants. Have a great day!

    1. Yeah, we don’t want to move that far from our friends, although we are on one edge of the school district, and we could potentially expand our search, but it would put Paul farther from work, and I really want to stay near friends. So… we shall see. If nothing comes along, we are happy here.

      That said, we did that when we moved here. It was sooooo far away… and we did change churches and schools and make a whole new life for ourselves, and it was a good decision. So sometimes it makes sense! 🙂

  23. Love this outfit! I always love your sweaters, but can’t wear many of them as I live in Southern CA. This one, though, I can do! I think those jeans would look great with a floral blouse in pastels, with a denim jacket over it. Or a top in deep rose – one of my fave colors for this spring.

  24. I love to rock navy blue and grey with mint green pants. I think you could do both those colors with the agave pants, especially if the navy shirt also had some agave in the print. I think Blush would also work with the agave. Go for it girl!

  25. First off, a million billion thanks for supporting Aubrey and me in our new venture! We are in love with how you styled this pieces and appreciate it so much. Secondly I’m kind of obsessed with that color. I had a pair of cords that color this winter and it literally goes with everything.

  26. I think a darker color would look nice. A darker green would give a monotone look and balance the body. Navy would look smashing, too! Any print with the green in it would be pretty. I pair black with everything. It gives a girly color some sophistication.
    You mentioned house hunting. Are you  looking to expand? A different neighbourhood? Or out of state? Curious minds want to know!😉

  27. So glad to hear that mint jeans are still current —I still have mine! Also, I have a bracelet from Alison and Aubrey and really like it! I love reading your blog every day. Thanks for continuing to do a great job reaching women. 

  28. Love these jeans and are so tempted them to add them to my wardrobe. They look so fresh and neutral. I bet they would look lovely with navy too!

  29. I love the sandals! I haven’t seen the agave color but looks like a nice change from the mint. I like the muted colors.

  30. Love seeing what cute outfits you put together! I always loved navy with my mint pants too- I think that would go well with this color also!

  31. Love that color of pants – it’s the perfect t amount of color.   The top is very pretty. Is it very thick?  I live in Texas and I’m wondering if it will be too hot here for that material.  Conversely, I can’t tell if you need to wear a cami with it either.   

    I know you’re excited about your girls weekend.  Have a great time!   

  32. I would pair the agave or mint pants with navy. My favorite is blouse that is creamy or white with navy polka dots. Great one at Loft now.  Have a fun weekend trip. Please share pictures later for those of us without Facebook or Instagram. 

  33. I really enjoy your blog. You are one of my favorites. I look forward to reading your posts daily. I love your realness. Keep doing you.
    Also I love the Allison+Aubrey line of jewelry.

  34. I always wanted to get some colored jeans but didn’t jump the mint trend but these are really pretty. I love the more subtle look. Thanks for the idea!

  35. Love the top. I think the pants are a pretty color but think you could use a larger size. They look tight & the top looks a little small.not meaning to be too critical. Also think you need to show less pricey items. Some of us can’t afford the things you buy. Your husband must make a good salary for all the clothes, mani pedis, etc that you buy.

    1. She runs a successful business and part of the cost of doing business is looking good in the photo shoots. I think mani/pedi’s and quality clothing are part of the job description. I bet she is self-supporting and the statement about her husband is really demeaning to women. I do think she has a good mix of higher cost (timeless and quality) and lower cost items. I love the $15 old navy dress I picked up! And she has really helped me to step up my fashion game and spend thoughtfully.

  36. Thanks for helping us “forty something moms” stay on trend!!! You always look so pretty! Love your fashion advice! 

  37. How fun to get some new jewelry from Allison and Aubrey’s new line. Isn’t it funny how you tend to style some things (like agave jeans) with the same color every time? I was thinking black would look good with them too or maybe even gray? Not really sure if they might be too close tonal wise. I bet you could put chambray with them too. If I knew y’all were looking for a house, I already forgot…lol. It’s a big decision and exciting too. I remember looking at houses with my parents when I was a kid and getting excited too. Good luck with whatever the future holds on that one.

  38. Loving these spring styles. Now if the weather would just Co-operate where we could hear some. Thanks for all you do. 

  39. I love the A&A earrings! I always enjoy your posts! Enjoy the warm spring temps we are finally getting!!

  40. This new jewelry line is adorable. I looked at several other pieces, and I can see many of them fitting in to my existing wardrobe.

  41. I love their jewelry line! And it looks great to see their jewelry paired up with the outfit on your blog!

  42. Love to read your blog every day! I have a pair of sage green pants and need to figure out what to wear with them. The top you have on looks perfect!

  43. I follow Allison’s blog but have just recently checked out her jewelry website. I was thinking of ordering these exact pieces!  It would be so awesome to win! 

  44. I follow Alison’s blog but just recently checked out the website for her and Aubrey’s jewelry.  I have been thinking about ordering these exact pieces. How awesome would it be to win?!? 

  45. Hi! I’m at work browsing your blog from my new apple iphone!
    Just wanted to say I love reading through your blog and look forward to all your posts!
    Keep up the superb work!

  46. Love the outfit and how the jewelery shines with it. You should wear statement earrings more often, they look great on you.

  47. I can definitely use the Alison + Aubrey Vivie Fringe Fan Earrings in Blush and the Alexis Layered Oval Tassel Necklace and put together a unique maxi dress outfit with a pair of Espadrille Wedges.

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