What I Wore This Week

It’s been a few weeks since I posted a What I Wore post, so I thought I would put one together for you today.

The weather has been so incredibly craptastic here lately that I’ve spent several days in workout clothes or winter sweaters, but I was able to come up with a handful of cute transition outfits to show you. (If you’re in the south where spring has sprung, the rest of us kind of hate you right now. #kidding #sortof)

These outfits are in no particular order, but hopefully this will give you some inspiration for dressing for this crazy in-between season if you’re also in an area of the country where spring seems like a pipe dream at the moment.

What I Wore This Week: Fashion for Women Over 40

What I Wore This Week

This first outfit is one I wore into Philly to see the Broadway musical, School of Rock, at the Academy of Music. It was actually a mild night last week, and I was able to get away with a light jacket over this 3/4-sleeve portofino shirt.

I really like these shirts. (I had a navy and white one last spring.) They’re especially good for work wear. They come in a ton of colors and prints, and they make a slim fit version as well as their original fit, and they also make some styles in petite. The one I’m wearing is the slim fit portofino. Right now they’re running a promotion, Buy 1, Get 1 $9.90, so basically if you buy two, they’re $35 each. For size reference, I wear a medium in the slim fit.

shirt (BOGO $9.90)// jeans (25% off) // shoes // similar bag // 3 disc necklace

You’ll see in the family picture below that I ended up switching out the peep-toe booties for pumps. I felt like the black suede booties were kind of heavy against the black jeans, and the pumps are a little more classy.

SALE ALERT >> Bloomingdale’s Friends & Family Sale is going on NOW!!! See all my picks on my Bloomies Favorites page.

I wore this outfit earlier that same day to go to the mall. This top was the most popular piece on the blog last month, and with good reason. It’s super cute and comes in a ton of pretty colors.

tiered hem tee // black jeans // similar espadrilles // similar tote (budget version) // 3 disc necklace // earrings // similar cuff

This next outfit is what I wore in the car on the way to Virginia as well as on the way home. I may have also worn it Sunday afternoon after church and one day this week. Oh, and by the way, this pullover is 25% off!!!

white pullover (25% off) // favorite jeans (more sizes; budget option) // slip-on sneakers // LV Neverfull MM (travel tote options here and here) // coin pendant (sold out)

This is what I wore to meet my friend for dinner our first night in Virginia. I splurged on this linen/cotton blend sweater before we left for our trip. I love the color with the white jeans and nude shoes.

v-neck sweater (budget option) // white jeans (budget option) // espadrille wedges // similar bag (budget option) // necklace

This was Easter Sunday in Virginia in my mom’s backyard. The days of matching our holiday outfits are long gone, but somehow we managed to position ourselves so that we don’t look too clashy.

D’s outfit: polo shirt // pants // sneaks
my outfit: dress (on sale for $45!!!) // Sam Edelman pumps (25% off) // D Yurman bracelet (get $100 back in Bloomies rewards!)
Paul’s outfit: similar blazer // shirt // tie // pants (??) // shoes
C’s outfit: dress (Old Navy, last year) // denim jacket // sandals
R’s outfit: dress // sweater // sandals

Back at home, I wore this casual outfit one day earlier this week. These are the AG Farrah high rise jeans, and I’m not loving the way the inseam looks in this picture. I don’t have that issue with my other Farrahs, but I sized up to a 29 in these and I think they’re too big. I took them off after seeing this picture and wore something else, and I plan to return them for the smaller size. P.S. They’re 25% off right now!

If you don’t like the super skinny leg, this Prima style has a 11.5″ leg opening (as opposed to the 10″ of the Farrah and AG Legging Jeans styles) so it’s a straighter cut. If you have bigger calves or just want a straighter silhouette, this might be a better style for you.

varsity tee // AG Farrah skinnies (25% off!) // Vans // handbag (get $75 back in Bloomies rewards!) // initial pendant (old)

I was planning to wear this next outfit to my microblading consultation on Thursday, but at the last minute I switched into a black turtleneck and leopard flats because I was so cold.

This tote was restocked in the blush color for a hot minute, but now I see it’s gone again. It’s such a good bag. Definitely keep an eye on it if you’re interested; the inventory seems to be fluctuating. Also, I love these loafer mules, but they’re a little hard to walk in. If you have thicker feet, they would probably work better for you.

stripe sweater // AG legging ankle jeans (25% off) // loafer mules // tote (restocked!!)

Finally, I threw this on late in the day yesterday because these pants arrived and I wanted to try them on. They’re the same as the pink ones I wore in this post. I’ve been asked if mint colored jeans are still in style or if they look dated, and I’ve said go for it, if you have them, but I really like this muted shade they call agave. These are 25% off at Saks right now.

similar sweater here and here // jeans (25% off; similar for less) // flats // necklace

And that’s a wrap! I’m excited to attend a retreat with ladies from my church today, and this afternoon I’m going to see my son’s indoor drumline competition. It’s a full day, so I better get on with it. Enjoy the rest of your weekend, and stay warm!

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23 thoughts on “What I Wore This Week

  1. So many things I love about that post. Thank you for posting family Easter pic. Such a beautiful family. You got up early for a Saturday.

  2. and….now I need new jeans.#so many options!! 
    I love drum and bugle corp competitions, and an inside location for a drumline competition sounds even better

  3. Fun post.  I like that portofino top very much.  Have you ever said what size you wear in the wildfox white top?  
    Enjoy your weekend!

  4. The dress you chose for Easter is stunning on you. Love the family pic too, beautiful fam! I’m really loving the agave colored jeans on you too.

  5. Love the black white Express shirt.  Perfect for work.  The family picture at Easter is lovely !  Bless your beautiful family!

  6. I love these posts– thanks for sharing even on a busy morning, Jo-Lynne. I have a question about matching bag with shoes, color-wise. I know that a long time ago we stopped doing that and I’m generally not a matchy person. (I never wear a earring necklace “set” together, lol) I’m struggling with light colors for bags and shoes, though. I have a couple of semi-formal/formal event to attend, after many years of not getting to do such things, and I’m having a hard time finding a clutch that works with my nude shoes. I have nude pumps and nude heeled sandals that both fall on the beige side. All of the small, dressier bags– clutches or bags that can become a clutch, are in the oyster color range. They look almost gray when held near the nudes. Am I overthinking this?

    1. I think this same way. Have a hard time finding a purse, clutch that goes with all different neural shade shoes. I just don’t buy a lot of purses to cover all shades.  I’m out to look soon too as zipper on mine just broke and it’s a good color. :(. 

    2. You’re right — we used to match our shoes to our bag, then we started carrying contrasting colors, and now I see the trend coming back around towards coordinating our shoes and bags but not in a way that looks matchy-matchy. I try to keep my neutrals in the same family. Nude shoes are tricky. I actually bought a dressier cognac bag to wear with my nude pumps and sandals:

      With my Easter dress, for example, the shoes are white, and the bag is oyster white or off-white, so they’re both cooler neutrals with grey undertones. I wouldn’t necessarily carry that bag with nude pumps, but it would depend on the colors in the dress. It is overthinking, in a way, but I also think it matters. Especially for a formal event. The lighter neutrals definitely take some getting used to when it comes to coordinating shoes and bags.

      The other option is to go with something totally different – a color from the dress, or a black bag.

  7. Thanks for the recap and I also for the great post on FB yesterday. Lots of good sales and I’m loving that Lucky Brand necklace. Also wanted to comment on your FB live that I didn’t get a chance to watch live but always enjoy watching it after I get home from work. You mentioned having a “consultation”and I plan to have the same consultation this year. I’ve wanted to do it since my 40’s and I still do more than ever now in my mid 50’s, so your feelings won’t change. Although you style your clothes appropriately…I know the struggle is real. I am 5’1 with a petite frame and a Dcup and lost 20pds last year hoping this would do the stick but it didn’t so I’ve been saving up for it. I know it’s not an easy procedure and I’m scared and wish I’d done it 10yrs ago! I would love if you shared some info on this topic…if your comfortable? #ifeelyourpain 

    1. Hey Gloria. That is interesting input, thank you. I had pretty much talked myself out of it, and figured if the issue gets worse, I can do it later. But to your point, it’s kind of a shame to wait when I could feel better now. I am at this moment trying to lose that stupid 10 lbs AGAIN. LOL!!! When I lose it, my chest shrinks enough to be manageable, but I’m not sure I can maintain the weight I want to be at my age, and maybe I should just have the surgery and be done with it.

      The money is daunting, there are a lot of things I’d rather do with 10 grand. I don’t really worry about the pain too much; that is temporary, but I dread the thought of the “down time” and the fitness setback. I also have never had general anesthesia and don’t know how I’ll react to that. So yeah, I have a lot of reservations. I’m going to keep it in the back of my mind, and if I still want to do it next year, I’ll have it done after the holidays when it’s cold outside and there isn’t much going on. This spring is tempting, but there’s too much going on with my son’s graduation looming and vacations coming up.

      1. Ok Ladies! I haven’t had a chance to watch your FB video yet but I think I catch the drift of your “procedure” discussion here! My mom had a reduction done 3 years ago or so and she feels SO much better! Clothes fit better, no more straps digging into her shoulders, and no more back pain. She says she wishes she had done it 20 or 30 years ago (she’s in her mid 60s). Just thought I’d add that info for ya. 😉 

  8. My favourite is the Portofino shirt. It’s a different look for you. You hardly ever wear a shirt/blouse but it looks really good on you. 
    I hear your pain on the weather. We had a beautiful, sunny, warmish March but now we’re getting rain, cloud, and more rain. I want to wear my new clothes!😢

    1. Thanks, I love it too. I rarely wear button-down shirts because they always gape over the chest. These are made in such a way that they don’t at all, and they’re not too low-cut either. Whatever they did with the design, they nailed it. 🙂

  9. I have been looking for some straight forward fashion advise – i have found it in your blog!- Thank you for the user friendly and stress free navigating of your site.    And how  funny we share the same last name!! I ove your sense of style and your price point options.  You have made my day! Looking forward to more good fashion tips- 

  10. Jolynne, I love your Easter dress! Can I ask what size you are wearing? Do you think it’s true to your usual size? Also. How low cut is it? Thanks!

    1. Sure! It’s an 8. I’d say it’s TTS. I could have worn the 6 (tried both) but this game me some more “breathing room” so to speak. It’s very stretchy so the 6 wasn’t uncomfortable, but it did look pretty snug. It isn’t terribly low-cut, but I did intentionally wear a bra that doesn’t create cleavage. With my regular bra, it was more date night than Easter Sunday. 🙂

  11. I know that photos can look different from “real,” but I disagree with you about the outfit with the Portofino blouse– you look amazing with the peep-toe booties! Tall, thin, young, and much more modern than with the pumps, which look more expected. Love it 🙂

  12. I have several portofinos and love them all!  They are very flattering and you can dress them up or down. I was happy to see you wearing one. It looks good on you!

  13. Jo Lynne,Can you tell me if the wild fox sweatshirt  in your what I wore post runs large or not. I have a large chest (38DD). I see differing review opinions on size based upon the white one you have and the black beach baggy v neck. I kind of want the white but I do not normally like crew necks on me. I know that you do not either and I was surprised that you had the crew neck. Would you share your opinion about the one you have and whether you would purchase again. I would appreciate a response before the sale goes away. Thank you!

    1. I think it runs fairly true to size. I have the small, and I’m a 32G. It isn’t tight in the chest at all. I do usually steer clear of crewnecks, but this one is wider than some and I don’t feel it’s unflattering… I always wear the long pendant with it to offset the higher neckline. I’d totally purchase again… in fact, I ordered the black v-neck one since they’re on sale right now. 🙂

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