NEW Pinterest Following Tab + Shop My Instagram Changes #CoffeeTalk

Greetings, friends! Happy Sunday. I hope you don’t mind if we talk shop today.

There are a couple of things I’m excited about and I want to share with you. One involves Pinterest, and the other involves Instagram. If you use one or both, keep reading. If not, come back tomorrow and I promise to have something more fashiony to share.

NEW Pinterest Following Tab

If you use Pinterest, this is HUGE. First, a little Pinterest history lesson.

When Pinterest started back in the day, it was a social network much like Facebook and Instagram. You followed people if you liked what they saved to Pinterest, and their pins showed up in your feed in chronological order with the newest pins at the top — so really, reverse chronological order. But you get the idea. You logged into Pinterest, and the only pins showing were from people you chose to follow. #novelty

After a few years, Pinterest grew, and someone decided it should be more of a search engine. Think Google. They added a search bar where you can search topics of interest, which is really cool. BUT they also changed your home feed and started using complicated mathematical equations to determine what they think you want to see, based on your pinning habits and search history. Suddenly when you logged onto your Pinterest, you started seeing a bunch of pins from people you never chose to follow.

I get it, it sort of makes sense. It’s a great way to discover new content and get ideas from people you would never know about otherwise, but it also made it frustrating for those who just wanted to see what they asked to see. It’s been like that for several years.

This is where the exciting news comes in.


Your home feed will remain the same. BUT if you click on the little people icon in the top right corner (see below) you will suddenly see all of the pins from ONLY people you follow, in reverse chronological order (no algorithm.) Just like the olden days. That is your Following Tab.

NEW Pinterest Follow Feed

Yes, Pinterest has decided to give us the best of both worlds. *cue angels singing*

(Now if Facebook and Instagram would follow suit…)

By now you’re probably used to Pinterest being a search engine, so maybe you don’t care, BUT if you would like to see pins by people you follow, start using your Following Tab.

And if you would like to see what I pin (I pin my own content plus a variety of other content that I enjoy – outfit ideas, recipes, decorating ideas, etc.) I would love for you to FOLLOW ME!

Follow Jo-Lynne on Pinterest

One other thing to note, you can also follow certain boards, if you don’t want to see everything a person pins. For example, maybe you just want to see my posts and not everything that I pin from others. I have a board called MY STYLE, and I pin every single one of my blog posts to that board.

Follow My Style Board on Pinterest

I hope all that makes sense. I’ll do my best to answer any questions in the comments.

Shop My Instagram Changes

Not to be left out, Instagram has made some changes this week as well.  They have decided to limit their API due to some of the security issues with Facebook and Instagram. (In case you didn’t know, Facebook owns Instagram.) If you are techy and want to read more, this article explains it in detail.

If you aren’t techy and don’t even know what an API is, no worries. All you need to know is this: If you have been “liking” my Instagram pictures so you can receive an email from to shop my IG looks, that will no longer be working.

You can still screenshot my looks and get details through the app, but the email functionality is gone.

I realize that only a small number of you probably even use that, but I wanted to be sure you are aware if that is something you were depending on.

There is one more option, if you like to shop my looks and you’re not opposed to using the app. You can follow me in the app, and then you can always see my looks without having to screenshot anything.

Follow me in the app!

See the little people icon at the bottom of the above image? When you’re in the app, you can click on that to see the IG pix from all the influencers you follow. And you can use the little search tool (magnifying glass icon) to search for bloggers you want to follow, or to see their most recent looks.

All that said, I may not be using for much longer… I’m actually talking to another affiliate network about switching over. So I really don’t want to encourage you to start using that app unless you already have it and like it.


The best and easiest way to shop my IG looks, no matter what affiliate network I end up sticking with, is to use the link in my Instagram profile. This is why I say in almost every IG post, “all details available through the link in my profile” or “click the link in my bio for ready to shop details…”

To find that, just click my name above the picture you want details about. This picture is from the Instagram app on my phone.

That brings up my profile, and you just need to click the link under Shop My Feed👇🏻👇🏻:

That brings up the page on my blog where you can shop all my IG looks. This page will always be here, even if I switch affiliate networks.

Click on any picture to get shopping links to what I’m wearing.

Shop My Instagram Feed

The shopping links are beneath the picture and description.

Clear as mud?

Or you can always just come to my blog and use the Shop My Instagram feature on my sidebar, or the Shop My Instagram page from the SHOP link in my menu bar. There’s a dropdown menu that has various shopping pages available.

WHEW! That was a lot of information, and I hope it’s helpful if you use either one of those platforms.

Now I’m off to get ready for church. It’s cold here but the sun is shining. I’ll take it!

Have a blessed Sunday!

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40 Responses

  1. Thanks for the info!  I like the “old” Pinterest better than the “new.”  Glad to see they have given us the best of both worlds. 

  2. I have been meaning to tell you, I am really enjoying your new email format.  Seeing more than the blog post was a fantastic idea.  I do not use Instagram and have enjoyed the addition of that along with other items in the email newsletter.  
    Thanks for the Pinterest tip today.  

  3. Wow technology does really change in a blink of an eye and thank you so much for breaking it down for us. Sometimes I have to ask my 21yr old daughter to help me with new technology but she would never take the time to explain it like you did. I’m a visual person so all you examples made sense. I use Pinterest much more than Instagram and when I want to shop for something you styled, I normally just click on the link you provide and it goes straight to the source. So I won’t be using the app because what I do now seems to work just fine and as long as your getting the credit for it…it works for me. 

    1. That totally works! I prefer it that way anyhow – I don’t like to rely on social networks and apps b/c they change too much and I don’t have any control over them. I try to make it so all info can be found on my blog. 🙂

  4. Thanks for the update!  I like the Pinterest change a lot.   I feel like since I’m small potatoes, my pins often get a little lost.
    Likewise, the people I follow often get filtered out.   Definitely best of both worlds for me.   Appreciate your clarifying!

  5. Good morning JoLynne!  Wow, this was a lot of info! I will go back and read again. But I did have two great take aways- I can find buying info off both the Pinterest and IG. I thought I had to like it and have it sent to my email. Well this change  will make it easier to find shopping info on certain items and not have my email box fill up. 
    Thanks for another great and informative post; I’m sure it was time consuming but sooooo helpful !!😊👏🏼

  6. Thanks so much for sharing the info about the Pinterest button!  Pinterest has changed so much and I am very happy to know now I can see who I follow again and not just who they think I want to see.  So glad they added that!  I checked it out and actually saw a couple of your pins, which haven’t come up in awhile in my feed!  Thanks for keeping us in the know!

  7. Who knew a fashion blogging was so techy!😜😜 
    But seriously thanks for sharing the Pinterest info, I had no clue.  I did download the like to know it app and it is easy to use (for those that are skeptical) .  Have a good day !

  8. Holy Moly technology is always a’changin! I actually love the “Like To Know It” app and use it all the time but I also loved the convenience of hitting the “like” heart under pictures and two minutes later the details appeared in an email for me to see. I tend to buy more that way if it’s oresented to me instantly rather than me having to go look for it. So maybe this change is better for my wallet, IDK. With Pinterest, I only know it as a search engine, but I probably should read up more about it because I’ve posted teaching products I’ve created on there and it seems to generate a lot of sales for me (when I check my traffic sources). 
    I truly understand how blogging is a full time job when done right like you do it. I’m boggled by how people with other jobs are still able to have a daily blog going as well! 
    With summer quickly approaching, are you planning on any “how to pack for _____” posts? I’ve got a couple trips planned and I  am determined to not check any baggage (carry on only)! 

    1. I can definitely do some how to pack posts… I’m packing for Florida this week! I always feel silly writing those posts tho b/c I’m a notorious over-packer. Not sure I have any helpful advice, although I’ve packed a lot of suitcases, so I probably am better at it than I think.

      1. I’ve always been a chronic overpacker too, but I’d really like to change my ways. I’m traveling alone for a week-long trip in June to the east coast and don’t want to mess with checking bags and would like to pack light (if possible!) It’s sooo hard because I want to have choices for different events as well as shoes! 
        I look forward to your future packing posts. 😊

  9. Thanks for telling us about the “following” option on Pinterest! I’ve missed being able to see what my friends were pining.  Also, I use my iPad for Pinterest & the “following” button is on the bottom of my screen rather than in the top corner.

    1. Good to know! I rarely use Pinterest on my iPhone, but I did check it out yesterday and I saw how the buttons are at the bottom. I’ll add a picture in my post.

  10. Thanks so much for this post Jo-Lynne!  I. Ever would have noticed the Following tab and really appreciate you bringing it to my attention! I don’t like the pins that Pinterest chooses for me. I think they need to improve their algorithm as nothing they show me interests me at all.  Your blog is awesoome! 

  11. Thank you for the tutorial.  I “thought” I was following you on Pinterest, but I was wrong.  I am following you now!  

  12. Wow!!!!  You really are technical.  I wish I knew all you did about all this.  But, I don’t, so I just enjoy your daily email/blog post and if I shop, shop from that.  🙂  I do watch your Tuesday Facebook lives the next day from my iPhone.  Love seeing you talk.  It really has made your blog more personable, when I read it. Makes us all feel we know you.  🙂  Thanks for all the work you put into your blog.  I know you spend many hours on it.  I found you and Cyndi 2 yrs. ago and so far you are the only ones I follow.  Love that you both love and know the Lord.  Bless you.  

    1. LOL, I try to make it easy! The best way is always to use email / blog – those I have some level of control over. With apps and social networks, we’re all at their mercy, and when they change things, we can’t do anything but follow along and try to make the best of it.

      I’m so glad you like the FB Lives. I love them. It really helps me feel more connected to you all. 🙂

    1. Hey Karen. first things first, update your Pinterest app. And I just read that they are rolling it out gradually, so it may not be available to everyone right away:

      Weird thing! I just went on my phone to screenshot how it looks, and my follow tab is gone! It was there yesterday. So weird. Not sure what is going on there, but I’m sure it will be back. Things are sometimes glitchy when they first roll them out.

  13. I read this on Sunday and checked out the apps this week. Thanks for breaking down the LTK app, didn’t know what the icons meant and now it’s so much easier to shop your pics 🙂 

    The Pinterest following tab is awesome! I stopped frequenting it since I could never see what I wanted to see.

    Great post!

  14. Hi, I have just started with Pinterest but don’t see the little “people” icon at the top and I use a desktop PC.

    When I click on the Following tab then select people, it lists the names of Pinterest users that I’m following. There are drop-down choices for Boards and Topics. Clicking on Boards and Topics brings nothing up for me, because I don’t follow just boards (and I hate Pinterest putting pins which they think I will like on my Home page).

    Should I be seeing the “people” icon (I’m on a business account) as I would like to see all the new Pins of people I follow only, and if I could do that by clicking on a people icon, I would be happy! Thank you for any advice you can give.

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