Blue & White Polka Dot Portofino Shirt Outfit for Spring

Good morning and cheers to the weekend! It’s a rainy Saturday over here, but at least it’s not more snow, so I can’t really complain.

Today I have a portofino shirt outfit that could be easily adapted for work wear (you may need to sub closed toe shoes and/or white pants for the jeans) and it’s also a great spring look for dinner out or even church on Sunday.

Blue & White Polka Dot Portofino Shirt Outfit for Spring

I’m a sucker for blue and white this time of year, and I was immediately drawn to this polka dot portofino shirt at Express when I was shopping in Nashville a few weeks ago. It’s perfect paired with white jeans and neutral shoes.

This is their slim fit style, and it’s currently 30% off! I really like how it fits close to the body. Sometimes blouses can be too… well, blousy, LOL! They have a way of adding visual weight, but this one lays nicely, and it’s also a good shirt for tucking into pants or pencil skirts if you like to tuck your shirts. I am too short-waisted to tuck my shirts in all around, so I did the front tuck, but it also looks fine left out. For size reference, I have the medium.

I’ve shown this perforated tote once before. It’s a great size, and I love the ring detail and perforated silicon material. It’s durable and would be nice for travel, but you can also carry it as your daily handbag if you like to carry a lot of stuff. It also comes with a removable crossbody bag, giving you some extra bang for your buck.

The last time I showed this tote, I promised to photograph the removable crossbody so you can see it, but of course I forgot. It’s larger than your typical wristlet that is often included in unlined totes like this, but it’s not really something I’d carry on its own as a purse very often because it’s kind of plain. I can see using it in certain travel situations. Perhaps you want to carry a change of clothes and some basic toiletries in your tote, and you want your purse essentials in the smaller crossbody that you can pull out and take into restaurants or rest stops. I can also see using this as a pool bag in the summer, although it probably wouldn’t hold a beach towel. It really is better as a purse. Anyway…

I wore my Sam Edelman Yaro sandals in the oatmeal suede to elongate the leg and so as to not interfere with the blue and white color palette. Target makes a similar style for less as well as a nice lower heel option for those of you who don’t feel comfortable in 4-inch heels.

I do find the Yaro sandals fairly easy to walk in. The ankle strap keeps them secure on my foot, and the block heel offers some stability. Plus they have that Sam Edelman padded footbed for added comfort. They also come in nude leather if you’re not a fan of summer suede.

SALE ALERT >> It’s Denim Days at Bloomingdale’s! Take 15% off one item or 25% off two or more! Discount will be taken automatically at checkout. Free shipping & returns for Lloyalists. (It’s free to sign up, and you earn rewards, just like at Nordstrom.)

These Paige Verdugo Ankle Skinnies in Ultra White are my go-to white jeans, and I can’t recommend them highly enough. They fit great, they feel great, they’re not see-through, and they don’t bag out. I’ve worn them over and over and they still look great. I always wash them on cold and hang to dry.

That said, Bloomingdale’s Denim Days is a great time to invest in premium denim. I almost always shop this sale. Unfortunately, they don’t have this exact pair, but they do have a different Paige style with a slightly wider leg opening in Optic White, and they have the Verdugo in a cropped length with a raw hem in the Ultra White. They also have a pair of Joe’s with measurements similar to mine, but I’m not sure how the Joe’s fabric compares because I haven’t seen them in person.

Also included in the sale are my favorite distressed white jeans. I don’t talk a lot about J.Brand jeans, and these are the only pair I have, but I love the fit and the distressing on these. They have a lot of rips with no gaping holes. (You can see me wearing them in this post.)

FIT TIP >> I sized up in both pairs of white jeans. I find they fit better and don’t show through as much in the thighs. The Paige fit great and are very comfortable. The J.Brand do tend to slide down as I wear them, but I still prefer that to the way my regular size fit.

Speaking of jeans, if you like Old Navy jeans, they are running a flash sale for today only — 50% off jeans for the whole family. They have a white pair in their popular mid-rise Rockstar skinny jeans, and they also have a white pair with built-in sculpt.

I wore a cuff bracelet and rolled the sleeves of the shirt. I generally think rolled 3/4-length or elbow-length sleeves are more flattering than long sleeves, but it depends on the weather and your comfort level. I like that this shirt gives you the option.

I can see wearing this outfit to the office (if I had an office outside the home) or to meet a friend for coffee or to church on Sundays. I can also see swapping out the heels for nude ballet flats to wear to the mall or running errands around town.

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slim fit polka dot portofino shirt (30% off) // white jeans (similar at Bloomies Denim Days; similar for less) // suede sandals in oatmeal (similar for less; lower heel option) // perforated tote // similar kendra scott cuff

photo credit: Alison Cornell

Be sure to visit Cyndi and see the spring outfit she’s styling today!

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28 Responses

  1. Jo-Lynne,
    Thanks so much for the cute outfit ideas and where to buy them. I look forward everyday to watch cute outfit you’ll be sharing with us. Keep up the great work!

  2. My mom called me this morning while I was leaving the gym and told me I had to check put your outfit today because I need this top. 🙂 It would be perfect with a pencil skirt (I actually have a blush one that I’m thinking of) for the office this summer. I love navy and grey for the office too! Have a great Saturday!

  3. Love, love, love this outfit! I really love the shirt. I’d love to order it, but I need to stay away from curved hems and I can’t tell if the hem is curved. I guess I can order it and just return it if it does.

  4. I’ve decided I need a couple of polka dot shirts, so that I can print mix a little more! I think they can be fabulous with other prints and the solids!!
    And that cuff bracelet is fabulous, Jo-Lynne! I think that’s one of the advantages about the warmer weather—I can finally wear my bracelets!!

  5. You look fabulous Jo-Lynne! Thank you for the heads up on the ON jeans flash sale today. I’m going to the online site now. I’m so glad the snow didn’t materialize!

  6. Thank you for a great post today. I love that tote and also been in search of some white jeans. You are so good about describing the items you post and giving us options. I would love to order the Verdugo white jeans you wear because first, they look great on you and you said the quality is good and you can’t see though, which is a common problem with white, but they are too expensive for me so I’m going to try the J. Brand (which I have seen at TJMax) or the Old Navy white jeans since they come in petite ☺️ I have been following Cyndi for sometime now and so glad she introduced me to your blog! Have a wonderful weekend.

  7. I love your outfits! I have a hard time figuring out the partial tucked in shirt. Looks bad after taking care of children. Lol. Also what kind of running shoes do you recommend?

    Love your post! God bless you!

    1. You know, I’m really not a fan of the front tuck. It only looks good front-on. I usually end up letting mine hang out after a while… especially in a shirt like this. Some t-shirts have to be tucked, and I’m always fixing it. Annoying. I wish the shorter, more fitted t-shirts would come back in style.

      Running shoes are a very personal choice. It depends on so many factors, and we are all different. I think going to a good running store and getting professionally fitted is key. I personally wear the Saucony Guide.

      1. I know this is an older post, but saw the front tuck comment and had to tell you, I found your blog (years ago) searching how to do the front tuck.  Haha!  I’m still a fan of it myself.  I need it for things to look proportional many times.

  8. What size do you take in the j brand distressed jeans? I wear the same size as you. I’m taking advantage of the denim sale at bloomies!

    1. I actually have the 30. I could probably get away with the 29 now, but when I bought them I was 6-8 lbs heavier. I still prefer my white jeans not as tight as regular. I also have the 30 in the white Paige Verdugo (and 29 in my other colors.) Hope that helps!

  9. LOVE that shirt on you! I had a light purple polka dot one in high school, I wish I would have kept it. Lol! I also love the photo of you sitting down with your hair all flyin and fluffy, look like a model with the fan blowing!!

  10. Love this shirt! I bought a similar one at Loft last year, in solid black. But I have a problem with the sleeves and wonder if you might have a solution for this issue. Even though I cuff the sleeves very carefully and use the tab, the sleeves don’t stay rolled up. I thought it was the slippery fabric. If I didn’t want to have the option to wear them long, I would tack the sleeves when cuffed up. What do you recommend? Am I missing some trick on how to cuff the sleeves?

    1. You know, we had that problem too. (I say we because Alison, my photographer, helped me fix them, lol.) It helped to button one of the buttons, so it was tighter and it stayed rolled better.

      1. Thanks for the suggestion. I will try buttoning the cuffs before rolling, and maybe even moving a button to make it more snug if necessary. I know there must be a solution – maybe this is it!

  11. Love this combo! That blouse was made for white jeans! I’ve had several of these tops over the years and always love the fit. The sleeves can be very frustrating though, so I don’t tend to reach for them that often. I do have a really similar one that is sleeveless that I need to try with my white jeans (thanks for reminding me I have it 😉 ).

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