Coffee Talk 03.19.17

Good morning! Grab a cup of coffee and sit a while. It’s been ages since I’ve done a Coffee Talk post.

So evidently tomorrow is officially the first day of Spring… not that it remotely resembles Spring around here.

Snow on the Farm

I took that picture Friday morning on my run, so you can see why I can’t get too excited about the first day of Spring. It is still very much winter here, and the 10-day outlook doesn’t look like it’s going to change anytime soon. We’re going to have a couple of milder days and then it goes back to frigid temperatures and possible sleet and snow.

Of course, I’ve been in full-on spring fashion mode for weeks, so “first day of Spring” doesn’t mean much to me anyway. I really do forget what season I’m actually living in half the time, thanks to this crazy business of mine.

Since our weather was so crappy this week, I made plans to meet with Alison to shoot a few outfits tomorrow. It will be nice to get ahead again because I’m almost done posting all the outfits we shot when Paul was in Seattle last week.

I’m starting to run out of spring outfit ideas, and I’ve been trying to decide if I want to rework some of the pieces I have in my closet or try to find a few new things to show you as we wrap up this series. I might go to the mall this week and look around for some inspiration. If you have any specific trends you’d like me to style or events you need ideas for, let me know, and I’ll see what I can do.

Last night we entertained long-time friends for dinner, and that was fun, except that I made lasagna and ate too much, and now I feel gross. I’m not used to eating heavy food like that anymore. Plus, with this depressing weather lately, I’ve been indulging more than I should. I’m starting to feel it, and the scale is starting to show it, so today my goal is to drink tons of water and eat only healthy, low-carb foods and get myself back on track.

Our Savannah trip is coming up in a few weeks, and I really want to feel and look my best. We’re definitely planning to get some outfit pictures while we’re down there, but I also want to enjoy the city. If anyone has restaurant recommendations or anything else we should try to do there, I’d love to hear them. We only have two days to explore so we want to make the most of it. It better be warm, that’s all I can say. I might cry if we get there and it’s cold.

It always comes back to the weather for me, doesn’t it!?! Ha!

When your job involves being outside and your only hobby and favorite method of exercise is running, everything comes back to the weather.

Speaking of running, I’ve been terribly inconsistent lately, and when I ran on Friday, my knee crapped out on me. It hasn’t done that in a long time, and I know it’s because I’ve been so lax about keeping a good running schedule. My trainer is always lecturing me about consistency and how that is key to avoiding injury.

I’ve done my fair share of injuries, and I have no desire to go there again. Running keeps me sane, and when I couldn’t run, I thought I was going to climb the walls. Plus I keep picturing the collection of heels in my closet and thinking about what I’d do if I ended up with another stress fracture or torn tendon. I wasn’t doing fashion full-time back then, and it was bad enough.

All that to say, I must back on track (bwaha! see what I did there?) with my running as well as my eating. It doesn’t help that the optimal time to take pictures is also my favorite time to run, and the weather that is most conducive to running is also most conducive to shooting outfits, but I’m going to have to make it work somehow. It should be easier to fit it all in, now that it is lighter earlier in the mornings. (I don’t like to run in the dark; it doesn’t feel safe, plus it’s colder then.)

I share all that not to complain, but to let you know that it may look all sunshine and roses and easy breezy pumpkin squeezy on the blog, but I struggle with the same issues everyone else does. I get in a funk when the weather is crappy, I fight the scale, I wrestle with the motivation to exercise and eat right, I worry about my kids, and sometimes I even look at my closet and feel like I have nothing to wear. (Okay, so that last one is rare, ha!)

But seriously, probably anything you struggle with, I do too. I don’t share a lot of personal stuff here because it doesn’t really fit and because it is just that (personal) but I do have my moments, like everyone else.

I mentioned in my daily email earlier this week that I lost a “friend” to a sudden heart attack. I put friend in quotes because we were only friends online, but over the years, I’ve learned that online friends are every bit as real as those who live in my neighborhood and go to my church. No, we don’t see each other on a regular basis or have to deal with each other’s crap, but they are still real people with real lives, and I definitely feel her loss and mourn for those in her life who are grieving her loss.

It’s kind of helped me put things in perspective this week. When I’m tempted to get frustrated or depressed about mundane happenings, I think of her and those who are missing her right now, and I find myself choosing to celebrate life’s simple inconveniences instead of getting frustrated by them because that is all they are… small, temporary frustrations. It’s a shame we have to lose someone to get our priorities straight, isn’t it?

Of course, some of you reading along may be going through truly hard things right now, and that’s a whole different topic, but for those of us who are just ho-hum, going through the motions, feeling kind of meh, let’s decide today to choose joy. Embrace life’s minor inconveniences and laugh, because we can.

I hope you and yours have a joyful and blessed Sunday!

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83 thoughts on “Coffee Talk 03.19.17

  1. Thanks for being so open and sharing. No matter who we are we all have our struggles.. I enjoy your styling blog and love your Sunday coffee talk. I am so ready for spring. I live in Tennessee and we had a very warm February and now it is cool and rainy. We have some wild weather here. The temperature is up and down from day to day, but I guess that keeps it interesting. Sorry to hear about your friend.

  2. I love Savannah ! I spent six years there as a teen and my husband and I have visited s real times. I recommend you take the trolley tour during the day to get an overview. It is worth it. Then ! Take a ghost tour at night. Although I am not a ghost person..lol..these tours are really about history. You learn lot. If you can ,go to the fort. It is very historical and gives a feeling for Savannah.

    1. Thanks for the tips! A trolley tour is a must. You may have convinced me to consider a ghost tour. I am always a little leery of those, although we did one years ago when we visited Charleston, and it was fun.

  3. I love this coffee talk…it’s about “real everyday life!” We’re all human and a reality check is good for the soul (tho I prefer to view mine from a distance-have had way too many up close!) It does make us get priorities right! I read once that life is 10 percent of what happens to you and 90 percent of your reaction! I, too, have to remind myself “choose joy!” I’ve got to start back walking/running & getting my food choices back in order…got some pounds creeping up on me too! Thanks for your post! Have a blessed day!

  4. You will get some amazing pictures in Savannah! It’s one of my favorite cities! Definitely do one of the tours. River Street is so fun.
    Grieving is a process and it’s different for everyone. Our pastor died suddenly this past month. He was 62 and was playing golf. Such a shock. Life is fragile and oh so short. Live each day with purpose.

  5. Hope spring starts soon for you. I’m in Georgia and we have never had winter. But that is ok. I enjoy your blog very much and it is comforting to hear you struggle with the same things the rest of us struggle with. While in Savannah go to the Pirate House restaurant and ice cream at Leopold’s is a must. I agree with a ghost tour and a trolley tour because there is so much history you learn. Have a fun trip!

  6. How about taking a winter outfit and adding spring touches for when the weather Is more winter-like but we’re all longing for spring? Or using spring basics and reworking them for colder weather? The weather seems to be wonky all over, but soon enough, it will be spring for real, and the busyness of summer will be upon us. Sigh…

  7. You seem so real when you share your heart….joys, frustrations and struggles. I for one, say Share with us!! In this world we need each other. I think so many of us are in this crazy funk, whether it’s about the weather, clothes, our kids etc. Sooo…..thank you for your post, and your heart!!

  8. Love opening up my email each day to see a new outfit to try out. I was wondering if you might could wear jeans with the twist front fleece pullover you styled with the white jeans. I love it with the white jeans but just looking for other ideas to go on the bottom same for the floral v-neck top I believe you styled in Nashville I purchased as well – perhaps like you said about putting together other variations of things in your closet. I buy a top and pants sometimes specifically because of how I see it worn together then I’m too scared to try a variation of it with another pair of pants or whatever- hope that makes sense!

    1. I’ve been thinking of styling that floral top again, and I can definitely do the twist front top. I might even wear that this week, we are getting a couple of milder days before the cold returns. I can at least post to Instagram, and I’m planning an IG roundup on Saturday.

  9. Hi Jo-Lynne! Enjoyed your Coffee Talk today (while drinking my coffee, now I need to get ready for church)! I completely agree with your comments on your heavy dinner. I was at the Philadelphia Flower Show on Friday with a group of women. (what a delight!!). We went to an awesome Mexican restaurant for lunch and I over ate and over drank and oh, the salt, and it has taken me 2 days to recover!! Not sure it was worth it! But I certainly enjoyed the delicious food at the time (I just should’ve stopped eating it earlier!!) Keep those Spring outfits coming, they have been great. I also love the easy, breezy, flowy tops with bell sleeves and interesting backs.

  10. Your blog is the first one I ever subscribed to a few years back. Thanks for all the work you put into it. I am a wife, mother, pastor’s wife and full time hospice nurse. Sometimes I feel kind of schitzo because my life is going in so many directions. I have to just slow down, breathe, and thank God for my blessings. Happy Sunday. It’s supposed to be in the 80s down here this week.

  11. I am so hoping the weather warms up for you guys! I am in the South and it already feels like summer! HOT!

    I love when you put together a collage of great finds or maybe a collection of accessories to add to a basic outfit that you link. Also, my job (a pediatric therapist) requires me to be on the floor with kids, i wear a lot of denim and skirts but the skirt trends seem to be big and “blouse” or pencil-tight. Neither work for me. Any ideas?

  12. Great post, wonderful reminder ❤️Savannah is awesome, so much to see! Definitely go to the riverfront walk area to eat and explore!

  13. Well said!! The cold weather & all the snow this late in March can be a real downer for us up here in NE Pa. My husband had hip replacement surgery on the 1st of March & came home on the 5th. With all the mild weather we had been having, it was our hope that he’d be able to get outside, walking & exercising his new hip. Instead, we are snowed in. And that’s a big downer for him right now, so I’m fighting to keep things upbeat & positive! Like the snow finally melted enough off the blacktop that he can walk on it & get some fresh air, without having to worry about slipping on the ice! Re fashion, I’d like to see a few outfits with everyday jackets. It’s too cold here to wear those really nice tops you’ve styled without a jacket of some sort. I realize though that you have readers of your blog that don’t have the cold we have! Lucky them!!. I’m just so done with my winter down vests & coats! Come on Spring!!

    1. If you have a mall or big department store close by, he can walk there. I had a knee replacement in the winter and used Costco as a place to get my physio. They are big enough to get a decent walk and not worry about slippery sidewalks.

      1. Thank You Joanna! I was thinking I can get him to the local grocery store, as we’re about 25 minutes from the closest large anything. What really set us back is that stinkin blizzard we got. Piles of snow every where! The grandkids were off 4 days! I just need to checkout the sidewalks now that we’ve had some sun, last thing I need is for him to fall on the ice before I get him into any store! Appreciate your advice!

    2. I am still pretty much wearing my winter coat every day. I WISH I could wear my spring jackets. Maybe I need to do a utility jacket post this week. They’re nice for these 50-degree days we’re supposed to be getting soon.

  14. Sorry you are struggling with the blues! You are right – just minor frustrations! How about showing us how to deal with the lingering winter weather “style wise” too. We always need to know how to keep the chill away when the unexpected happens. Hey, I live in So Cal (don’t hit me!) but I always have to have something else to put over a cute spring/summer outfit when the sun dips down or the wind picks up! 🙂 Enjoy your blog so much – thanks for the effort!

    Have a blessed day with your family and friends today! Joy to you!

    1. Yeah, I always think I will do posts like that, but then I feel like everything I’m wearing for this lingering winter weather has been seen before. I guess that is sort of what my Instagram Roundups are – showing what I’m actually wearing in this insanely cold spring. I really do think we need to move to So Cal. LOL.

  15. I will say that getting older has taught me to enjoy each day as much as I can, because life is too short to get all caught up in the little things!!
    I love the idea of you reworking what you have in your closet, Jo-Lynne!! As much as I love buying new things, it’s just not practical for all the time! I need to make my closet work almost as hard as me…ha ha!!
    Enjoy your day (and I won’t rub it is that it’ll be 80 degrees here in Denver today, because I know that’ll be changing soon!

  16. Jo-Lynne,
    We are going on a European River Cruise in May and I would love to see a post revolving around that theme. The attire would need to be easily packable in one suitcase (similar to a capsule wardrobe, I guess), with smart looking, fashionable but comfortable outfits for daytime sightseeing in European cities. For evening, upscale casual is key, not dressy “evening-wear” but definitely polished looking. And, of course, comfortable shoes for walking. Unlike a Caribbean cruise, attire tends to be more city oriented rather than beach casual. I’d love to see you put together some ideas! I love your blog and always look forward to your posts.

  17. Great post today! I too am mourning the loss of our friend this week. It truly does put in perspective our minor annoyances. It was heartwarming to see all the posts on Friday to honor her. Our group has become so close even though most of us haven’t met. It was a great thing that you (and Cyndi) did in creating the group. ????????

  18. The weather is always a bummer in North Carolina! We have a saying here if you don’t like it just wait 5 minutes and it will change! Lol. Thanks for the pep talk today because air too struggle with all the things you talked about. It’s all about struggling to find balance in our lives to get done what we need to get done. Life always seems to get in the way sometimes. But we just have to keep trying to get there! That is half the battle for me!

    You will love Savanah!! The shopping in boutiques is always fun. Definitely do the ghost tour because you ride in a horse drawn carriage. Very fun photo opportunities too. If you have your kids with you see if you can make it out to Tybee Island. They have a dolphin cruise out there that they will absolutely love.

    Make sure you go to The Pirates House Restaurant. They are known for several great dishes but one that is great is the Pecan Honey Chicken. I know more miles to add to your run but it is so worth it! Also it is supposedly haunted because it has been there since the days of the Pirates roaming the land. Also I think there is a great place called The Pink House. I am not sure Google it. But it is fine Southern dining at its finest! Make sure you find the bench that Forest Gump sat on in the movie! So MUCH to do in Savanah. You will absolutely love it!!

  19. How about a recap on the “must haves” for spring 2017? A list with pics, all in one place, would give us an idea of where our gaps are, and from there we can make a list to shop from.

    The first day of spring makes me hopeful! ????

  20. Great post! And, yes it always comes back to the weather for me too, lol. If that’s our biggest problem, we are truly blessed, no doubt. On that note, have you considered getting a treadmill? It sure does take away that particular stress (& excuse!) I haven’t been running outside in weeks, due to the ice and wind, and it’s truly a lifesaver. I can’t believe I’m saying any of this, but I have now done Saturday runs of 6.5, 8 and 9.5 miles on it (I’m training for a 10 mile event in a few weeks and possibly a Half shortly after). It wasn’t fun but if you get a great audio book or podcast, it’s tolerable. Just a thought.
    Have a great week!

    1. I would rather run in 20 degrees than run on a treadmill, lol. I detest them. But there are times when it just isn’t safe to be outside running, so it probably would be a good investment. Right now I’m fortunate that the roads are totally dry, even though there’s still snow on the ground.

  21. Love this post- thanks for keeping it real!! I hope you enjoy your trip to Savannah. I’ve never been, but it’s definitely on my list!
    I would love to see the same top or pants styled several different ways.

  22. Fantastic post Jo-Lynne. You are so right, the sudden death of a friend does cause us to pause and look at life a little differently. It is hard at times to keep the daily challenges from getting us down and preventing us from enjoying life. Every day is a gift that should not be taken for granted.

    Make it a blessed day!

    The snow picture is gorgeous!

  23. We were in Savannah last year and it happened to be restaurant week! All top restaurants were featuring deals, so we ate everywhere! It was awesome! I recommend Vic’s on the River (gorgeous!) and our splurge dinner for anniversary was at The Old Pink House – my husband surprised me with a table in the Vault room! A private room with just a table for u! So romantic and beautiful. Like everyone​ else said- fabulous opportunities for pics! Enjoy! Can’t wait to see the pics…

  24. Have you embraced the off the shoulder trend? I have not. If you have, maybe you could style some outfits and give people like me inspiration to buy an off the shoulder top.

    My daughter is reading Midnight in the Garden of Good and Evil for school and now wants to go to Savannah.

    Have a great Sunday.

  25. Thank you for sharing your life! We all have those times!! Do you journal? My friend who is a life coach/ counselor says it is the best “therapy”. It is always interesting what we learn about ourselves and how God is working over time if recorded. Just a thought.

    I am in Atlanta very North but traveled state for work and spent a lot of time in Savannah. So ate a lot of business dinners etc there. For a fun photo shoot if you are interested go to the Bonaventure Cemetery. Sounds weird but if you saw the movie “Midnight in the Garden of Good and Evil” it was based on story from Savannah and cemetery large feature of film. . So lots of quirkiness there!! The trolley tour is very good. I took a sales group on it with folks from all over and everyone agreed. I was just at the historic Pink House in Dec. it is wonderful! Make reservations though. All the parks in Savannah are so nice for walking. Market Place area very nice up by historic homes.
    Request– can you feature casual wear without skinny jeans? Crops or athleisure look?? Thanks! Julie L

  26. I’m looking for some affordable white jeans. I love your “trends” and roundup posts. Maybe one with affordable but trendy shoes.
    I LOVED savannah when hubby and I visited! You love all the photo spots. I highly recommend Alligator Soul for a fancy dinner spot! Food was amazing and service was best I’ve ever experienced. For a quick breakfast or lunch we stayed close to Goosefeathers cafe and walked there several mornings. It was delish! Wear good shoes or take some in your bag because there is a ton of walking . Enjoy! Now thinking about it, I’m ready to go back!!

    1. I see the comment above and I also love Alligator Soul. It’s really cool and below the street. Both places are great but very different. Really depends on your mood. Hip or southern. Good luck deciding!

      1. You guys rock. I just made reservations at Alligator Soul and Olde Pink House. Even now, we had to settle for very early or very late. I’m a grannie, so we did very early. 🙂 I can’t wait!

  27. Jolynn, I think many of us can relate to this post, longing for spring, adding a few pounds over the winter and even losing someone. I keep telling myself “it just has to warm up”. I’d love to see what you have in your closet and how you would give new life to “old” clothes. I find myself buying a lot more clothes since reading you and Cindi’s posts!! I need to cut back!! ????

  28. I agree with others above on Savannah and plan to go to the Old Pink House. I like the basement bar area where the piano player, Diana, performs. She’s fabulous. Go a little early for a drink so you can go down there. For a unique food experience go to Mrs. Wilkes Dinning Room, family style Southern food at it’s best.. And if you have time to read Midnight in the Garden of Good and Evil – it will give you a wonderful feel for true Savannah.

    1. They both sound great! I got a reservation at Old Pink HOuse but had to take 5:15. I don’t really like going that early but it was that or 9:00 and I’m a grannie, so 5:15 it was, lol.

  29. Great post. I’ve got a giant case of the “blahs” and have been feeling “meh” more often than not. And it’s definitely the weather 😉 And it’s also March Madness for Moms, which comes in the form of having to schedule all the spring sports practices, games, tournaments around the rest of life with every coach, teacher and boss saying their event needs to take priority. It takes some doing to remember that this is just the season of life we’re in with teens in the house. I actually think I like your Coffee Talk posts the best….if only to see that the super-glamorous life of a fashion blogger has so many similarities to mine 😉 I only recently subscribed to your emails, not realizing that there is more content in them then just a link to your blog post (which I usually access from a bookmark) I’m not on instagram but I occasionally peek at your feed via the blog post anyway. I (very jokingly) think that at this point of you sneeze I’m going to know about it.
    It’s so nice to have an upcoming trip to look forward too…..I stayed at The Mansion on Forsythe Square when I was there years ago and it was beyond beautiful if you are looking for a great backdrop for a photo shoot.
    Here’s hoping for sunshine this week!

  30. We were only in Savannah for less than 8 hours, so I have absolutely no recommendations. We had breakfast at the hotel, then headed to Tybee Island for 2 hours before we headed to Orlando.

    I am just not feeling things right now either. This snow did not help one bit.

  31. Lunch at Starland Cafe (you will have to drive there from the historic district). Salads and sandwiches are phenomenal!

  32. Great post. Funny how the weather can affect our moods. But hey, Survivor is helping me get through the crappy weather. Haha Are you watching?
    I’d love some styling ideas for Easter!
    Have a great week!

  33. One of my favorite places to eat in Savannah is the Wilkes House (I always knew it as Mrs. Wilkes Boarding House 🙂 ). http://mrswilkes.com/ It’s a family-style restaurant where everything you eat will be authentic Southern-style food. They used to do breakfast and that was my favorite but it looks like it’s only lunch now and apparently only Monday-Friday so I guess it’s out if you’re just there for the weekend.

    I agree with the evening ghost tour suggestion. I’m not a “ghost person” either but my whole family enjoyed the one we did and it was a lot of fun…entertaining and informative.

    I hope the weather will be nice for you.I live on the opposite side of Georgia but we’ve been having a cold snap lately. Very unusual to be this chilly in mid-March. Either way it’ll be nice that you’re too early for the famous Savannah humidity!!

  34. Have to laugh sometimes at your outlook on the weather! Man makes up the dates for Spring, Winter or otherwise but God dictates the seasons in His sovereign wisdom! It’s all good! I just try to be thankful for another glorious day because He gave it to me as a gift! There’s no guarantee and I know that personally! Enjoyed your talk today!
    Keep looking UP! Blessings!

    1. I certainly agree with you! God reveals himself to us through creation. There is always something beautiful to be enjoyed each day. I don’t want to miss it.

  35. Thank you for sharing your thoughts and feelings, and for always being so genuine. It makes you very relatable. It’s funny how even though we’ve never met and are in different places (both geographically and life stage), I think we’d be friends and get along great. I hope your spring shows up soon. It’s definitely here in CA, although we’re getting rain this week. Take care and I hope your week is bright, warm and blessed!

  36. Thank you for sharing your struggles, JoLynne! As a fellow Pennsylvanian, I relate to the weather-related ups and downs of activity choices and moods. You can never count on good weather to support your best-laid plans, and the endless months of clouds, cold, rain and snow are a drain on the senses and spirit! I despise March, too! Your blog always gives me a little lift each day and a reminder that I am not alone!

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