What I Wore This Week + Try On Sesh

This week’s outfits all fall into my same everyday formula. I didn’t have any events to attend or a reason to get gussied up, and I didn’t even get a picture of my church outfit on Sunday. (I don’t remember what I wore, but I think it was similar — skinny jeans, sweater, flats.)

I always feel like I should apologize when this happens… like as a fashion blogger I should do better at having variety in my daily outfits, but in reality, it’s been a pretty mundane week of working from home and running errands, and I tend to rely on this casual comfortable outfit formula when I’m at home. #ifitaintbrokedontfixit

In addition to this week’s outfits, I’m sharing some of the various try-ons I’ve done over the past few weeks. Hopefully that will help fill out this post and give you some more variety!

Before I start sharing pictures, there are some amazing sales going on right now that you won’t want to miss.

Weekend Sales

LOFT is running a mega sale: 40% off your order PLUS free shipping PLUS an additional 10% off. Use code HOORAY at checkout. Don’t forget that they now have plus sizes. See my recommendations on THIS PAGE and scroll down for some dressing room try-on pictures.

Also, the Bloomingdale’s Private Sale is still going strong. All their premium denim is 30% off, and you can get $25 every $100 you spend on a large variety of select items, plus Loyallists get $25 back in Power Points for every $100 they spend on almost everything else. See my recommendations on THIS PAGE.

And there’s also the Talbots sale: 30% off your order! My recommendations are on THIS PAGE.

Finally, J.Crew has 40% off select summer styles with code SUMMER.

Every Saturday, I do a weekend sale roundup in my email newsletter. If you aren’t signed up, you can do that HERE. If you don’t want daily emails, the weekly digest is the Saturday email that has the sale roundup as well as a summary of all my blog posts from the week.

Now on to what I wore…

For reference, I’m 5’5 and about 138 pounds at the moment. Also, I’m short-waisted with a slight hourglass shape. I tend to run between sizes so I’m usually a 6 or 8 in pants and jeans and a small or medium in tops.

What I Wore

I was at home all day on Monday, and I ended up doing a bunch of spring cleaning so I just threw on my favorite jeans and a comfy tee. I love this drapey tee — it’s so basic, but the color, the drape, the neckline, the sleeve length are all perfection. It comes in a bunch of other colors too, but there’s just something about a grey tee that I’m always drawn too. FYI, I’ve tried the white, and it’s on the see-through side so keep that in mind. For size reference, this is the small.

burnout boyfriend tee // AG jeans 30% off! (option) // similar slip-on sneakers

I leveled it up a bit on Tuesday to go to the mall. I promised you all I’d wear the Old Navy white jeans to test out how they hold up throughout the day, so I started there. Then I added the grey sweater and black espadrilles. I’m obsessed with this sweater, and unfortunately it’s not online. I found it in the store, and I don’t know if it’s sold out or if it was never online or what is going on there. It’s the Nordstrom Signature brand, and it is so incredibly soft and luxe. With this chilly spring we’re having, I’ve been getting a lot of wear out of it.

The verdict on the white jeans is WINNER WINNER CHICKEN DINNER! I am seriously SO impressed with these. They didn’t bag out at all and held their shape well. They don’t feel as high quality as my all-time favorite Paige Verdugos, but they look great, and I like the rise better. I’m updating my white jeans review post and giving these babies 5 stars. P.S. They’re $25!!!

similar sweater // white jeans // similar espadrilles // black tote options here, here, here, and here // necklace

This next outfit is my attempt to mix it up a bit. Ha! This cardigan came in my last Trunk Club delivery. It was a splurge, but it was on sale at the time, plus I had Trunk Club credits to cover it. Again, our spring has been chilly, so having a couple of lightweight but warmer sweaters to throw on has been really nice. Like the grey one above, it feels amazing on — so incredibly soft and luxe. Yes, I know I just said that about the other one, but they both are. These are both classic sweaters that I plan to have for years; hopefully the cost per wear averages out over time.

These pink jeans are on sale at Bloomingdales, and this white tee just came back in stock at Everlane. I really like it. It has a crisp, cool feeling to the cotton, and there are no boob pockets to contend with. #hooray

Also, the Tory Burch Minnie travel flats are $50 off at Bloomingdale’s. They don’t have the French Grey that I’m wearing, but I recommend the Goan Sand. In fact, I’ve been debating ordering those and I keep trying to hold off because I have the Felicia flats in nude, but I’m sooo tempted to snap them up since they practically never go on sale.

sweater (option/option/option) // tee // jeans (option) // shoes ($50 off) // necklace c/o

Okay, yay! I forgot I actually had a dress to show you! So unfortunately this one appears to be selling out but I’m HOPING they restock. Sometimes Nordstrom does that. It’s the Caslon brand, and the quality is really nice for the price point. It is very thin, but I don’t think it’s see-through. (I hope not! I wore it all day Thursday to run errands.)

For size reference, I’m wearing a small. Also, I’m wearing these shaper shorts underneath. They help tame the tummy, but they also keep the dress from sticking to me or getting stuck anywhere unfortunate… ifyouknowwhatImean.

dress // sandals // sunnies // pearls

Finally, I wore this outfit yesterday to run errands in the rain. I’m so over boots, I couldn’t bear to put on rain boots, so I threw on my Felicia flats and hoped for the best. Fortunately it was just spritzing.

This sweater is from Stitch Fix, so I can’t link it, but you can request it if you use Stitch Fix. It’s the 41 Hawthorn Poppi Textured Pullover.

sweater (Stitch Fix) // AG jeans 30% off! (option) // flats // pearls

April Try-Ons

Yes, try-ons is so a thing. Not to be confused with tryon — evidently tryon is a sexy nerd, go figure! (I looked it up in the Urban Dictionary out of curiosity.)

Anyway. I’ve been trying on clothes throughout the month and saving them up for a post like this. Unfortunately I waited too long, and some things are selling out. Case in point, this jacket, WHICH, I also photographed with Alison on Thursday. #boohoo

This jacket is so cute, y’all. I adore it. It’s perfect for leveling up a casual t-shirt and jeans. I have been obsessively checking the White House Black Market website, hoping to see it restocked, but I don’t think they do that. Once something is gone, it’s usually gone for good. Anyway, maybe the outfit will give you some inspiration to shop your closet.

I tried it with two different pairs of shoes to show how I like to dress it up or down. It also looks amazing with white jeans.

roll tab jacket // stripe tee (so good) // AG jeans 30% off! (option) // similar sandals here and here

roll tab jacket // stripe tee (so good) // AG jeans 30% off! (option) // woven flats

This pointelle poncho is from Lucky Brand, and it’s super cute. Unfortunately I ordered the medium, and it’s a little big on me. I took it back to the store to exchange for the XS/S and they don’t carry it in-store. #boohoo It’s on the heavier side, so definitely not something I’d recommend for my southern sisters, but it’s really nice for those of us who live in cooler climates. I like a summer sweater; it’s a nice alternative to blouses and tops.

pointelle poncho // Old Navy Rockstar skinnies $25 // sandals

This is a better view of the stripe tee I wore under the navy WHBM jacket above. I really like the fit and feel of this tee. The raw edge neck gives it more of a casual vibe, and the supima cotton is incredibly soft and has a nice drape. It’s not as thick as some J.Crew cotton tees, but it’s not too thin either. I also really like the length and shape of the sleeves as well as the overall length of the top. It’s 23″ for those who know their SSR (sweet spot range).

These white shorts are pretty good too. I don’t like the rear view QUITE as well as I like my AG Haileys, but for the price, I’d definitely recommend these, plus they’re 40% off today!

stripe tee (so good) // white shorts 40% off // Converse Shoreline

Next up, LOFT try-ons. Remember, everything is 40% off PLUS 10% off that PLUS free shipping!

This lilac sweater is really pretty and soft. I like the fit, and it feels good on. I realize we won’t be wearing long-sleeve sweaters for much longer, but I’d pull this out again for next fall and winter. I especially love wearing pastels in the wintertime.

sweater // Old Navy Rockstar skinnies $25 // similar espadrilles

This is that white sweater I’ve talked about, but I never actually ordered it. I finally got to try it on this week, and it’s really cute. It’s a little longer than I prefer on me personally, but some of you like your sweaters longer. They were out of the size small, so this is the medium. I like the fit of the small better (see it in the black below.)

I probably wouldn’t front tuck this sweater, but I wanted you to see the pants better. These are really cute on! I don’t always have the best luck with LOFT pants, so I’m thrilled that I like these. In fact, I just put them in my shopping cart in the yellow. (I have enough pink pants!) For size reference, I am wearing the 8 so I’d recommend sizing up if you’re in between.

slit cuff sweater // frayed girlfriend chinos // similar espadrilles

This next look is my attempt to show some work wear. These are the Riviera pants in a size 6, and I’m not a fan. They fit too loosely for my body type, but I realize a lot of you like them. Definitely size down if in between.

Here they are with flats for more of a weekend look. I like this sweater a lot in the black, and again, while there’s not a lot of time left to wear long sleeve sweaters, I’d pull this back out again in the fall. This one is the size small, and it definitely fits better than the medium.

slit cuff sweater // Riviera pants // similar espadrilles


The top, on the other hand, is adorable. I’m not sure the cut-out in the back would be appropriate for the workplace, but it’s fun for going out with friends or wearing to more casual venues. I think I’d like it better with white jeans. It will also be nice with a denim jacket or structured blazer on top.

 lacy cutout shell // Riviera pants // similar espadrilles

My problem with these pants, I think, is that I have wider hips and thinner legs, so if pants don’t fit snugly all the way down, and then end above the ankle, they cut me off in an awkward place and create visual weight. If they came to the top of my shoe, it wouldn’t be such a stark cut-off. This is why I prefer full length pants. When I wear cropped pants, I look best in skinny, tighter styles. It has taken me YEARS to figure this out.

I did just get an order from Express with a few of their pants — and I ordered full length styles. I need to try those on and get pictures. If I get around to that today, I’ll update this post. FYI, Express is ALSO running a good sale this weekend — 40% off sitewide (exclusions apply.) Definitely stock up on their portofino shirts if you like them. I prefer the slim fit styles; size up if in between.

portofino shirt (40% off) // AG jeans (30% off) // peep toe booties (40% off) // similar handbag // 3-disc necklace

For some reason, the only picture I have of these jeans that turned out is this one, but they’re really cute and I plan to order a pair in the right size now that they’re on sale. These are a size 8, and they’re definitely big on me — especially considering that they’ll likely stretch out some. I’m ordering the 6.

modern skinny crop jeans // similar espadrilles

Next we’re at Nordstrom trying on shoes. I did end up buying these, but now I’m not sure the orange is the best color for me. What do y’all think? I have a lot of navy and grey and white in my spring wardrobe, and they all pair so well with orange, I thought these might come in handy.

cut out slide sandals // Old Navy Rockstar skinnies

Back at home, these are Tory Burch sandals I ordered during their big 30% off sale last week. Now they’re $25 off at Bloomies. I like them a lot, but the gold is rather garish, and I wear a lot of silver jewelry, so I’m debating sending them back. The jute sole is really fun for a change, though, and they’re quite comfortable so… I dunno. What do you think?

Tory Burch Miller Espadrilles

I love this bag — it was another 30% off sale purchase. I wish I’d shared this with you before the sale ended — I did share on my Insta Story, but I didn’t get this blog post up in time. It’s so pretty and a really nice size for everyday. It comes in a ton of colors, but I really love the “new ivory” for spring and summer.

Tory Burch T Satchel


And finally I got these shorts on sale at Shopbop a few weeks ago, and now they’re part of the Bloomingdale’s Sale. They’re DL1961 so not cheap, but 30% off makes them a little more affordable. I think they’re cute, and I like how they look with a white tee. For size reference, I’m wearing the 29.

And you’ve seen this tee before, but I love it (pardon the wrinkles — I pulled it out of the dirty clothes to throw on with these shorts because I’m classy like that. Size up if in between; this is a medium.

muscle tee // pink cut-offs // Converse Shoreline

So yeah, wow. I guess I should have made that into two posts. It’s always hard to know what to prioritize, especially when there are so many good sales.

I hope this post was helpful and not totally overwhelming! It helps to know what you need and what you’re shopping for, so you can siphon through posts like this with a strategy in mind. I need to get better about keeping a shopping list in hand because I tend to grab whatever I see that I like and then when I go to put outfits together, I don’t always have what I need. I’d love to hear your tips if you’re an intentional shopper like that.

Hope y’all have a great rest of the weekend!

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25 thoughts on “What I Wore This Week + Try On Sesh

  1. I always love your try on posts! They’re so helpful, especially with Loft because their pics online are sometimes awful and they don’t offer free returns. I actually have the yellow chinos you mentioned. I’ve been debating on whether to keep or return because they’re a bit lighter than I was expecting and do not go with quite as much as I was hoping. Curious to see what you think if you get them!
    Oh, and I love the idea of orange sandals for summer. These seem super bright in your photos though. Are they that bright in person?

    1. I did store pickup so I have the yellow pants – and yes, they are lighter than I envisioned. I still think I’ll like them with white and navy.

      The orange sandals aren’t really bright, but they are a funny shade that doesn’t look the best against my skin… especially when I’m tan. They’re pretty, but I’m not sure I love them on me. Plus I tend to wear pink colors on my nails. I kind of think I’d rather have the brown ones.

  2. I, too, love that WHBM jacket.  There is a similar jacket at Loft (utility swing jacket), although online it appears they only have the cranberry color.  I bought the olive color in the store about a month ago.  I work in an office, so these types of jackets are nice in the spring/summer when it is chilly inside with the AC going.  Also, thanks for recommending the Caslon tee.  I had to throw out all my t shirts for one reason or another (stains, holes) and I need to stock up again. I was just looking at these tees last night on the Nordstrom website and wondering if I should pull the trigger. 

  3. I bought the slit cut sweater ( thanks for recommendation) and being in the South probably won’t get to wear it much longer….what do you recommend pairing it with for the fall/winter? Thanks so much

    1. I would wear it with any of my jeans – colored or bluejeans. You could also wear it with pants for work if you need work wear. Do you have the white one? I would just make sure to wear with fall or wintery colors. You can always add a scarf in fall tones too.

  4. Wow, lots of very good information and great outfit ideas!  I love the orange sandals and say keep them!  While orange may not be a good color for you to wear close to your face, I think they make a great bookend.  I’m not as crazy about the sandals with the gold.  They are too dramatic for me.  I need to have a day of ironing of my spring clothes so that I don’t have to pull out the ironing board before wearing some items.  Finally, we are going to have a sunny weekend!  Have a blessed day!

  5. I love orange sandals and handbags for summer and orange is not a color I wear or even like particularly. But as someone who wears blue, green, gray, and black, orange is a fun color for an accessory that doesn’t clash with anything I own. I have to tell you, Jo-Lynne, after putting the TB Miller flip-flops in and out of my Nordstrom cart for more than a year, I pulled the trigger. Got them in sand patent and I LOVE them. I think I’ll wear them often enough to find they’re worth every penny. Happy Saturday!

  6. Another great roundup! Of course, my favourite item was the WHBM roll sleeve jacket. It’s only available in 00 but if you’re tiny, grab it. 
    I think the orange sandals are fun and will give that fun pop of color against your mostly neutral wardrobe. The gold ones are a walking billboard for Tory Burch so they would be a no for me. 
    Happy Saturday! 😀

  7. Wow kudos to you for getting up at 5:30 especially on the weekend. You put so much effort into your blog and this roundup was evident of that… Thank you 😀 I didn’t really care for the orange sandals but that’s just me as I’m not a fan of orange to begin with but it’s you who’s wearing them…as for Tory Burch they are no comparison to your makeup color they do look cheap and I’m surprised they didn’t tone the gold down… I would probably return if in doubt especially with their prices lol… love the little navy jacket you will no doubt get lots of wear out of it.
    Hope you have a great weekend. 

    1. Haha, well, I was awake for other reasons, but it worked out well because this post took an age. Ha! These always seem like they should go fast, but I guess it’s finding all the links.

  8. My vote goes to the cute orange sandals as the gold TB sandals are a bit on the garish side. You wear lots of neutrals so the orange will give a great pop of colour to your outfits. I also like the teal lacy cutout shell as it looks great on you. Have a great weekend!

  9. Thank you, Jolynne for all of your work and effort you put into your blog! It is all so helpful, and I keep learning so much from you! I like the orange SE sandals!! I have seen them in person and I don’t think they are too bright. The gold TB ones are too much, IMO. Hope you’re enjoying your weekend! 

  10. Love your style but I live in Canada and am just wondering if you follow any Canadian bloggers with a similar style? I can’t seem to find any and, for shopping purposes, that would be nice.

  11. After an exhaustive search for the Perfect Yellow Pants, I settled on the Loft frayed chinos in yellow that you mentioned ordering. They are fantastic. I probably should have gotten two pairs, I’m wearing them so often!

  12. I love this sessions you put together. I love the navy jacket from WHBM. What size are you wearing?

  13. I know the gold sandals are going back, yes, they’re not quite right, definitely love the pop of orange.  I think your pink toes look cute with the orange tho. 

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