Coffee Talk 04.29.18

Well, spring has finally sprung, and so have spring allergies. I should buy stock in Kleenex and Claritin.

I haven’t had a big issue with seasonal allergies as an adult (they were awful as a child) but for some reason this spring they’re really getting to me. Of course this is also the nicest time of year to be outside. I can’t turn down the opportunity to go running in 50 degree temperatures, so I guess I’ll just have to power through.

In other news, we’ve been spring cleaning and decluttering, and it feels so good to organize and get the junk out. We maintain a fairly organized existence as it is, but things have a way of accumulating — especially with teenagers. I would have thought it would be easier to keep a tidy house with older kids who are capable of helping, but I think it’s actually harder now than when they were toddlers.

And now they have opinions. Yesterday we took a carload of stuff to the thrift store we like to donate to, and before I could get it unloaded, my daughter had pulled out a ratty old pajama onesie that she couldn’t bear to part with. Nevermind that she has 3 others currently in her dresser. (It’s one of those huge fluffy ones — my girls LOVE those things almost as much as I hate them. I can only fit about 2 at a time in my washing machine, and each one takes up an entire dresser drawer.)

Anyway. One fluffy onesie notwithstanding, we managed to rid our house of most unnecessary clutter. Next I want to wipe down the blinds and the woodwork and all of those areas that tend to collect dust because you overlook them when you’re cleaning. Yes, this is the glamorous life I lead.

Unrelated: I had an appointment to get microblading this week, but I decided to put it off. I’m getting cold feet. What if I hate it? I really would love to not have to pencil in my eyebrows anymore, but I’m afraid they’ll be too thick or too dark and I’ll regret it. With my son’s graduation coming up and all the pictures we’ll be taking, I’m wondering if I should at least wait until after that. Has anyone done it? Tell me how it went for you.

While you’re here, check out my new SHOP — I had it redesigned into one nice neat page with tabs across the top with my featured retailers, my current favorites, and my Instagram outfits. I will be switching those out depending on current sales and what seems to be most popular.

And yet more random tangent — don’t miss yesterday’s post, there are tons of good sales going on right now — most notably the LOFT sale. I placed an order and did the store pickup so I could get it right away. I’ll do some try-ons this afternoon on my Insta Story!

Okay, that’s all I’ve got. I hope you all have a great Sunday!

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34 thoughts on “Coffee Talk 04.29.18

  1. Loved yesterday’s post and thank you for making shopping so much easier! If your not sure about microblading, try a brow regrowth serum if you haven’t done so already. Revitabrow and GrandeLash’s brow serums get rave reviews amongst skincare/brow prof. Research your microblading tech and ask for their own personal before and after pics. Even though thicker, darker brows are in, I advise my clients to go for a less full and more natural shape. As a woman ages, those full brows that are popular now will not look as nice once the eye area shows signs of aging. I’ve seen this with tattoos! Microblading is not permanent like a tattoo but I’m not sure if it will completely fade out of the skin, something to ask your tech. You can always thicken them if you feel you need a fuller brow during a retouch visit. IMO with a special event coming up, I’d wait until after. Im sure your skin will have a healing period after the procedure and you don’t want to be going through that too close to a special event where it’s important to look your best.

  2. I had the microblading done, and it was one of the BEST decisions I have ever made. My eyebrows had gotten so sparse over the years…they were barely there! I felt i couldn’t go anywhere without majorly filling them in. The day I had it done, I was nervous too, because I mean, it’s on your FACE and what if they look bad? But then I thought to myself, my penciled in eyebrows don’t look very attractive either….how much worse could it be? (they are not exactly permanent, you will have to fill them in again in about a year)…. so i went for it. I asked my girl to start out very conservatively, so my eyes would have a chance to adjust… you can always add more later. I can’t even tell you how much time i save in the morning now not having to fuss with my eyebrows…plus they were never “even”, and they would rub off on stuff….ugh….!! I am so happy with mine, I went back again and asked her to fill them in even more!

    1. Good to know, thank you! I think I need to stress to her that I do not want them too thick. They are thin as it is so I don’t want a stark change, and also, I don’t want to go with trends, as someone else pointed out. I think she knows how to make them suit my face, but I just get so nervous.

  3. I thought about microblading, as well. Studied pictures & videos. I changed my mind. I don’t think I would want dark, thick brows as my eye area ages. I’m going to stick to my regular wax & dye at my local salon. My brows are not thick but they are there when I wake up in the morning and no more eye brow pencil. Might be a fad?
    Yesterday rained, so I thought I’d do some of that extra spring cleaning stuff. Yuck!  I’ze hates spring cleaning! 

  4. I was waiting for your microblading results as it may be something I’ll look into. But I can totally see how you would get cold feet. Especially with graduation coming up. Have you ever tried laser peels or injections? I’m curious about those too. The joys of aging!

  5. Great post babe! I have been considering microblading as well, but simply can’t decide on which location I want to go to (there are a couple of ones in Vancouver that all have great reviews). I am excited to try it though! I get the cold feet thing, but just remember it doesnt last forever (2 years) and if you REALLY don’t like it, it likely can be fixed with touch-ups/edits!
    Lee | LegalLee Blonde

  6. Hey Jo-Lynne while I’ve never had mircroblading done,as I’ve never been an eye brow plucker (so I have my originals lol) I know Cyndi Spivey did and she loved her results. If your nervous now may not be the right time especially with upcoming photos. If you’ve waited this long what’s a little longer? Maybe do more research and wait for a less busy time. You look great anyway 😀
    Looking forward to next weeks line up 

    1. Yes, I’ve talked to Cyndi. she loves hers and I don’t think they look harsh at all. I think it’s definitely one of those things that can go very well or very badly.

  7. I missed seeing your email notification early this morning and was hoping everything was okay.  Having the whole inside of our home painted gave us the perfect opportunity to reevaluate everything and donate tons of stuff.  And having fresh baseboards, walls, etc., is an incentive for me to dust the baseboards at least once a month.  Fortunately, we don’t have any blinds to keep clean.  Yesterday I put a pair of earrings from the Nordstrom sale in my basket, but didn’t press the purchase button.  Yep, you guessed it, they are now sold out!  Lesson learned!  Enjoy the rest of your weekend!

  8. Love to read your blog every day…Had the Microblading done a couple of months ago ..Kept making excuses not to have it done..Watched too many horror stories on Utube…Then my sister talked me into it (I had no eyebrows left) So glad I didn’t chicken out . They were dark at first but after a week or two they get lighter. It is so nice to wake up and have eyebrows! You do have to heal… putting salve on them etc. so if you have something important coming up you should wait. If the person that is doing it has an internet sight look at their reviews to see if people are satisfied with their work.

    1. Thanks, good to know. The girl I consulted with has done my friend’s and her mom’s. I have seen them both and they look good. Good idea to check internet reviews tho…

  9. I just bought 2 tops from Loft, through your link. They weren’t the ones you posted, but I found two with the longer short sleeves I’ve been looking for, so it was a win-win for both of us!  Gotta love 40%, plus another 10% and free shipping!  Thanks for all your hard work finding the sales!  I also need do some Spring cleaning.  It’s hard to get motivated, though, when it still feels like winter!

  10. My motto is ” when in doubt- don’t ” or wait til you feel good about it. You have inspired me to clean blinds. I did baseboards about a week ago. How do you clean your blinds?

  11. I’m glad you’re rethinking the micro blading.  I haven’t done it, but I’ve noticed the thick, dark, prominent brows on others.  It’s a commitment, and can be a harsh look.  It could also be a quickly passing fad.  

  12. Have not tried microblading, but had my lips tattooed 2 years ago. Being 50-something with pale, freckled skin, I had no pigment in my lips and was tired of the issues and cost of lipstick. Best thing I have EVER done for myself. I immediately looked younger, and was able to wear less makeup. Lip tattooing has to be done every couple of years and I will definitely do it again.

  13. Microblading seems like a great solution for the tedious task of pencilling in eyebrows every morning. I thought about it, too. Then I read an article about a woman who had it done and loved it, but long term it changed her brunette brows to an awful (unnatural) reddish colour. It’s still a fairly new procedure and I’m not sure anyone really knows what the long-term results will be. 

  14. I thought about microblading.  Then I started reading about it.   My opinion do not do anything to your face unless it is a physician     Might need to see one after and then explain why u did it 🙉

  15. Yes I took advantage of the Loft sale but I should have had my items shipped to the store because although I love the convenience of online shopping the problem is that my husband works from home and intercepts all my packages and  I think it’s too late to change it. 🤦🏻‍♀️ 
    I loved browsing your new shop and being able to easily clip on my favorite items. I’m considering some espadrilles closed flats, similar to your black one.  Have you tried Circus by Sam Edelman? Seems lower in price so I was curious about the quality. 

  16. Hi. For the last couple of weeks I have have not received your daily posts and. I MISS THEM!!!  I tried to re-subscribe but am told I’m already a subscriber.   Any idea how I can receive them on a daily basis again?   Not in junk etc folder – already checked.   Thanks !

  17. Hi Jolynne
    I am a beauty professional and have been one for 40 years. I do not recommend micro blading. It causes small scars in your eyebrows that build up every time you do it. Please trust your instincts on this.

  18. Just my opinion, I wouldn’t get the microblading done. You can totally tell someone has had them done. They aren’t very natural looking and I worry how they’ll look as a person ages. And if you don’t like them, you’re stuck with them until they fade. Big, thick, square eyebrows are a fad. The natural comma shape is much more attractive on most women.

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