Coffee Talk 04.29.18

Well, spring has finally sprung, and so have spring allergies. I should buy stock in Kleenex and Claritin.

I haven’t had a big issue with seasonal allergies as an adult (they were awful as a child) but for some reason this spring they’re really getting to me. Of course this is also the nicest time of year to be outside. I can’t turn down the opportunity to go running in 50 degree temperatures, so I guess I’ll just have to power through.

In other news, we’ve been spring cleaning and decluttering, and it feels so good to organize and get the junk out. We maintain a fairly organized existence as it is, but things have a way of accumulating — especially with teenagers. I would have thought it would be easier to keep a tidy house with older kids who are capable of helping, but I think it’s actually harder now than when they were toddlers.

And now they have opinions. Yesterday we took a carload of stuff to the thrift store we like to donate to, and before I could get it unloaded, my daughter had pulled out a ratty old pajama onesie that she couldn’t bear to part with. Nevermind that she has 3 others currently in her dresser. (It’s one of those huge fluffy ones — my girls LOVE those things almost as much as I hate them. I can only fit about 2 at a time in my washing machine, and each one takes up an entire dresser drawer.)

Anyway. One fluffy onesie notwithstanding, we managed to rid our house of most unnecessary clutter. Next I want to wipe down the blinds and the woodwork and all of those areas that tend to collect dust because you overlook them when you’re cleaning. Yes, this is the glamorous life I lead.

Unrelated: I had an appointment to get microblading this week, but I decided to put it off. I’m getting cold feet. What if I hate it? I really would love to not have to pencil in my eyebrows anymore, but I’m afraid they’ll be too thick or too dark and I’ll regret it. With my son’s graduation coming up and all the pictures we’ll be taking, I’m wondering if I should at least wait until after that. Has anyone done it? Tell me how it went for you.

While you’re here, check out my new SHOP — I had it redesigned into one nice neat page with tabs across the top with my featured retailers, my current favorites, and my Instagram outfits. I will be switching those out depending on current sales and what seems to be most popular.

And yet more random tangent — don’t miss yesterday’s post, there are tons of good sales going on right now — most notably the LOFT sale. I placed an order and did the store pickup so I could get it right away. I’ll do some try-ons this afternoon on my Insta Story!

Okay, that’s all I’ve got. I hope you all have a great Sunday!