Coffee Talk 06.24.18

Good morning on a sunny Sunday morning! This is two in a row — we’re on a roll! It’s amazing what waking up to the sun shining and birds chirping does for one’s mood.

We’ve had a good weekend, I guess. It has come and gone rather quickly.

I’ve enjoyed having my son home for a bit. We had a nice family dinner last night, and we got all caught up on his first week as a camp counselor and his college orientation experience on Thursday. He’s off again this afternoon for another week at camp, so I’ve been busy doing his laundry. Of course he’s capable of doing it himself, but I figure it’s the one little labor of love I can provide for him. He’ll be on his own soon enough!

Alison and I managed to shoot 5 outfits yesterday, despite the threat of rain, and that will wrap up my 21 Days of Spring Fashion series with one bonus outfit that I can post at a later date. It feels good to have that all squared away, but I cannot BELIEVE we are almost done with another style series! The next one is… dare I say it… FALL!

But let’s not get ahead of ourselves! Summer just arrived in most parts of the country.

We’re all pretty getting excited about closing on the new house later this week, and I can’t wait to give y’all a little tour. I’ll probably do an Insta Story when we get in there for the first time, before the painters arrive and start transforming the space.

I’m hoping to document each room for the blog as we go along and make the new house our home, but I’ll do a home tour post soon after we move in, so I have pictures of how it looks before we start any major makeover projects.

I have a lot of plans and ideas, but of course some of the bigger projects will take time to implement. I’m trying not to rush it. Lord willing, we will have many years to enjoy this house and make it our own, and I want to take our time and enjoy the process.

Our two biggest goals before moving in have already been scheduled — painting and carpet. We decided to hire professionals to paint the first floor and the upstairs hallway so that can be all done when we move in, and that will give us a nice, clean blank slate as I tackle decorating projects.

We will still have to paint the bedrooms and basement ourselves, but those can be done one at a time as we have the time. Hopefully we can get some of it done before we move in, but if not, it can be done later. It’s not terribly hard to paint around bedroom furniture.

As far as flooring goes, the first floor is mostly hardwoods that were recently refinished and in pristine condition, and the rooms on that level with carpet are in pretty good shape so we’re keeping them as-is for now. We decided to go ahead and get new carpet for the basement and 2nd floor because it’s due, and it is much easier to install carpet without furniture in the space.

Beyond that, the first area I want to work on is the family room and kitchen, as that’s where we spend most of our time.

We’ve already ordered a new family room couch because that was on my agenda whether we moved or not, but we probably need another occasional chair or two. I’m only bringing one from our current home that is staying in that room. Our longterm goal for that area is to have a built-in unit installed for the TV wall in the family room so we have shelves and cabinets for books and games and things, but it will be a while before we can get to that.

I need to decide on a rug for the kitchen eating area, and I want to get window treatments for both rooms that work well together since they’re all open to one another. My designer is working on some ideas for me.

I also want to get the backyard deck and pool area looking pretty as soon as possible so we can enjoy it for the rest of the summer, but I realize this isn’t the best time to get plants and flowers going. At least we should be able to find some good sales on backyard furniture and things like that.

I’m trying not to think too far ahead because I know we will need to budget for some of the projects I want to do, but it’s hard not to get excited and try to do it all at once. Patience is not a virtue that I possess in abundance, but I’m working on that!

Well, I’ve rambled on long enough. I need to get out and run before it’s time to get ready for church. I hope you all enjoy the rest of your weekend and have a blessed Sunday!