What I Wore + Weekend Sale Picks

Greetings and good morning! It’s another rainy weekend in Philly. I shouldn’t be surprised, as I have a photo shoot scheduled for this afternoon and a date night planned tonight. It always seems to rain when I have one of those two things on the calendar. Anyway, we’ll make do!

Today I’m sharing what I wore this past two weeks along with some of my top weekend sale picks at the end of this post.

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There were quite a few days over the past few weeks that I just stayed in workout gear, so I don’t have a ton of looks. ‘Tis the season! I’m in a bit of a summer schlump right now, and since I spend most days either packing or going to the pool with the kids or both, it doesn’t seem to matter what I wear so I’ve been settling for the lowest common denominator.

I know, fashion blogger much? Haha! Just keeping it real. I was never one for over-dressing anyway; I much prefer the casual looks, as you well know. Anyway, for better or worse, this is what I have from the past two weeks!

What I Wore 06.23.18

I wore this outfit last Saturday maybe? I remember Paul and the kids were around. It was cool in the morning so I threw this on for some errands and then changed into a short-sleeved tee when I got back home later in the day.

I’m obsessed with this SEA sweater. I love how it’s nautical without anchors or stripes. The quality is really nice for the price point, and it’s super cute paired with shorts for cool summer nights. Ever since I found this, I’ve noticed other bloggers featuring it too. There’s no conspiracy theory here, it’s just a great little summer sweater that we’re all discovering! Get my full outfit details HERE.

You saw this dress in Thursday’s post, but I also wore it to church a couple of weeks ago and snapped this selfie. Get my full outfit details HERE.

I wore this casual look to run some errands one day. These jeans are sooo comfy, and the sale price right now is amazing! They’re true to size, but if in doubt, size up. Get my full outfit details HERE.

I usually wear this stripe top with jean shorts, as shown in my last What I Wore post, but this time I pulled it on with cropped jeans to go to a dentist appointment. It runs small, so I suggest sizing up; I have the medium. If you don’t love stripes, this top also comes in solid black. Get my full outfit details HERE.

This was last Sunday’s church outfit. The necklace came in a PR package from Talbots, and I love how it brings in the red from my bag and the blue from my shoes! I wore a beige sweater to help ground the look and keep it from being too red-white-and-blue. Unfortunately this sweater was discontinued, but I linked to a similar one. Get my full outfit details HERE.

This tee is really soft and comfy, but I’m willing to admit it’s not the most flattering top I own. It actually has a pretty good drape to it, but for some reason it looks really blousy in this picture. I have it in grey too, and I think I like that one better, although I’m not sure why. For size reference, I’m wearing the small. Get my full outfit details HERE.

This tank is from Old Navy, and it’s only $12. I always order a few of their tanks for summer because they’re inexpensive and easy to throw on with jean shorts or dress up with white cropped jeans.

I wore these sandals for the sake of variety, but I really like my lighter colors better. If you like this style, they come in a lot of other colors as well as leopard. Get my full outfit details HERE.

I wore this outfit to my son’s college orientation this week. I didn’t have much time to get ready to so I threw this look together rather quickly the morning of the event. I knew we’d be doing a lot of walking, so I wanted to be sure to wear comfortable shoes. I decided on this red top because I wanted something bold enough to offset the black shoes.

From there, I decided on white jeans because blue jeans seemed too casual and I was afraid I’d be too warm in black jeans if we were outside a lot. For a bag, I went with a black tote to match the shoes. Grey or white would be fine, but since black is rather unexpected in the summertime, I figured repeating the black would make the shoes look more intentional. I carried a tote because I knew it might be a long day and I wanted to have all. the. things. plus room to toss in any paperwork they might be handing out. Get my full outfit details HERE.

After college orientation, we spent a couple hours at home before heading out again to grab dinner and a show in downtown Philly. I switched into this next look. It’s probably on the casual side for the outing, but it was a weeknight so I figured it was fine, and it was. My necklace is Alison + Aubrey, and the rest of my outfit details are linked HERE.

Yesterday was another grace day, and I didn’t figure anyone wanted pictorial evidence of that. I actually ended up crawling back in bed and taking a nap. Yep! The only thing better than a Sunday afternoon nap is a weekday nap! Ha! Seriously, this gloomy weather is just a nap waiting to happen.

Weekend Sale Picks

I hope y’all have a great Saturday!

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6 thoughts on “What I Wore + Weekend Sale Picks

  1. Hard to get motivated with this crazy Northeast Pa weather!  Love that navy shift dress, just the right amount of detail. And of course, I always like your everyday style.  Rained really hard here earlier, now I’m figuring out how many layers to put on for our 7 year old grandsons baseball game @ 10:00! #neverendinglittleleaguegames.   It’s freezing here & the game is still on, unless lightning is forecasted.  Enjoy the weekend & hopefully your son will spill the beans on all his activities!  Some are just quieter than others, others (like me) start talking & just don’t quit!  

  2. You were smart to take a larger tote to the college orientation! My son had a 2-day orientation last week that I attended with him. I quickly regretted taking only my small Kate Spade bag and not taking a tote bag that could hold all the papers and other essentials. And they had us in a convocation center that was akin to an air conditioned meat locker! LOL! I froze the whole time and wished I had a more substantial jacket.

    I adore that navy dress on you! It is so perfect. And I’ve had the “SEA” sweater in my cart for a week or more. I already have one white summer sweater from LOFT so I’m hesitant.

  3. Maybe you should skip “happy hour” and hang out with your son if he’s only home  for 24 hours…..or does he already have plans with friends which is probably likely.

  4. You are so right about the weather!  I am in your area on my girl’s trip and we woke up to rain today.  We still managed to have a great day in spite of it.  Lots of sightseeing, a buggy ride, and shopping.  😊  Enjoyed  your post.  Cute outfits!

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