What I Wore 06.09.18

Good morning, friends! I’m keeping this post short and sweet because I’ve got a lot to get done this morning to be ready for my son’s graduation party this afternoon. The graduation ceremony last night was nice and not nearly as emotional as I’d feared. I’m so grateful we had good weather for it.

I’ll share some photos in tomorrow’s Coffee Talk post, but for today, I’ve got the outfits I wore this week. I also wanted to share try-ons from some of my online orders and my latest Trunk Club delivery, but that will have to wait for another day.

What I Wore This Week: Everyday outfits for the modern mom #springfashion #momfashion #outfits

This is what I wore last Saturday. I think we just ran errands and things — I can hardly remember what I did yesterday, let alone last weekend. This navy linen tee is a few years old, but it seems to make the cut year after year when I clean out my closet. I like the neckline and the relaxed styling, and it’s a great length. I have it front tucked here, but I don’t necessarily have to tuck it.

These are my favorite white shorts, and I don’t think the shoes or bag need any introduction, lol! You can get links (or similar ideas since a lot of this is old) on THIS PAGE.

That night, Paul offered to take me out to dinner at one of our favorite local spots, so I changed into this. They were calling for rain, so I chose shoes that I didn’t mind getting wet, which is a good thing because it started to downpour when I went to get out of the car. Most of what I’m wearing is currently available. You can get the details HERE.

I wore this to church on Sunday. It was rainy and a little chilly so I wore a lightweight sweater with my white jeans, but I took a chance and wore leather espadrilles; fortunately it was just spritzing most of the day. This sweater is old, and you’ve seen the pants a gazillion times. These espadrilles are similar.

Monday started the countdown of the last week of school. I attended my daughter’s 6th grade promotion ceremony, and I wore this outfit that’s mostly out of stock. I threw this together last minute, and I’m not really sure what inspired me to pull out these pants. I rarely wear them, but I do really like them. Incidentally, I wore this same outfit last night to D’s high school graduation.

You can get outfit details HERE but most things are sold out or low inventory. It looks like there is one jacket in a size 12. This is a GREAT jacket, I am so glad I snapped it up when I saw it. And this shell is a great layering piece, if you need one. Oh, and the necklace is from Alison + Aubrey.

Wednesday was still on the cooler side, so I took the opportunity to wear this lightweight sweater with cropped jeans. All details are HERE. The sweater is marked down to $24, and it’s a cute one for cooler summer days or if you vacation in cooler spots. If we were going to Maine this summer, I’d bring this for sure. It’s also cute with shorts.

I wore this on Thursday to get my nails done, among other things. It’s nothing new or particularly innovative, but they’re some of my favorite wardrobe pieces and everything is currently available. All details are HERE.

Finally, I wore this yesterday to do all sorts of errands and things in preparation for the party today. I’m actually thinking of wearing it again today, ha!

And yes, I realize I wear these shoes 4 or 5 days a week. I wasn’t really trying to be creative this week when I got dressed — it’s been survival mode around here pretty much. All details are HERE.

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13 Responses

  1. You look so pretty in that pink top!
    Have fun today. Be in the moment. Enjoy…and be proud of the great job you’ve done, Mom and Dad. Congratulations to your son on his graduation! 

  2. Love that date night outfit with the black (or maybe navy?) patterned blouse and the white jeans. The earrings look especially good with the pattern of the blouse. You must do well under pressure because all of your looks this week are fantastic! Congratulations on the graduations!

  3. Jolynne! Thank you for your post this morning with everything that you have going on! Enjoy the day! It’s such an exciting time for your son! My son will begin his junior year of college this year and I remember well this time for you and for him. 

  4. Good luck with the party today!  I’m sure it will be very nice and everyone will enjoy themselves and celebrating David’s accomplishments and new adventures.  I think God is giving you the necessary tools to get thru this with happiness, pride, and excitement.  😉 Thanks for reminding us that you too wear items on repeat.

  5. I love seeing what you’ve actually worn during the week – real life!!  Great outfits. Congratulations to your son and to your family. My son graduated last Sunday – so weird, huh?  I wasn’t emotional at the ceremony but we had a nice service at church for the seniors  that was more tear jerking. I think I’ll be a puddle of tears when we actually have to leave him at school in the fall. It’s all kind of surreal right now.  Good luck with the party!

  6. Glad graduation went well and the weather was nice. 

    I love the pants in the outfit you wore to your daughter’s promotion ceremony – they are WHBM? I recall you posting them or something similar last year. I got them on clearance and then it got too hot to wear them and sadly I had to purge them since they were too big this year. (It’s really a good thing but bad when I had to get rid of new clothes!)

    Enjoy the party today!!

  7. Ahhh, that sweet pink sweater!  I’m still disappointed that it was too long for me.  It is a good one!  I love that you have outfits on repeat, too.  When I find something I love, I wear it a lot!

     Thanks for checking in with us in the midst of all your other activities!  Have a great time today!

  8. I love those sandals every time I see them. But I just can’t spend that much. One scuff on them would kill me. I manage to scuff flats easily. But, I so need that color. :).  I’m glad your sons graduation went well. I didn’t get too emotional at my kids graduations or their parties. It was more at times when I didn’t expect to….. then the tears flowed. Hope your party went great today. Will be anxious to see pictures. Liked your post today and outfits  you wore for your week. 

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