Coffee Talk 07.03.22

Good morning! We’re back from vacation, and of course it’s always good to be home, but I sure do miss the beach. Every time we go, I wonder why we don’t go more often. The Jersey Shore is only two or three hours from here, depending on traffic.

In fact, yesterday we made it home in under two hours. It was a modern day miracle! We got up early and were on the road by 8AM, and that was definitely the right move. Checkout time for most Jersey Shore weekly rentals is 10AM on Saturday morning, so our goal was to beat the “rush hour” traffic, and we did exactly that.

We had a really nice week. The weather was amazing, and we enjoyed spending time with Paul’s family. His mom and part of his sister’s family were with us the whole week, and we saw both of his brothers during our stay.

Plus, it was the first vacation I’ve had in a long time where I was able to truly relax. I spent hours on the beach almost every day, just listening to music or a podcast. I didn’t even read… although that wasn’t intentional. I left my book at home. D’oh. It was okay, though. I really just wanted to do nothing, and I did for a large portion of each day.

It wasn’t all sunshine and roses, though. My dental issues still aren’t resolved, and while the pain isn’t as severe as it was at first, I know something isn’t right. I have an appointment with my endodontist on Tuesday to see what’s next because we need to get to the bottom of this.

I also developed a nasty stye in one eye (the same side of my face, naturally.) I’ve had them before but never this large and in charge.

And as if that wasn’t enough drama, I lost my eyeglasses. I always put them on first thing when I wake up in the morning, but I couldn’t find them yesterday so I just put my contacts in and figured they would turn up.

As I was driving home yesterday, I was racking my brain, trying to recall what might have happened to them, and I remembered that I knocked something off the nightstand when I was reaching for my phone in the night. I heard something clatter, and I figured I’d look for it in the morning.

I did actually look, as I was unplugging my charging cables to pack up, but I didn’t see anything, and at that moment, I wasn’t looking for my glasses. I assumed it was one of my hair clips, which are a dime a dozen, so I didn’t pursue it. But it must have been my glasses because they haven’t turned up. Why I didn’t put two and two together at the time, I have no idea.

And also, why do I not have a backup pair of eyeglasses, since they are this important? I do not know.

My husband, the Boy Scout, has three backup pairs… I am actually wearing one of his when my eyes are too dry from the contacts, but I can’t see distance very well with them.

I’m waiting to hear back from the owners of the beach house, who are actually there this week. They’re going to try to find them, and I’m praying they do. Otherwise, I have no idea how long it will take to get a new pair, and I can’t wear contacts 24/7. So yeah. Never a dull moment, I tell ya!

Despite all that, I had a really nice birthday on Friday. My kids decorated the house with streamers, so that was a fun surprise when I woke up that morning.

It was our last day of vacation, so we stayed on the beach until almost dinnertime. After that, we came back and showered and packed up, and then went to the boardwalk one last time.

We split up after a while, and I took a leisurely walk back by myself. It was getting chilly, so I detoured off the boardwalk and went through town. It was fun to look at houses and see everyone walking back from the beach, all happy and sun-kissed and wind-blown.

It’s kind of weird to think I’m 50, but as cliché as it sounds, age is really just a number. I’m just happy to be here!

I hope those of you here in the States enjoy the rest of your 4th of July weekend!

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    1. Wishing you continued joy this birthday weekend! So sorry about your dental issues and losing your glasses. I recently went to Warby Parker(one in Suburban Sq) and was impressed with cust service and variety. And my normally 600. Prescription was 300. So I may go for a back up pair!

      1. Thanks, Marianne. I love Warby Parker – that is where my glasses were from. I emailed them to replace them but I need an updated script, ugh!!! I hope the owner of our rental property finds them. I haven’t heard back yet.

  1. I hear you on the glasses. Because, like you, I don’t wear my glasses except in the early morning and late at night, I just buy from places like Zenni. Because they are inexpensive, I have more than one pair finally.
    Sounds like a lovely week. So glad you were able to relax a bit. Happy Bday!!

  2. Happy Birthday!! I’m a decade ahead of you. You keep me young in my style! Hope you get pain relief, your stye resolves and your glasses are found. I too only have one pair as I wear contacts. The same thing happened to me in the middle of the night only my 4 m/o puppy found them before I remembered to look and chewed the temple😆!

  3. Hi, my eye doctor was visiting her daughter out of state and tripped, busting her glasses in two across the bridge. She didn’t have a backup! She was telling me this as I’m a 24/7 contact lens wearer who developed bumps (like calluses) on the inside of my lids. I HAVE to switch up every day so I got 2 pairs of glasses. I can choose based on what color I’m wearing or what I feel like that day. I take contacts and both pairs when I travel. It’s wonderful and my eyes are much better because I switch it up. Have fun getting cute frames! I love my Prada’s. Oh, typically when you buy 2 at once they discount the 2nd pair.

  4. Happy birthday, Jo-Lynne! Here’s hoping they find your glasses and you get relief from mouth pain.

  5. Happy Belated Birthday too you! I just turned 55 on the 26th of June. Just like you, glad to still be here with my family and friends! 😜. Hate to here about your dental issues still large and in charge! Ugh! Hopefully you will get answers on Tuesday. Glad you had a nice vacation with your family! Happy 4th too you!

  6. Happy Birthday Jo-Lynne! I’m happy to hear you and your family had an enjoyable week at the beach. I hope your glasses show up and you figure out the tooth issue. Have a great holiday! 🧨🧨🇺🇸

  7. Happy Birthday! Sounds like your birthday week was pretty special! So sorry about your glasses – hoping they find them. And praying for your tooth issue to be resolved!

  8. Well just dang about your tooth, the sty on your eye, and losing your glasses! Yes, you definitely need to have at least one backup pair. Like your husband I have several backup pairs. You can always order a pair from Zennioptical, which won’t cost you a fortune! I have been getting my glasses from them for 5+ years. We are supposed to have our fireworks extravaganza tonight, down at our lake house, if the rain/storms don’t occur or leave before 8:30p. Enjoy the 4th of July/50th birthday party tomorrow! Yes, our age is just a number if we do t let it control us.

    1. I’ve never heard of Zennioptical. I usually use Warby Parker. I’ll look into it. I hope your fireworks extravaganza isn’t interrupted by storms. Happy 4th!

  9. HAPPY BIRTHDAY beautiful lady!! 🎊💕 I wish you a great year ahead as you begin your 50s! Sounds like your beach vacation was relaxing and fun. I enjoyed your pictures on Instagram. You’re a lot closer than I thought you were; you should definitely visit more often. (As you know, I’m five minutes from the beach so I definitely understand the pull of the ocean; it’s one of my happy places.)
    Good luck with the tooth! Maybe it’s just still healing from the root canal trauma?
    Lastly I wanted to share that I just came back from Nordstrom this morning. I went up there to do a return and look for a dress that’d I’d seen online but wanted to try it on in person. Well I had so much fun wandering around and peaking at all the merchandise that is roped off for the upcoming NSale. The 80s are back! 😄 Saw so many dress styles that reminded me of high school and college days. Blazers have shoulder pads and a longer, less fitted silhouette, saw many dresses that are floral pattered and flowy, and there’s the return of the form fitting dresses and skirts in longer lengths (I wore those a lot in the late 80s/early 90s.) I saw lots of sweaters with those big butterfly arms and a dropped shoulder seam. (The salesperson who was helping me let me peak more than I was probably supposed to!) She told me there’s a lot of new jeans that are the low rise, but I couldn’t see any for myself. I’m going back on Thursday when I can start shopping. I was impressed by the amount of merchandise on the floor; the last two years the quantity of in-stock merchandise has been so low, so this looked liked Nordstrom of the old days. Looking forward to seeing your NSale try-ons!

  10. 50s are a great decade. Unfortunately I’m past that.i just pray you get your tooth issue resolved.

  11. Sounds like you had a great vacation even with a few curve balls! Please don’t chalk up the issues to turning 50 😂! Happy Birthday and best wishes for the year ahead! Praying they get to the bottom of the dental issues… I too would be frustrated 😉

  12. Happy Birthday JoLynne – 50 looks amazing on you girl. I’m so glad you had a good time at the beach.

    Praying they find your glasses & that you’re dental issues get handled quickly.

    I’m grateful to be able to celebrate this holiday-we are blessed!

  13. Sounds like you had a great trip despite the pain of your tooth and eye and loosing your glasses. I only wear glasses and I was just at the eye doctor and telling her I need a back up pair and since my vision hasn’t changed that much and she said I don’t even have to get new glasses, I will with the slight change for sharper vision and then I can have my old pair for back up. It really is so important and I don’t know why I haven’t all these years. I didn’t find a frame I like nor a sunglass frame I liked. I have to buy two pair, as I can’t go without sunglasses. Its hard to find frames that you know you will be wearing daily for a few years. I’m still looking. I sure hope you find out something on Tues. about your tooth. Tooth pain is the worst for sure. Happy 50th b’day. You look great and I’m sure you are looking forward to your 4th/50th b’day party to come. Enjoy and I look forward to seeing what you have for post coming up. I just got an email from Nordstrom that I can access the sale 2 days earlier than I had thought. I have no expectations or anything I HAVE to have, so I’ll go on, on my day and see what I find. Have fun.

  14. Happy 50th. Glad you had a great time at Ocean City NJ. I was there with my two sister in laws the same week. This is crazy but I could have sworn I saw you at The Crab Trap in Somers Point early Wednesday evening. We go every year the same week in June just us girls.

    1. Haha! I bet you did! 🙂 I was there that night. Did I look cranky? I was. It was cold, and I had a server clanging dishes in my ear – the tray where they collect dishes was right beside me. And there was a kid screeching at the table on the other side of me. I had sensory overload in a major way. 🤪 If you ever see me again, please stop and say hi. I love meeting you all when I’m out and about!

      1. You did not look cranky. We were waiting outside on a bench and your family was one bench down. Once we were seated I didn’t see you again. I did not want to disturb you when you were on vacation with your family. 😊

  15. Happy Birthday Jo-Lynne.

    Sorry your pain is ongoing. Have your doctor check your sinus. Had the same issue and learned I had a a sinus infection, and let me tell you the pain was unbearable at times.

    1. Thanks! Yes, I am wondering if it is something non-tooth related causing this. Also seems weird the stye happened at the same time in the same eye, it is like there is some underlying infection or something attacking my body.

  16. Happy Belated Birthday! And happy long-weekend! July 1st was Canada Day, so it’s a long-weekend here, too.
    Hope your glasses are found soon!

    1. Oh, that’s right! I always forget to wish you all Happy Canada Day on my birthday. I hope it was a nice one!

      I have not heard back from the owner about my glasses, which is annoying since I know he is IN the house. I want to drive over there and look for them myself.

  17. Happy 50th Birthday Jo-Lynne!!

    Now your in the 5os club. Lol

    It’s only a number!! You look fantastic!

    I am glad you guys had a great time!!

    Hopefully you can get to the beach 🏖 more often.

    God bless you and your family 👪

  18. Awe! That was so nice to I’m an avid reader, and I almost felt as though I was ready by rhe beginning of a very good novel! Maybe…you’re next venture??

    1. Ok. That was really convoluted. It should have read:
      I’m an avid reader and I almost felt as though I was reading the beginning (or end; I just thought of that) of a new novel. Maybe…your next venture.

  19. Happy Birthday JoLynn!

    Warm compresses for the stye, and I’d toss your used eyelash serum and star anew.

    And for your tooth pain:

    “…cone-beam CTs enable endodontists to develop 3D images instead of the 2D images created by regular X-rays. The images are of better quality than standard X-ray images because the process helps to reduce scatter radiation. A single scan can create a wide variety of views, including simultaneously taking images of bone and soft skin tissue.”🤷‍♀️

    1. Yes, I’ve been doing the warm compresses, and I’m definitely tossing all eye makeup once this thing is gone.

      As for the cone beam x-rays, my endodontist uses those. He definitely did x-rays to make sure he got all the roots when he was done with the root canal, and he advertises the cone beam x-rays on his site, so I assume that is what he used. He is very highly recommended, and these are my 3rd and 4th root canals (yes, I am serious – my teeth are cursed) and I have never had issues before. The fact that he is baffled makes me wonder if something non-tooth related is causing this.

  20. Happy, happy birthday and welcome to the 50s club! I will be 59 on Friday, so I am almost done. 😆.

  21. Happy Birthday!! As I face an even larger milestone this year, I agree that age is just a number.
    Hope they get to the bottom of your dental problems. They aren’t pleasant, I know.
    You and Paul look so relaxed!

  22. Happy Birthday! Good luck with the stye and hope it does not go sideways on you. Had one stye that did and had it giant for 8 months. Was terrible! Best way I found to get rid of it is make mint tea, then put the tea bag (as hot as you can stand it) on your eye for 20 minutes. Repeat a few times a day. Mint is the only thing I found to get rid of them. The medication from the eye doctor just made me nauseous, but did not get rid of it.

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