2021 #NSale Preview: Early Favorites

Alright, ladies. This is it. Game ON!!! The long awaited Nordstrom Anniversary Sale Preview is finally here!

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You can’t shop just yet, but you can add #NSale items on Preview to your Nordstrom Wishlist to purchase when your access level comes up. This is awesome, because you can make a plan and shop the sale strategically, rather than buying impulsively.

FYI, all of my #NSale 2021 coverage can be found under the #NSALE tab at the top of my blog. (On mobile, tap the 3 lines at the top left, for the dropdown menu.) As I add new posts, they will be added to that tab.

When Is the 2021 Nordstrom Anniversary Sale?

Here are the dates you need to know. (Not sure of your access level? Find that here.)

How to Shop the #NSale

If you’re new to the Nordstrom Anniversary Sale, start here: Your Complete Guide to the 2021 Nordstrom Anniversary Sale.

A few quick reminders: You will get the most bang for your buck if you shop investment pieces and rather than trendy items because the savings on investment pieces is far greater than it is on lower priced, trendy items. That said, I realize we’re all working with different budgets, so I try to include a mix of styles and price points in my recommendations.

This is also a great time to stock up on beauty products, wardrobe staples, and foundation garments that rarely go on sale. They may not be fun to shop for, but they’re necessary, so you may as well get them at a discount.

If in doubt, buy two sizes; things sell out fast! Also, paying extra for expedited shipping will help ensure you get your order without cancellations or delays.

Finally, Nordstrom Made brands typically have more stock than the other designers, so focus on those first. I will try to point out items where the sell-out risk is high.

For my preview posts, I’ll use shopping widgets to round up my top recommendations across all major categories. Once I’m able to try on clothes, I’m going to have a Nordstrom Looks page with all of my #NSale looks, sort of like my Instagram Looks page. That way, you can access my outfits at any time.

First Thoughts

At first glance, I see some familiar pieces — quite a few that I have and love — but there are a lot of new styles too. I feel like Nordstrom does a lot of what they know people like and expect to see in this sale, even if it’s not cutting edge, so it can seem underwhelming at first. But there is definitely a good assortment of newer styles as well, and I’m definitely seeing some good deals already, so at least there’s that.

There are TONS of boots and denim options, at all price points. Sweaters and bags are rather underwhelming so far, and I also noticed that a lot of the measurements do not jibe with the pictures. Like, some sweaters look long and oversized, but the length measurement is quite short.

Just remember, things will really look different when we start trying them on. It will take some trial and error to figure out how to create complete outfits, but that’s part of the fun, right?

Also, I feel like I’m seeing more “now and later” type of styles than in previous years. That’s kind of nice, because it’s hard to get in the mood to buy sweaters and boots when it’s 90 degrees outside!

Don’t be alarmed if some things say they’re sold out. That’s just a glitch in the system — it’s mostly with items that are not new styles to the sale. When the sale opens on the 12th, everything will be fully stocked… at least until they start selling out, which can happen quickly for certain brands.

Today I’ll start with an overview — my top picks, products I have and love, and the items on my personal Wish List. Then I’ll take a deep dive into each category in several future posts.

#NSale 2021 Top Picks:

All of my #NSale 2021 Coverage:

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20 thoughts on “2021 #NSale Preview: Early Favorites

  1. Great post and very helpful! I like the Spanx perfect black slacks. And Kiels! Your comme tary is on point and educational. Thank you!!! Excited about additional coverage.

    Does Nordy mark newly addeditems as “new” to prevent having to scroll 4,000 items between now and the sale?

    Last, I WISH I could sort and group my wish list items!!!

    Oh, in the photo, link 8 shoes goes to link 5 black joggers.

    1. Last year, I had a couple of Wish Lists (you can make several), but I had one for high priority items that I thought might sell out fast, that I transferred to my cart and then checked out pretty much as soon as the sale became live for my category.

  2. I agree, I’m not very impressed after an initial look, but once I see the items on “real” people, they start getting more interesting. Also, I was surprised by the amount of skinny jeans, despite the chatter about them not being in style anymore. I’m glad because I’m not ready to give them up, especially when cold weather comes around. One bright spot for me is the rugged Chelsea and combat boot styles. I’m not usually into that look but they’re starting to grow on me, as long as the boot doesn’t have too much detailing. Sweaters are meh, I did see some nice athletic shoes that I actually need, and I’m hoping to find a cute short puffer coat. Otherwise, it’s hard to get very exciting when warm weather has finally arrived!

  3. Really looking forward to the sale. When I first started browsing this morning, I wasn’t seeing a ton of things that I wanted, but pretty soon I had quite a few things added to my wish list. 🙂

  4. Is this the fall preview? I can’t seem to remember and if it is, it definitely has changed up quite a bit!
    Also, if it’s “sold out”, you can’t add it to your favs, unfortunate.
    Have a great day!

  5. Yep, I think this year is just meh. Seems there are a lot of things that are normally included that are missing, like anything Anthro. No Leith….not sure what else, but I do believe underwhelmed is a good description. I’ll get swept up in it, but first thoughts are take it or leave it. HA! I’ve got quite a few jeans to try on my list, a few shoes, and athleisure.

  6. I am excited to be at Ambassador level this year. I am only a third of the way in on checking out the preview. I agree with you about the Spanx pant and Caslon hoodie leather jacket. Even more than the Spanx pant, last year I got the Halogen black pant that is very similar and wore them constantly when I wanted to dress up a little. Don’t know if they are in the sale this year, but I highly recommend them.

  7. Yes I too thought the preview was very underwhelming. Lots of the same things and didn’t see much that sparked my interest. Can’t wait to see you style things. Looks like skinny jeans are still in. Going to be hard to buy more though, but they are much easier to style with boots Etc.

  8. PS. I’m hoping to try the spanx black pant again this year. I got them on sale last year but the sizing was off for me. I would be a small but they fit so snug and uncomfortable. By time I wanted to order medium the price went up. Now to decide medium P or regular. I’m last to shop so hope they are still around in stock. They were last time.

  9. As always, thank you for the preview info. I put the Zella joggers in my cart as well as the Caslon jacket. I could kick myself because I didn’t buy it last year in the beet color….😡. Safe travels home 🙏🏻

  10. What a great and informative post! I am interested in trying the AG Farrahs this year, and I am curious about the sizing – do you have your usual size, or did you go up one? I’m also thinking of buying a pair of the straight leg jeans from Kut From the Cloth and wondering if their sizing is true to size or not, based on the styles that you’ve tried before. Your posts always help me narrow down what items I really want to try!

    1. I usually wear my usual size in the Farrah, but one pair fits a little more snugly than the others. If in doubt, order 2 sizes. KUT can run big, but I usually stick with my usual 6. Occasionally I need the 4.

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