Coffee Talk 09.27.20

Some mornings I sit down to write this post, and the words just flow. Other mornings, I’m unsure where to start. This is one of those mornings.

It’s not that nothing has happened this week. In fact, it was one of the busiest I’ve had in a long time, but I can’t remember much of it. Does that happen to you?

I looked back at my calendar to see why I feel that way, and I realized it was just the combination of a bunch of work commitments, as well as a lot of appointments that kept me out of the house, and in addition to all that, the memorial service on Friday.

The service was very small, mostly family and a few close friends, and it was good to finally get closure after all these months, but strange to be wearing masks at a funeral. It was a relief to get to the luncheon afterwards, where we could talk a little more normally. Fortunately the weather was nice, and we were able to dine outside.

Yesterday was dreary, and I actually took a 2-hour nap in the afternoon. That was lovely, and much needed.

We went out to dinner again last night, and it did rain at one point, but we were under a big tent. It’s amazing what restaurants are able to do to make outdoor dining comfortable in inclement weather. There were also big heat lamps set around, which we didn’t need, but I guess it’s a sign of what’s to come.

This week should be a lot less hectic, although I get to go back to the dentist for fillings, and I have a couple of chiropractor appointments. Hopefully they will be my last for a while; my neck feels 99% better. He does active release, which has proved to be very effective, at least for whatever ails my neck.

And I finally graduated from PT, so that will give me some time back in my week.

I’ve decided that I much prefer the chiropractor to the physical therapy because it’s such a quick appointment. He works his magic, and I’m in and out in 20 minutes. Unfortunately, the place I’m going is almost 30 minutes away, so it still takes a chunk of time out of my day.

I’m trying to do my run/walking more consistently, and that feels good. I want to start doing that 30 Days of Yoga with Adriene again too. (It’s on YouTube, if you’re wondering.)

Maybe I’ll start that today since it’s so humid and gloomy outside. It’s not raining, but it’s just heavy out there.

We don’t have any plans after church today, so that will be nice. I guess I need to start thinking about what I’m going to post, now that we are wrapping up 22 Days of Fall Fashion!

After we wrap up these style series, it always takes me a few days to get my sea legs under me again, so to speak. As always, I’m open to ideas.

What are you all looking for this fall? More cozy, at-home looks, or are you getting out and about some? Do you have some events on your calendar? And of course, we’re headed into gift guide season.

I wonder what the holidays will look like this year.

We’ve been talking about what to do for our kids’ birthdays, which are coming up fast. R turns 15 in October, D turns 21 in November, and C turns 18 in December!

It’s a big year, but I’m not sure what we can actually do for them. Maybe we should invest in some of those heat lamps for our deck.

Anyway, I need to get off here and get ready for church.

Sorry for the randomness today… although I guess most of these Coffee Talk posts are pretty random. That’s sort of the point. Today just really feels all over the place, for some reason. At least, that’s how I’m feeling.

I hope you’re having a good weekend, and that you’re able to escape a bit from whatever may be causing you stress or anxiety today. There’s a lot of that going around.

Be good to yourself and to those around you, and take some time for you, if you can.

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56 thoughts on “Coffee Talk 09.27.20

  1. Some ideas for posts? : 1. How to dress to feel like autumn when you look terrible in warm colors; 2. How to keep your legs warm in a dress when you don’t want colored tights. What’s the difference between pantyhose and flesh colored tights anyway? They look the same to me. 3. Casual outfits for people who hate athleisure; 4, How to dress up when you’re hosting a holiday and need to spend time in the kitchen; 5. Narrow ankle booties to avoid the stem in a flowerpot look; 6. Ways to wear a plaid flannel shirt when you’re not the outdoorsy type; 7. adding interest to outfits when you don’t wear prints, My body type is very similar to yours (although you’re in better shape), so I love seeing how things look on you!

  2. I have a request for a bLog post or maybe more than one ! I have realized my life isn’t going to change in the near future.  I only wear something other than leisure wear when I go to church on Sunday and a day of lunch and many errands. Five out of seven days I wear leggings, yoga pants. My need is how to wear these out and also wear around the house yet still look cute, put together.  What kind of tops look good enough to do errands ? How can I make the clothing look more feminine ? I like cloths that look prissy even though I am way to old for lace, frills etc.  

    1. I’m going to piggy-back off of Fonda’s comment in that I’m home most of the time, as I work from home (for more than 5 years now) and I want to be comfortable at home but also be able to wear some of the same clothes out in public. I always like the thought of wearing leggings but am not quite sure how to pull it off and look cute, a bit feminine, and age appropriate. I see ladies/women out in public with leggings and short tops that don’t cover nearly enough of the lower portion of their bodies. I’m 48 years old and I guess I just don’t find that look very appropriate for women my age – or at least not for myself. Also, what type of shoes pair well with leggings? I do visit an office, occasionally, where I may run into a co-worker so I usually wear jeans, sneakers, and a graphic tee. But I’m thinking some leggings might be a nice change. Thanks so much!

        1. I feel the opposite of these ladies. I need to put on jeans or chinos everyday to add some normalcy to life. Well, to be honest I think leggings are great for the gym or working out at home but are not really “pants”. That’s not to say they can’t be cute with a long top and knee high boots but it’s just not me. I find too many influencers are concentrating on athletic wear and loungewear as a way to dress during these trying times. We need some normalcy in our lives and I think showering, doing your hair, a touch of makeup and dressing in street clothes will effect our outlook. 

          Putting out gift guides early would be a bonus. That way we can shop before the pre Christmas crowds. 

          Perhaps, a post on things to do at home to fill the time we would normally be out socializing or traveling. I’m at a loss. I’m struggling to find a hobby to fill the long winter evenings. Any suggestions would be appreciated. 

          1. Joanne, every day I do my hair, put on makeup, jewelry, fragrance and “show up” though I’m working from home. This pandemic has accentuated the importance of self-care. For me, I began WW to focus on proper nutrition and movement. I also began Invisalign treatment program. My goal is to depart this season better than I entered it. I’ve done some seasonal crafts, i.e., door wreaths which I enjoyed making and displaying. It helps me track the passage of time so I dont feel like Rip Van Winkle. There’s likely a craft or hobby for you! I read in Guide posts about a woman who knits size-appropriate boobies for women who’ve had mastectomies. Another person put up a Little Library with free books. So many ways to give back.

          2. I agree with everything Joanna said. Why are clothes any more uncomfortable at home than they are wearing them to an office or to work? I wear leggings everyday to work out. Many days it is so tempting to continue that look but I don’t think it is healthy for my psyche. I believe we are all on stress overload, and I hate to say it, Jo-Lynn, but I detected it in your Coffee Talk today. You are stressed too. Please normalcy. Clothes, gift ideas, ways to get out and about without upsetting someone’s apple cart, hair styles, and fun stuff. I need some sand to stick my ostrich head in haha.

        2. I imagine a lot of us will be doing more outdoor gatherings this fall. I would like to see some outfits that include cute jackets, hats, scarves…for outdoor dinners, hiking, bonfires, etc.  

  3. I have really enjoyed your previous posts that focused on how to wear one piece multiple ways. I also enjoy reading about organizational tips for storing accessories, jewelry, makeup. 

  4. Hi, I appreciate the regular conversation. It is honest and real. Don`t feel like you are all over the place. Sorry for your loss and how it had to be handled. Enjoy the rest of your weekend.

  5. I have a request for blog content:)  I’m a speech therapist in the schools and virtual too-it’s a lot! I’m thankful to see my students in person. I would  like fresh ideas for work attire-it’s casual but school appropriate meaning we can wear jeans, etc Thanks!!

  6. Your friend Tania S. does a weekly post of 10 of her favorite items! They are random things from household to yard to personal! Maybe you could “borrow” a variation of this from her? I really enjoy seeing items that others use or enjoy in their daily lives! Maybe a monthly post?! 

  7. If you come up with any good birthday ideas for Becca, I’d love for you to write about them. Lauren’s turning 16 (sweet 16 party) and we’re at a bit of a loss. She’s thinking of taking some friends to Philly to go ice skating at the outdoor rink. She really wants to go down themselves on the train, but I’m not sure I like that idea.

  8. Hello, I love your postings! I’m relatively new here and this is my first reply. I have a request: I would like to see a posting on fall/winter basics and essentials to build upon. I’m forever finding that I’m missing some of the basics, or maybe I’m not sure what all of the wardrobe staples and essentials are. If you’ve already created such a posting, could you please send me the link? Thank you so much and I hope you enjoy your Sunday!

  9. One thing that I struggle with is handbag/shoes selection, especially for fall.  I know that those pieces don’t have to match.  One day last week my outfit was predominantly navy and I don’t have a dark blue handbag, nor do I have any other handbag in a color that I thought looked right.  I ended up carrying my black handbag even though I didn’t like that combo.  My knowledge of warm and cool tones is lacking.  A post on making these decisions would be very helpful.
    It’s very muggy here as well, which makes the highs in the 80’s feel much higher.  We have rain moving in later today, ahead of highs dropping down to the 70’s by Tuesday and more fallish temps.  Enjoy your relaxing afternoon.

  10. Your idea of heat lamps have me an idea, we normally host Thanksgiving and Christmas, large family gatherings , I am hesitant to do this year. Would be worried about people getting sick. Thought of breaking it into smaller groups, maybe on the deck? Wonder what is available in heat lamps. If you do any research, would be interested in what you find. Enjoy your Sunday!

  11. You’re still processing the loss of so much-with the memorial service, the start of a very different school year than anyone is used to, the kids’ milestone birthdays~again in a pandemic situation so how to celebrate? …your big trip that had to be postponed. Give yourself grace as you traverse this new way of living. We appreciate your honesty and it helps to know we are all having the same “feels” 💗

  12. I would love some inspiration for what to wear to a Dec wedding in Texas.
    My niece is getting married and I would love some suggestions … especially sites to rent an outfit .  I am thinking I can have more fun with a style I know I will only wear once .

    1. Enjoy the randomness of you Coffee Talks and looks like others do too. Congrats on graduating from PT! Shopping for Christmas posts would be nice; its 3 months away. Doing side by side comparisons of fashion do’s and don’t s would be nice too (example: of high rise vs mid rise jeans). We are all feeling out of sorts. My “get up & go” and “get it done” attitude isn’t the same. I start projects or cleaning out closets but don’t finish promptly and then procrastinate. Its a strange time. Dreading winter. Its cold and long usually for us; will feel extra looooong without visiting friends, having outdoor visits or going south for a hot destination vacation. This too shall pass. Hope you have a peaceful day to kick back and relax.

  13. Hi! I’m in exactly similar space. We had an emergency elder care crisis early Wednesday morning at 3:00 a.m., and it’s been a total blur. I took a nap yesterday….and I’m not a nap person!

    I plan to Christmas shop early as I am hearing about longer ship times and smaller quantities. Id like to know about guy’s utility/quilted vests and casual shoes. For me, neutral sweaters, flannel shirts, booties. Healthier nail polishes, like Zoya. Self-care items too. Its going to be a long stretch until life as we used to know it is fully returned.

    Glad your PT is completed and you’re doing well. Progress!!!!!

  14. Well it’s mostly appointments that keep me out and about these days with some errands to run. Some days I feel like a fish that’s been dumped out of the fish bowl 🤷‍♀️. Today we are actually celebrating my husband’s bday with a family dinner here at home.  Our sons bday is next month and that will be another dinner here at home with the kids and significant others.. maybe an outing/ activity first. It sure is different as we keep things on a smaller scale, but as long as we are together that’s what matters! I’d like to see outfits that work for mainly being at home there’s not a lot of things to attend these days and no need to dress up, but I still want to look put together when running errands or appointments:) glad you’re chiropractor treatments are going well they are what gets me going again when I put something out of place! 

  15. Happy Sunday!  I always enjoy the randomness of your Coffee Talk!  I’m sure we are all thinking the same things about this strange year.  At first I was thinking things would start returning to semi-normal by fall but I can see that’s not going to happen.  Now I’m thinking maybe by next fall……I find myself having difficulty in staying focused on one project from start to completion.  Like changing out my seasonal clothes, and purging.  I did the majority of it, but have my sock drawer and coat closet to check over.  Just those 2 areas and I’d be totally done, but no, I’ve been dragging feet.  It’s just this funk that has seemed to envelope me from time to time.  On a fun note, we had a party last night for our newly minted family “40 year olds”. We have 4 of them,  Our daughter and her cousin are 12 hours apart in age (Oct 10, 11th), they were in the same nursery/hospital!  Their spouses turned 40 recently so we had one big party for them all!  Crazy but fun!  Our other daughter has her birthday on the 12th, so yet another celebration!  Enjoy your day!!

  16. Thanks for asking your readers for suggestions!  Here’s my issue.  I have entered the wonderful world of hot flashes…..so layers are a must.  Since I work from home, I need some inspiration for comfortable, casual outfits other than my current uniform of jeans/cardigan/short sleeved tee.  Thank you. 

  17. Enjoy your blog and appreciate all of the time you put into your posts.

    Thanksgiving outfits although a lot of the fall photos could probably work. We are usually casual for our meal  so I typically wear a cute sweater or top with jeans. 

    My fall will probably be casual with athleisure and lounge wear.  Going to make a goal to get dressed even on the days I have nothing going on. 

    Enjoy your Sunday. 

    1. I second Robin Galvin’s suggestion. I’d also benefit from general advice on wearing white sneakers during fall/winter. I really like the white sneakers right now, but wonder whether there might be some subtlety I’m missing that might make a cool weather white sneaker look a “do” vs. a “don’t”.

  18. Please, no gift guides!! Some ideas for holiday outfits are always good- I just think gift guides are boring and I don’t look at them. There is enough ads to buy things – I dont think most of us need any more ideas. Thank you for your great ideas for daily outfits!

  19. I did 30 Days of Yoga, then Home, Dedicate, and True. Then I got sidetracked with work, and I am trying to get back to the mat. You are the one who told me/us about yoga with Adriene, and I really like her programs. I am more for the physical (even though I am not very flexible) than the mindfulness (and I probably need more of that haha!)
    I have been doing a 30 day challenge for walking, which ends in a week with a virtual 5K. I think I have only missed one day (I try to do 30 minutes a day). Today I did a 5K (Alzheimer’s Walk), so I’ll be ready next week. My hip/piriformis is giving me trouble, again, but I am determined to take it easy so I don’t end up back at PT again. Too much sitting, and I need to take it easy with walking for awhile. Enjoy your Sunday and the beginning of the week.

  20. I have a question somewhat similar to wearing white all year round. I have a pair of blush colored jeans and the mint green jeans you wore this year. Do they fall the same way the white jeans do? As long as you dress intentionally you can wear those summer shades in fall/winter? Maybe wear a burgundy sweater with the blush jeans, etc. What other “summer” items can be worn into fall/winter and how?


  21. Thank you for asking what we would like to see! I would LOVE to see something that shows oversized blazers with jeans. Have a great rest of your day. 😊

  22. Ugh! Teen bdays. My daughter is turning 15 next wknd, and we have NO plans. She shot down my ideas (rock painting party, ice cream cart driveway party). Now it’s too late to really order or reserve something. She’s been having a hard time too, so I really wanted to do something for her.

    1. My 15 y/o wants to get a second ear piercing, so we are going to do that. And she’s going to take a friend to a pumpkin patch/ corn maze type of place, and then come back here for a sleepover.

  23. I too need to actually dress, do makeup, etc to get my day going. I’m trying to convince myself that I don’t need to buy much since we don’t go out as much so my favorite blogs these days are showing one item in many different outfits. Also incorporating changing it from a daytime look to a slightly elevated date night look by changing shoes & jewelry.

  24. Question:  Are pantyhose and opaque tights okay to wear (or considered fashionable) with dresses and skirts, for the office or church, during the colder winter months?

  25. I’d love a post dedicated to black jeans or ankle length jeans that stay black. Having such a difficult time finding that elusive ‘perfect’ black jean.

  26. I’m late tonight to this party! I was busy enjoying some last sunny warm weather,
    Before temps drop!
    First of all love all your post…hv followed you for years…helped me with
    Large international trip year ago (outfits)
    Redoing my condo( ideas from you) my daughters wedding(outfit)
    Many outfit ideas…probably my favorite..when you show how to
    Dress warm and fashionable!  Coats boots hats warm clothes!
    Have a great week!

  27. I agree with Nancy, Penny Jo, and Joanna. Leggins & work out wear, are just that. Work out wear. They are not really pants. And what comes next is wearing your pajamas all day.

    I’ve adopted so many of Jo-Lynnes’s outfits and have to tell you they are so comfortable. There is so much stretch in skinny jeans (all jeans really) that they feel the same as leggins but look so much better. I wear White, Colored, & denim jeans just about every day paired with a soft blousy top -tucked- or sweater. And I haven’t left the house much since March. The blouses are wash & wear, and a simple tee with a skirt is nice too.
    There are so many options Can’t wait for your updates Jo-Lynne.

  28. Rambling is fine!

    I am back in the office – have been since May even though Raleigh has the 2nd highest infection rate in NC. But our office is small and we run a tight ship in relation to COVID.

    Agree with the plaid comment – which is best, white/black, red/black, or blue/green? And how to wear. Also agree with the keeping legs warm comment. I do not mind tights but it’s hard to know what colors to wear. Gray Knit Dress, Black Dress/skirt easy enough but what if it’s a burgundy dress?

    Other ideas: Not too dressy work wear. Do booties need to match your neutral colored top? Fall layering options (to keep warm when arms are cold).

  29. Just read your coffee talk. I liked it. Just you telling how it’s been going. Helps us feel closer to you. I like how you ended it. Been feeling a-little stress lately with the covid stuff and we got out for a nice country drive and walk in the nice sunny 70 degree weather. It was much needed and refreshed me. God is Good. I’d like to see more sweaters with no wool and cute booties that are different than the normal. Gift guides for Christmas are never too early. I have adults children with spouses and hard to think of things each year. BUT I have grandchildren to buy for this year so that’s fun. 

  30. I have what I hope is at least a kind of fun request, although certainly different from what most people need right now and I realize it’s not all that relevant to everyone. I turn 50 this year and my partner of 20 years and I (he’s 56) just decided that we want to get married. With covid there’s a lot of uncertainty involved, but we just realized that now’s the right time for us, even though in so many ways it’s not! Our hope is to have a small ceremony next spring. It won’t be at church, but at town hall. I’m looking for inspiration for a nice dress, something pretty but for a mature bride. This will be the first marriage for both of us, but I’m definitely not going to wear pure white. If you’d ever be interested in doing a post on dresses for the “mature” bride, I’d love that. And if any of your readers have thoughts, I’m open to suggestions.

  31. Yep, I’ve been having lots of those “all over the place” kinds of days too.
    I’m working from home, but Fall decided to show up a little bit so I’ve been able to wear jeans and even some jackets/blazers with my outfits lately. This week we aren’t supposed to have any days in the 90s, so that’s fall for us!
    I’ve been trying to do more than “throw something on” in the hopes that it will help me to stay positive.
    I’d like to see some outfits with the things you kept from the NSale. Also, some work from home outfits with a little extra something special to make you feel good.
    No upcoming events. Still only eating take-out from restaurants.
    We had a family birthday party a couple of weeks ago and we all had on pretty shirts, jeans, and shoes, and jewelry! We had somewhere to go! Even if it was an outside party and we ate dinner (socially distanced) in the driveway and patio. We’re pretty fancy, aren’t we?
    Have a great week JoLynne!

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