Bringing Yoga Back: Athleta Fall Faves

You may remember, I discovered yoga during our lockdown last March, when I was unable to run and needed a safe activity to do from home. I loved it at first, but it eventually began to aggravate my injuries so I had to stop for a time.

Well, I’m happy to report that I’ve graduated from PT! The lower back and hip issues that have been plaguing me since last winter are under finally control, and I’m able to return to my favorite activities.

I’ve been slowly increasing my run/walk intervals, and I’m excited to start doing yoga again. I miss the flexibility it cultivated, as well as the relaxation and escape from the daily grind, and I’m eager to get back to it.

As it turns out, this is perfect timing, as September is National Yoga Month!

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Of course, no one has a better selection of yoga clothes and loungewear than Athleta, so it was a no-brainer when they reached out and asked if I wanted to work together on this post.

I had fun rounding up my personal wish list along with some of my favorite Athleta pieces for yoga… or any at-home workout, really. Hopefully this post gives you a little workout inspiration… online shopping is a workout, right?

Athleta Fall Favorites

#1. Made to Move Mask 3 Pack // It’s 2020, after all, so I had to include these face masks. I have heard SUCH good things about them. Supposedly they’re some of the most comfortable and breathable you can find, and they’re adjustable too.

#2 Exhale Moonflower Jacquard Bra // I love the idea of a pretty sports bra peeking out of a boatneck, or a split-back top.

#3. Flow Top Essence Spacedye // This lightweight pullover is super soft, and the boatneck is flattering and also fun for showing off a pretty sports bra (see #2.)

#4 Salutation Stash Pocket II Embossed Tight // This Medusa Enchanted Blue is a nice alternative to black, and these pair perfectly with the Conscious Embossed Crop, although I’m more likely to pair them with something like the Essence Flow Top or Essence Spacedye Tie Back Tank.

#5. Conscious Embossed Crop // I love how this top pairs with the tights in #4. A crop silhouette keeps you cool and comfortable during hard workouts, and this fabric claims to be buttery soft.

#6. Salutation Stash Pocket II Cinch 7/8 Tights // These tights take your basic black leggings up a notch with a feminine cinch detail at the hem.

#7. Mindset Sweatshirt // This easy pullover is perfect for yoga practice or your WFH life. It’s made of Athleta’s softest fabric, appropriately named Nirvana. Bonus, the tulip-edged side hem flatters your form.

#8. Printed Mesh Racer Run Short // And because once a runner, always a runner, I also picked out these running shorts in the black camo luxe — such a fun change from the solids I normally wear.

#9. Essence Spacedye Tie Back Tank // This eco-friendly tank top is made of recycled materials and has a tie back for adjustability.

#10. Studio to Street Print Sweatshirt // I love this stylish sweatshirt for throwing on over a tank after practice. It pairs perfectly with the navy Ultimate Stash Pocket Tights.


Delancey Herringbone Tights // I realized recently that all of my yoga pants are black, and I’m really drawn to this Light Asphalt color. Plus the herringbone pattern is fun and different.

Essence Flow Top // This is the solid version of the spacedye above. I love that Spring Night — so chic.

Momentum Heather Tank // This seamless tank with anti-odor technology is the perfect pairing for the racer run shorts (see #8).

Solstice Wrap // It wouldn’t be a complete wish list without a good wrap. I love the rib stitching and drapey style of this one, and it comes in 3 gorgeous neutrals.

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22 thoughts on “Bringing Yoga Back: Athleta Fall Faves

    1. I agree with Christine. While I enjoy the quality and stylish Athleta clothes, their price point is a bit unrealistic/ expensive and I find deals elsewhere. I have champagne taste but am on a beer budget 😃 I am not a yoga fan but enjoy the clothes for working out or lounging.
      Hope that your father in law’s memorial went well. Those are such hard days. Please pass on my sympathy to Paul.

      1. While I do agree with you about the Athleta pricing, I did once purchase a couple of tops from them. I was impressed with the quality of the workmanship and fabric. It’s probably been 3 years, yet they look brand new. I have purchased inexpensive athletic wear from, for example, Old Navy, and have stiff, uncomfortable fabric, an off fit, and seams unraveling. No comparison in quality. I will keep my Athleta clothing long after the cheap stuff has been trashed. Just a thought. 

  1. Hi Jo-Lynne! I’ve started doing yoga during the past six months. I also am an avid walker, and cyclist.  I love the unique patterns, and can see myself incorporating these pieces into my workout wardrobe. I still like to look stylish while exercising, and this post will help me do that. I’ll definitely be looking into a few pieces to update my closet. 

  2. I saw another’s comment saying CAMO shorts on sale. But when I went to it they were not on sale for me. I do love athleta things. I specially want to check out the face masks. My husband has been going to our local gym which requires a mask (I personally can’t handle it) so when I go to the mall later today I will stop in and see if they have man sizes. 

      1. Hi Jo-Lynne,
        Thank you for this post! I love Athleta! Did you order the “Made to Move Mask 3 Pack” in the blue colors that you showed in this post? Also, I ordered the Mindset Sweatshirt in the green that is shown in this post. I have similar coloring as you and I wondered if you recommend the green or maybe black? Thank you! Love your style!!

        1. I think the green is really pretty, but I always love wearing black… tough call, but I think I’d stick with the green b/c it’s different.

          I didn’t get my order in yet.

  3. I have loved Athleta for years. I am a bargain shopper for some things, but not my workout tights and shorts. They last forever and are so comfortable. Worth every penny. 

  4. Athleta is pricey, but worth it for me. Their fabrics are wonderful. Btw, I have a couple of sets of those masks, and I really l like them. They’re very breathable. I have many masks by now, but now that I’m back in school, I’m very conscious of the ones that stay in place and allow me to breathe. I have a few that stay in place, but the fabric (while excellent quality) is such a tight weave then when I’m reading aloud to my students, I find myself almost having trouble breathing. I’m very tempted with the wrap and the Mindset sweatshirt!

  5. I like Athleta tights although after awhile I find they pill at the inner thighs. They are so comfortable though that I continue to wear them. I would have liked to see some pieces on you. 

  6. Thanks, Jo-Lynne!
    I love all your posts and I love pretty much everything Athleta. 😍😍😍
    Stay safe!

  7. Athleta used to make an ankle-length unitard belonging to their “Pirouette” line. It’s a shame (I think?) they discontinued it because, IMO, a unitard is *thee best*/most practical clothing EVER made for yoga: no rolls, no spillage, no bunching. If you’re squeamish about thinking it’ll look too much like Catwoman (lol!): just put a tank over it and forget everything else so you can focus on your workout! I haven’t been inside a gym since March 2020 (and, at this point, don’t think I’d want to be in that environment again — short of taking a shopping bag of disinfectant cleaning supplies with me). Now, I set aside my own “home studio” spare room space and follow along each morning (before going to work) a course one of those out-of-the-way channels repeats of a Canadian program featuring an excellent host that was a former ballerina-turned-yoga/pilates/barre instructor to keep active (other than when I try to get out and power walk for 12 blocks).

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