Coffee Talk 10.04.20

Well, hello there. I am going to have to keep this very brief because I slept late, and then I’ve been puttering and lost track of time, and it’s almost time for me to get ready for church. But I did want to hop on real quick and say hello.

I hope you had a good week. Mine was another busy one, where I felt like I could barely keep my head above water. There were some high points and some low points, but I have to say, it is good to be busy again!

It makes me remember last spring when work was soooo slowww, and  I was pretty much confined to the house except for the weekly grocery store run, which felt more like a military operation than a shopping trip.

I longed for the day when I would be running to and fro, trying to keep up with all of the errands and appointments and work obligations… when I’d be able to hop in the car and take a trip to the mall with a friend at a moment’s notice… when I could see my daughter perform in the band again.

And that day has arrived, hallelujah!

Just this week I’ve had a lunch/shopping date with a friend, I juggled various errands and doctor appointments, the grocery store no longer feels like a war zone, and we got to see our high school marching band perform… LIVE!

Yes, we are still dealing with Covid… but at least we’ve learned to live with it to a degree. I have no idea what this fall holds for us, but hopefully we are on a positive trajectory.

And so as not to ignore the white elephant in the room, I trust that our president is in good hands and is recovering quickly.

Meanwhile, I’m working on posts with ideas for cozy outdoor dining outfits and fall nail and makeup trends, and I have heard the call for early gift guides, so I’ll start planning those as well!

I hope you have a restful and relaxing Sunday!