Coffee Talk 10.23.16

Well, good morning! How is everyone today?

I haven’t been sleeping well lately and it’s starting to catch up with me. I feel kind of groggy and gross inside. I tend to be a great sleeper so it really messes with me when I have a few restless nights. I used to be able to drink coffee before bed, but I think I’m getting more sensitive to that. Last night I intentionally didn’t have any, and I still didn’t sleep that great, go figure. I hope whatever this is passes soon so I can get back to feeling normal.

Yesterday started out cold and rainy and ended up getting sunny and beautiful by dinnertime. My son was occupied with band activities all day, so the rest of us decided to go out to dinner at a local bar and pub type of joint. It was good, but busy and loud on a Friday night, and when I got home, I just wanted peace and quiet. I guess I’m getting old.

We actually had a doggie sleepover last night. We watched a neighbor’s dog, just to see how it goes. She’s a similar type of dog to ours and they like to play together outside, so we thought perhaps we could exchange dog sitting services when we travel if they get along. It took them a few hours to settle down, and for a while, I thought they never would, but they finally got tired and went to sleep.

This morning they’re doing okay, except the one keeps eating the other’s food. Ha! I expect they’d work things out if they were forced to spend a few days together. It’s kind of cute having two dogs, I have to admit. Of course the kids want a second dog, but I think we’re a one dog kinda family.

Today we have our regular church activities and not much else. I’m glad to have a slower day because I was out and about most of the day yesterday and I could use some down time. I’m hoping to get back to reading Dead Wake. I picked it up at the airport when I was coming home from South Carolina, and I’m really enjoying it, but I don’t make enough time for reading in my life. I used to read every weekend, but lately I’ve found myself doing more work on weekends and letting the reading go by the wayside.

Reading is such a nice Sunday afternoon activity — well, that and a nap. Ha! They usually go hand in hand. I find I can’t stay awake to read for more than an hour or so these days. When did I become my mother??

I hope everyone has a nice, relaxing Sunday! It’s looking like it’s going to be another pretty one here in PA!