Instagram Roundup // What I Wore This Week 10.22.16

Good Saturday morning! It’s time for another Instagram Roundup, or in a nutshell, what I wore this week. Before I switched to blogging all fashion all the time, I used to share my daily outfits once a week, and that is sort of what this is.

I’m not going to post all the pictures of the outfits I already shared on the blog this week because you’ve probably seen those or you can easily scroll through my last few blog posts. But these are the selfies I posted on Instagram of what I was actually wearing with shopping links and some commentary on how the outfits came together.

This week my outfits are all over the map. It’s gone from a high/low temp of 58/35 to 83/67 so I’ve worn everything from boots and scarves to shorts and flip flops this week!

Instagram Roundup: Casual Fall Outfits for Moms

I wore this to my son’s band cavalcade last Saturday. It was a beautiful fall day but it got chilly that night, so I wore a sweater and jeans with booties and a scarf, and I threw this utility jacket on for good measure. I was glad I had it!

By the way, I just discovered that my AG Ankle Skinnies are 25% off! They’re a great basic skinny jean for wearing with booties, and they run TTS. The washing instructions indicate that you can put these in the dryer, but I never dry my premium denim. I always hang it up, and if it seems stiff when I go to put it on, it loosens up almost immediately.

Casual Fall Outfit with Plaid Infinity Scarf

AG Ankle Skinnies (25% off!!!) // similar sweater (size down) // plaid infinity scarf // similar utility jacket here and here // similar booties // my Stella & Dot suede Sunday Bag

The next morning I wore this outfit to church. (Yes, the same scarf! I’m obsessed.) I actually switched out my OTK boots for lace-up flats, but I photographed this so I could share that these OTK boots are on sale! These are so comfortable and great quality. The teal bag came in my last Trunk Club, and I was excited to add a new color to my closet.

Casual Fall Outfit with white jeans, OTK Boots and Plaid Infinity Scarf

similar OTK Boots // white skinnies (size up) // similar camel sweaters here and here // teal crossbody // pearl earrings (worn with large pear in front) // assorted Alex and Ani bangles

Then it started warming up. I wore this sleeveless cowl neck top with my Emma skinnies (DL1961 has 30% off all full price styles right now!) These are probably my favorite jeans, if I had to pick one pair. I just ordered a pair in a darker wash to replace an older pair of dark wash jeans that have started to look dated.

Casual Fall Outfit with Sleeveless Cowl Neck Top

DL1961 Emma Legging Jeans (the light wash I’m wearing is old; this pair is similar and on sale at Bloomies) // similar sleeveless cowl neck tops here and here // Sam Edelman Felicia Flats in Classic Nude Leather (LOVE!!!) // my Stella & Dot suede Sunday Bag // assorted Alex and Ani bangles // hoop earrings

I wore my ivory cowl neck sweater with my new AG Raw Hem Ankle Legging Jeans one evening last week. The jeans came in the mail that day and I couldn’t wait to try them on. They have a lived-in feel like I’ve owned them for 10 years so I kept them on all night. I threw on these pink suede flats and carried my leopard clutch to take photos for this post. I picked up the leopard clutch and jeans for 30% off on the Shopbop sale last week.

Casual Fall Outfit with Sleeveless Cowl Neck Sweater, AG Legging Jeans and pink suede flats

similar Two by Vince Camuto Sleeveless Cowl Neck Sweater (splurge option) // AG Raw Hem Legging Ankle Jeans (less expensive option and also here) // Sam Edelman ‘Reyanne’ Spike Rand Pointy Toe Flat in Pink Garnet Suede // Clare V. Foldover Clutch (less expensive option) // hoop earrings // my Stella & Dot Becker Cuff

Then it got really hot out and I pulled out shorts and flip flops for a couple of days. No joke!!

Stripes and Denim FTW!

stripe tee (less expensive option) // cut-offs (I also have and love these and they’re on sale) // TB Miller Sandals // TB Thea Hobo // assorted Alex and Ani bangles  // my Stella & Dot Bungalow Hoop Earrings

It got a bit cooler towards the end of the week and I wore this to get my hair cut (which is why it’s pulled back — no sense fixing my hair before going to get it cut.) This outfit is so simple but I just love it. I realize all of the components are quite pricey, but I think that’s why each piece fits so well and has such great details. Every piece I’m linking to was bought on a good sale — like 30% or more.

Casual Fall Outfit with AG Raw Hem Legging Ankle Jeans, Paige Ranleigh Scoop Neck Tee, and M. Gemi Brezza Lace-Up Flats

Paige Ranleigh Scoop Neck Tee (less expensive option – I have this in several colors; size down) // AG Raw Hem Legging Ankle Jeans (less expensive option – gets great reviews!) // M. Gemi Brezza Lace-Up Flats // Marc Jacobs Satchel (mine is a lighter grey than the one I’m linking to)

And that’s pretty much a wrap! My life is very casual, as you can see. I pretty much live in skinny jeans and tees or sweaters, and I’m such a sucker for great fit and quality materials in my casual wear. It’s easy to figure it doesn’t matter what you wear when you spend most of your days at home or running mundane errands, but I’ve slipped into the yoga pants rut before, and it wrecks havoc on my emotional well-being. After a few weeks of that, I start to not care about much of anything, and that isn’t good for me or my family.

So now I do my best to get up and get dressed and made up every day, and it helps to have casual wear that I really love and feel great in. I do give myself what I like to call a “grace day” about once a week. It feels good to let it all hang out every once in a while, lol, but I allow myself no more than one day because that’s a slippery slope.

Speaking of yoga pants, I watched a big bru-ha-ha erupt on Facebook this week over a newspaper article a man wrote about how women need to give up the yoga pants and leggings. The women were incensed that he dare suggest such a thing, and they are actually staging a yoga pants parade this weekend. I am not kidding. Did anyone else see that?

My first thought was, why aren’t we utilizing all that time and passion to protest something seriously offensive like [email protected] trafficking or animal abuse??? And my second thought was, it is just as easy to pull on a pair of jeans as it is to pull on a pair of leggings, and some of my jeans are every bit as comfortable. Are we really going to make a case that it is that we women are so terribly busy that we can’t pull on jeans and a sweater in the morning? I just don’t get that.

Not that I’m saying we should never wear a pair of leggings out of the house, and when I was at home with young children who were spitting up and putting their sticky hands on my pants, I know I didn’t want to wear my best duds. But at this point in my life, I have no such excuse, and it’s amazing how much better I feel about myself and the world around me when I make that little effort. (And honestly, when my kids were little, I don’t remember yoga pants being that much of a thing. I am pretty sure I wore jeans most of the time even then. I mean, they do wash!)

Okay, I’ll step off my soapbox now. Ha! These are obviously not critical issues, and at the end of the day, I believe we should wear what we want as long as its modest, but it really cracked me up to see these ladies getting so up in arms over that article. He was a little extreme, but I believe he makes a valid point.

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