Coffee Talk 10.30.16

Every time I write a date on a post like this one, I stop and get all contemplative for a moment. Time just keeps marching on, no matter what. If you’re in a season of plenty or one of want, one of grief or one of rejoicing, whether the events on the world stage are peaceful or in upheaval, the days and years just keep marching on.

Right now 2016 seems so current, so alive. But I know from going back through my old blog archives that very soon seeing .16 at the end of the date will bring back memories that may seem hazy and dim.

“Those were the days,” we’ll say. “Remember 2016? When we were . . . fill in the blank with whatever is going on in your life.”

“Ah, to have the kids at home again…”

“I sure was thin back then when I was always trying to lose 5 pounds…”

“What were we THINKING wearing those cold shoulder tops? Ugh! What a horrid trend. And we thought we were so cute.”

Okay, I’m done being silly. But do you ever write the date and get those thoughts??? Just me? Oooookay.

I’m still fighting a cold. It’s all in my throat and starting to go into my head. I am glad I didn’t run in the 30º weather yesterday. It felt good to be lazy and nurse a third cup of coffee before getting dressed for the day. We managed to get a quick photo shoot in, and then it was a lot of mundane errands and running the kids around. I boxed up a bunch of returns, which is getting to be my Saturday habit. I ordered a lot of things recently that didn’t work out.

I had my first pumpkin spice latte of the season. I hate the ones at Starbucks (they were too sweet to me before I stopped eating sweets) but we have a local natural foods store with a cafe where they make yummy coffee drinks and teas and smoothies. Their pumpkin spice lattes are THE BEST because they use real pumpkin and homemade simple syrup. It’s sweet enough but not overly sweet, and they are just SO good. I can’t believe I haven’t had one yet this year, but I couldn’t let October end without one, so I drove over yesterday and picked up two — I brought one home to Paul. He hadn’t had one before (he’s not a fan of flavored drinks, but as I said, this is different) and he loved it.

I also picked up these gorgeous flowers and spent over 20 minutes trying to take a picture for Instagram. Ha!


We ended up with only one child for dinner last night so we tried out a local Thai place we’ve heard great things about — Thai L’ephant, for your locals. It was SO good. Great atmosphere too.

Because I’m a grannie, we got there right as it opened at 5PM, which was providential because it filled up quickly. We were able to get a table without a reservation on a Saturday, but in the future, we’ll make a reservation just to be safe.

We were home and in our jammies by 6:30. I have no shame. Totally skipped out on a church potluck and watched TV till bedtime (which may have been before 9PM.) Thankfully my husband stays up to retrieve the kids from their late night activities. My son often gets home close to midnight from his band cavalcades. Thankfully yesterday’s was the last one this season.

Today is a typical Sunday for us with nothing extra special going on… church this morning and a lazy afternoon, and the kids have youth group activities tonight. I am excited because it’s already like 67º at 7am (a far cry from yesterday’s 33º!!!) so I’m definitely going to get a run in. I can’t pass up that opportunity. It is supposed to be beautiful (and warm) today.

I blame this inconsistent weather for the cold I’m battling. My poor body doesn’t know which end is up… 33º one morning, 67º the next… it’s crazy. I always get sick this time of year. In fact, I had a cold this exact same weekend last year. I remember being sick for Halloween.

Anyway, I will power through because that’s what moms do. Ain’t nobody got time to be sick.

So is anyone dressing up for Halloween? My Instagram and Facebook feeds are filling up with couples and families in creative costumes, and I feel so lame. We used to host annual Halloween costume parties and the adults were required to dress up. I have some hilarious pictures from back then. One year my husband and I went as Richard Simmons and Jane Fonda. He let even let me turn him orange with self tanner. It was hysterical.

We’re so lazy now. We even buy our kids’ Halloween costumes most years because we are too tired to be creative. Bah humbug.

Maybe when we get older and the kids are off doing their own things, we’ll get creative again. Or maybe not. Maybe we’ll be the crotchety old neighbors who shut the door and turn out the lights and watch a movie in the basement.

Which one are you??? Inquiring minds want to know.

Well, whichever camp you’re in for Halloween, you are welcome here. This is a judgement-free zone. At least when it comes to Halloween. All bets are off if I see you wearing mom jeans. Ha!

Enjoy the rest of your weekend!!! I hope it’s as pretty where you are as it is here!