Coffee Talk 12.01.19 ☕️

Greetings and happy December 1st!!! I hope you had a wonderfully relaxing and fun-filled Thanksgiving weekend. We sure did.

Ours started on Wednesday night with a small birthday party at a friend’s house, and then we spent Thanksgiving Day with Paul’s family. It was super laid-back and fun.

I missed seeing my family, but I didn’t miss the 7-hour drive in holiday traffic. I’m excited to see my parents next weekend — they’re coming up for a visit, and C and I are performing in a Christmas concert.

We were planning to get our Christmas tree on Friday, but that didn’t QUITE work out the way we planned. It was all good, though, because we hosted Friendsgiving that night, and I was much more calm and relaxed getting ready for company without adding the tree to the mix.

Yesterday, we went down to help my inlaws with their holiday decorating, and then on our way home, we stopped at tree farm near our house and got our Christmas tree. You can follow along on my Insta Story. We got it all set up and decorated last night.

Kuddos to R for doing almost all the lights and decorations, while C made homemade pasta for dinner, and Paul and D and I watched The Amazing Race.

Okay, I helped a little. She wasn’t entirely on her own, but she did the bulk of it.

It’s not the prettiest tree we’ve ever had, but now that the lights and decorations are up, it looks nice.

After dinner, we enjoyed a fire in the fireplace and watched the Sixers, and I turned in early.

This morning, we have church, and we’re expecting a wintry mix of rain and snow this afternoon.

I want to finish up the book I’m reading, and I expect a nap will happen before all is said and done. I’m definitely in need of some downtime before I tackle Cyber Monday!

If you’re shopping online today, I’ve updated my Black Friday shopper’s guide yet again! Some new sales are dropping, and LOFT and Ann Taylor just added free shipping to their 50% off sales.

I also added onto yesterday’s post with some more things I’ve worn that are on sale.

Tomorrow, I plan to pick up again with the holiday gift guides. I had to take a break from those over the weekend because you know, time and all that.

While the biggest savings of the season are probably going to happen tomorrow, I have a feeling retailers are still going to be offering some pretty sweet incentives right up through to Christmas, so hopefully my gift guides will still be helpful. Surely you aren’t all done with your holiday shopping yet!

My goal to get my holiday shopping done this weekend is looking a little doubtful, but we’ll see how tomorrow goes. I admit, I’ve been holding out to see what kind of deals I can get on Cyber Monday.

With that, I’m off for the day. I hope you have a blessed Sunday!

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  1. I just love your gift guides!! I’ve got TONS of things coming from the Nordstrom gift items you’ve posted (thanks so much!!) so I’m keeping my fingers crossed the awful weather across the country doesn’t slow the delivery down too much.
    P.S. Is The Amazing Race back on?!?!! Love that show.

  2. I think that your Christmas tree is beautiful because of the love in your home and the special ornaments placed on its limbs!  A wintery mix really sounds wonderful, especially since we are back having short sleeve weather.  Yuck!  The prediction is for us to have a warm and wet winter.  Dang it!  We have to finish up the kids Christmas online, which I plan on doing tomorrow at Ulta, Kohl’s, and Amazon.  Have a blessed day!

  3. Your tree is beautiful along with your mantle!  I enjoyed your Instagram pics with your family yesterday.  No, I haven’t quite finished my shopping yet.  We’ve had company for the last 5 days, so I haven’t been able to get it done.  I’m looking forward to more ideas and sales.   I hope you have a very relaxing day!

  4. All my gifts are bought & wrapped. Those going a distance have been mailed off, as well. And, my home is decorated, so I’m ahead of the game. I did buy myself a new coat during Black Friday. Let’s call it a gift to myself. 😉

    I’m going shopping with a friend on Monday but I’ve made myself a promise to Not buy anything. Stay strong! 

  5. You have such a wonderful family. I like that you include them in your blog. We finished last of our leftovers. Yay. Now I just want homemade soup or a good grilled burger. The leaves are falling today. Warm here but think the cooler weather coming this week. I love fall.

  6. I think your decorations look great! I’ve had our home decorated for Christmas for a few weeks which is the earliest I’ve ever done it  but I wanted time to enjoy because we aren’t going to be home much over Christmas. We also weren’t hosting Thanksgiving so my Autumn decor could be put away. I’m done shopping for Christmas presents, I did it all online. Now I’m just waiting for items to finish arriving. 
    Enjoy your Sunday, it’s rainy and cold here, an afterwards nap sounds good to me!

  7. I loved your gift guides and hope to order for my daughter in law.    Thanks for posting all the sales.   There are some great finds.  We were in Dallas Texas visiting with in laws and family and had a great time.    But I would much rather have been at home   Traveling on planes isn’t my favorite thing to do.  I think your Christmas tree 🎄 looks very pretty and the mantle Also.  I have only bought 3 things so far this year.  But this week is grandkids toys and my sons and husband.  Amazon will probably be my go too.  I enjoy your posts so much and hope you have a great Sunday.  By the way I have done 1 Christmas concert last week and have 1 more this Saturday night.  I am ready for it to be over even though I love our chorale.  🙂❤️ And the music.  

  8. Hi Jolynne! The decorations look great! Thank you so much for all the gift and black Friday shopping guides. I got a few gifts but still a lot left. Yet, I got those Dolce Vita booties from L&T from $120 to $36 for me – way too good to pass up. I love the UGG quincy boot but don’t have the budget. I recently changed jobs from a uniform requirement to business casual but in 5 months I can work from home 3 days a week so only investing in a few good outfits I can mix and match. I also got a wrap bracelet from Victoria emerson buy one get one, 50% off! Thanks again so much!

  9. I am buying for my 18 year old niece… how you found that that age likes the Victoria Emerson cuffs and wraps? 

  10. Two things … you have the Ugg Brett Slippers (like a moccasin) right? Are they true to size? Also, what book are you reading?

  11. I remember being like your daughters when I was a teenager. My dad would set the tree up and then I took over putting on the lights and the decorations. I also cooked meals for my family and did a huge part of the holiday baking with my mom. 😊 I always thought I’d have a daughter to join me in my love of Christmas decor, but alas God granted me sons (who don’t have any desire to help with the decorating 🥴). All the guys are watching football while I continue to do the tree and the rest of the house. Every once in a while they’ll make a comment like “It looks beautiful Mom.” 😁 It’s all good!
    Happy December 1st! 🎄☃️

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