Coffee Talk 12.02.18

Good morning! This weekend has flown by for me, how about you? In fact, this whole week has been a whirlwind. There’s a lot going on for the blog, as is always the case this time of year, and we’ve also been wrapping up some things around the house.

The new wood floors in the family room look amazing, and I’m so glad we went ahead and had them put in before the holidays. Of course, the irony of installing wood floors is that you end up covering them up with a rug. I always find that humorous, but I still love them, and continuing the wood floors makes our family room and kitchen area look more cohesive. I didn’t realize how much the wall-to-wall carpet in the family room chopped up the space.

Our area rug arrived about an hour after the floor installers left, which couldn’t have been more perfect… except I totally forgot to order a rug pad. You’d think I’d have this down to a science by now, with all of the area rugs I’ve ordered since moving into this house, but I guess I’ve had a lot going on.

I was willing to wait to lay the rug until we get the pad, but Paul got home from work and wanted to put it down right away, so we did, and ohmyword. It’s like a totally different room.

The ottoman makes complete sense now, the colors pull together the navy from the couch and the earth tones from the wood furniture and mantle, and it all works together beautifully. Here’s a peek from my Insta Story.

I also got a new chair and lamps, and that helps the room a lot, but now I want to get a matching chair and replace one of my end tables. I swear, this decorating stuff never ends!!!

Anyway, it’s really coming along, and I couldn’t be more pleased. I’ll do a full reveal on the blog in a few weeks.

We also got a table and mirror for the back of the foyer, and Paul and I hung that yesterday. The lampshade is too big (obvi) so we’re working on replacing that, but otherwise, I’m happy with it. I LOVE the mirror and table, and those vases coordinate beautifully with the rug in the entryway.

There’s also a little sneak peek of my office through that doorway. You can get a glimpse of my curtains and the chair and table we recently added.

I know I keep saying I’m going to post a reveal of each of these areas, but there’s still some tweaking I want to do in each space before I do a whole post on any of them, so it will probably be after the holidays at this point. That’s fine, though. We will probably all be ready for a break from fashion and shopping by then!

In other news, we hosted “Friendsgiving” last night for a group of close friends, and that was fun. I set the dining room table, and everyone brought a dish or two, and it we had a full sit-down dinner. I usually host more casual get-togethers, and everyone ends up hanging out around the kitchen island or outside on the deck, so this was nice for a change.

I have to say, though, I really missed my son last night — I think this was the first time that I really felt his absence. Even though he’s at college, he’s been around for most of our events and social gatherings this fall, so it seemed odd for him not to be here, and the other kids missed him too — especially the little ones.

I guess it’s all part of the process, and I have to get used to the fact that he won’t be here for everything anymore, but it definitely has me looking forward to having him home for Christmas break.

I’m also looking forward to having more events here this month… I have at least two big gatherings planned, and I have an idea for a 3rd, but I have to run that one by Paul first. He’s so good about helping me get ready for these things, and he almost always does the cleanup afterwards, so I need to make sure he’s on board, but all in all we’re really enjoying entertaining in our new house!

So today my plan is to relax! Ha! We’ll see how that goes.

We actually were planning to get our live Christmas tree this afternoon, but it’s supposed to rain off and on all day (shocker!!!) so I don’t know if that will work out. It will be muddy, and even if they shake out the tree, it will still be pretty wet to bring into the house… on my new wood floors and rug, no less.

Oh, by the way, speaking of rain. 2018 is now the 2nd most rainy year in Philadelphia history! Yep, in the past few weeks, we’ve moved up from 6th or 7th, where we were hovering for a while, to 2nd.

This year has been insane for rain. I’ve never seen the beat of it. For a girl who hates rain and gloomy weather and whose occupation and primary hobby both require being outside, it’s taken a toll. I’m surprised I’m not in more of a funk, to be honest. I guess I’ve had so much going on this year to keep my spirits up that it has worked out, but I’m hoping 2019 takes a turn for the better weather-wise.

Speaking of my primary hobby, I haven’t run all week. Either it’s been raining (see above) or I just couldn’t fit it in.

This time of year is always this way, though. Even without the rain, I have too much on my plate, so my exercise routine suffers. When I do have a few minutes take a breath and do something for me, I’d rather be with my family enjoying the holiday season, so that’s what I do.

I’m sure everyone reading along can relate. We all have to pick and choose because no one can “do it all.” I usually try to make exercise one of those non-negotiables, but sometimes it just ain’t happening, so I try to give myself some grace and get back to it as soon as I can.

If you’re reading along and feeling overwhelmed today with all of the things you want to do or feel like you have to do, I hope you’ll choose to let something go — just say no to that “one more thing” or hire it out or just don’t go to that event you’re dreading. And most importantly, don’t guilt yourself about it. Life is too short!

With that said, I’m going to post this and go sit by the Christmas tree with my 2nd cup of coffee and enjoy the lights for a little bit before I have to get ready for church.

While we don’t have our live tree yet, we did set up the artificial one in the living room last weekend, and my daughter put the lights on. I tell ya, having teenagers can be very handy at times! It almost makes up for the attitude. Ha!

I still haven’t bought ribbon (one more thing I said “no” to this week) so it just has the lights on right now, but it’s still pretty that way, and I love to sit in there with my coffee and devotions.

By the way, if you’re a fellow believer, She Reads Truth has a 4-week reading plan for Advent. I’ve been taking a break from their devotions for a while, but I always enjoy their Advent series, so I’m going to do this one. It starts today, if you’re interested, and you can sign up to get them in your email every day or just go to their website and read online.

Let me know if you decide to try it, and enjoy the rest of your weekend!