Coffee Talk: Intermittent Fasting Update & Kitchen Makeover Plans

Well, good morning! I’m going to need toothpicks to keep my eyes open today.

I haven’t been sleeping well while on the prednisone for my hip. (Today is my last day, yay!) Plus, I think my new intermittent fasting regimen may also be partly to blame.

I usually make myself stay in bed until at least 5AM, but last night, I just got up and came downstairs at 3AM and started doing blog work. And stupidly, I even made a cup of coffee. #iknow #sodumb

By 4AM, I was getting drowsy, so I went back up and tried to get another couple hours of sleep before getting up for church. Let’s just say, that didn’t work out so well.

So here I am, back up and at ’em at 5AM!

Speaking of IF (intermittent fasting), I’ve had several requests for an update…

Intermittent Fasting Update

This was my 2nd full week of committing to a 19:5 fasting schedule, and I’m really getting in the groove. I’m not hungry anymore, and I have tons of energy.

I downloaded an app, which makes it soooooo much easier to keep track, and I like how it alerts me when it’s time to break my fast. This way, I don’t even find myself looking at the clock and counting down.

I just wait until it beeps, and then when I get around to it, I go get something healthy to eat and tap the End Fast button.

There are a bunch of different fasting apps,  but the one I’m using is called Zero.

My only complaint is, it doesn’t alert me when my 6-hour eating window is up. Usually I start my next fast well before that anyway, but every once in a while, I lose track of time and end up going over my 6 hours. But that’s not a big deal, and it hasn’t happened very often. It’s not supposed to be a rigid system, anyway.

I actually have the app set to a 18:6 schedule, just to give myself some leeway. (I can always close my eating window early because it measures my fasting window.) Ironically, I found that I started losing weight when I moved from 4 or 5 to a 6-hour eating window.

Now, that may also be because I’m not eating as much overall — again, I blame the prednisone. I don’t have much of an appetite, plus I’m not drinking much wine while on it. So we’ll see how things go once I get off the meds.

I’m a little nervous about potential hair loss with IF, since that is something I struggle with at times, so I went to the health food store yesterday for a hair/skin/nail vitamin and a canister of collagen peptides.

I tried the collagen in my coffee yesterday afternoon, and I didn’t care for the flavor (yes, I could definitely taste it) so I’m open to ideas… I don’t do smoothies because my digestive system can’t process them, and I get an upset stomach, so that’s out. Anything else I can put collagen in?

I’m also going to try to eat more eggs. I used to have them scrambled every morning for breakfast, but I miss them now that I’m not eating breakfast. Plus, they contain important nutrients that my body needs, so I need to start keeping hardboiled eggs and/or egg salad in the fridge for a quick and easy lunch.

IF Results: Week 2

As for my results? The scale is down a bit, but more importantly, I look and feel slimmer. I’m diligently keeping track of my weight in a spreadsheet so I can compare weekly averages, but I don’t want to get too caught up in the number on the scale.

My biggest regret with this whole process is not taking a good before picture. I didn’t even think about it.

So anyway, the short story is, I’m happy with the IF lifestyle so far and see no reason to change anything!

Kitchen Makeover Plans

In other news, our kitchen makeover is coming right along!

After a lot of running around and internet research and talking to people (you all have been a great help!) we finally have a game plan.

In case you’re just tuning in, we are planning to paint the cabinets and island, replace countertops, add a tile backsplash, and install a vent hood over the cooktop. Plus, we plan to redesign the desk area.

Here’s a “before” picture of the kitchen — even before we moved in and painted — but it gives you the idea of that I’m talking about if you haven’t seen it before.


After much debate, we decided to go with all Bosch appliances, with the exception of our cooktop.

I’m all about keeping my appliances simple and intuitive, and I hate touch pad controls with a red hot passion.

When I saw the Bosch double wall oven with actual knobs , I got so excited, I think I frightened the salesman. That was when we decided to go all Bosch. (I also love the design of their cabinet depth French door fridge, and the dishwasher was already a given.)

As for the cooktop, BlueStar appliances are made right here in Reading, Pennsylvania, and they make one of the only two induction cooktops that have actual knobs. (See above comment about touch pad controls.)

Both Paul and I think it’s cool to support a local brand, so even though it’s a bit of a splurge, we’re going to go with that. It will save us having to run a gas line, which was our original plan, and I think I can get used to cooking with induction the way the BlueStar operates.


We also picked out countertops this week. Like I said, we’ve been rocking and rolling on the kitchen plans!

We’re going with a beautiful white and grey quartzite — not to be confused with quartz. (Quartz is manmade; quartzite is a natural stone.) Hopefully it will hold up to the abuse we dish out around here.

Because we are used to a murky brown granite, we think nothing of putting hot pans on the counters, and we’re pretty careless about wiping up colorful substances like wine rings and pizza sauce.

I’ll have to make sure to keep our quartzite sealed regularly and retrain my kids to be a little more careful, but I’m really excited for a light and airy kitchen. I’ve had maple cabinets and brown granite in my kitchen for the past 15 years.


The next task is to find a painter for the cabinets. I have a couple of appointments this week, and I’m crossing my fingers that someone is available in the next couple of months. Now that I’ve got this ball rolling, I want to keep the project moving.

Our plan is to paint the perimeter cabinets an off-white that works well with the quartzite, and then the island will be dark grey or off-black.

What’s nice about the decision to paint the cabinets and not replace them is that we don’t have to wait on the cabinets to get everything else installed. We can go ahead and order appliances, and then whenever the counters are ready, they can go in.

I’m assuming we can even tile our backsplash before the cabinets get painted, but I’ll ask the painters what they prefer.

All that to say, things should start changing in here very soon!


We still need to pick out new hardware for the cabinet doors and drawers, and we want to install some under-cabinet lighting, but our pendant lights over the island were new as of last fall, so they stay.


So, the only remaining task is to figure out the desk area.

We plan to get a carpenter to build a wine rack in that cut-out where the Bon Appetit sign is, and then I want to remove the desk, raise the counters to regular kitchen height, and install a dual zone wine bottle and beverage fridge underneath, as well as a pull-out microwave. (We are going to get a proper vent hood over the cooktop.)

When entertaining, we always make that counter the drink station, so I can’t wait to have a drink fridge and get all the bottles and cans off the counter.

With the leftover space, we’ll put a new, taller set of drawers to house all the office junk. I’ve measured it out, and it will fit. The question is, how to design it so it looks nice. We still have to figure that out.

So that’s the plan!

I probably should have broken this up into two posts, but my whole week is already planned out with a post every day, so I’ll just let this be another suuuuper long Coffee Talk.

We’re off to church this morning, and I think I’m going to get outside and walk/run while the weather is still mild.

I hope you all in the stormy areas are staying safe.

Enjoy the rest of your weekend!

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  1. Like hearing your kitchen remodel plans and ideas!  Just got married again (after 10’years) at the age of 65 and gong to do some “work” in my new husband’s home! 

    Thanks so much for all of the hard work and passion you share for you family, fashion and home blog!  Alice in Nashville TN 

  2. I have been reading all the positives of adding collagen supplements, especially as we age. I’m very sensitive to textures so I was concerned about getting the powder.  I actually found some caplets and I’ve been taking those. I haven’t taken the time to do any research as to why one is better than the other, or even if there is a difference. I just know I do better with anything in a pill form.  I can’t even take cough syrup! 😜

  3. Hi Jo-Lynne,

    I am enjoying your blog and your style very much, thank you for all you do. Try using Further Foods collagen, there is no taste and the company uses sustainable, high quality, grass-fed sources. You can easily buy it from Costco online.

  4. I tried the collagen in my coffee too…it was awful! I had been reading another blogger who said she did that and it was completely tasteless, but I couldn’t stand it.  I’m not sure if it was taste, smell or mouth feel.  I thought maybe if I forced myself, I’d get used to it, but my morning coffee is one of the pleasures of my day so I decided I deserve to just enjoy it.  I eat a lot of soups in the winter and have had good luck stirring it into those.  I also stir it into containers of Light & Fit greek yogurt.  I stir really fast so it doesn’t clump when it hits the cold yogurt.  I do more smoothies in summer, so will put it in those too.

  5. Good morning! I enjoyed reading your plans for kitchen updates and it all sounds lovely and functional. One note on the collagen. Maybe try bone broth – the real, organic stuff. Kettle and Fire has great reviews for the best broth and I plan to order some and try it too. 🙂

  6. You could out your collagen in oatmeal, stir in soup.  My family, three of us as well as several friends all use collagen daily.  It has made a difference in all of our lives. We all put it in hot coffee without tasting it.  But ….all of us use one kind of collagen from trim healthy moma. 

  7. Hi Jo-Lynne, your kitchen plans are very exciting and I’m so happy that you are sharing all the details with us. As for collagen, I take a daily tablet called Nature’s Bounty Advanced Collagen Formula. I live in Canada so I don’t know if you can find this brand where you live. The directions say to take 2 pills a day but I only take one. I have been taking a pill a day for not quite a year. I have noticed that my nails grow faster and are stronger. My hair always has grown fast so I don’t notice any difference there. I also feel that the pills are helping my joints. Have a great Sunday!

  8. Jo-Lynne,
    LOL – I couldn’t sleep last night on the early side of going to bed and was up and down twice before settling in.

    I LOVE your kitchen design and think you’ll really enjoy the planned changes. The kitchen is such a central hub to family life and entertaining…it really needs to be workable and pleasant to be in. Thanks – when the kitchen’s in progress please have before and after’s to see progress!

  9. Love seeing what you guys are doing to your house. 
    I had to have surgery for different issues for the last 4 years plus x-rays which wreak havoc on my hair. I take One tablespoon of a grape flavored liquid collagen for my hair and nails each night at bedtime. It seems to be helping.

  10. I use Ancient Nutrition Multi Collagen Vanilla in my coffee & have eliminated artificial sweeteners. Also add splash of milk. I like the taste. 

  11. Kitchen plans coming along nicely.  It sounds like it’s going to be amazing!  😍

    I bought the book but have had no time to read it yet.  But I have a question:  is the book only about the 19:5 IF time?  I don’t think there is any way I can swing that. I’d have to eat lunch at work around 2 and finish dinner by 7.  I don’t even at home from work after my commute until after 6 or 6:30 and then still have to cook.  😕 I was going to do the 16:8.  🤷‍♀️ 

  12. Think about doing the quartzite on your back splash area, you don’t have much and it is a super clean and lux look.

  13. I can’t believe that you have basically been up since 3a!  I hope that you were able to stay awake in church.  I can’t wait to see the progression of the kitchen transformation.  A double oven is heavenly, and supporting a local business is awesome!  I’d love to have some changes made in our kitchen, but I have not been able to get the other half on board.  And with us being so far out, finding competent workers is almost impossible.  I think your ideas for the desk area are very feasible and will fabulous.  Thankfully, our little area of southwest central Georgia was spared from tornadoes and damage with the storm last night.  Have a blessed day!

  14. Hi Jo Lynne, I love your ideas for the kitchen. I didn’t know about the quartz and quartzite, but I do know they must be sealed. I like your kitchen the way it is haha – mine is so small that I’m always a wee bit jealous of size. You will love the Bosch appliances and I love knobs too. I guess I need to do some research as I didn’t know collegen was necessary and thought biotin was the way to go. I have ended first week of IF and feel great, sleep great, not hungry, lots of energy, but very little weight loss. I am a scale fanatic so I am disappointed, but will continue to see where it all goes. Love your blog and style!

    1. Yes, quartzite definitely needs to be sealed, and done right. I will make sure before I start taking chances. 🙂

      And I hear ya, my kitchen is amazing. I love the size and layout — it was one of the big selling points on this house. The color scheme, unfortunately, is what I lived with for 14 years in the last house, and I’m over it.

      This may be my one and only chance to redo a kitchen just the way I want it. I never got to do this before, and we will probably never move again until we’re ready for a retirement community, lol. (Not kidding at all.) So yeah, I’m super excited, but I realize that it is great as is.

  15. Hi Jo-Lynne, very interesting post on IF. I tried it past year for a couple of weeks, doing 16:8, but it didn’t stick, not sure why. I didn’t find the fasting part hard-but-I like to exercise before noon, and found it difficult to do so without breakfast (I usually have either 2 scrambled eggs or a small bowl of muesli with fruit). Did you have that experience too? Anyone else reading this finding exercise hard on an empty stomach? I don’t think I’d find exercising early morning hard, but I have to wait till 10am, so wouldn’t have eaten for 14 hours… 

    1. I am far from an expert, but I listened to one of Gin Stephens’ podcasts this morning while walking, and I gained a lot of info from just one broadcast.

      1. You really have to ease your way into the exercising while fasting thing. I was used to running on empty, so it hasn’t been an issue, but my trainer is going easy on my weight training while my body is figuring out how to become fat adapted. (She is trying IF too, so that’s convenient!)

      2. You should do 16:8 for a month before increasing your fasting window. I probably should have done that, and that’s why I’m sure I am finding 18:6 easier than 19:5.

      3. Weight loss is not immediate and often takes a few months, however, you may notice body changes within the first week or two.

      I hope that helps!

      1. Thanks! That’s how I feel-weights on empty is too hard for me. I’d never look at going beyond 16:8, not at this stage in my life with three little kiddos… 

        1. I know it seems that way, but your body really can adjust to it. It actually ends up giving you more energy… or that’s what they say. I feel like I’ve already found that to be true, but I’m a newbie.

    2. IF is quite flexible…… One option you may wish to try is having your meals earlier in the day ie breakfast and late lunch/early supper. That may help. See if that option is more do-able. Eating more of your calories earlier on in the day may accelerate weight loss too. Good luck!

      1. Thanks, that’s an idea. It’s tricky because I feel like I need fuel to get my three young kids out the house, in the car, walk to school, drive back home, with toddler most days. Doing all that takes 3 hours and doing it on no fuel isn’t easy. The thought of adding half an hour of weights on-just cannot bear it! I might try having a green smoothie instead of eggs for breakfast…

  16. Hi Jo-Lynne! I’m thrilled to hear that IF is working for you! I don’t sleep well either and I haven’t seen that improve or worsen since I started IF nearly 2 years ago. 🤷🏻‍♀️ Love all your kitchen update info. Sounds like it’s going to be great. We have an induction range and I love it. Happy Sunday!

  17. I just started taking collagen capsules. I tried the powder, too, but the capsules seem so easy to take with my other supplements.  We’ll see.  Can’t wait to see the results of your kitchen! A friend recently chose quartzite in her kitchen and loves it. May I suggest looking at the Subzero wine frig…I have had several brands and the Subzero is just far better! More costly,  but well worth it. Happy a Sunday! 

      1. We found the Subzero to be very quiet and reliable plus all shaped wine bottles fit in perfectly.  The racks glide so smoothly, too; they are made of wood, not wire. We are Pinot noir drinkers and the shape of the bottles don’t fit well in other wine frigs.  We have always purchased dual zone frigs (one side for white, one for red). The less expensive ones died after a couple of years. I’m sure there are other brands that are fine but I think the design and longevity of the Subzero is superior. 😀

        1. Hm…. good to know. I wanted the kind you can put soda cans on the one side, and wine on the other… but I guess that doesn’t allow separate temps for red and white? Good food for thought. I need to try out whatever one I’m going to order with different sized wine bottles.

      2. We just replaced our Sub Zero (which was the original fridge in our house but it died out last November). When we began shopping around we wrestled with paying $20,000+ for a new fridge. So…..after much research and debate, we ended up with a Kitchen Aid that was the same size as our sub zero and it’s sooooo nice! It still wasn’t cheap ($9,000) but less than the SZ. 

        1. Good to know, we were looking at the kitchenaid. It was my 2nd choice. But I fell in love with the design of the Bosch. It’s recently been remodeled and it’s pretty slick. 🙂

  18. I highly recommend Bulletproof Chocolate collagen in your coffee. It tastes amazing, like a mocha. One serving is 2 scoops but even  scoop tastes great. It’s so good I found my son & his 2 buddies have made smoothies with it a couple days ago! In San Diego, the Sprouts or Target sells it. Or you can buy it online! 

  19. I have been doing IF for about a year. It was an easy transition for my lifestyle. Thanks for the app suggestion! I put the collagen peptides in my morning cup of tea (Celestial Seasonings honey lemon ginseng green tea) and it goes down easy. Your kitchen is going to look great. I used white macaubas quartzite several years ago in our remodel and love it. No issues with staining at all. Are you replacing your sink? We installed the Blanco undermount sink, large and no divider. We love it! I have the grid in the bottom which is a great accessory. 

    1. I am so glad you had good luck with your white quartzite. Do you put hot pans on it?

      Yes, I’m getting a LARGE square sink, and I cannot WAIT. I hate my current sink – it’s split 50/50 and it’s not even an under-mount, even though I have granite. I know these are 1st world problems, but things that make you go hmmmmm…..

      1. I don’t put hot pans on my counters. I’ve just never been able to let myself do that! #trust issues
        You are going to love your new sink. I highly recommend the stainless grid for the bottom. It’s fantastic!

        1. I know we shouldn’t, and I can get used to not doing that, but my kids are balking… they are used to it. and they do a lot of cooking. They want me to get black granite. I considered it – the leather look is cool. But it’s just not really the look I want.

  20. I, too, found the collagen peptides distasteful In my coffee. I like it in plain water. I put the water and the collagen in my Shakeology bottle and shake to mix thoroughly. Then I add ice. There is a slight taste but it is not bad, and the benefits are amazing. My hair and nails have never looked better. 

  21. I have found the best collagen powder to be made by Vital Proteins. It is in a blue and white canister. There is no taste at all. I mix it into my coffee and Greek yogurt. Hope that helps! 

  22. Your kitchen sounds beautiful! One thing to possibly be aware of is that some stones, marketed as quartzites are actually marble, and have the same staining/etching problems as marble. If possible, do some testing to ensure you’re truly getting quartzite. I’ve read horror stories from people who thought they were getting quartzite and it turned out not to be so.

    I’m becoming more and more interested in IF. Definitely plan on researching this some more. Have a great day!

    1. Yes, my designer told me that as well. She got me a sample to test. She sealed half and left the other unsealed and ran a few tests (and it passed, lol) but she also sent it home with me to test some more. So I think I’m good, but I appreciate the info! I would be sick if that happened.

  23. Good morning! I too enjoy eggs and will often make them at noon when I break my fast. In fact, more often than not, I’ll eat “breakfast” food like eggs or yogurt and fruit instead of a typical lunch. 

  24. I’ve been using Nutrafol for hair loss for about 6 months. It’s expensive – $80 per month. However, I can see a ton of new growth around my face, so it appears to be working. 

  25. I’m so excited about your kitchen makeover and I love that you’re telling us about it from the get-go! Our kitchen could use some updating as well, but I never know where to even begin since I don’t think too well outside of the box! If I have a dark kitchen (which I do – ugh!) I struggle with figuring out how to make it lighter and brighter so I will definitely be stalking your blog and taking notes!!

    1. Yeah, I am the same. I am working with a designer, she helped with the initial paint selections and curtains and things when we moved in. I know what I like, but I need someone who can help me put it all together. I also watch a lot of HGTV — I’m addicted to House Hunters Renovations. I’ve seen every one.

  26. I’m really picky about tasting the collagen and also do IF. At the end of my eating window I’ve been putting my collagen in 8 oz of water with the raspberry lemonade flavor of Calm. It’s a magnesium supplement. You can’t taste it and I use it to take my vitamins. It’s working really well. I buy the Calm on Amazon. 

  27. This was NOT too long of a post! Love hearing about the IM and the kitchen remodel! You previously noted a book and an article on IF. Would you tell me again which ones they were?

  28. I think it wise to change your desk area into usable kitchen/storage space. Your kitchen area is not huge for a family of five so you’ll have a bit more by reconfiguring that area. When I had my kitchen remodel, the designer wanted to put in a desk area. It was a definite NO as I knew it would become a clutter area. Besides, I have an office. I love, love my induction cooktop and know you will too. It’s easy to wipe down but more importantly, fast to heat up. Looking forward to your changes. 

    I’ll restart IF. I quit because I wasn’t losing any weight. I’m afraid I was discouraged. I wanted instant results like the Keto diet. But, I’ve read that IF is a better way to eat, not just for your weight but overall health as we get older. Starting today! 🤞🏼

    I see a nap in your future….

    1. You’re right, it seems large, but there are times when I feel I could actually use more counter space. I will love having that desk section be more a part of the kitchen.

      Yes, IF takes a while to show up on the scale. And if you can do it AND keto, you really will get results. But I am still allowing myself some carbs.

  29. Hopefully the hair loss won’t be an issue. I’ve done IF since before it was a thing. It’s just the way I ate and I’ve never had a problem with my hair or nails. I can’t wait until we move in a few years and I can get a new kitchen. I’ve hated this one since the day we moved in, but it was literally the only house we could get and I just need to count my blessings. 😉Your kitchen is going to be gorgeous!!!! Happy weekend! XO

  30. Thanks for sharing the kitchen reno on the blog-love to see others design choices. Looks like it will be lovely. I agree with the Further Food Collagen suggestion. It really disolves well, leaves no taste, and is a high quality product. I remember you were doing FWTFL at one time. Do you like this fasting program better? What are the differences? Thanks!

    1. I like this sooooo much better. FWTFL utilized IF but also carb cycling and counting macros and then a specific exercise plan. it was too complicated for my pea brain. I know a lot of women are successful with it tho.

  31. Hi Jolynn, 
    Never stopped a note to you before but I can agree with you on the hair loss.  I use Vital Proteins Marine Collagen  and it comes in a canister form, individual packets and vitamin form.
    I can honestly say it’s “the bomb”. My hair and nails have never been better.
    Just wanted to let you know.
    Love your Blog 💕💕💕

  32. You will love an induction cooktop. They are so easy to keep clean, although I dislike knobs so have touch pad controls, and they cook sooo much faster than electric or gas. The house we have now had a gas cooktop and I couldn’t wait to get rid of it. You just need to have induction compatible cookware. I use All Clad and Dreymeyer pans. 

  33. Can’t wait to see the new kitchen come together. We’ve built 2 houses and choosing all the appliances and finishes is my favorite part, although rather time consuming and overwhelming at times.

    I tried IF last year while my husband was away and found it really effective. I did have one rather scary incident though when I did some strenuous exercise (2 hrs of intense raking leaves) during my fasting window and then my vision started to go all blurry. Went back to normal after eating something, thank goodness. Thinking I’ll give it another go soon but might read that book first.

  34. I also purchase new Bosch appliances last year when I updated the kitchen in my home and am sorry to say that the counter depth refrigerator was the biggest disappointment of the whole project. The ice/water dispenser on the outside of the door is very disfunctional. It shoots out small chards of ice in all directions no matter how I position my glass. I have learned to only try for cubes, never crushed, but still have similar results. I have had it serviced & replaced but the problem remains the same. I now have a rug in front of the refrigerator to catch the flying ice pieces and keep a towel nearby. Very disappointing from a brand you expect more from. Also, the interior space is much less in a counter depth model than a regular one. I manage because I’m an empty nester but warn you to have a good look at the interior before you make your purchase. I hope you love your kitchen when it’s finished!

    1. Hi Anna, thanks for that feedback. WOW that is so disappointing. I love the company – actually visited the showroom on a press trip a few years back. We aren’t getting the exterior water/ice dispenser, so that won’t be an issue. Do you like everything else about it? Incidentally, I didn’t think they even offered the exterior water/ice dispenser on cabinet depth models. I only saw it on the regular one.

      1. Something I read said that Bosch doesn’t even like those external water dispensers – they think they’re ugly, and they require more repairs than any other part. that was why I decided to forego it and get one without.

    2. We updated our kitchen last fall, and I researched appliances for months. Most new refrigerators have less space inside because EPA requirements make them more energy efficient. To make them more energy efficient yet still fit in spaces that work with the cabinets, they had to reduce the space on the inside of the refrigerator. I bought all Bosch appliances except the refrigerator. I asked 4 of my close friends with SubZero if they like theirs. Three out of 4 would not buy another SubZero. The 4th one has had hers since 1999 and loves it. Maybe they made them better back then. We had a GE Monogram for 19 years with one service call, so I bought another one, $10,000. Hopefully it serves us as well. What I don’t like about our Bosch electric cooktop is the large burner is in the back. When I am using a frying pan in the back, the pan’s handle extends over the smaller burner, which makes the small burner hard to use.

  35. I’m so glad you’re having such a great start to the new year! Remodeling the kitchen is so fun and your plan sounds beautiful. Can’t wait to see it all! I love a contrasting island color (our island is painted a soft white, but the kitchen cabinets are a dark walnut). I also think you’re smart to keep a classic look that will stay stylish for many years. When we moved into our current house in 2009, the trending styles were still very dark and “Tuscan” looking, but I’d always had bright white kitchens (even when others didn’t) and loved them so I knew I didn’t want to go too dark when we remodeled. Although we ended up with dark cabinetry, it’s a classic dark wood (not reddish which was so in style back then), & the rest of the kitchen is light and bright and I still love it. (Which is good since the home decor styles changed drastically a couple years after our costly remodel.) 😊
    I ended up changing my IF schedule to a 16:8 . With teaching, I need to start my day with breakfast as it gives me important energy and I get lightheaded easily and felt a little dizzy when I wasn’t eating until noon. So, an 8 hour eating window was suggested. I actually don’t want to lose weight; I want the digestive health, brain health, and anti-inflammatory benefits I keep reading about. Glad it’s working for you! 

    1. I add about 1/2 tsp of heavy cream. That tiny amount takes the edge off the bitterness. I have 2 or 3 cups so my goal is to stay under 50 calories. I know that is not technically a clean fast, but it’s my little concession to make this enjoyable for me. 🙂 So far, it doesn’t seem to be an issue.

  36. Hi, 
    I was just wondering if there was something particular about IF that makes you worried about hair loss? I hadn’t heard about that being a possibility.. I enjoy your blog!

    1. It seems like it’s a common thing that happens to people 4-8 weeks in. It’s the body’s response to “stress” and it does go away when you adjust. If you google it or ask in the fasting forums, you’ll see a lot of people talking about it. I guess it doesn’t always happen… I hope not!

  37. Hey I had a question about the steroids.  Did they make you extra hungry or did u lose your appetite. Also I didn’t know they make u  sleep less. ?
    Just wondering your experience. We’re u on them just a week?  

  38. Hello, I am an avid follower but have never commented but your comments about IF tells me we are soul sisters!!! haha. I love it too. As far as the collagen…..I do put them in my smoothies in the summer but in the winter I use them in the protein balls or bars that I make. No flavor so that works perfectly. I did not care for them in my coffee either 🙁 I am embarking on my first 24 hour fast as we speak….wish me luck!

    1. Thanks for the info, and let me know how that fast goes! I’m terrified of a 24 hour fast, but then I can see how sometimes it might happen naturally, if one day I move my eating window earlier or something.

  39. Thanks for the tip on the fasting app! I have been doing IF for almost a year now (through a lifestyle program Faster Way to Fatloss) and I love it! But this app will help me with keeping my fasting window in tact!  

  40. Jo-Lynne, we are building a new house and also chose a Bosch appliance package.  In the past, we’ve had 2 Bosch dishwashers.  They are the best…the most quiet dishwasher!  I’ll be happy to try the others in this line. Thanks for sharing your remodel project…so fun to hear about it!

    1. YES, Bosch dishwashers are the only way to go, in my opinion. Loved our last one, this one is Bosch but base model, and it is soooo awkward to load. Totally different inside, and also, I miss the 3rd rack for all our mixing spoons and spatulas and stuff. Can’t wait to get that one back again!

  41. I like Bulletproof Collagen Protein bars. They can be a little chalky but I do keto and it can be hard to find a meal replacement bar that is low-carb. I am a fan of their lemon cookie flavor.

  42. Good morning!

    The kitchen remodel sounds beautiful. Just an FYI – you mentioned getting Quartzite. We put quartz in our house and we LOVE IT! And there is absolutely no maintenance or having to seal it at all and are very durable. They also have some beautiful colors in the Quartz. The brand we bought was Cambria. I’d highly recommend it.

  43. We did Quartzite (not quartz) countertops too.  As a geologist, I prefer natural stone.  However, I was very worried about “etching” with spilled acids like coffee, wine, vinegar.  Quartzite is silica based but often has calcium in it, which is why it could dissolve when acids are dropped on it. So I actually got a little bottle of HCl–hydrochloric acid, which geologist use to establish whether materials are bonded with calcium carbonate.  The HCl solution (not full strength hydrochloric acid) fizzes when dropped on some surfaces.  I took a sample of the quartzite we were planning to install and tested it.  No etching! We’ve been thrilled with our light brown/grey/white quartzite going on 3 years now.

  44. I like to put a scoop of collagen and a scoop of BCAAs in my shaker bottle along with some ice and water.  I give it a good shake and pour in my large Yeti.  I find it to be a very refreshing afternoon drink. 

  45. Thanks for sharing your kitchen project. We have been thinking of resurfacing also. Can’t wait to see your finished project. I too use the Vital Proteins collagen powder. I love it for my skin, nails and hair but the taste is not too exciting. I usually add it to one of my morning glasses of water with a drop or two of grapefruit or lemon essential oil to make it more palatable and healthy! Adding it to soup or oatmeal also is an option.

  46. Apparently drinking lemon water in your fasted state is a-mazing for you.  I’ve been doing this for over a year and I didn’t realize it until I came upon an article….just thought I’d pass this along…

    Just wanted to let you know also that I think it’s so great of you to respond to so many of us!  A lot of bloggers don’t and it is so appreciated! 

  47. Hi Jolene, I’m a bit late reading this blog but wanted to share with you the collagen I use. Neo Cell super collagen. I purchase it at BJ’s but I know other stores carry it as well. It is tasteless and odorless.  It is in a power form and I drink it in my coffee every morning. Hope this is helpful!🤗

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