Try-On Haul: Amazon Fashion, Luxury Sweaters, Sock Booties, Work Pants, and AGOLDE Jeans

Good morning, and happy Monday! It was a lot of fun reading through all your comments on yesterday’s post. So much helpful info!

Now that I’m not posting on Saturdays, I’ve moved my Try-On Hauls to Mondays. The only problem is, so many retailers run sales over the weekend, and I like sharing things when they’re on sale… so maybe I need to move this to Fridays?

I dunno… For this week, at least, we’re doing Monday.

Currently I’m shopping for quality winter wardrobe staples that are on sale. As the retailers start to stock the virtual shelves with resort wear and early spring styles, they’re moving out their cashmere and wool, and it’s a good time to find great deals on quality winter wardrobe basics.

I’ve also got spring in mind, so I’m on the lookout for new styles I may want to incorporate into my spring wardrobe.

If I was a “normal” person (considering that I live in Philly, where it will be cold for 2 or 3 more months), I probably wouldn’t be buying for spring in January. But since I’m a fashion blogger and have to start styling spring looks in March, I start to scout out the new spring styles as soon as the holidays are over.

I may as well share what I find, as some of you live in warmer areas and will start wearing these pieces much sooner than I will.

So let’s get started!

Try-Ons: Amazon Fashion

I’m trying to keep a variety of price points in these try-on hauls, and a lot of you seem to like it when I share good Amazon fashion finds. It’s hit or miss, but I sometimes hit the jackpot.

ZESICA Turtleneck Batwing Sleeve Chunky Pullover (size S) // This sweater caught my eye for the texture in the knit and contrasting neck, cuffs, and hem. It’s very soft against the skin — the fabric is 100% acrylic.

It has a loose weave and it’s kind of lightweight — I’d probably need a thin long-sleeve tee underneath to be warm enough, but it’s not see-through to the point of needing an under layer. It also comes in TONS of colors.

This sweater runs true to size; the small fits the way it’s meant to fit. I don’t think it’s necessarily the most flattering cut, but it’s cute for a chunky, oversized look. I think it’s best paired with skinny jeans, because they help offset the bulkiness on top.

VERDICT: This is a good choice for a budget buy. I can’t say how long it will hold up to washing and wearing, but it’s cute and comfortable and looks nice on.

Goodthreads Women’s Mid-Gauge Stretch V-Neck Sweater (size S) // I’ve shared this before in the charcoal, and I ordered it in this burgundy to try another color. I love the shape of the v-neck — very flattering!

I like this sweater a lot, but again, you’re getting what you pay for. It’s thin and stretchy and comfortable, but I’m not sure how it will hold up to washing and wearing.

It runs a bit big; I have the small, and it’s supposed to have a relaxed fit, but I might prefer an XS on me personally.

VERDICT: Another good choice for a budget buy.

Women Classic Two Tone Star Lace up Fashion Sneakers (size 8.5) // These were a pleasant surprise! They’re very soft and cushiony, especially the tongue and around the foot opening. I wouldn’t say they have support in the footbed, but they’re fine for me.

The quality is just okay, but it’s fine for a trendy shoe. I can see wearing these a lot in the springtime.

I recommend sizing up in these. I usually wear an 8 or 8.5 in closed shoes, sometimes a 7.5 or 9. I went with an 8.5 since reviews indicated I should size up, but I really could use the 9.

VERDICT: The price is right for a fun, trendy shoe. They’re quite comfortable!

Try-Ons: Luxury Sweaters

Okay, now we are going to hop to the other end of the spectrum, with a few luxe sweaters I found on sale.

Nordstrom Signature Crewneck Cashmere Blend Sweater (size S) // This sweater is absolutely gorgeous, and it’s 60% off!!! I was drawn to the color, especially as we head into spring. It stays cold here for so long, I find myself gravitating to brighter, lighter colors in soft, cozy knits for much of January and February.

Unfortunately, it’s not the best silhouette for me. The combination of the crew neck, drop shoulder, and boxy fit add visual weight and make me look top-heavy.

VERDICT: Beautiful sweater, great price, but better suited to someone built smaller on top.

About Nordstrom Signature:

Nordstrom Signature is one of Nordstrom’s in-house brands, but it’s more on par with brands like Vince and Theory. As a result, you’re getting a really good bang for your buck — especially when it goes on sale — because you’re not paying for the brand name, but you get a similar quality.

360cashmere Margaret Turtleneck Cashmere Sweater (size S) // I’ve been hearing some chatter about 360Cashmere, and I wanted to try it. I found this sweater at Verishop (a new retailer to me.) It’s on a magnificent sale at the moment — less than I paid, in fact!

I was surprised by how thin this cashmere is, compared to some other sweaters — but it’s not thin in a cheap way. It’s a really gorgeous knit.

The styling on this sweaters is fun –I love the wider sleeves and the knit detail at the cuffs, but it has this swingy, oversized fit that really doesn’t do much for me. It looks cute in these pictures, but as I moved around, I started having second thoughts.

I decided to hold off and see what else I could find. Now that the prices have dropped, I’m glad I sent it back.

As an aside, I’m dying over this sweater, but it’s gone in my size. Boo to the hoo. I may try the medium.

VERDICT: Gorgeous sweater, thinner than I expected, but still great quality. You have to be okay with a swingy, oversized fit. I returned, but having second thoughts after looking at these pix, lol!

About Verishop:

Verishop is a relatively new website dedicated to quality and convenience. They carry a highly curated selection of quality products from verified brands only — no third-party sellers. They carry a lot of luxury brands, premium denim, etc. The best part is their free 1-day shipping and free returns!

360Cashmere Dolores Cashmere Turtleneck Sweater (size XS) // This was my second attempt at a 360Cashmere sweater, and this one is from Nordstrom Rack. Unfortunately, it sold out before it got to me.

I like this one a little better than the first one (and I got it at a much better price.) It has the same fun sleeves with a more traditional fit through the mid-section, and the turtleneck is really soft and fluffy. I actually wore it to a party on Saturday night with different pants.

I had to settle for an XS (the S was sold out.) I think I’d like a S better, but it works — it looks almost cropped, which works well with the straight cropped jeans I am wearing above.

VERDICT: Gorgeous sweater, great price, sorry it sold out!!! I kept it.

Naadam The Softest Cashmere V-Neck Oatmeal (size S) // Okay, this one is full price, but I wanted to try it because I am so in love with my other Naadam sweater, and I love this oatmeal color.

You guys, this sweater is the thickest, softest cashmere I’ve ever touched. The thickness is what is so impressive — so luxe.

The styling is very classic, and the v-neck is just right — flattering but not too deep to compromise modesty. The arms are nice and long, the length is perfect for layering under jackets, and it doesn’t need a front-tuck. Perfection!

The fit is true to size; you could size up for a more relaxed fit, but I went with my usual small.

The price is up there, but compared to the higher end brands — Vince, Theory, Equipment, and the like, this is actually a great price for the quality.

Try-On: Jeffrey Campbell Siren Booties

Jeffrey Campbell Siren Booties (size 8) // I ordered these booties after seeing them on another blog. I’ve seen them a lot this fall/winter, but I was turned off by the neoprene. I’d rather have suede or leather.

BUT. These are sooooo comfortable, and they look really sharp. I purchased them specifically to try with crop straight jeans, and they really are perfect with them.

These boots run TTS, or size down if in between. I went with an 8.

VERDICT: A great choice for a pointy-toe sock bootie to wear with cropped jeans and dresses. Keeping!

Try On: Straight Crop Jeans

Agolde Toni Mid Rise Straight Ankle Jeans

AGOLDE Toni Mid Rise Straight Jeans (size 29) // I’m watching trends evolve, and the crop, straight denim trend is finally hitting mainstream, and it’s here to stay for a while. We’re going to see more and more of them as we head into spring, so I’m trying to find a pair or two that I really like.

I ordered these jeans at the recommendation of another blogger, and I LOVE THEM.

First of all, AGOLDE (a new brand to me) is a sustainable pick, for those who are trying to clean up their fashion game. Also, the price point isn’t quite as high as other premium brands. I paid full price for these, and they’re worth every penny.

The material on these jeans is thick and suuuuper soft, and the wash is absolutely gorgeous. They’re the perfect mid-indigo wash for dressing up or down, there’s no crazy distressing, but they’ve managed to give them the perfect worn-in, well-loved look. They huge my body in all the right places and are comfortable right out of the box. I didn’t want to take them off.

They have a 26″ inseam and a 11″ leg opening, so they have a slimmer fit but read as a straight — so a great way to ease into the crop straight trend. They’re TTS or size down if in between; I’m in the 29, and they fit perfectly.

VERDICT: Love, love, LOVE! If you’re a skinny jean fan and have been struggling to find straight crop jeans you like, I recommend trying these. They’re selling out at Verishop, but if they have your size, the 1-day shipping and free returns is pretty sweet! You can also find them at Nordstrom and Shopbop.

I tried these jeans a bunch of different ways, and I am working on a dedicated post for that… so stay tuned!

Try-On: Black Skinny Pants

Banana Republic Devon Legging-Fit Washable Bi-Stretch Ankle Pants (size 8) // These were recommended by someone in my JLS Fashion Tribe Facebook Group, and they are really good!!! I struggle to find ankle skinny pants that don’t look frumpy, and these do not.

They definitely have a legging-like fit, but if you like that style, you should love these. PERFECT for work wear, and they also come in navy, and are on sale right now!

These pants runs small; the 8 was snug in the waist, but I wore them to an event last weekend and they do loosen up some.

Okay, that’s a wrap! Leave any questions you may have in the comments.

I’m off to a photo shoot this morning… have a marvelous Monday!

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25 thoughts on “Try-On Haul: Amazon Fashion, Luxury Sweaters, Sock Booties, Work Pants, and AGOLDE Jeans

  1. If these are new pictures since you have begun IF, I would say it’s working:) You look great. I started IF about 6 months ago and absolutely love it. I feel and look better, and it’s easy:)

  2. Many bloggers live in warm climes and their looks reflect that, this post resonates with all of us in the North where winter is in full swing!   Thanks so much 

  3. I LOVE your try-on hauls!! But I have more time to shop closer to the weekend than the beginning of the week. I enjoy taking my time and slowly perusing this type of post with a cup of coffee or two.  If you could post them closer to the weekend, that would be great!  

  4. Love the Naadam sweater. Have noticed their ads for quite some time but haven’t ordered from the. Really wanted the navy v-neck sweater but it is sold out in the small.

  5. Hi Jo-Lynne! There are so really beautiful sweaters in this post! I am on the lookout for some new pointy toe black suede pumps and I love the ones you are wearing here! Can you share the information on them? Thank you and have a great week!

  6. I love sweater weather, but it seems that Mother Nature has forgotten that it’s winter time down here in the south.  I am wearing more very lightweight and short sleeve tops and it’s January!  I do like the items you shared in this post.  I have a couple pair of straight legged jeans in my closet that I need to work on pairing with appropriate tops and shoes so I will like them better.  Have a great day!

  7. Great try on haul. I love seeing what’s good from amazon… I missed yesterdays post and just read it. What is the purpose of taking collagen ? Other than to tighten our skin, Or am I missing something lol… Can you reference the book that introduced you to IF again please? I’m also interested as to what body shape changes you’ve noticed that’s not weight related? I’m at a comfortable weight right now but would like to loose an extra 5 for wiggle room😉 or see some difference in toning. I work out already and I’m thinking of trying a spin cycle class with my daughter 😳… just looking to switch things up a bit

    1. PS; the changes to your kitchen sound great, I can’t wait to see the end pics.. we changed out kitchen sink in late fall to a black sink and faucet. I love not having to polish it  and no scratches  like you often get in the stainless steal. Just a thought…

    2. Collagen is really good for your joints, as well as skin/hair/nails. You produce less as you age, plus the Standard American Diet doesn’t contain enough from natural sources, so supplementing is becoming popular.

      Here is the IF book I read: https://shopstyle.it/l/bcDe9

      There are lots of benefits not weight-gain related – better to google on your own and choose your sources, but this article sums it up pretty well – https://perfectketo.com/16-8-intermittent-fasting-ketosis/

  8. Love a try-on haul! Mondays or Fridays for this post work for me. Question on IF. How do you handle daily life with others when you’re not eating until later in the day? Do you just not accept breakfast/lunch invitations? Don’t make them? Do you have coffee or water while others eat?

    1. It’s very flexible. You can either skip fasting that day, shift your “eating window” to a better time, or widen your eating window to accommodate. I don’t have very many opportunities to socialize over breakfast, and with lunch, I can fit that into my eating window, or expand the window so I can have lunch and dinner. I’ve been amazed how easy this is, but I’m also very busy right now, running all over with this kitchen project, so it may be harder when life slows down and I feel like grazing. At the moment, the mindset of “it’s not time to eat yet” makes me not really think about food at all while I’m fasting.

  9. I have those exact SE snakeskin Hazel pumps. They are beautiful but I still haven’t worn them. Every time I think I will, I end up grabbing my calf hair leopard pumps with a larger block style heel instead because they are so comfy. The coloring for both shoes is similar and both is a print. 

  10. I looked through but didn’t see these mentioned. The winter/hiking boots in several of the pictures (Black with the cream fur) – can you tell me the brand or maybe where I can find some? I’ve been looking for something similar and I love those ones! I’ve looked online, but I don’t like the ones I’ve found as much as I like the ones you are wearing! 

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