Coffee Talk + What I Wore

Greetings! How is everyone’s Labor Day weekend going? Ours had a little unexpected excitement yesterday — we lost power for about six hours. It went out around 2 or 3PM and didn’t come back on until after 10PM so we had quite a chunk of time there without any electricity. Our new house is on well and septic, so it was a little more inconvenient to be without power than it was at our old house, but we managed.

Unfortunately I had planned to make a nice lasagna dinner for the family since everyone was home together for the first time in a few weeks, but we ended up doing sushi takeout when we realized the outage was going to be longer than originally expected.

So yeah, my son is home for the weekend, which is fun. I picked him up from college on Friday night in that torrential downpour, and my husband got home from a week in California on business around the same time. It was a quiet week here with just us girls, and while that was fun for a few days, I think we were all ready for the men to get home.

I wasted no time putting my husband to work. Actually, I was surprised when he offered to hang a couple of new light fixtures for me yesterday. I was going to wait a while before giving him a new task list. So now we have a new chandelier in the foyer! Here’s the view from the dining room into the living room.

I know, it’s looking pretty murky in there right now… I still want to get curtains and something to hang on the wall over the couch plus some accessories to add color, but I’ll get there eventually.

I did pick up two fall pillows at Tuesday Morning last week and plopped them on the couch, but I don’t think they help with the murky color scheme in there. My long-range plan is to replace the carpet with hardwoods and then get a pretty area rug, but all in due time!

We also hung this flush mount light in the back of the foyer by the French doors that lead to the deck, and I have another one just like it to go in the landing at the top of the stairs. Then I’m going to replace the rest of the hallway lights with this or this.

I really can’t believe we’re back to decorating with gold fixtures, but I’m liking the new softer matte gold as opposed to the shiny brass of the 80s. I’m still doing door hardware in matte black, though, and the lights in the kitchen and less formal areas of the house will be black as well. The nice thing about black and gold is they work well together, and I’m learning that mixing metals is more modern than having everything matchy-matchy. It also allows you to change things up without having to do everything all at once, which is nice.

The only other thing I’ve done this week is hang this Bon Appétit print in my kitchen. I’d been wanting something to go in that space over the desk, and we’re not ones to use a calendar or organizer there, so I bought this canvas print instead.

I hung it by myself when Paul was away, and when my 12-year-old came into the room and saw me hammering a nail into the wall, she exclaimed with a note of surprise, “See mom! You’re handy!”

Ha! That’s about as handy as I get, but I think I can manage to hammer a nail into the center of a wall.

Anyway, that’s about it for my house updates!

Since I haven’t done a What I Wore post in a while, and because just about everything is on sale this weekend, I thought I’d round up my outfits from the past few weeks.

Before we get started, I also wanted to let you know that registration for Adore Your Wardrobe course #1 starts today! I’ve written a ton over the years about this program, so rather than reinvent the wheel, I’ll just forward you to THIS POST if you want to know more.

Okay, on to what I’ve been wearing… I haven’t been taking pictures every day because most of my outfits are pretty basic and redundant — even more so than normal! It’s that time of year when everything seems old, and it’s too hot to care to reinvent my outfits, so this is what I’ve got.

What I’ve Been Wearing Lately

This is what I wore to take my daughter to her middle school open house, where she got to find her classrooms and her locker. I took the opportunity to dress up some since I knew I’d be seeing a lot of people. I figured it would be hot (and it was!) so I pulled out these old black chino shorts and paired them with this floral top from Loft.

These shorts have been my go-to “dressy shorts” for years, and they’re still available at Ann Taylor in limited sizes. I have them in both navy and black. They’re marked down to $24 and another 60% off that! For size reference, I take an 8 in these shorts. SHOP THE LOOK.

Some days are for lounge wear, so happily lounge wear can be cute! Unfortunately both of these pieces sold out, but I love them! So comfy and soft, and cute enough to wear around the house and not feel like you’re in your pajamas. SHOP THE LOOK.

And a few days later, I wore this to take my son to college and move him into his dorm. I knew we’d be carrying boxes and things, but I didn’t want to look too much like one of the students, so I opted for cropped jeans instead of jean shorts, and I kept it casual with a simple t-shirt and sandals.

These crop jeans are FINALLY on sale but the sizes are pretty depleted. If you luck out, I would recommend sizing up a full size from your largest normal size. I have them in a 30. They fit great, they’re soft but don’t bag out, and they have a nice comfortable high rise. SHOP THE LOOK.

The next day, we visited my in-laws, and I pulled on some of my old favorites — these AG jeans, which I think finally sold out, and this Fashionably Latte tee from White House Black Market. It’s a couple years old, but I hang onto it because I love the neckline, the overall fit, the quality of the material… and of course the sentiment! I wish they’d come out with more tees like this.

I wore this next outfit to church a couple weeks ago, but this is an old picture. I didn’t have time to get a picture that morning because I had tried on like 3 other outfits, and I was holding everyone up! SHOP THE LOOK.

I wore this to go to the mall one day last week. I’ve also worn this top with white jeans and navy wedge sandals. Unfortunately it sold out, but I linked a couple of cute LOFT floral tops. SHOP THE LOOK.

This here is pretty much what I live in every day. I have 3 or 4 tees and tanks and 2 pairs of denim shorts I rotate between. It’s just been too hot to care, and I spend most days at home anyway. As much as I love summer, I’m so excited for fall fashion and a reason to actually get dressed and go places, lol!!! SHOP THE LOOK.

I wore this to church last week, and my daughter snapped this picture from her lounge chair. She thought it was a bad angle, but I kind of like it. I tried to tell her it’s a real thing — Alison sometimes shoots from below to get a taller, leaner look. I’m only 5’5″ so I’ll take all the help I can get! SHOP THE LOOK.

It is tradition with a group of my good friends to go to breakfast after the kids get on the bus on the first day of school, and this year I decided to dress up a bit just for the heck of it. I’m still trying to figure out the straight crop jeans, and I’m not sure this works… what do you think?

True confessions: before we left, I chickened out and switched to skinny jeans. SHOP THE LOOK.

Finally, I wore this to go to the mall one day this week. These leopard loafers are so fun for fall, and I love that this top I bought last spring is still available. It’s a great color to carry me into fall. I also linked a short-sleeve version that’s on sale if you’re interested. I have the short-sleeved one in pink. SHOP THE LOOK.

And that’s all I’ve got!

I haven’t taken any pictures in the last few days, but today we have church so I’ll get dressed in something cute and get a mirror selfie, if nothing else.

I’m already starting to transition my closet. I’ve always used Labor Day weekend to start switching things over. I realize it’s still officially summer until September 22nd, and the weather will most likely prove that to be true, but for as long as I can remember, I’ve started gradually making the summer-to-fall wardrobe shift starting on Labor Day weekend.

I think it harkens back to the “no white after Labor Day” rule that was so ingrained in me from an early age. Even though now I eschew such archaic nonsense, I still like to start shifting my wardrobe on this weekend.

That doesn’t mean I put away all my summer clothes and start wearing sweaters and boots regardless of the weather, but I will move out my lightest summer things and start incorporating some darker colors and textures that give a nod to fall. I will also trade in my espadrilles for open toe ankle boots and things like that.

This is also the time I go through and remove everything I haven’t worn this season so I can donate or sell. I would love to have another closet sale, but I just don’t have the bandwidth for that right now so I’ll probably take a big haul to my local Clothes Mentor sometime in the next few weeks. I love how they pay you on the spot for what they keep, and they take clothes for all seasons.

Well, this turned into a book! I’ve got to get a move on. I want to keep my running streak going, and then of course I need to get ready for church. I hope you all enjoy the rest of your weekend!