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5 Random Things

Yes, I’m doing this again. Honestly, I just can’t focus. I feel like I’ve lived a month in the past 48 hours. My half marathon seems like weeks ago. I swear, so much has happened in my personal life in the past week that I have hardly sat down at the computer for more than 15 minutes at a time — certainly not long enough to craft a clever or informative blog post. Grab your coffee and sit for a minute or ten.

1. The Race

I keep adding race photos to my Facebook album. The official race pictures keep coming in. I’m incredibly impressed with how many they captured and how they manage to send them all to the right people. Here are a few of my faves.

half marathon

I’m amazed at how quickly I’ve recovered. I was very sore and stiff for the first few hours after the race. I finally caved and took an Ibuprofen, which helped a lot. The next day when I woke up, I felt fine. I mean, remarkably fine.

I’ve been consistently wearing the Strasburg Sock to sleep in for the past week or two, and seems to be helping my plantar fasciitis immensely. I had NO heel pain when I woke up on Monday. NONE. I was amazed. I have been wearing my flimsy ballet flats this week with no pain, although I did wake up with some heel soreness this morning, and I think it was due to tromping all over two states in those ballet flats yesterday. I need to find a more supportive flat shoe for fall, I guess. But I am still very encouraged by how good I feel.

I ran 4 miles this morning, and it felt really good. My calf is a bit stiff, but otherwise I feel great. I’m raring to go! When’s the next half marathon!???

2. The Car

In other news, I finally got my new car! I say finally not because it really took that long — it was exactly a week from the day I put my Volvo in the shop to the day that I agreed to buy a Honda Pilot — but because it was such an all-consuming process. I knew that I should be taking it easy last week with the race approaching, but once I start a project, I am obsessed until I get it finalized. So I spent days visiting car dealerships and researching online and negotiating and trying to make my foggy brain do math. I used to be great at math, but it’s true what they say — if you don’t use it, you lose it!

It was actually my math that cost us our best deal on the car. Last Saturday, I turned down the best offer I got because my brain played tricks on me when I looked at the numbers they gave me. The dealer wasn’t too happy and went all Reese Witherspoon on me so I left before I had a chance to realize he actually gave me what I’d been asking for. OOOOPS! I realized my error several hours later, and I debated calling back, but then I decided I didn’t want to give my business to someone who would treat a customer like that. It just goes to show, it pays to be nice. If he had asked a few questions to clarify the offer, I’d have signed on the dotted line and been done with it.

So I put the car deal on the back burner and ran my race and resumed negotiations on Monday.

I did manage to finagle a deal I was happy with, but before I had a chance to go pick it up, we ended up in the ER with my son.

3. The Hospital

My son has had these weird side pains for years — half his life, really. My husband took him to the ER a few times for it when he was a little boy, but no one could ever explain it. It’s always the left side, and it will come on for a few hours at a time — usually in the later afternoon, and it will occur for a few days in a row. Then it goes away for weeks or months at a time, and then it resumes again. It’s pretty debilitating. Sometimes he can work through the pain, but other times he will spend most of the afternoon and evening on the couch. It usually goes away sometime during the night.

We had him to his pediatrician this summer, and he said it was muscular and nothing to worry about. I was not convinced. I’ve threatened many times over the past year or so to take him to the ER, but he never wants to go. My husband kept saying it was growing pains. Again, I was not convinced. Of course we’d talked through all the possibilities and spent hours on Google trying to shed light on this confounding situation, but nothing seemed to fit.

Finally this week it got really bad, and Tuesday night I put him in the car and started driving. I wasn’t sure where to go, but I wanted ANSWERS. My instinct told me to drive right to CHOP, but I hate driving into Philly and that’s an hour away. He was in severe pain by that point — worse than I’ve ever seen him. The whole time I was driving, I was praying that God would lead me to the place that would get us ANSWERS. Some suburban hospitals have better reputations than the hospitals near us, and we often drive a ways to get to one of those, but this time I considered stopping at the closest one because I couldn’t stand seeing my son in so much pain and wanted to get him help ASAP. I turned into the hospital closest to our house and prayed that I wasn’t making a mistake as I walked in.

The short version of the story is, after many hours and many tests and even a few vomiting episodes (which REALLY had me in fits to get an ANSWER because that hadn’t happened before), the doctor ran a CT-scan as a last ditch effort, although he told us he didn’t expect to get a diagnosis. An hour later, he came back to our room and victoriously announced that he’d found it.

The CT-Scan showed a swollen kidney, and the doctor referred us to a urologist at Nemours DuPont Hospital to give us the low down on the details/cause/treatment. Again, I am really trying to give the short version so I’m leaving out a lot, but yesterday we saw the urologist and found out that my son will need surgery to repair the situation but it should be pretty straight forward. Hallelujah!

I know most moms wouldn’t be psyched about surgery, but we have an ANSWER, it is FIXABLE, and it is nothing life threatening. It’s not even urgent, really. He will be out of commission for a week or two so we are waiting until his marching band season concludes, and he will have the surgery in a few weeks.

For the record, I have permission from my son to post this story to the world wide internets. He is amazingly chill about the whole situation and doesn’t seem worried in the least about impending surgery.

And as another aside, Nemours DuPont Children’s Hospital is like a country club compared to any other hospital I have ever visited. If you EVER need medical care for your child and you are in the region, I highly recommend it.

4. The Car

Yes, again. We had been planning to pick up our new car yesterday afternoon, so when I discovered I would need to be in Delware at DuPont at that time, I managed to change our appointment to the morning. Not knowing at that point what the rest of the week might hold with my son’s condition and possible surgery, I thought it best to get the car situation taken care of.

So after being in the ER Tuesday night until 2AM, I got up and drove over to the dealership yesterday morning to finalize paperwork and bring home my new BFF.


It is so spacious and shiny and pretty. There are things I miss about my Volvo (that V8 Sport was FUN to drive!!) but this is a better fit for our growing family, and I am hoping it is less expensive to maintain as the years go by.

5. Laundry Room/Command Center/Pantry Makeover Project

This organizing project is still going strong, amidst all the other hubbub in my life. I cannot WAIT to share the finished products with you. The shelving for the pantry and laundry room are ordered, and I am stopping into Target later today to pick up a bookcase which is going to serve as our “command center” in our kitchen. We’re planning to replace the laundry room floor and paint over the next couple of weeks, and then I can’t WAIT to start organizing my spaces!!! I’ll probably write three separate posts to show you how each space turns out and how Darla at Heartwork Organizing makes them work for our family. Maybe it will help someone else out there who is as organizationally challenged as I am!

WHEW!!!! That was a two-cuppa-coffee post, wasn’t it?

Never a dull moment . . . that is for sure.

What’s going on with YOU?