Daily Mom Style 12.19.12

In light of everything that has happened this past week, it seems almost disrespectful to go on posting holiday recipes and frivolous fashion posts as if people aren’t suffering and grieving. But I suppose there are always people suffering and grieving, it’s just that right now we are hyper aware of the heinous act that occurred last week and jolted us all out of our comfortable cocoons of peace and security. I have many thoughts on the matter, as I’m sure we all do, but right now they are all jumbled up and not at all fit for a dedicated post. Meanwhile my  prayers are with all who have been affected by this senseless tragedy — the families who lost loved ones, the first responders who have had to see unthinkable things, and the teachers and staff at the school in Sandy Hook who must go on making life seem normal for children whose lives will never again be normal. As for the rest of us, I hope we can choose joy this holiday season, hold our children close and cherish every moment. At least, that is what I am trying to do.

And since there is no eloquent segue, I won’t even try. I know that what I’m wearing is of little consequence in the grand scheme of things, but perhaps it will provide a light diversion for some who are heavy hearted today.

day 1

This black hooded drapey cardi is a staple in my winter wardrobe. It’s just so warm and cozy and goes easily over so many tops. This Banana Republic Luxe Touch Lace Trim Tank is one I picked up back in the fall, and I finally got around to wearing it. I love the color combo with the black sweater and gray boots. Those are Uggs and you will see them A LOT this winter. They are like wearing slippers. They don’t sell them anymore, but the Jillian II is pretty close. My necklace is from Studio Jewel and the jeans are Sevens. I love them because they are uber skinny and I don’t have to fold them or roll them inside my boots. They just stay put.

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day 2

I don’t remember where I wore this, but these red jeans (DL1961 Emma Legging in Garnet) are always fun to wear, and this time of year they seem particularly festive. I paired them with a thin taupe cardi (local shop) over a basic black tank (the Banana Republic Timeless Tank is a staple in my wardrobe. I have about 10 of them. They fit so well and hold up to countless washes and wears.) The necklace, again, is from Studio Jewel, this one a long mixed metal piece that I love. I always get compliments when I wear it. Then I completed the outfit with simple black ballet flats and a black handbag.

day 3

I wore this cozy outfit on one of the coldest days last week. This chunky cowl neck sweater is from Banana (several years ago) and the jeans are my favorite skinnies. The gray Uggs help balance out the bulkiness of the sweater (I hope) and I always wear a tank under this sweater because it is on the shorter side, and I need both the coverage (ahem) and the way it equals out the proportions of the outfit. Nevermind that mess behind me. We are slobs.

day 4

I was supposed to wear this outfit to the demo for my client, Rose Romano’s on Saturday. After I had it on and took photos, I realized that I had a stain on my pants. Professional, no? So I ended up changing to my dark jeans, but I do love this outfit and figured I might as well post it. The red cashmere hoodie was a gift from my mom a few Christmases ago. I usually wear it over a gray tank, but since my pants were gray, I wore it over black and then added black boots to balance out the dark tones on top. I wore a simple hand-stamped silver necklace and my favorite D Yurman silver chain link bracelet. Every piece of this outfit is old and no longer available (except the Timeless Tank from Banana — told you I wear it a lot! LOL)

day 5

This is one of those outfits that seemed like a good idea at the time, but looking at this picture, I’m not sure it worked out as well as I was hoping. I think it would look better with dark jeans rather than the black cords. And perhaps a shorter tank? I’ll try it again one of these days and see if I can improve on it.

day 6

No, this isn’t high style, but this is real life I’m living here and some days are made for yoga pants. I wore them with my Oakley Indy Sweater over a lavender tank on Monday to work from home. Yes, those are my UGG slippers, and I even wore them to my daughters’ elementary school to deliver homemade holiday candy to the office staff. So sue me.

day 7

Aaaaand we’ve come full circle! It’s back to the red jeans. I wore this outfit last night to go to the Les Mis screening in Philly (more on that in a bit!) I decided to try the jeans with this oatmeal-colored shawl cardigan from Target, and yes, that is my Banana Republic Timeless Tank making its 3rd appearance this week. I dug that necklace out of the bowels of my jewelry armoire (I had forgotten about it!) I think it was actually a Target purchase a few years ago. I wore black ballet flats, but I think my black boots might have looked better since the sweater is kinda bulky. Either way, I felt it needed black on the bottom to balance out the black tank and my dark hair. I read somewhere once that it’s always a good idea to match your shoes to your hair, and it seems to work, dontcha think?

So there you have it. A picture all 7 days this week. GO ME!

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  1. I needed a break from the news coverage. Getting back to you – and your GF & fashion posts – was the burst of normalcy I needed. It may be frivolous, but I thank you. Can you tell me about the great silver ballet flats you’re wearing with the purple top?

    1. Thanks for the vote of confidence. 🙂 Comments have been a bit scarce recently and I wondered if people were bothered by it, or just not feeling very chatty maybe. The silver ballet flats are from Aldo. They usually have cute ballet flats in lots of colors.

  2. Thanks for doing your style post. I always look forward to them. I’ve taken a break from watching so much news. Although I want to honor each victim’s life, I was getting too overwhelmed. So it’s nice to have some normalcy.

  3. I look forward to your style posts as well. I need all the help I can get and I like that you wear real, everyday clothes and can make them look good. It’s also OK and good to have things other than tragedy-related content out there. What happened was awful and entirely too close to home for me, both literally and figuratively. But wallowing in the coverage and the emotions is not healthy. Happy Holidays!

  4. Any advice to find stylish comfortable boots for someone that has a bunion on foot, i just dont know what shoe store to go to there are so many, thanks

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