Fashion Over 40: 30 Days of Outfits {Week 5}

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I am so glad to be done with this outfit challenge, I gotta tell ya! LOL!! But it was fun, and I hope some of you played along and found it helpful. Or at least interesting. Or maybe you’re just hanging around for my next recipe post, and that’s okay too!

This post wraps up my 30 Days of Outfits Challenge, and on Saturday I will publish the final wrap-up post and the Linky, so if you played along, please plan to link up on SATURDAY JULY 6th!!

Meanwhile, here’s how it all went down.

30 days of outfits {days 27-30}

Day 27: black & white stripe top, white dress shorts, black patent cork wedges, red patent handbag, black and silver accessories. I wore this outfit out to dinner my first night in California on a press trip with Bosch.

How to Wear Dressy Short Shorts

Day 28: orange ribbed tank, black maxi skirt, coordinating multi-color scarf, black wedge flip-flops and black & white laminated canvas handbag. This is what I wore for the daytime activities at Bosch. I changed into the black patent wedges (see above) for dinner out that night and threw on a jean jacket for warmth. I showed this outfit in my How To Style A Maxi Skirt post earlier this month, but I never did wear it anywhere, and it was exactly what I needed for this trip so I went with it!

How to Wear a Summer Scarf

Day 29: black ruffle trim tank (Banana, old) with white jeans (DL1961 Angel Ankle Skinny in Milk), black patent wedge sandals, Kelly Moore Libby bag, green & gold fashion bracelet (Target) and Chelsea Necklace by Stella & Dot. Little did I know when I dressed Friday morning that I’d be wearing this outfit for 36 hours straight! I wore this outfit Friday morning for my video shoot with Bosch. Then, thankfully, I switched to my wedge flips before going to the airport. When I got stranded in Dallas on Friday night without my checked bags, this is all I had on my person — this outfit and that bag I’m holding which contained my laptop, power cords, camera, wallet, a few Larabars and a tube of lipgloss. Not even a change of underwear did I pack in that carry-on bag. Rest assured, I will never make that mistake again!

black and white

Day 30: navy and white maxi dress with yellow ballet flats, yellow bracelet, and red patent handbag. Not shown: jean jacket (it is cold in church!) Back home again, I wore this to church on Sunday. When I washed this maxi dress, it shrunk about 3 inches. YIKES!!! I will try to hang it up next time and hope to get some length back.

maxi dress

And that’s a wrap for my 30 Days of Summer Outfits! PHEW!!!!!

Meanwhile, as far as this Daily Mom Style feature goes, my plan for the rest of this summer is to post only the cute outfits.

Many days I will be wearing this, or a variation thereof, so I will not bore you with a photo of every day.

Tank Top & Cut-Offs

By the way, those are my new Chaco Flip Ecotread flips that I purchased for their support. They’re certainly not high fashion, but they are cute, they work for my lifestyle, and they’re much better for my feet than the flat sandals and flips that I have a habit of wearing.

I’d love to hear from you!! How are you staying stylish in this summer heat? Or have you given up the ghost??

For more fashion-over-40 inspiration, check out all of my Daily Mom Style posts.

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16 Responses

  1. Hey Jo-Lynne, welcome home! I’m sure it got rather weary to choose a “new” outfit for each day but I enjoyed it and it helped me think more about what I wear each day. FWIW, the white jeans look awesome on you, it’s my pick of the week:)

  2. I LOVE that maxi skirt with the orange tank and scarf! So pretty yet still so cool looking for summer.

    I unfortunately did not get all of my photos taken for June and I also had the busiest summer of my life (which I did not plan on!). So I plan on doing the challenge for July. How long will the linky be live?

  3. Hi Jo-Lynne,

    Been reading your blog for a while. Love that black and white top in Day 27. Details please.

    I have a maxi dress that is about 2 inches too long. Thinking about washing to shrink it. I think it grew on the hanger. LOL.

    My Chacos are the only way I get through pool season without plantar fasciitis. They are a life saver.

      1. This question goes to both of you – how do you like those chacos? I have been dealing with plantar fascitis for over a year – luckily wedge sandels are working pretty good for me.

        1. Hi Tiffany,

          The Chacos work well for me when I need to be in flips. I’m a teacher and on my feet a lot. I still can’t wear them for a day of work unless I know I will be in a conference all day. At the pool, the waterpark, getting a pedicure. They work great. I can’t wear flat flip flops at all anymore.

          Otherwise, I’m in my Danskos, Mephistos, Merrells or Borns. It’s kind of a bummer, but at least orthopedic shoes have gotten more stylish. For a dinner out or dressy times, I can do a wedge or a heel, but flat flats kill me.

          Good luck.

  4. The white jeans and black top outfit is super flattering–so at least you looked fabulous while stranded! And you should have called me–I’m 25 minutes from DFW! I have loved looking at your outfits for this challenge–well done.

    1. NO WAY! I wish I’d known. I knew that I had to know some people that weren’t far, but I didn’t get to my hotel room till 7:30 and I figured most people were busy anyway.

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