Spring Outfit Inspiration: White and Denim

I’m trying something new. I’ll still post a weekly recap of my outfits, but I’m going to feature certain outfits throughout the week that I particularly like and tell you how I put them together.

You simply can’t go wrong with white and denim. It is one of those classic combinations that never goes out of style. I wore this outfit yesterday to work the book fair at my kids’ school.


With white and denim, the accessorizing possibilities are endless, but in this case, I kept it simple. There’s no need to dress to the nines to volunteer at the elementary school, but I still wanted to look put together. I chose a simple white U-neck T-shirt and my medium-wash cigarette leg jeans, which I cuffed to give them the look of cropped pants.

I chose two delicate necklaces and layered them so that the shorter pendant filled the neckline and the longer necklace created some interest over the white shirt. I felt this was more casual than a bold statement necklace, which of course would be another great option.


I tried a few different shoe options, but I ended up wearing these white sandals with the gold medallions because I felt that they worked well with the delicate gold accessories. I chose the orange bracelet because I was wearing coral polish on my toes. My Fitbit does nothing for the outfit. I’m jonesing for one of those Tory Burch Fitbit Bands. Maybe for my birthday…


I carried a light brown crossbody, although I suppose a coral handbag would have been fun with this outfit.

The final question: to tuck, or not to tuck. I chose to belt my jeans and do the front-tuck with the t-shirt. If it were more fitted and structured through the waist, I would have left it untucked, but I always feel like this one looks sloppy that way. Belts are tricky too. It depends on the shirt and pants, the proportions, and your body type. Sometimes you have to try it a few different ways to see what works best.


tee // jeans // sandals // orange bracelet //  belt // bag // sunnies

I really like how the outfit came together. Simple. Classic. Easy. Chic.

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  1. This is a silly question… and it seems so obvious… but for the life of me, I can’t quite get the front-tuck look right. When I try, it seems as though I’ve just forgotten to tuck in the rest of my shirt or got the front of my shirt caught in my waistband, lol! Any tips for the front-tuck challenged? 😉

    1. You know, I often feel the same way. It depends on the shirt, but I do sometimes think it looks funny from behind. I don’t think I have any great tips. I just experiment and see how it looks. Sometimes I ditch the front tuck because it doesn’t work for that shirt.

  2. Many people think white is hard to wear, but I think it brings light to the face and I love it with denim. Cute accessories too!

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