The Denim Mystery Is Solved #FashionFriday

Paige Premium Denim

Have you ever wanted to know why some jeans bag out after an hour of wear and some still fit like a glove after a 12-hour day???

I was thumbing through the latest issue of InStyle and I came across this fabulous Glam-Squad Confidential feature. They interviewed a few high-profile “insiders” on various topics and every one of them is fabulous and enlightening. For example, they ask a famous hair colorist about salon etiquette and expert hair tips. They talk to the co-founders of Warby Parker and get tips on selecting flattering eye glasses. And then I came to the denim guide where they interview on of my favorite denim designers, Paige Adams-Geller (of Paige Premium Denim fame).

You already KNOW of my undying love for denim, I’m sure. Naturally I was reading this article with a fine-tooth comb.

One of my biggest pet peeves is when my jeans stretch out on me. Wouldn’t you know, the FIRST question they ask her is, “How do you know if a pair of jeans will retain its shape?”

Her answer, it’s all in the cotton/spandex ratio.

If they have 98% cotton, they will stretch out and sag. You want to see closer to 70% cotton and 30% polyester blend for jeans that will retain their shape.

Today I put on my new CAbi pigment dyed coral jeggings. They were fresh out of the wash and they fit perfectly. After chasing ping pong balls all over the schoolyard, they were literally about to fall off my hips, and the butt was all baggy and saggy. I wanted to cry. I LOVE these jeans. But they aren’t flattering at all once they get all out of shape.

I came home and took them off and sat down to read my magazine and came to this article. Of course I jumped up right away and checked the tag of my jeans. 98% cotton. BAM. At least now I know.

So then naturally I had to inspect the other 55 pairs of jeans in my closet. (I am joking, it’s really closer to 15, but still. Who needs that many jeans? I know. It’s a problem.)

Other tidbits from the article worth sharing

How to care for your denim. I have had people act surprised when I say I never dry my denim in the dryer. Well, now I have it on authority from Paige herself. She advises washing your jeans inside out and hanging to dry. You can put them in the dryer for 10 minutes on low if you don’t like them to feel stiff.

She also goes into a very interesting explanation of how they use fit models to determine sizing. This is why some brands fit some women better than others. SO INTERESTING! Also, if the fit models change or their weight fluctuates, then the way the jeans are made might change too. So your favorite brand might not fit you so perfectly next time.

I find this utterly fascinating. I realize there are more important things in life, but I am reveling in the fact that one of life’s biggest fashion mysteries had now been solved.

You are welcome.

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8 thoughts on “The Denim Mystery Is Solved #FashionFriday

  1. Hmmm, I grabbed the pair of jeans that was within reach while reading this, and they’re 100% cotton. I guess that’s even worse than 98%? I don’t know that I’ve ever even seen jeans that are only 70% cotton. Guess I’ll have to start paying more attention.

    1. My DL 1961 jeans are all 80% I think. And my Paige ones. But I have a pair of AG that are 98% cotton and they don’t stretch out. So I don’t know….. She also made a big deal about where they source their denim. I noticed my bigger designer names all source in USA.

      1. I just bought a pair of Michael Kors jeans at TJMaxx and they’re about 80% so I’ll have to see if I notice a difference!

  2. Wonder if this is true with things other then denim….I have some non denim shorts that look great at the beginning of the day then hanging on my hips by the end of the day:(

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