Drape Collar Knit Blazer | 22 Days of Fall Fashion

Greetings, friends. I hope you had a nice, relaxing long weekend! Today it officially feels like fall, with a mild breeze wafting through the open windows and all three kids finally doing school.

Meanwhile, it’s Day 6 of 22 Days of Fall Fashion here on the blog, and I’m styling this drape collar knit blazer with blue jeans.

I’ve already showed this blazer with my black Spanx skinny pants in this post, but I also like how it looks dressed down with jeans and slip-on sneakers.

If this jacket is new to you, it’s a Caslon piece from Nordstrom. It’s very comfortable, since it’s a knit material, but it has a way of really elevating an outfit.

I’m wearing my usual small, but several ladies have sized down in this and like the fit better than their true size, so that’s something to consider.

Underneath, I’m wearing a simple white scoop-neck tee. I love the combination of a blazer with a t-shirt.

This is the Banana Republic slub cotton-modal scoop-neck tee, and I size up in these. I have the medium. It’s quite thin, but I love the slub texture, and it has the perfect scoop-neck.

These jeans are the rag & bone Cate, one of my favorite denim styles. They have a mid-rise and a 27″ inseam, which is my favorite length for wearing with almost any shoe.

This is the dahlia wash, which has been discontinued, but the cliff wash is so similar, I can hardly tell a difference. It may be slightly lighter. I purchased these when they were 40% off, so it’s definitely worth it to wait for a sale.

For a less expensive option, this Kut from the Kloth Donna has a very similar wash, and almost the same inseam length.

My camo sneaker mules were part of the #NSale, but even without the sale, they’re worth the price tag. They are the ultimate in comfort, and the quality is excellent. I cannot recommend them highly enough.

The way I’m sitting here, they  look a little big, but they fit me perfectly in my usual size 8.

I think the camo print is really fun. It reads as a neutral and keeps this look both casual and modern, but they also come in a few other nice neutrals if you prefer a solid color.

To show another option, I also styled this look with my white leather loafer mules. I’m a huge fan of mules for fall, can you tell!?!

I’ve talked about these shoes so much, I’m sure you’re sick of them, but for anyone new here, these are super comfortable and excellent quality.

I love the minimalist styling and how they have the tailored look of a loafer without being overly masculine.

These mules do run small, though. I recommend sizing up half. They’re currently 40% off, which is an excellent value. I actually have them in black and caramel as well as this cream. (They call it cream, but they look pretty white to me.)

For jewelry, I wore gold Kendra Scott hoops and a delicate two-row disc necklace. I like how it fills the neckline without making a big impact.

Unfortunately, my earrings sold out, but any gold hoop would work with this look. This pair is about the same size and has a similar open look. Or a plain hoop works too.

I also wore this Victoria Emerson boho cuff. I love the combination of white and gold, and how it has the look of a bracelet stack with one simple clasp.

Finally, my taupe shoulder bag is a subtle neutral that works well with the colors of this outfit. I also like how the gold chain coordinates with my jewelry.

I don’t always worry about matching the hardware on my bag to my jewelry, but when it works out, it’s an added bonus!

This particular bag is sold out, but you can find a few other options at RMinkoff.com.

Outfit Details:

knit blazer // white tee // blue jeans (option) // camo sneaker mules // white loafer mules // taupe tote // similar shoulder bag // earrings // necklace // bracelet // sunnies

Be sure to visit Cyndi and see the fall look she’s styling today!

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photos: Alison Cornell

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  1. This looks so put together in a casual way. I love BR t-shirts and have several. Speaking of t-shirts, I received the Sanctuary tee in “dusk” which is the color other sites are calling cayenne, spice, etc. I love it! It’s a great color and the fabric is amazing, plus it’s a great fit. I tried it on not only with my white jeans, but my olive Paige joggers from last year and I love the two colors together!

  2. You look so nice in all of these outfits! I always think the mules look super cute on you, but I cannot wear them. I just feel like they don’t stay on my feet and I find them hard to walk in. I like your hair too, it’s a little longer than you normally have it and I think it really looks good on you! I hear ya on the first day of school too. Even though my youngest is in person, my teenage daughter is online. Just isn’t even exciting like it normally is, but I try to stay positive for them. As you have stated, “This too shall pass”.

    1. Thanks, I used to always wear it longer, but then it got so thin, I had to cut it. It’s doing better, yay!

      And yes, this too shall pass, and this weird year of distance learning will be a distant memory… I hope! For now, we just have to get through it.

    2. If it’s an oil-based stain, have you tried treating it with baby powder? Or liquid soap? I find one of these methods always work for me. Since it’s not a new stain, I would try the latter. Take a little liquid laundry or dish soap (make sure it’s clear & not coloured), gently rub a small amount into the stain, then launder as usual. This works for a myriad of stains. Hopefully, the stain hasn’t been set by the dry-cleaning chemicals. All the best!

  3. I like your outfit! If I didn’t have enough jackets and sweaters in my closet I would get this one. I hope all of your kids have a good first day of school!

  4. Absolutely love this outfit and really like how you styled it two great ways. I love that drape jacket. I bought it last year and must have gotten some salad dress or pasta garlic sauce on it. Tried so hard to get it out and even took it to the dry cleaners. I will try again. I love that color and the drape. I still have the jacket and just styled it over leopard tee and it looked great. The only thing is I know that stain is there somewhere and it bugs me. I might buy a new one if I get a Nordstrom note. Anyway, enough of my whining and you look beautiful!!

    1. Depending on where the stain is, can you hide it under a piece of jewelry? Maybe a vintage broach that showcases your style?

  5. Super cute! You look so great in fuchsia! That blazer/sweater has been following me around on the internet forever, and I don’t know why I never pull the trigger. (Was it on the #Nsale?) I had something similar, more of a moto style several years back…can’t remember why I got rid of it, lol! 

  6. Jo-Lynne, I’ve never been one to “change-out” pieces in my closet. Only removing when an item becomes worn or looking old (faded). I’ve had to dress professionally with my work for the past 30 years buying classic pcs that will last for years. Since I’ve been following your blog I have been more conscience of how things look and putting together “cute” outfits. Laying out the next days clothes the night before and making sure I have jewelry as well as shoes and purse. I have now “revamped” my entire closet (donating over 3/4 of the items in it) adding and subtracting pcs sesonally to keep current. I no longer feel the need to keep an item of clothing …. just because. Plus I am now dressing to compliment my body style rather than “just dressing”. I’ve received more compliments in the last 2 years than I have in years past. I can not say Thank You enough…you keep the blog real and show us you also struggle day to day. I think this endears you to all of your followers and we see a real person instead of a fake “touch-up” image that is always perfectly put together.

    Again, Thank You,,,keep it up the amazing work you do, we all appreciate you.

    1. While we are expressing gratitude, I have to say that I completely agree with Rhonda on how you’ve helped me to find my style mojo! I follow 5 or 6 bloggers regularly but there’s no question that your blog is by far the most informative and creative. I always appreciate when you give one of your tutorials on how to wear a new style. I was stuck in one style uniform but now I find myself trying new things and getting so many compliments (even from women half my age). Your look is on trend without being “try to hard” which is exactly where I want to be. Thanks for all the time you put in to helping us feel more confident!

  7. What is the color name of the blazer ? I don’t see it in the link—do you know if it is sold out in that color ? It doesn’t look like the burgundy —pictures seem more fushia to me—thanks

  8. Seeing that cute jacket on you makes me sigh…  I ordered it and loved the fabric and color BUT!  I am hourglass shape (but chest is smaller) and the shape of this cute jacket accentuated my small waist and made my hips look soooo wide. So disappointed!  So for those of you who want to make your waist look smaller, try it.  I really struggled with keeping it or sending it back but I knew I wouldn’t wear it very much.

  9. Jo-Lynne,  Your hair looks so good the length you are wearing it.  I love your blog as its like opening a conversation with an old friend each morning.  You are so real and I love how you tell us whats going on with your life and family, while helping us pick out cute outfits that work with our style of living.  Its really hot here in NW Oregon and is going to be this week.  We also had high winds last night that brought in all the wildland fire smoke, so that was a bummer.  Not going to be able to go on a walk now.  I hope it clears out of here in a few days.  So many people in Calif. loosing their homes etc.  So sad.  School started today here too.  I don’t have kids at home anymore……. all grown and married and through college, but our neighbor kids started, but they are online. I just saw them outside messing around at 10:30a.m.  UMM??? LOL  Going to be interesting how young kids will manage their days.  

    1. Hey Kathy. Yeah, I just can’t see fitting them in this fall. They always stressed me out, truth be told. And with everyone at home, it’s kind of a zoo around here. While I know it was a great way to connect with you all, I decided I needed to take it off my plate for now.

      1. NO problem.  I get it.  You are so busy.  Maybe someday down the road it will work out for you.  You are such a good writer, we can all hear your voice and know you that way.  Blessings.  Have a great day.  

  10. Love the jacket! Looks terrific. While California is on fire, Colorado and Wyoming got snow!😲 sigh…… The weather is so strange. Its as strange as this year has been. If only we could send the cold and snow out west to help the hardworking firefighters.

  11. I bought this blazer in black, loved it so much I got the camo one too.  The material is great, not too stiff and the added layer really finishes an outfit. I am a straight body type and the way the collar is made and the back of the jacket with a little peplum is very flattering.  I also bought the camo mules per your recommendation.  Love your style Jo-Lynne.  

  12. I love the way you styled the blazer. I purchased it during the N-sale (in blue) but haven’t decided if I want to keep it. I was interested to see that some ladies have sized down because I got a medium and the sleeves are really long on me. I’m afraid a small might be too tight! Decisions…

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