Easy DIY 80s Halloween Costume

Last year my younger daughter and her friend dressed up as “80s girls” for Halloween. I thought this idea was brilliant. I’m still getting used to the fact that the decade I grew up in is now considered retro and costume-worthy, but whatever. I guess that’s what happens after 40!

If you’re looking for a quick and easy and super cute DIY Halloween costume, this one is fun and easy to throw together.


I can’t take any credit. My neighbor helped the girls put these outfits together using mostly clothes from her daughters’ closets. It helps that neon and 80s fashion is now back in vogue.

All you need is some neon, tule, denim and Converse. If you are missing any key pieces to this ensemble, you can surely pick them up at Target for a song.

The crimping iron was the icing on the cake.


They were so proud of their outfits. I couldn’t bear to tell them that we thought we were hip and cool when we dressed like this in high school.

R’s already been asking about a costume for this year. She’s determined that it be something not everyone is doing. Read: nothing from Frozen. I’m not really an idea person so I’ll be perusing Pinterest for ideas. Stay tuned for my Easy DIY Halloween Costume Roundup coming to the blog next week!

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