EASY Halloween Craft: Drink Koozies

halloween drink koozie craft

There’s something about Halloween that I love. Maybe it’s because it’s usually such a beautiful time of year — the height of fall when the weather is crisp and clear but not too cold yet, and there are still some leaves left on the trees with many more decorating the ground. Maybe it’s because it feels like the kick-off to the holiday season with Thanksgiving and Christmas not too far behind. Or maybe it’s because I think dressing up is fun. I dunno, but I’m already getting excited for Halloween.

We used to host Halloween parties every year when our kids were little, but these days our Halloween festivities focus around the neighborhood trick-or-treating extravaganza. And our elementary school has a Halloween parade too that is always a hoot.

I’m not crafty, but my kids enjoy making simple crafts and I found this cute  and easy Halloween craft that I thought I’d share. This one is so easy, I could do it!


Keep your witches brew cold when you create these fun and frugal Halloween drink koozies. You can make your own colorful character koozies in minutes with just a few basic crafting supplies.

Pumpkin Drink Koozie


For this project, you will need:

  • orange foam drink koozie
  • black felt
  • scissors
  • craft glue


  1. Cut out some shapes from your black felt for the eyes and nose. You can do triangles, squares, or circles. Cut them so they fit onto the front of the drink koozie.
  2. Use your craft glue to attach the shapes to the front of the koozie, creating a pumpkin face using the shapes arranged in the order of your choice.
  3. Once the shapes are pressed into place and dry, your pumpkin koozie is ready to be used!

Frankenstein Drink Koozie


For this craft you will need:

  • green foam drink koozie
  • black felt
  • scissors
  • craft glue
  • a pair of googly eyes


  1. Begin by creating the facial features of the koozie. Snip out a triangle for the nose and a line with smaller lines for the mouth.
  2. Glue the felt to the front of the koozie to create the face. Place the nose in the center and arrange the lines to create a stitch mouth.
  3. You can now attach the googly eyes with craft glue. The face of your Frankenstein should be taking shape!
  4. Finish the koozie by cutting a strip of black felt and then fringing it. This will act as the hair. Glue the strip to the top of the koozie.

Easy peasy!

Aren’t these great little crafts for school Halloween parties or fun activities to do at home??

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