Effortless Fall Style: Stripe Cotton Piqué Pullover

Happy Friday, friends! I’m definitely going to be ready for that glass of wine tonight. It’s been a crazy week, both work-related and otherwise.

I have another fall outfit to share with you today, featuring this stripe cotton piqué pullover.

This sweater immediately caught my eye when I was perusing the Nordstrom website. I love the combination of colors — it’s fall-ish without being too literal.

I’m also happy to inform you that this sweater is 100% cotton. I know a lot of you can’t wear wool or cashmere, so cotton is the next best thing in a natural fabric.

The piqué stitching adds such a nice texture to a casual look, and I also appreciate the wide v-neck and the ribbed cuffs and hem.

It has a generous sleeve length, and overall a longer length with a relaxed fit that makes it so nice for casual days when you want to look put-together but not fussy.

This sweater definitely runs a bit big. I’m wearing my usual small, but you could certainly size down if you wanted a closer fit.

I paired this pullover sweater with light wash jeans because I like the low contrast between the background of the sweater and the denim.

Luckily, I was able to snag these jeans when they went on major markdown on the rag & bone website, but they’re low inventory now and not as low-priced as when I purchased them. They are well-stocked at Nordstrom, but unfortunately, at full price.

Any light wash jeans will work though, and I actually think this sweater will look nice with darker washes as well. These colors will look great with almost any denim wash.

I added a pair of suede ankle boots that are very close in color to the background of the sweater, but I might not wear boots in this shade if my jeans were darker. I’d probably go with a darker taupe.

I like the low contrast of the light denim and light beige boots, but it would really look stark and chop up the line of the leg if the jeans were dark and the top and boots were light.

Because these booties have a higher shaft, I cuffed the jeans so they just meet the top of the boot. And yes, this makes the leg line look even shorter. This only works because the sweater/jeans/boots are all light and low-contrast.

Whew! That was a lot of info for an outfit comprised of three pieces of clothing.

And funny, I didn’t necessarily think all this through when putting the outfit together. I just found it pleasing to the eye, and as I analyze these pictures, I see why it works… or at least why I like it.

Finally, I kept my jewelry minimal so the sweater gets the limelight, and the taupe tote coordinates without being matchy-matchy.

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stripe sweater // rag & bone Cate jeans (also at Nordstrom; budget option at Old Navy) // suede booties (budget option) // necklace // earrings // similar tote

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photos: Alison Cornell

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22 Responses

  1. I like how you explain your choices.. it’s an education for me when I’m putting  my own outfits together:). Thoughts and prayers for you all today❤️.

  2. Thinking of you and your family today and especially Paul. It’s never easy to say goodbye and our parents – well they’ve just always been there and its a huge loss when they are not.

  3. Prayers for you and your family today. May your memories bring comfort and laughter to an otherwise somber occasion. Thoughts are with you. 

  4. Love the sweater. I almost bough these boots, but I think the shaft would be too tall for my liking. I don’t think this outfit makes your legs look short and stubby at all. In fact, I thought you looked long and lean. 

  5. Sending prayers to you and your family and hoping that you may find comfort in all the wonderful memories of your loved one. God bless you all.
    And, personally, I love this outfit on you! Enjoy your weekend!

  6. Prayers and courage to you and your family today. 
    I think your legs look long and lean. I appreciate your honesty and advice. 

  7. I am saying a special prayer for all of you today!  Peace be with you.
    I love that sweater and am thrilled that it costs more than my budget allows me to spend for another top because I would definitely order it.  And I don’t need it!  Like you, I like the overall look and I don’t think that your legs look stumpy.  I look forward to seeing you style the sweater with other pants/jeans and booties/shoes.

  8. Eh, if they think your legs look short they should see mine! I like the look. I didn’t know pique was the name for that sort of wrong-side out stitch. I like it, but I am more prone to snagging it.
    I’m so sorry about your FIL. When my Dad died a couple of years ago we had a memorial service in the summer, but had to wait for my Mom to get out of a wheel chair (broken heel) before we interred him at the Air Force Academy. I thought the interment was as difficult as the memorial service except that the shock and disbelief had worn off by then. I’ll be praying for your family today.

  9. Love this, I don’t think your legs look short at all, but I’m not the best fashion critic haha. So sorry today will be a tough one, you and your family are in my thoughts and prayers. 

  10. I like your jeans cuffed with those high shaft boots. It’s cute and stylish! I guess keeping your jeans and boots light in color makes you look long and lean. I’ll have to keep that in mind when wearing booties – match depth of color. 

  11. I’m praying for you and your family today.  May you feel God’s Peace.  I love this outfit on you.  The sweater is a perfect Fall color and I think your legs look great.  

  12. My thoughts and prayers are with you and your family. May memories give comfort. Lean on God for support. Give yourself grace this weekend.

  13. I love this outfit. It’s definitely something I’d wear into the Fall. 
    Sending prayers and comfort as you celebrate the life of your father-in-law. Enjoy that glass of wine tonight! 

  14. My thoughts and prayers are with your family today. I love your outfit today, and your legs do not look “stumpy” at all!

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