Elevated Neutrals + A New {To Me} Denim Brand

I was looking at my closet the other day, and I realized it’s about 95% neutrals. Houston, we might have a problem… But then again, as they say, if it ain’t broke, don’t fix it!

So when the folks at Liverpool Los Angeles reached out about collaborating on a post, the first piece that went into my cart was this high low crew neck sweater in a gorgeous shade of taupe heather.

This is a new brand to me, so before I agreed to this post, I took a look around their website to see if it resonated with my style. What I found was lots of denim and wearable everyday pieces that are perfect for the casual lives we’re living these days.

Plus, many of you will also be happy to know that they provides clothing in a wide range of sizes, from plus to petite.

When this sweater arrived, I was thrilled with how thick and luxe it felt.

It has a relaxed but not oversized fit, and I love that the crew neck isn’t too high or tight. Also, they were generous with their sleeve length, and you all know how picky I am about that!

This sweater is made of acrylic/nylon/spandex, so there’s no wool to irritate sensitive skin; and it runs true to size. I’m wearing the small.

While this sweater stands alone beautifully, it also makes a great layering piece. This faux suede jacket is the perfect pairing.

I love how they took a classic glen plaid and updated it with modern features.

The cropped silhouette is right on trend, and it almost has the shape of a denim trucker jacket, giving a slightly edgy vibe to a classic print.

This jacket is a perfect transition piece, and you can wear it all winter if you live in a warmer climate.

I also learned that Liverpool Los Angeles is known for their denim, so I was excited to give these jeans a try. As you know, I’m rather persnickety about my denim, but these jeans did not disappoint.

These are their Abby Ankle Skinnies, and I chose them for the perfect mid-indigo wash and trendy exposed button-fly. They have a comfortable mid-rise and a 28″ inseam, so I gave them a small cuff to accommodate my booties.

Liverpool jeans are also a sustainable pick, made from mostly recycled materials, but I was especially impressed with the fit and feel. They’re definitely some of the best jeans I’ve found under $100.

Next, I picked out this floral blouse. A lot of you live in warmer climates, so I thought this might be a welcome change from all the sweaters I typically style this time of year.

This is normally a style I’d wear in fall or spring, but it really can be worn all year-round, depending on the temperatures where you live.

I love the different shades of blue, and the way it complements the blue jeans. This top runs true to size; I have the small.

And finally, I thought this bomber jacket in the tartan plaid was fun for the holidays. It’s lightweight with a bit of stretch, so comfortable to keep on inside all day.

I layered it over an ivory ribbed mock neck and wore grey jeans.

This knit top makes a really versatile base layer, and it’s soft and comfortable. It’s a rayon/nylon/spandex blend that feels silky smooth against the skin, and the rib knit isn’t clingy as some tend to be. Both the jacket and top are true to size; I’m wearing a small.

If you’re in need of a few casual pieces to refresh your fall/winter wardrobe or any last minute Christmas presents, Liverpool Los Angeles has free two-day shipping on all holiday orders through 12/18.

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photos: Alison Cornell

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  1. Aw…I was hoping to give Virgin River a try, despite being on the fence after watching the trailer…now I’m not sure I want to bother. No biggie though… But, those outfits! I love all the items you styled! I really appreciate the blue floral blouse and that it’s light weight, compared with the winter sweaters. Here in southern Louisiana, we don’t have many opportunities to really bundle up or wear a lot of heavy fabrics, which is so very unfortunate for those of us who love winter. But, I take it as it comes. Nevertheless, you look terrific! Have a great day!

    1. You may like it… worth a try. Everyone else seems to. I’m just difficult, lol. I might have stuck with it if the family hadn’t been around, making fun of it with me. LOL!

      Glad you like the blouse!

  2. Is this a sponsored post? I noticed the information wasn’t at the top of the post. I thought I would comment in case you need it there. Love the bomber jacket!

  3. Great pieces. I love that tartan jacket. I take it you’re not into all the Hallmark Christmas movies? That’s all that seems to be on our tv lately… let’s just say I’m a sucker for them lol!

  4. I love the jackets! I enjoy finding new brands, especially when they offer a wide range of sizes. I find myself gravitating to more inclusive brands– size-wise and when they feature models of all shapes, sizes, and colors. I was interested in the button up jeans as I’ve lost enough weight with IF that I’m down almost a full size! (It’s taken 10 months) Unfortunately, they were sold out in my size. 🙁

  5. Wow, what great looks, I especially like the Glen Plaid jacket, simple, yet classy look!  I got a pair of Liverpool Pull On Jeans in a Stitch Fix about 4 months ago.  I wasn’t crazy about anything else in the box, but those jeans!  They had a faux fly and the look of jeans with a zipper.  The amount of stretch, length of the jeans and the waist were perfect.  I’ve washed and worn them several times now – they still have that nice dark wash I like. Re movies/shows, good luck!  I, too, tried Virgin River, just couldn’t get interested…..we have ended up watching all the old classics we’ve seen. 100 times already, Home Alone, Christmas Vacation, Christmas w/the Kranks, etc. There just doesn’t seem to be anything out there that has held our interest.  BTW, the snow started here about an hour ago, it’s coming down pretty good, but it’s a fine snow, so it won’t last long!  

  6. Too funny about those shows, as I loved Virgin River. My husband on the other hand thought it was too soap opera-ish. He also didn’t care for Succession. But I hung with it and yes lots of bad language but that’s HBO for you. I guess I liked the intrigue and corp deception? 
    Okay back to fashion, I was fortunate enough to find a pair of petite Liverpool jeans at TJMaxx a year ago and I was sold. They are my favorite pair of jeans now and I would definitely buy another pair. Unfortunately the ones you styled are sold out in my size. Super cute, comfortable outfit today, but I do love neutrals.  

  7. I love Liverpool jeans.  We carry the brand where I work.   It is a new to us brand and has been very popular.  #shopsmall 

  8. Love all these looks! We carried Liverpool clothing in the small boutique where I used to work. The brand turns out consistently stylish pieces every season. I highly recommend. 

  9. I love Liverpool jeans!  They are really nice and in a good price point. I didn’t realize they also have tops and sweaters, I’ll have to check them out!

  10. So cute on you. Thanks for featuring this brand. Just recently, when I was wearing & loving mine, i wondered why you had not. My black Liverpool Abby skinnies are in their 3rd winter now.  True to size, still look and fit like new. The beautiful black denim wash has not faded and they are incredibly comfortable. The purchase price per wear is pennies by now. I also have a cropped black twill jacket with a detachable faux fur black collar. Versatile and cute. Again, launders well and looks brand new.  Darling with gray skinnies.  Asking myself – why don’t I own more?  Have a great day. 

  11. I am not familiar with this brand, so thanks for the introduction.  I really like how both jackets have a casual vibe, while looking more structured, but are very comfortable to wear.  Maybe you will get some snow now and on Christmas!  We haven’t had a decent snow here since 2013, and the meteorologists have told us not to expect any this winter.  Larry being from the Midwest really misses the snow, even though he hasn’t lived there in at least 40 years.  Good luck finding something else to watch tonight.  I hope that your neck/shoulder pain is lessening!

  12. I love all these pieces!  Especially the plaid bomber jacket and the blue shirt. Also, your hair looks so pretty!  I know awhile back you did a video on how you curl your hair, I was just wondering if that’s still your technique or if you’re doing anything different.  

  13. I love that their jeans come in petite sizes. So hard to find premium denim in petite. Do these jeans run true to size? I don’t think you mentioned the fit.

  14. I really like everything you styled, but I really don’t need anymore jeans, jackets, or sweaters! My favorites were the blue blouse and white top at the end. It’s hard to find tops like those that are quality. 

    As for tv shows. We don’t have Netflix because we have more than enough to watch with YouTube tv, the CBS app, and Prime. We really like Simon Baker from The Mentalist so we decided to try The Guardian from almost 20 years ago and really enjoy it. Sometimes one of us will say “wow” at the end of an episode. We also started watching The Mentalist again. We also really enjoy Chicago PD and Chicago Med. We just  recently started This Is Us, and are still on Season 1. We also like The Good Doctor and Blue Bloods. 

  15. I didn’t know about this company. Thanks for introducing me to it. I really like the sweater and the blue jeans. 

  16. I love the clothes and I went to their website and I loved their style even more.  They don’t ship to Canada so now I am sad.  I really want that bomber jacket so I will be keeping my eyes open for similar.  Thanks for introducing a new to me retailer.  Once we can travel again options will open up!  

  17. While I’ve always been a fan of a baseline wardrobe of neutrals Lately, I am beginning to feel that social media fashion is a swarming sea of neutrals and capsules touted by 20-somethings who really think those oversize blazers and big chunky sweaters are “neutral and timeless” because they are beige. My inner rebel is craving classics in color and a piece or two that is a little attitude. I appreciate your continued openness to looking at more than just neutrals and introduce other patterns and colors. and find creative ways to mix a little new in with commonly found items in our closets. I especially love when you present something that is in my closet in a way that makes me think…”Hummm I never thought about wearing those items together like that” A sincere thanks!

    1. You know, even as I started my post, I thought… this is getting too predictable. I really am loving the neutrals, but yeah, there are times that I really want a color or print. That’s why I like that plaid bomber. 🙂

  18. You look great in all the outfits JoLynne.  You didn’t mention pocket placement on the jeans or show a rear view.  I know you’re particular about pocket placement and since you didn’t mention it, I’m wondering if they didn’t meet your standards.  Thanks.

  19. I’ve loved Liverpool for years! I have a friend that owns a local boutique and she introduced me to them. Great jeans that last for years and on-trend tops and jackets. It is my favorite brand for jeans! I’m glad you discovered them too!!

  20. Loving all the outfits that you posted today! Just wondering if the plaid jacket is a small as well?
    Just finished watching designated survivor on netflix, 3 seasons, presidential stuff, we loved it. I’m from canada so not sure if its available on USA netflix or not.

  21. I never heard of Liverpool until Cyndi styled their button fly jeans. I think it was her. :). Anyway you look great in your photos. Have you ever watched the Anne of Green Gables series?  It’s really good. Make sure it’s the original one though. There is a new one out and it’s just not the same. Also I can’t believe you’ve never seen a Christmas Hallmark movie. Lol I think the older ones are better than the ones they are making now. One of my favorites is called The Christmas Card. I just found it when I typed it in search. We watched it last night. 🙂  It’s from 2006. Another one I like is The Most Wonderful Time of The Year. It’s still playing this year on Hallmark channel. It has Henry Wrinkler and he is great in it. Another is A Very Merry Mix Up. It’s on still this year too on the Hallmark channel. Hope you enjoy. 

  22. If you haven’t seen The Durrells in Corfu, I highly recommend the series.  Also a movie called The Sapphires. Both extremely well done.

    I’ll have to check out Liverpool. Thx

  23. Am I missing something?  I see petite denim but not in any other classification – jacket, blouse. Is that correct?

  24. Hi Jo-Lynne,
    What size are you wearing in the Gray Jeans?
    I can usually gauge my size going up one from yours….and I love the gray/girlfriend.
    Did you stay with your usual 28/6 or go down one size?

  25. Is the tartan plaid bomber fully lined?
    I do not see a description on their website.
    It is so cute and perfect for Gulf Coast Texas weather.

  26. Yes, I agree with you about their styles. It would be wonderful if they made some of their products in USA. They have a blazer that looks similar o the Veronica Beard scuba blazer at $600. The styles all look good on you!

  27. I can’t remember if you tried Emily in Paris? Silly and entertaining and since you didn’t get to go maybe you’d enjoy?

  28. I LOVE that blue floral blouse….just clicked your link and it’s sold out in size small. I’m afraid the xs will be too tight and the m would be too large. I signed up for emails though and they sent me a 20% off coupon.
    I think I mentioned this in a previous comment, but you should check out the movie Rebecca on Netflix (suspenseful thriller set in England – a “who dunnit”). Also The Undoing on HBOmax was really good (a thriller with Hugh Grant and Nicole Kidman). And if you never saw the TV adaption of the book, Big Little Lies, that is worth bingeing. The setting is in one of the most beautiful places in CA…and the fashion is so good, and the cast is fantastic!

  29. Funny, you mentioned neutral clothing. A couple of days ago, it dawned on me that almost all of my clothing is boring…blue, gray, white, black. The blue blouse looks great on you. I’ll take a look at the Liverpool jeans. They look nice. Re: Hallmark movies…I had never watched any until July. These movies have gotten me through pandemic, election season and I’m still watching. Even my husband recognizes the story line as he passes by the TV!

  30. Just a note a out the cross border shopping question you asked—-the borders are closed because of Covid. They’ll probably stay closed for quite a while longer.  So, no cross border shopping. Cross border shopping hasn’t been popular for years anyway, since the Canadian dollar isn’t at par. 

  31. I was introduced to Liverpool in a Stitch Fix box (which I have now canceled). They sent a pair of the Kelsey Knit Trouser Pants. I love them. So very comfortable and a great workwear piece for me. I really want to try some jeans, but the length is just a bit long for me. I’m 5′ 3 1/2″. 🙂 I keep watching them, though! I really love the plaid jacket!! On the other note… TV is so hard these days. Hubby and I actually made it through Season 1 of Virgin River and liked it. And he is PICKY. Nothing holds his attention for long. First few episodes of Season 2 have not really impressed me. Not sure we’ll finish it. We do really like New Girl. Some of the content is a bit much but they are really short episodes and make us laugh. And we think we need more laughter these days!!

  32. Hi Jo Lynne – I’m new to the website and am loving it! Thought you might be interested to know that there’s a scientific(ish!) reason why you’re wardrobe is full of neutrals. You’ll have heard of the colour seasons – well there’s also another element which isn’t as well known – colour or value dominance. Everyone tends towards one category or the other. People who are colour dominant (think coloured (e.g. blue) eyes, red hair, pink tones in the skin) can carry off more colour, and it will harmonise well with them. When the hair, skin and eyes are neutral and the most striking feature is the contrast between the two, then you are value dominant. Value dominant can either be overall light, medium or dark and it will mean you look best in neutrals. For a deep value dominant like you then contrasting deep and light neutrals gives a great harmony. Rose brown and deep aubergine fall into the “neutral” category for your colouring  – so its interesting that even when you’re choosing “colour” you’re choosing a neutral! Hope this makes sense. And I’m really sorry if I’m explaining stuff you already know – I thought you might just like to know that your style-sixth-sense is on the button! You look great!

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