End of an Era

I love the preschool years. Yes, every age has its charms (and its pitfalls) but there is something particularly precious about the preschool years. They are learning and growing both socially and cognitively at such a rapid pace. (And of course, they still think their mommy hung the moon.)

After 8 years of preschool, we are officially moving on. Next year my littlest will climb on that big yellow bus and go to Kindergarten, and soon all 3 of my children will be in school for 7 hours a day. It is really hard to believe.

Last Friday, I attended my very last preschool Mother’s Day Tea. I’ve been attending these programs for 8 years. They are so very precious. There is always a snack to share with your little one, a handmade gift waiting for you at your place at the table, and a short program where they usually sing a song or two about mommies.

Then we play a game I have come to love. It is called, “Guess the Mommy!”

mothers day tea 2011

The teacher reads a short paragraph that the kids wrote about their mommy (with prompts, I’m sure) and we all have to guess who it is. It’s always good for a few laughs and perhaps even a tear or two.

Here is what my soon-to-be preschool graduate wrote about me:

We go to the mall and we buy some pretty clothes for me and my sister.

She plays games with me.

We play with my dollhouse.

She has black hair and brown eyes.

She looks pretty when she wears tank tops and sweats.

She works at her computer.

She likes to eat lunch. She likes to eat a hamburger.

I give her a hug when she gets me from school.

I love her a lot.

She loves me a lot too. I would like to give you a flower – a pink one because you like flowers.

My favorite was the tank tops and sweats line. That’s when she had me and I knew whose Mommy was being described.

I’m certainly looking forward to the years ahead, but I will miss preschool. I have a feeling it will be a long time before I can drive by her school and not feel a little bit choked up. These were good years.