What I Wore Wednesday 9.28

I was sick all last week, and What I Wore has been suffering. I made a week attempt at getting out of my yoga pants and looking presentable, although some days it was 3:00 before I got a shower.

In addition to my sniffles, the weather feels like a tropical rain forest so that we are actually running the air conditioning in September. Did I actually complain about it being too cold earlier in the month? I mean, really. Can we get a TRANSITION HERE? It’s like all or nothing these days.


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What I Wore This Week

WEDNESDAY: Ugh. Sick, sick, sick. Just looking at these pictures, I am remembering how I was feeling. It was such weird weather — humid, but not really hot. I kept taking my sweater on and off all day so I took a picture of the outfit both ways.

casual mom style

Striped tank from Nordstrom Rack, stretchy straight jeans from Citizens, navy slub cardi from Banana Republic, silver sandals from Target. Gosh, I even threw on a necklace! See what I do for you people? Heh.

THURSDAY: I stayed at home all day and only threw this on so I could run to the store without feeling like a total schlump.

mom style 1

Gray embellished tee from the LOFT Factory Outlet, same old jean shorts you’ve been looking at all summer, black Born flips and earrings from Studio Jewel. Aaaaand hardly any makeup. I think I wiped it all off, blowing my nose all morning.

(The Born flips are old, and I probably got them at Marshall’s, but you can find similar ones at Zappos. The Joe’s jean shorts are from

FRIDAY: It may look impressive that I’m wearing a skirt, but honestly, this is my go-to outfit when I want to be cool and comfy and don’t want anything binding my waist. And also, iron much? Gah.

mom fashion

Black ribbed tank from Lands’ End Canvas, loden green cargo skirt from Target like 10 years ago, same comfy black Born flips, Studio Jewel earrings and necklace, AND MY LATEST IMPULSE BUY: black Hobo Int’l handbag – 40% off at a local shop, YAY ME!

charcoal hobo international bag

I would have preferred a color, but honestly, sometimes a girl just needs an everyday black bag, and (believe or not) I didn’t have one. (And actually, it’s charcoal, so there.) The detailing on this is really cute. It’s also smaller than my typical handbag, which is nice when you don’t want to carry the entire kitchen sink.

And a closeup of the jewelry. I love these Encircled earrings — delicate but not diminutive.

everyday mom style

Hello scary closeup! And I could not, no matter how hard I tried, get the earrings and the necklace in the same picture. Self-portraiture is not for the weak, people.

SATURDAY: Saturday night and I ain’t got nobody . . .

Ooops, sorry. I have a bad habit of breaking into song when the lyrics strike me.

Fortunately I *DO* have somebody (bless his heart), and Saturday night was Date Night (it was actually a double date with our good friends) at Majolica’s with the cow tongue and other unusual delicacies.

casual date night outfit

I struggled with what to wear because it’s been warm and very, very muggy here this week. I almost wore the dress from Sunday (scroll down) but was afraid I’d feel overdressed in that. So I opted for my new black sweater with the dolman sleeves from Nordstrom Rack and my favorite skinnies with these cognac boots that I L-O-V-E from Aldo last year. It was rather warm for the weather, but I was comfortable inside the restaurant.

I tried on about every necklace (and earrings) in my jewelry box. I really wanted to wear something long over the front of the sweater, but nothing was working for me, and in the end opted for this tried and true set from Silpada.

silpada necklace and earrings

It’s really pretty up close, and I liked how the orange in the necklace and earrings pulled the cognac from the boots.

SUNDAY: I wore this to church. I wanted to get at least one wear out of this dress (also from Nordstrom Rack) before I put it away for the winter.

mom fashion | stylish church outfit

trevino wedge pumps | Aldo Shoes

The black and white dress is a Maggie London from Nordstrom Rack — $35, marked down from $108! WOOT! The Trevino wedge pumps are new; I got them from Aldo on Saturday when I was at the mall shopping with my daughter. The red bag is an old faithful by Hobo International — it was a lucky Marshall’s find several years ago. I went minimal on the jewelry – diamond studs and a silver link bracelet and green prasiolite ring.

MONDAY: I didn’t grab a picture. I wore my jean shorts with a red graphic tee (yes, I own a graphic tee. It’s really a workout top, but it actually looked kinda cute with my jean shorts so I may upgrade it from a workout top to a casual running-errands-and-working-from-home top. Heh.)

TUESDAY: Well, since I technically haven’t shown a second photo of me in those tired old jean shorts (yes I wore them two days in a row) . . .

casual mom style

Nothing new here: embellished tee from LOFT Factory Outlet last year, Joe’s jean shorts from, silver flips from Banana Republic a couple years ago, and a long silver necklace from I don’t remember where.

Disclosure: both purchases from Nordstrom Rack were made with a gift card they sent me to try out their store. The Studio Jewel necklace was sent to me for review. Everything else I purchased myself. Unless you count the prasiolite ring, which was a Christmas gift from my husband. Does the FTC really care about all this? SHEESH. Oh and yes, this post is riddled with affiliate links! So please click!!

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8 thoughts on “What I Wore Wednesday 9.28

  1. The dress is very cute. I just ordered a dolman sleeve shirt from Tea Collection (won a giveaway!!) and I hope it looks as good on me as it does on you. 🙂 I think your silver necklace in the first picture would have looked good with it. I am way impressed at your dedication to WIWW. Also, wore my skinnies rolled up today thanks to your inspiration! Like a whole new piece in my wardrobe!

  2. Since I’ve only recently discovered your blog, I decided to browse some of your old What I Wore Wednesday postings … and I have to say, your sense of humor is HILARIOUS and it translates really well even over text. I laughed a lot!!! Keep it up 🙂

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