Fall Workwear Look with ECCO Shoes

Greetings, friends! Welcome back to 26 Days of Fall Fashion. Today I’m tackling a workwear look.

This is more of a formula than an outfit because a lot of these pieces have sold out. I used to stress out about that, but I’ve decided to just go with it and link to similar pieces. Fortunately in this case, you can recreate this look in a myriad of ways with a few wardrobe basics.

Jo-Lynne Shane styling a fall work wear look with Ecco Shoes, burgundy cardigan, plaid scarf, and Gap bi-stretch ankle skinny pants.

This look was inspired by the colors in this gorgeous scarf. I really wish it were still in stock because it’s a beautiful piece to add to your fall wardrobe. From there, the rest of outfit pretty much fell together — white cami, taupe pants, burgundy sweater, and grey pumps.

burgundy cardigan with plaid scarf and Gap bi-stretch ankle skinny pants

I like the color of this cardigan, but I don’t love the styling, to be honest. It’s kind of bulky, and I feel like it makes me look top heavy. This is the medium, and I styled the same one in grey last week in a small, which I think fits better. At any rate, they appear to be sold out this morning. When I put this post together, there were a few left.

A burgundy cardigan is a great piece to have in your fall wardrobe, so here are a few more I like. For a high quality piece, this Halogen wool & cashmere cardigan is gorgeous but spendy. Nordstrom seems to be running low on burgundy cardigans and I didn’t find any at LOFT, but Macy’s has a few. This ruffle sleeve cardigan is really cute, and I love this cashmere one, but again with the spendy. This ribbed duster looks nice but the one review isn’t so stellar. Honestly I’m not coming up with a whole lot of great options. Hopefully as fall gets into full swing, there will be more.

Jo-Lynne Shane styling a fall work wear look with Ecco Shoes, burgundy cardigan, plaid scarf, and Gap bi-stretch ankle skinny pants.

These pants are from Gap. They’re the bi-stretch skinny ankle pants, and they come in a ton of colors. This is brindle, which is a great neutral taupe. It leans beige or grey, depending on what else you’re wearing. They’re a nice workwear piece — flattering and comfortable. Also, you can get 40% off with code HAPPY!

For size reference, I’m wearing the 6, and they fit a lot better 5-8 pounds ago. I could barely get them buttoned to take these pictures. Ooops! (I put on some weight over the summer.) All that to say, they’re pretty much true to size, or if you’re in between, size up.

Let’s discuss these shoes. The nice thing about shoes is, they still fit even when you gain 5 pounds.

These pumps were sent to me from ECCO Shoes, and I cannot recommend them highly enough if you’re in need of practical, comfortable pumps. They are AMAZINGLY comfortable, plus they look great on. If you have finicky feet or are in need of comfortable pumps for fall, you need to try these. I also love this versatile color. You can also find these shoes at 6pm.com (on sale!) and at The Walking Company.

Jo-Lynne Shane wearing ECCO Shape 75 Sleek Pumps in Warm Grey

Finally, I carried a taupe crossbody to blend in with the look. I snagged mine on a clearance sale, but this crossbody is the same mushroom color with gold hardware; the only difference is the tassel and the suede accents.

I love the size of this bag for when I don’t need to carry everything. It just fits my full-size wallet, lipstick, face powder, Kleenex purse pack, iPhone 7 Plus, and sunglasses. It’s nice for going out to dinner and church on Sundays.

R Minkoff Love Crossbody in Mushroom

I feel like this look would be suitable for a lot of office environments. If the scarf is too bulky or impractical to wear all day, you can always wear a long necklace underneath and take the scarf off when you’re indoors. You can also swap out the pumps for ballet flats or loafers if that better suits your needs. In fact, ECCO has a nice selection of comfortable flats as well.

Jo-Lynne Shane styling a fall work wear look with Ecco Shoes, burgundy cardigan, plaid scarf, and Gap bi-stretch ankle skinny pants.

cardigan (option/option) // similar cami // pants (40% off) // pumps c/o ECCO Shoes // similar crossbody // pearl earrings

Be sure to visit Cyndi and see the fall outfit she’s styling today.

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34 Responses

  1. Good morning Jo-Lynne! I really, really like these pumps. Comfortable shoes that are stylish to boot (to shoe?) are so hard to find. These ones in this color would go with everything. This outfit looks fantastic on you!

  2. My stepmom, Nancy (the 60+ model) bought some Ecco flats for one of her trips, and thought they were fabulous!! It’s nice to find comfort and style nowadays. In fact, my last two posts were about that with Jambu shoes!! I’m glad that manufacturers are being smart about footwear finally!!
    I love this kind of outfit, Jo-Lynne—it’s very smart!
    ps. I don’t think the sweater is terrible. Maybe in one of the photos, I see what you are talking about, but in real life you’d be moving around, and it looks great!

  3. Love the color and the length of the cardigan but it’s the shoulder seam that makes it not quite right. I’ve been searching for a long cardigan this season but they all seem to have the dropped shoulder seam or the sleeves are too baggy. As always, your posts are very helpful and I love the scarf!

  4. Beautiful colors together, Jo-Lynne!  I agree that the size of the sweater is not the best fit for you.  This color combo takes me waaaay back to my high school days because our colors were burgundy and grey.  I am definitely going to check out ECCO shoes online!  I have a good number of scarves in my closet and like how they can jazz up an outfit.  However, even during the cold months, my neck sweats so bad that I get hot wearing a scarf.  Oh well!  
    Have a blessed day!

  5. I’m looking for a new coat this year. Can you do a post on some in-style options? I’ve got sweaters and jackets, and I’m looking for something heavier but not parka style . Thx!!

  6. PS  I found some blue toe nail polish for only $4 something and its 100% vegan it says.  Its called Pacifica and the color is TEMPEST.  🙂   I will try it and let you know how the color is.  I know you have the Zoya for $10 and I’ve been wanting to try that color.  But thought I’d try this and not have to order from amazon.  I don’t have prime for free shipping.  

  7. Typo alert, it says the shoes were “went” to you instead of sent. Is the cardigan really burgandy? It looks very purple on my screen. Ha, gotta love computers :-/

  8. I love seeing scarves styled! I have such a hard time finding scarves I like.  I always feel like they overwhelm me.   This outfit looks great on you, truly a fall color look! Now that I am ready for Fall I am done with the hot humid weather headed our way this weekend.  

  9. That scarf is beautiful and I love the whole outfit combination. But the shoes are what’s catching my eyes – they’re absolutely gorgeous and I love the comfort factor! Thanks for showing us this outfit!

  10. Sometimes it works sometimes it doesn’t, but it’s always inspiring!  I can totally see that sweater with an ivory sleeveless turtleneck or cowlneck underneath, distressed jeans and cognac boots and hobo bag.  The drape of the sweater screams cozy casual.  The colors are beautiful on you!!

    I love your honesty!  I am also up a few pounds and it’s pumpkin latte and muffin season!  Oh well, a few pounds is just that!  It’s a small problem in the whole scheme of things!

      1. You’re awesome Jo-Lynne!  You have a great attitude.  Now, I would love to see you style the sweater again!    Maybe several different looks.  Go girl go!

  11. Hi Jo-Lynne,
    I agree with you, I think the sweater swallows you up. Maybe if it was with black leggings and riding boots, for a more casual look ?? not sure, but it is certainly a nice color. I love the option of the ruffled cardigan at Macy’s . I’m a fan of Macy’s and will check it out when I’m to the states early next month. By the way you look great! I think we all have our ups and downs when it comes to our weight:)
    Have a great day.

  12. I think the problem with the sweater is not the size but the shoulder seams. They are creating the illusion of very broad shoulders.

  13. I love the colors you used here. I may have to try with similar pieces I have and sub my grey jeans and maybe some flats or booties. 😉

  14. I love how the scarf looks, and the colors are amazing. Trouble is, a lot of scarves are made for taller ladies. Do you have suggestions or perhaps how to tie it? Everytime I try to tie a scarf that is a tad too long, I make myself look like a dork.

  15. I love the outfit. I didn’t not think the sweater makes you look top heavy (the way I think of top heavy)! It just looks like you could have bought a smaller size through the shoulders. I love the everything else about the outfit – I especially want to check,out the shoes and the pants! I look forward to your blog everyday!

  16. I hopped over to your other post where you featured the sweater in gray and I do think the small looks better than the medium. That being said, I love both outfits. I love the way you used a more monochrome look and then threw in a pop of color. I love that purple color. Those shoes look great too. It’s nice to know there are some practical, comfy, but pretty options out there! Have a great weekend. – Amy

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