Pink & Grey Outfit for Fall

Welcome back to day 2 of 26 Days of Fall Fashion 2017! Today I’m styling a pink and grey outfit for fall and talking about how to wear white jeans after Labor Day and make it look intentional.

Pink and Grey Outfit for Fall with White Skinny Jeans

This grey cardigan came in my last Trunk Club, and it’s a nice mid-weight and less than $50. It comes in 6 colors, but this marled grey is extremely versatile. It pairs well with both black and white as well as just about any pastel or jewel tone. I think this combination of blush, white, and grey is really pretty and a little unexpected for fall.

UPDATE: I just saw that this cardigan is sold out. I swear to you, it was in stock in all colors just yesterday. #igiveup I’ll add some options to the shopping widget at the bottom. At least grey cardigans aren’t difficult to come by!

How to Wear White Jeans After Labor Day

My blush linen tee is from Banana Republic, but it sold out. I also have a blush tee from Caslon, but it seems like that color is also sold out right now, so I’m linking to a similar one at LOFT. The deeper pink would be pretty with this outfit, although I do like the more neutral tone of the blush I’m wearing. This twist front top would also work, and the color is closer to mine.

This sweater has a ribbed texture, and it hangs nicely. It’s not scratchy at all, so it’s comfortable to throw on over a tank top or short sleeve tee. For size reference, I’m wearing a small.

Because the sweater, jeans, and tee are all fairly plain, I added interest with a layered necklace. I picked up this necklace at the Lucky Brand store, and I love how you can wear all 4 pendants together, or you can take off the bottom one or two for a three-in-one necklace. More bang for the buck!

I also like how this necklace combines gold and silver because I ended up wearing some of each throughout the rest of my outfit and this necklace helps pull it all together.

When wearing white jeans after Labor Day, you want to be sure you make your outfit look intentional for fall by wearing a chunky knit or boots or dark colors or a combination all three.

In this case, the overall color palette of the outfit is light and the sweater isn’t super heavy, so I wore suede ankle boots to be sure the white jeans look intentional and not like I forgot to put away my summer pants.

Pink and Grey Outfit for Fall with White Skinny Jeans

I carried a grey handbag to coordinate with the rest of the grey in the outfit. This Marc Jacobs satchel is old, so I’ll link to some other options at the end of the post.

While I love the color combination in this outfit and the way the individual pieces came together, it’s a simple outfit formula that can be recreated in a variety of ways and at any price point. It would be pretty easy to shop your closet and come up with something similar.

Pink and Grey Outfit for Fall with White Skinny Jeans

similar tee // grey cardigan // white jeans (option) // booties // similar satchel (option) // necklace // sunnies

Be sure to visit Cyndi and see the fall outfit she’s styling today!

So who has fun Labor Day weekend plans? We’re supposed to get the remnants of Hurricane Harvey this weekend so it’s going to be a bit soggy here, but I certainly can’t complain considering what people in the Houston area are experiencing right now.

I hope my lack of commentary on that situation over the last few days doesn’t seem insensitive. It’s not that they aren’t on my mind. I’ve made several donations to organizations that I trust, and our church is getting together to build “flood buckets” to send to the areas that have been affected so I plan to help out with that. If you’re one of the few reading who is in the midst of it all, please know that you’re in my thoughts and prayers.

I’ll be back tomorrow with a weekend sale roundup and a quick “coffee talk” and then we’ll continue with 26 Days of Fall Fashion on Monday!

This post contains affiliate links. When you shop through my links, it helps support my business (at no additional cost to you) so thank you!

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  1. Hi Jo-Lynne! The new look for your site is great! Fresh and stream-lined. I also love the look of pink with grey, a sweet tonal effect. I plan to keep my white jeans in rotation for several more months at least! And I also love the look of long cardigans. Enjoy this soggy day!!

  2. Love this outfit and I can totally put this together next week for work. Thank you for reminding us it’s okay to continue to wear our white jeans after Labor Day. Thank you also for remembering to keep us Texans in your thoughts and prayers. Although we are in San Antonio and doing our best to help with donations and scheduled to give blood today, it’s no comparison here to what they went though on the coast only a few hours away from us. But your right life does go on and your posts and a little fall fashion, does give me a nice break from the news and the sadness. Enjoy your weekend and play some rainy day games with your family. 

    1. I’m sure it’s even more disheartening to be a fellow Texan and watch your neighbors experience this. One thing’s for sure, you Texans are a tough bunch. I am impressed and amazed with how everyone has banded together to help each other. It’s really neat to see, and in a way, I feel like our country kind of needed this. I hope that doesn’t sound really insensitive, but I keep thinking about how fractured we’ve become as a culture and how encouraging it is to see people banding together for the common good.

      1. Thanks from Houston, Jo-Lynne, for the kind thoughts and words.  Everyone here is picking up the pieces, and you are right, banding together, we will get through this.  I saw something on FB the other day, and it brought a smile to my face so I decided to share it and post on my FB page:

        “If the rest of the country thought we were obnoxious about being Texans before, just wait until we dry our boots out!”

  3. I like this combo and I also actually like that a lot of the pieces are sold out. That may sound so strange, but it’s great to just see ideas of ways to wear things you might already have or may see and alternative to in another store. Have a great weekend!

    1. I hear ya on that, and with an outfit like this, it’s ok because it’s such a basic formula. I am trying to wear more old stuff and link to similar b/c it is less stressful and more realistic. 🙂

  4. I love the linen BR tee shirt.  I have 3 colors already but missed the blush somehow.  Do you know if BR will put out the shirt again for next spring or summer? I’m not sure of the cycles for these stores.  Do they put out new stuff every year or recycle some of the staple items? Wondering if I should stock up on the ones they have left bc I’m so picky about tees and this one is just about perfect.

  5. Love the pink and grey and white. I love my white jeans after labor day!  Does your David Yurman link bracelet ever go on sale?  It’s  so pretty but a little pricey. Thanks!

    1. I’ve never known David Yurman to go on sale, but I have a friend who always buys her Yurman at Bloomingdales when they’re having one of their deals where you earn $25 on every $100 you spend… at least she feels like she is getting 25% off, even if she ends up putting that savings back into Bloomingdales purchases, lol.

  6. Jo-Lynne, the new blog site looks great! Thanks for giving us ideas about how to wear white jeans after Labor Day (chunky knits and boots). That is a formula we can all replicate. I hope that your ankle is healed and you are back running.

  7. Jo-Lynne……Great job on this outfit.  I love the idea of the white jeans but haven’t been able to do it after Labor Day…..who made that old rule up anyway. BUT…. I plan to try this outfit.  I have it all in my closet.  I bought the blush Caslon tee when you styled it before.  Love it.  I think my grey cardigan may be too heavy, we’ll see.  You really look great in this post.  🙂  PS  Just bought the necklace from Lucky….3 toned one….you styled yesterday after you said you haven’t noticed tarnish with their jewelry. 

  8. Thanks for your comment and post about how to wear white jeans after Labor Day. Smart looking outfit, so going to redo my fall fashion, that means cleaning out my closet, like your post a few days ago. 🙂
    If I can find someone of a group going to Texas( been watching our local news for groups) will probably sent my clothes that way, oh and lets not forget all those shoes I haven’t wore in a while.

  9. I like this look Jo-Lynne!  I paid close attention to the small cuff on your jeans so I will know what to do when I wear my booties.  We are getting a taste of fall in the mornings here, which I’m loving.  Were so glad to be back at home in the country for the long weekend.

    Stay dry!

  10. Hi Jo-Lynne
    I’ve been following Cyndi on her blog and have just recently clicked onto yours to see what your styling . I love the fact that you chose to style white jeans after Labor Day as I love wearing mine as long as I can. I usually like to add a cardigan or one of my sweater capes. It looks like the capes are back?
    Have a great weekend

  11. I love the new blog design!  Very nice and fresh.  A question on your DY bracelet – I know you have the extra large, but what size (length) do you have? My wrist is 6″ but I’ve heard the 7.5 length is tight because of the larger links. I’m actually getting the large instead of extra large, but without trying them on, I’m trying to make a semi-educated guess. Thanks!

    1. Hi Shane, to be honest, I’m not sure what the length is. I don’t recall having a choice, but I think I’ve had mine for something like 10 years, lol, so I don’t really remember. I’m going to guess it’s the 7.5 – that is probably the more typical size, right? I have a smallish wrist so I doubt I would have gone with the bigger one.

  12. Great outfit!  Just a gentle word.  I’ve worked flood relief.  My city flooded badly in 2008.  People really need money rather than used clothing and shoes.  Your kind donation might e better served to those at home. Houston probably has no place to store the clothing, and it needs to be sorted.  It becomes a hindrance.  What they really need is money so people can rebuild!  Bless all of you tho!

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