Family Reunion

Today we had our annual family reunion at the Lobster Pound at Lincolnville Beach.  I enjoyed getting reacquainted with one of my favorite cousins and found out she has a food blog.  I’ll be sure to link to her as soon as I get her blog address.

I lassoed Midlife Mom and made her get in a picture with me for our blogs.  That crazy lady partially hid herself in the plant behind us and then made me stand in front of her, but I got the picture just the same.  Isn’t she beautiful?  My uncle married her right out of high school about 35 years ago.  Best decision he ever made.

It was a lovely afternoon.  The weather was perfect.  The food was divine.  And after we ate, the kids went out to the beach, rolled up their pant legs, and waded at the water’s edge until the adults were ready to leave.

Back here at camp the air is crisp, the water is choppy, the sky is clear blue with puffy white clouds, and the trees outside the windows are casting friendly evening shadows about the room.  And I’m about to crack open a new book I picked up in a cute little bookstore in Searsport last week, One Man’s Meat by E.B. White.  It doesn’t get much better than this.

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  1. To bad I was having a hot flash at the moment and look like my face was on fire! HA! That was such a fun day, wonderful memories, and the food of course was to die for! I could waddle right back again today and do it all over agin! :o)

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