What I Wore Wednesday 9.21

I’ve been taking pictures all week like a dutiful little blogger, and guess what? FALL HAS ARRIVED! It happened overnight – or overday. On Thursday we were in tank tops and shorts at breakfast and jeans and sweatshirts by dinner. CRAZY. The high on Friday was 68, and we woke up to gloriously crisp and cool temperatures. As much as I love and adore summer and hot weather, I love the transition to fall. It is winter I could do without. But for now, I’m embracing fall weather AND fall fashions, so you will see QUITE a shift as this post progresses. Although I gotta say, it is QUITE CHILLY already. A bit more transition would have been nice.

It was hot and humid, and I took it as my last chance to wear this skirt that I picked up from a street vendor in Asheville, NC back in June. I met a friend for lunch and then went grocery shopping before heading home to work. The tank is old and could stand to be replaced. The necklaces are both from my Blissdom Speaker Swagbag last winter. And the bracelet is a favorite – I picked it up at my local whole foods mart last fall. I don’t think this is the most flattering skirt ever, but I like the length (skirts tend to be either too short or too long for me) and the color palette. The sandals are my favorites – by Frye.

I really need help with posing. Gads.

Thursday is the day the weather turned so drastically. I threw on this cute black cowl-neck top from Nordstrom Rack with my skinnies rolled up and sandals. I had to go out to Back to School Night in the evening so I rolled my pants down and put on ballet flats instead. It was quite chilly for short sleeves. I should have worn a jacket.

Friday was brisk and cool. The humidity is totally gone. LOVE! I wore this moss green tank from Banana Republic with a chocolate brown cardi from the LOFT Factory Outlet and tan cropped cords from Bloomingdales (I got them on sale last winter, and I have MORE than gotten my money’s worth!!)

casual mom chic

The necklace is from the LOFT outlet, and the bracelet is one I picked up at a local handmade shop.

handmade bracelet in green and brown


Saturday was the day of my PSMM Workshop. I wanted to be comfortable yet chic. I wore this knitted sweater from Nordstrom Rack with my moss green tank (Banana Republic) and Paige straight-leg jeans. Orange ballet flats with snakeskin inset in the toe are from Sam Edelman. Necklace and earrings are Silpada.

casual mom chic


Sunday was church, we entertained family in the afternoon, and went back out to Bible Study in the evening. I had nursery duty in the morning so I went casual to church and kept the same outfit on all day. The tan cropped cords are the same ones I wore earlier in the week. The melon-orange sweater is an old faithful from the Banana Republic Factory Outlet. The necklace and earrings are Silpada (again!), the embellished ballet flats are Nine West, and the stone-colored bag is by Lucky Brand.


Monday was a typical day — running my daughter to school, an All Things Chic business meeting with Melissa, and a trip to Whole Foods. I just wanted to be comfy but presentable. The plum tank is from Gap, the sweater is from Nordstrom, and the jeans are Citizens. The silver hoops and long necklace update the look and the bronze knotted ballet flats (Aldo) are cute and comfy.

What I Wore: Mom Chic


You do NOT want to see a picture of me on Tuesday. I came down with a headcold and felt pretty much like crappola and didn’t even put makeup on get a shower. Bah humbug.

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  1. Love the skinnies rolled up with sandals. I am going to give that a whirl soon. I am so behind the fashion times…I just got my first pair of skinny jeans in early spring but I live in NC and didn’t get a chance to really wear them. It should be cool enough to wear them hopefully in a few weeks. I need to wear them before they are out of style! 😉

  2. I wore the cutest outfit to church on Sunday and didn’t take a picture. I am dumb.

    You look fab as always, and I am sort of jealous of your weather. I wouldn’t mind a dip into the 60s at this point, although we are having pleasant mornings and evenings as it is.

  3. I love that green skirt. I would love to find a cute skirt so I can be one of those cute moms at the playground but I never seem to be able to find something that works right on me. I also like the comfy but presentable. I need more of that in my life.

    I’ve been wanting to ask your advice about an outfit. I recently scored a LOFT cropped dark denim jacket (maybe it’s a bolero style, beats me) at a thrift store and I’m trying to figure out how to best wear it. I was thinking with some tan pants and a top underneath but I’m not sure what type of top would be best. AH, it’s 3/4 length sleeve. Is long sleeve ok? Does it have to be a dressy top or can it be dressed down? Help, I’m so clueless. I should take a picure of it.

    1. Just a thought: if you do wear a LS shirt with it, you can pull up the sleeves a little so only a little shows sticking out. Sounds like an awesome score!


  4. GREAT outfits!! I think my favorite is the one you wore on Sunday. I like anything with orange or shades of brown.

    Like you, I love fall, and have loved the hints of fall I have begun to experience here, too. Nothing quite like where you are yet, though.

    Followed you here from The Pleated Poppy!


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