{Top Ten} Reasons to Shop the Farmers’ Market

Just because it’s fall doesn’t mean Farmers’ Market Days are over. Most farmers’ markets are open well into fall and some even have winter hours. Fall is harvest time! There is still plenty of local bounty to behold, so make sure to make a Farmers’ Market trip part of your weekly schedule.

shopping at the farmers' market

My family loves going to the Farmers’ Market on Saturday mornings. The kids like to pick out fruits and veggies and cheeses to try. There’s usually live music, we will let everyone choose a yummy home baked treat, my husband and I will grab a fresh cuppa joe, and we’ll hang out and make a morning out of it.

So I give you . . .

Top Ten Reasons to Shop Your Local Farmers’ Market

  1. The food is fresh and tastes so much better than the stuff that’s been shipped halfway around the world. (And it’s actually picked when it’s ripe . . . novel idea!)
  2. You’re supporting your local economy.
  3. You’re reducing your carbon footprint.
  4. You know where you food comes from. It’s almost always grown locally – especially if you go to a “producer’s only” market.
  5. You know WHO your food comes from, and you can ask whatever questions you’d like about how things are grown and produced.
  6. You can build relationships with your food producers. The vendors at our farmers’ market know me now. I love that!
  7. The kids can play while you shop. Most farmers’ markets have a kid station with crafts or toys.
  8. There is a much greater variety – different kinds of tomatoes, apples, peaches… not to mention the homemade treats.
  9. Live music. Need I say more? (But you know I will . . . )
  10. Everyone is happier at the farmers’ market. Did you ever notice how grumpy grocery store employees can be? And even if you shop at a well-run, friendly grocery, the patrons are usually less than pleasant. At the farmers’ market, everyone is relaxed and happy. Try it! You’ll see. It’s a much less stressful place to shop.

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